00 Cash Reward for any information leading to the ARREST and Conviction of Sheriff Mike Scott's Public Corruption Fortune Tellers Fraud Miriam Pacheco's aka “La Madrina Miriam's” Fortune Tellers Fraud Organized Scheme to Defraud Cover Up, Grand Theft, and Exploitation Elderly/Disabled Persons Cover Up's. We are also seeking for any Criminal Illegal Doings information against Public Corrupted Sheriff Mike Scott for any of the following. Murder Conspiracy To Commit Murder Drug Trafficking Conspiracy To Drug Trafficking Extortion Money Laundering Racketeering Discrimination Exploitation of Elderly/Disabled Persons Public Corruption Conspiracy Cover Ups and or any other Felony Civil, State, and Federal Crimes Committed by Public Corrupted Sheriff MIKE SCOTT and Co conspirators (Fact) State Attorney Stephen B. Russell, ASA J.D. Miller, Judge Sherra Winesett, Sgt Keith Day, Captain Ronald J. Curtis Jr., Detective John Paccione, Detective Mark Zellman. Every One in Lee County Florida KNOWS The Public Corruption Cover Ups in the Lee County Sheriff's Department and The Lee County Economic Crimes Unit has been going on for a very very very long time. THE TIME IS NOW to STOP PUBLIC CORRUPTION NOW !(Fact) Public Corrupted Sheriff MIKE SCOTT's days are numbered as a Sheriff for Lee County,Florida. GODS Justice against Public Corrupted Sheriff Mike Scott IS NOW! GODS Justice against Fortune Teller FRAUD Miriam Pacheco IS NOW!Public Corrupted Co Conspirators and perpetrators Sheriff MIKE SCOTT and Fortune Teller Fraud Santeria Africanas Voodoo Spiritualist Miriam Pacheco aka “La Madrina Miriam” have faced the PUBLIC WRATH of GOD on their Public Corrupted Evil Demonic Souls, (Fact) GOD DON' T LIKE NO UGLY The Damages that this two CRIMINALS have in fact committee against Lee County Residents is Horrendous, Inhumane, and Barbaric, Public Corrupted Sheriff MIKE SCOTT is a Real,Threat, Menace and a Danger to society and MUST be ARRESTED and removed from society before more Innocent Lee County Residents end up in a Hospital, Falsify Arrested, in a mental institution, or in the morgue due to the outrageous inflictions of Sheriff MIKE SCOTT's out of control Public Corruption CRIMES and Cover Ups enough is enough! (Fact) IT WOULD BEHOOVE any law enforcement officials to attempt to To Cover Up for Public Corrupted Sheriff MIKE SCOTT or Miriam Pacheco (Fact) YOU WILL BE CAUGHT, YOU WILL BE PROESCUTED and YOU WILL BESUBJECT TO SIGNIFICANT JAIL TERMS. I ENZO VINCENZI am NO LONGER LOOKING for JUSTICE I am DEMANDING IT IN THE NAME OF GOD and The Blood of Jesus Christ. PSALM28:2 Give them according to their deeds. And according to the EVIL DEMONIC WICKEDNESS of THEIR ENDEAVORS. GIVE THEM ACCORDING TO THE WORK OF THEIR HANDS; RENDER TO THEM WHAT THEY DESERVE. BECAUSE THEY DO NOT REGARD THE WORKS OF THELORD, Nor the operation of His hands, HE SHALL DESTOY THEM and Not Build Them Up,Deuteronomy 27:17 CURSED is the one who moves his neighbor's landmark. 19 'CURSED is the one who perverts the JUSTICE due the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow. AN INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE! CC: President Of The United States of America Barack Obama CC: F.B.I. Federal Bureau of Investigations CC: Aisling Swift, Naples Daily News CC: N.Y./Florida Investigator Bob Nygaard CC: Erin Maloney/Stacy Adams, Wink News CC: Anderson Cooper, 360 CNN Respectfully In The Name of GOD Enzo Vincenzi

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