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DakLak is one oI the province in VietNam where has high potential tourism. There are
many monument, landscape, diverse cultural tradition. In particular, DakLak has Ban
Don, is a place has been brough into word tourism map.
Daklak has diverse cultural. In there,Cong Chieng Tay Nguye cultural is recognized by
UNESSCO. In addition,Til the Native`s house has brough original old house with
architecture, decoration.
- Bao Dai King`s villar
- Bishop Bulding DakLak
- Housing in CoIIe Plantation oI French
- National museum VietNam
- Revolution Buon Ma Thuoc Meseum
- Elephant Race Iestival: This Iestival is held in March every year in Ban Don- Ban
Don district. During Iestival, the Elephant will be taking the sports: running,
swimming across river, playing Iootball.
- Cong Chieng Iestival
The Festival is held annually in provinces in DakLak where have Cong Chieng
cultural. The artists will perIormances Cong Chieng cultural their province.
- CoIIe Festival
- Ben Nuoc Festival
- BuIIalor Festival
- New rice Festival
- Dak Lak has 44 ethnic, so the Iood is so diverse. There is enough Iood oI 3 region:
North, Central and South. Notably rustic dishes such as Grilled Chicken Ban Don,
the dish cooked with Jiang, Iish prepared Irom River. Famous Wine: Can wine
- Dak Lak has 174 740 ha coIIe with productivity 2.5 tonnes/ ha. Total coIIee
production is more than 435025 tons every year. CoIIee Dak Lak has become
Iamous brand in the wold with expecial Ilavor and high quality. The CoIIe shop is
open much in this province. II you come Daklak, don`t Iorgot to sip coIIee here.
- Dinh Lac Giao
- Sac Khai Tu Doan Potago
- Buon Ma Thuoc Exciled house
- Bao Dai King villar
- Dak Tur Cave
- Yang Prong waterIall
Krng Kmar waterIall
Krong Kmar waterIall is Krong Bong district.

Thuy Tien waterIull (Krong Nang)

Dak Tuar cave (Krong Bong)

Yang Prong Cham temple

Yok Dn national Park

Yok Don is one oI the largest national park in Viet Nam with 115
545 ha
Lak Lake (Lak district)
Lak Lake is beautiIul landscape in highland. This Lake produce
much Iish, giant Ireshwater Ior Agricultural and do the weather

Dk Lk water park ( Buon Me Thuoc)

Buon Ma Thuoc garden

Pguong Hoang mountain pass

Dk Lk national museum

a. Land Resources
One oI the major resources are blessed to Daklak, that land resources. The province has
an area oI 13,085 km2 are natural, which is mainly gray soil, red soil oI basalt and some
other groups such as alluvium, gley soil, black soil.
The soil Iormed basaltic rocks have relatively high Iertility (pH/H2O Irom neutral to
acidic, nitrogen and total phosphorus rather). The high consistency between natural
Iertility and actual Iertility oI the soil and soil type, are distributed on Buon Ma Thuot
plateau stretches approximately 90 km north east - west and 70 km wide . The northern
plateau (Ea H'Leo) is nearly 800 m, 400 m high south, west as only 300 m, the surIace is
very Ilat plateau just a couple oI hills.
- Alluvial (Fuvisols):
Conceived and distribution concentrated along the rivers in the province. Properties oI
soils depend on the weathering products oI the sample ..
- Group Gley soil (Gleysols)
Distribution is concentrated in low-lying areas in the districts oI Dak Lak, Krong Ana and
Krong Bong.
- Group oI gray soil (Acrisols):

