The common habit when applying a position is a person focuses on the resume. Applicants ignore that there is an aspect should not be neglected; that is writing a cover letter and ironically the common mistakes are found here. They forget that before reading a resume, an employer first read the cover letter so this is the base to decide the person needed for a certain position. Jobseekers have to write cover letters and they often find it hard. Hundreds or maybe thousands of people apply the same job as you do and they try their best to get it. So make your cover letter as the medium to attract the employer. It should not be too long or short. A long cover letter will bore the employer and the short one will not provide necessary information. First thing to keep in mind is that you should be able to impress the employer or interviewer. A resume is not enough to gain this. So make an interesting cover letter. It can make you look qualified and more professional and fit to the company. It is your responsibility to make impressive cover letters to win a competition for a job. And here are the tips of writing cover letters to lead the reader reads your resume or even gives it the chance for further process. 1. Never use a standard cover letters with spaces for such identifications as name, address, company’s name, etc. This makes you not qualified and not professional. Instead you should write a cover letter for specific company. 2. Cover letter should not contain all things about yourself. You should be specific and go straight to the main core. 3. State the specific position. Specific reference will lead the cover letter to the right person and department and this will enable the recipient to contact when there is further information. 4. The opening sentence should grab the reader’s attention. If you do this, you will attract the reader to find out more information about you and even go to the resume. This is an effective way of marketing yourself. The thing to keep in mind is that the first contact between you and the employer is with the cover letter. So an impressive and interesting cover letter with professional appearance will tell much about you to step further; reading your resume. Format

There are normally strong competition in the job market. Working life is tough. Many applicants find it difficult even to get a job interview. Nevertheless, if they are able to get more interview opportunities, the chances of getting the job also increased. The secret of getting an interview is having a well written cover letter. In a good cover letter, summary of relevant background

2 information such as schooling, skills, achievements and trainings are presented. These should match with the requirements of the job being applied. Cover letter helps the employer to assess your suitability to the job. Below are reasons and purpose of writing cover letter: - Cover letter that explain your career objectives, training pursued previously and your suitability to the requirement of the company. What you have accomplished need to be clearly spelled out in a manner that can attract your employer's attention. - Cover letters to apply for a job being advertised. Try your best to relate your work experience that are relevant to the position. Write clearly and precisely. - Cover letter that employs name-dropping technique. Use the name of someone respectable to your employer. It guarantees immediate attention. An interview is almost certain. Follow up on the name if you have mention it. - Cover letter that ask a question. Combine the technique of name dropping and an enthusiastic discussion of your experience greatly increase your chance of getting the job. - Cover letter that present a market letter. Sometimes it is called canvassing. If your skills are presented well, the employer will be interested. Try to focus more on teamwork, good customer service and positive attitudes towards your work. A good cover letter example usually consists of three paragraphs. Five paragraphs is still acceptable. In the short essay format, the cover letter explains your good qualifications that are a good match to the job. Talk first about the position in the first paragraph and give attractive reasons for applying the job. In the body part, gives the objective. Support with clear qualification you posses. The end part is the summary of your cover letter. Make request to have an interview. Do not forget to give your contact information. Some general writing rules to follow in creating a cover letter: - Use block format so your text always begins from the left margin - Use double space between paragraphs and single space in th paragraph. - Write briefly but relevant. Laser prints the letter. Use a good quality bond paper. - State your skills relevant to the job being applied that will be an asset to the company - Check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Proof read carefully. Present an error free cover letter A well written cover letter takes some effort, but it will reward you with an interview, and very possibly also, the job you always

3 wanted. Tips
There are a lot of vacancies to be filled by new employees but there are a lot more people looking for the jobs to fill the vacancies. There is a process to be gone through by job seekers to get the jobs they want; submit the application letters. And before submitting it there is another initial thing to do that is writing cover letters. So writing cover letters is part of the process to get the job people desire. Cover letters have two mutual functions; for the employer, it can be used to select applicants and for the applicants it can be used as a medium to get certain position he/she desires because from a cover letter an employer will know about the applicant although just in glance. With the right tips, writing cover letters will not be a problem. The following are the tips to make perfect cover letters: 1. A cover letter should be written for specific position; never write a cover letter for any position. 2. Be yourself. One should have uniqueness that make you special for the position. 3. Address the person specifically and directly. 4. Make simple and effective cover letters so they can cover your reasons, experiences, and contributions you can offer. And of course you should write them well. 5. Write the cover letter briefly as be skimmed easily. Remember, the recipients do not have a lot of spare time for it. 6. Avoid repetition of things already stated in the resume or other documents. 7. Get information about the company. Knowing the targets of the company will help you put down things in the cover letters. 8. Proofread the cover letter before being submitted. It will be better if you include your friends for this. 9. Impress the employer in the headings will increase the chance to be interviewed. 10. Your cover letter should not be I-centered. Focus on the contributions you can offer to the company. 11. Be sure words in your cover letters are correctly spelled and typed. And put your signature.