As the largest group among the soil groups present in Daklak, distributed in most
- Group oI red soil (Ferrasol, which is mainly basaltic soils).
As the group covers a large area oI land Monday (the land oI gray) accounted Ior 55.6
oI all highland basalt soil. Basalt soil has good mechanical properties, structural member
local average porosity Irom 62 to 65, water holding capacity and nutrient uptake oI
high ... well suited to the industrial plants oI economic value such as coIIee, rubber, tea,
pepper ... and many Iruit trees, other short-term industrial crops. This is a very important
advantage in terms oI agricultural development Daklak province.
b. Water Resources
- SurIace water
With the characteristics oI climate and hydrology Ior three river systems distributed
relatively evenly over the territory (Srepok river system; river system Ba, Dong Nai river
system) along with hundreds oI lakes and 833 stream length oI 10 km, was created Ior a
network oI rivers and lakes Daklak quite dense. So many areas in the province have the
ability to exploit Iavorable surIace water sources to serve production and liIe, especially
the areas along the river sides oI Krong Ana districts oI Krong Ana, Krong Pac, Lak ,....
- Underground water sources:
Concentrated in the sedimentary Iormations oI basalt & Neogen disciples, exist mainly as
two types: Water and water hole cracks. The total estimated reserves:
Water quality ultra-light water type, mineralization rate M 0.1 to 0.5, pH 7-9. Type oI
chemical oIten bicarbonate chloride - magnesium, calcium or sodium.
c. Forest resources:
AIter splitting the province, Iorest land area is 608,886.2 ha oI Dak Lak, which is
594,488.9 ha oI natural Iorests, planted Iorests is 14,397.3 ha. Forest coverage reached
46.62 (as oI the date oI 01.01.2004). Dak Lak Forest is evenly distributed throughout
the districts in the province, especially in the border corridor oI the province bordering
Cambodia. Dak Lak Forest rich and varied, oIten three-storey structure: wood, the high
protective eIIect; there are many specialty trees have economic value, has a scientiIic
value; distribution in sites Iavorable conditions, the density oI Iorest regeneration is quite
large. Thus Iorests have an important role in preventing soil erosion, water regulation and
mitigate natural disasters. Forest Dak lak a variety oI rare animals distributed mainly in
Yok Don National Park and protected areas Kar Nam, Chu Yangsin ... many rare species
oI animals listed in Vietnam's Red Book and Red Book species recorded in the
world. Forests and Iorest land has an important position in the socio-economic
development oI the province.
O Plant: Have 854 species: 565 species is useIul.
O Medicinal plants: 476 species (Justicia gendarussa, Celosia argentea, Buchanania
arborescens, Terminalia corticosa, Dioscorea bulbiIera, Morinda citriIolia,
Canarium subulatum)... Drynaria Iortune, Morinda spp, ScheIIlera spp, Hibiscus
O Trees: 158 species (AIzelia xylocarpa, Dalbergia spp, Pterocarpus macrocarpus,
Sindora siamensi, Largestroemia spp, Shorea obtusiIolia, Shorea siamensis, Hopea
pierrei, Vatica spp..)
O Edible Plant: 141 species (Barringtonia spp., Canarium spp, MangiIera spp,
Garcinia spp.)...
O Decorative plant: 57 species (Orchidaceae)
O Poisonous plants: 20 species
O Fatty oil plant: 18 species
O Oil Plant: 16 species (Dipterocarpaceae)
O Fiber plant: 11 species
d. Mineral resources:
Dak Lak is not only blessed the land, Iorest, but also very rich and diverse mineral types. The
province has many mineral deposits with reserves oI other, more rare. As kaolin clay (in M'Drak,
Buon Ma Thuot - over 60 million tons), clay (Krong Ana, M'Drak, Buon Ma Thuot - over 50
million tons), gold (Ea Kar), lead (Ea H'Leo), phosphorus (Buon Don), peat (Cu M'gar), gems
(opal, Jectit), paving stones, building stone, construction sand ... distributed at several places in
the province.
O Agricultural land: 478 154, 7 ha
O Forest land: 602 479, 94 ha
- Prennial Crops: CoIIee, Rubber, Cashew, pepper, sugarcane ,Cassava , tea cotton
palnt and Iruit tree. In there, CoIIee is mainly industrial crops cover 190 765 ha,
output: 399 098 tons. (2010)
- Short term Crops: Rice, Bean, Corn, vergatable species
- Honey
- Livestock:
O Pig : 500 000
O Beeves, buIIalo: 220 000
O Poultry ( Chicken, Duck...)

Plant Output

Rice 57,4 236 300
Corn 112,7 510 000 ha
2 Sugarcane 8,1 353,3
3 Cotton plant 2,6 4800
4 Soya 9,6 13000
5 Peanut 11,7 14 400
6 CoIIee 190,765 190 675
7 Rubber 22,7 32 978
8 Cashew 38,9 33 406
9 Pepper 3,8 4800
10 Vergatable 6,3 96800

Statistic about Farm in Dak Lak: (2010)
Annual Crops Fram: 258
Prennial Farm: 839
Cattle and poultry Iarm: 245
CoIIee, Cassave, Rubber, Cashew,Pepper, tea, Honey-beeswax
- CoIIee: 527 Usd million (2010- DakLak Customs)
- CoIIee: 15 000 tons, Rubber: 800 tons, Pepper: 200 tons, Cashew: 20 tons,
Cassava: 2000 tons, Honey. Beeswas: 400 tons ( 10/2010- DakLak Customs)
- Ea Kar: Hon Da, Yamaha, Suzuki
- Krong Bong: HonDa
- Krong Ana: SYM
- Krong Buk: Honda, Yamaha, SYM
- Cu`Mgar: Honda, Yamaha, SunIat
- Ea H`Leo: Honda, Yamaha, SunIat ( 2 showroom)
- Krong Pak: Honda, Yamaha, SYM
- Buon Ma Thuoc: Honda (4 Showroom), SuIat, SYM, Suzuki, Yamaha (2
Buon Me Thuoc:
O Isuzu: 6 group, Ton Duc Thang
O Vinasuki: Ton Duc Thang street, Tan An ward
O Hino: 100 Nguyen Chi Thanh street
O Toyota: 29 Truong Chinh
O Vinastar: 80 Nguyen Chi Thanh street
O MeKong Auto: 80 Nguyen Chi Thanh
O TruongHai Group: 7 Tran Nhat Duat street.
O Samco: 84 Ybih Aleo Tan Loi ward
O GM Auto: 80 Nguyen Chi Thanh
O Suzuki: 32 Quang Trung
O Ford: 35A Truong Chinh.