12. Market or sell yourself in the cover letters. So you should overview such power skills in an interesting method in business letter format. A cover letter should be specific for specific position attached with a resume. A Good and interesting cover letter written briefly and highlighting on certain aspects beneficial for the company will do much. The right tips will lead applicants write perfect cover letters and get job desired. And this can also help applicants gain writing skills of cover letters and fast employment.

Cover letter job
The thing being considered for a person in charge of hiring a new employee is not only the resume. The cover letter is the thing should be given attention to write because this is the first contact an applicant makes with the representatives of the company. The cover letter can become a medium that makes them consider the applicant whether to be considered for an interview or not. Before reading your resume, the employers will see the cover letter. If the cover letter doesn’t impress them, don’t expect them to read your resume. So a cover letter is an important tool to highlight your qualifications as a potential employee. Many people find it difficult to write a cover letter. It is much different from a personal letter like the one you make for your parents, friends, or brother. So before writing a cover letter, you should consider a few things. 1. Get to know the company. You need to know the needs and qualification for specific employees. Once you have find out this you can start writing your cover letter. 2. Mention the most important items and support them with facts. Of course you write it in the cover letter’s body. Put yourself in the reader’s position to make a better understanding on someone needs in a cover letter. After that ask your friends to read the draft and give their opinion. 3. Mention your background training, work experience, career highlight and other necessary things. This is important because it can attract the attention of the person who reads it. You should put in useful data for this matter. One thing to remember is that you are the one being responsible whether employers will get the chance for an interview or not. All you can do is making the cover letter as attractive as possible. Remember, hundreds of applicants also send letters as you do. Don’t expect a potential employer will read a badly written cover letter. Things to be considered to write a cover letter:

* Research and personalize your letter. Show that you know and are interested in the company. * Highlight your accomplishments. This will help you decide that you are the one the employer is looking for among hundreds of candidates. * Be polite and Formal. Respect them and try to show that you are a member of team * Use action verbs and active voice. In this way you show that you have the sense of enthusiasm in working. These are things you should consider to make an effective cover letter. By following this you will have greater chance of getting the job you are applying.

When typing ‘cover letter’ in search engine, you will see hundreds of results. All of them tell that the one you are reading is the one you are looking for when you want make you get the job you want. As a result people will get confused to determine which one to follow. Many people find it difficult to write a cover letter. It is the first contact between applicants and the potential employers. One thing you should keep in mind is that hundreds of applicants also sent letters. So all you have to is to make your potential employee will be interested and give you a chance for an interview. So you should make a good impression and the potential employer will be willing to read your resume. If you think that you have the qualifications for a position you are applying for, you should also think that hundreds of other people have that same or even better. You can start catching the potential employer’ attention in a cover letter. Thousands or even millions of people are qualified for a job but they get rejected. Remember potential employers will read your resume if they like reading your cover letter. When you are looking for a cover letter sample, you should look for the one which at least contains three effective things: 1. Be your self. Don’t use big words. Using simple and easy to understand sentences is better than complicated and difficult words to understand. So use simple and plain English. 2. Don’t overdo your letter. People don’t like reading something that doesn’t sound human as difficult to read or to understand. You should show your personality by writing as if you were speaking to your future employer in person. The main objective of a cover letter is not to make you land on that job but to show that you are enthusiastic in that job and that you will get the chance for the interview.


If you want a job interview, all you have to do is be polite and enthusiastic. A cover letter should contain a way for asking for the interview and contains your personal contact number or email address so the can contact you immediately. 3. Your cover letter should be simple, formal, and professional. A simple cover letter will be easier to understand than the one which contains a lot of technical terms. Remember it is best to go simple. So, when looking for a cover letter sample, look for the one that contains no big words, asking for an interview, and simple.

Wonder what to do to make a cover letter? In a cover letter template, you can get information on writing a good cover letter that will lead to be interviewed for the job you desire. The cover letter is the first contact between an applicant and the employer. If the contact doesn’t result anything it means that the contact fails to lead further process. Likewise, the cover letter you have written. If it fails to impress the employer, it means you cannot hope too much from this. So an impressive and interesting cover letter is an important thing to be considered to write it so that you will be interviewed, the thing that you are waiting for. Then, what will happen if you don’t know the format and things to write and don’t know how to write a cover letter? Of course, this will be a problem. And is there a good solution for this? You should not be worry there is one great solution. By downloading a cover letter template you will find out a solution that will help you write a cover letter. A template will help you much to do for this purpose. You can find out instructions of what to do to write a cover letter. A template provide instructions you should follow. This has been written before and is set in a letter form.

In writing a cover letter, you should first consider the heading. This part containing name, address, and contact numbers or emails is on top of the cover letter.
Next, the date, this part is located below the heading. Of course you put in the date of sending the letter and around three spaces below this part is the name of the recipient’s, or human resources. Below again is the part for the company’s name followed with the address below that part. Then you should write the body of the cover letter. A template usually provide a prewritten body of the letter and this will assist you write the cover letter. It usually provide such this as the position, your source of information on job description, and statement of your interests in the job. The next paragraph is the space where you should highlight on the aspects that persuade the employer to hire you. These aspects include your qualifications, one or two among your accomplishments that best support and are relevant with the

requirements made by the company, your career and experience. In this way you will promote and sell yourself as to convince the employer that you are the best choice. The last part of the cover letter template is the part where you are to state your eagerness for an interview. It should be written politely and you should also put such details as your contact number and/or email address. It is in the last part where you are to put your name and signature as well as your present position at the company where you are working now. Knowing the guidance you will find out that writing a cover letter is not so difficult as when you have no information and guidance. So download cover letter templates and you will find it easy to write a cover letter you just make some adjustments on the information fitting your condition and details. A cover letter template will make you a different person from you were before in writing a cover letter.

Resume cover letter
Perfect resume and backup resume cover letter are the main tools to look for jobs. It is the first introduction of you and the employer. A resume cover letter should be designed to certain company and written in a separate page to gain impression that you are skilful and qualified for the company you applying. In general the resume cover letter emphasize your interest in the job, and briefly tell important things in your career, certification and trainings. It should contain the contact number in detail so you could be reached easily when the company will call you for an interview. The resume cover letter must interest the future employer. Haphazard one will only make the employer put it aside and continue with other files. It is a pity as your qualification will not be read or in other word being ignored. Remember, other applicants may be as competitive as you but with one different, they can make perfect and effective resume cover letter. What make a resume cover letter a masterpiece? The following are the aspects to be considered for effective and interesting resume cover letter. First, a resume cover letter should be addressed to the right person in charge of deciding the applicants to be hired. Misspelling name is a serious mistake and will make the resume cover letter be thrown away. If you are not sure the real title of the person it will be better to use general title for examples “Mr”, “Ms”, “Sir”, or “Madame”. Making one resume cover letter for many companies is not good idea. It should be for specific company. An original resume cover letter will represent your uniqueness and personality. It can be a medium to promote yourself to the organization or company. So you should have enough information about the company to make impression that you are a qualified person to be hired and will give contributions for the development of the company. Be intelligent to use key words use the advertisement. This will give you a

good point. You should always check and proofread the resume cover letter to avoid misspelling and error. Do it until you are sure about it. Remember you are representing yourself in the resume cover letter so don’t make the masterpiece haphazardly as you want to be considered as the asset of the company.

E-mail cover letter
The era has changed, the advancement of technology has change the life in many aspects. This is also true of the cover letter that was previously written by hand but now it can be sent through email or “electronic mail”. Cover letters are media that can be used to apply certain positions someone likes and this can be done via the internet. Cover letters aren’t so difficult as it was. This is because of the benefit people can gain from the advancement of technology. You can access cover letters, as you like. The principles of email cover letters are not different from the manual one but with one exception; email cover letters are done via the internet. Despite the convenience email cover letters offer, some people find it difficult to them. The standard email cover letters is the same as the manually written ones, but one should remember that they have to hold the norm of formality and avoid offending the recipients. So people cannot direct an email cover letter to the top management of the for example the president of the company. And they cannot address the recipients by the first names. The format, briefness, and effective sentences used in cover letters will be able to differentiate the professionalism and skills of a person from the other so formality should always be maintained. A resume can be attached along with other documents needed but remember to to keep the consistency of the format. You should emphasize your area of expertise and skills in your email cover letter and tell that further information can be seen in the resume to attract the recipients read the resume. When sending email cover letters you should write the subject line to prevent the reader from thinking it a spam and avoid deletion. Avoid odd or funny email address but always state “The position you desire or are applying”. Strategies and guidance such as rules on the writing of good cover letters in the internet can help you make better email cover letters. Try making the introduction that can grab the recipients. For this you should write it short in a simple and effective way and always emphasize your ability that you can contribute for the company. And before sending the email cover letter, proofread it over and over until you are sure that there are no mistakes in it.

Professional cover letter

To win a competition to get a job you desire, one technique you can adopt is by writing a good cover letter. This technique will enable you to attract the employers’ attention that in turn, you will be called for an interview. With only by reading the cover letters, employers will be able to decide which applicants should be hired or not. So, make a cover letter in a creative way but be careful as not to ruin your credibility and professional presentations. It is a sad fact that many professionals with their potency and qualifications don’t get a chance for an interview because of failing to make good cover letters. To make a good cover letter, keep in mind the following tips. 1. Impress the potential employer that you are over the other competitors. State things that make you special and different form others. Give brief but concise reasons why you apply for the position. This will make you stand out of the other competitors. 2. Address the specific name and title of the person. General title such as “Dear Sir/Madame” should be avoided. Try getting the information about the person by phone and ask the correct spelling. 3. Be brief and concise in writing a cover letter. Never use jargons, informal words, or acronyms in your cover letter. The proper length of a good cover letter is ½ page. 4. Mind the appearance of your cover letter. It will be better if it shines. Use stationary with high quality. The same font for the cover letter and resume. 5. Make sure your cover letter catch the recipient. Make the introduction interesting by stressing your qualities that you are different from others. Remember it is the first medium which decides whether the recipient will continue reading it or moving to the next file. 6. Promote yourself. State things like accomplishments and experience that can support and meet the qualification of the job being applied. Emphasize on the things and areas of expertise you can contribute do to the company. 7. Check and proofread the cover letter you have made. If possible let an expert to do it. Remember mistakes in spelling and grammar, and if your cover letter is not worth reading will only ruin your professionalism. So don’t be stingy to lose your money for your career. 8. Don’t exaggerate in expressing things. You should write a cover letter in an effective manner. Appropriate words, sentences that are difficult to understand will only ruin your credibility. So make your sentences simple, easy to understand and concise. One thing to remember; never criticize your previous coworkers or other employees. 9. Build a good encounter with the recipients. Be active to initiate desire for an interview. Tell the recipient that you are ready to make updates. 10. You should make follow-ups. If you are inactive, your chance of being interviewed will decrease. So be active by calling the potential employer after sending the cover letter and resume. This will increase the probability for the

interview. Remember you are looking for a job and you need it. These are the tips to attract the potential employer and one thing to remember is that your cover letter represent you to talk much Nursing cover letter Competitions in getting job are really tight. And this also happens in medical profession that are one of the desired jobs nowadays includes the position of nurses. By knowing the strategy of writing nursing cover letter, it will help you get the position you are applying. Keep in mind that a resume of a qualified person will be useless if it is not read by the recipient, and it will be refused if it is not sent with cover letter. One will be reluctant to read a cover letter written haphazardly. So make a good cover letter that leads to reading your certification and recommendation. Be tricky to direct your cover letter to emphasize the power in your resume that meet the requirements stipulated by the employer. Information about recipient or the company your cover letter is sent to will be a great benefit. Instead of addressing “Dear Sir or Madame” which is a serious mistake, you should address the specific name. If you don’t know him/her from the advertisement, you can get the information by calling the company or institution to whom the cover letter should be addressed. You should also consider the quality of the paper and format of the letter. Remember before reading your resume the reader will first see the cover letter. So choose the good paper and standard format. You shouldn’t use different kind of paper for the cover letter and the resume. To make good nursing cover letter, it is badly advisable to keep these for things in mind. 1. Introduction. State your reason and interest in applying the job. State specific name of the person and company, this is very important. You should also tell how you know the information about the vacancy and tell your status; where you work, and if any the kind of a course or further education you are attending. You’d better state the name of the person you got the information about vacancy from. 2. Emphasize your certification relating to the job. Try to attract the employer by stressing your ability that make you fit for the position you are applying and if any the accomplishments in your field, promotions, tasks and responsibilities and the contributions you have made for the company you are working. But don’t repeat what you have stated in your resume. 3. Tell the reason why your interested in the job. By knowing your enthusiasm about medical institution, the employer will know whether you will fit for the job and the organization. 4. Set the last paragraph. State that you long the interview and make followups. Make initiative for being able to be listed in the interview schedule in a

polite way. 5. Nursing cover letters should cover the applicant’s personality that should be written carefully as not to ruin the qualification and professionality.

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