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Folks, I made a mistake on the new e-mail address, It is now corrected.

The Tejano Monument committee is ready to announce the unveiling date. In order for you to get the updates, send me a e-mail to TEJANOS2012@GMAIL.COM PRONTO!. MAS LATER, WALTER

Dear Tejanos, Tejanas, Texans, Texians and Americans I setup this e-mail address (TEJANOS2012@GMAIL.COM) strictly for the Tejano Monument events. My goal is to contact as many Tejanos as possible via the this media. Right now my goal is to inform you of the different events that will happen during the unveiling of the TEJANO MONUMENT . A tentative date of March 29, 2012 is scheduled for the unveiling ceremony in Austin, Texas. I need to create a network throughout the nation about this historical event, with your help we can reach this goal. Please reply to this e-mail as soon as possible with the following information *Name: Address: Phone: *e-mail : URL web site: Any other information you want to share: * nothing is Required For more information about the monument Visit Mas later, Walter The following letter was written by my fellow Laredoan Jose Lopez. All, below is a copy of an article that I wrote on one of our most important topics the Tejano Monument. In my view, the Tejano Monument, Inc. Committee needs our help to get the monument to the finish line.

I ask that you help me in spreading the word. Once the monument is finished, it will remain as an everlasting tribute to our Spanish Mexican ancestor pioneers. Now is the time for each of us to be a part of this extraordinary event. Enough said.

My plan is to send the article to several newspapers in South Texas. I am also sending it to the Texas Monthly. However, if anyone else has the email address of newspaper or magazine editors that should also get a copy, please send it to me. Lastly, I invite others to write similar articles on the meaning of the Tejano Monument. Saludos, Joe Lpez //// What the Tejano Monument Means to Me By Jos Antonio Lpez

The seeds of the Tejano Monument in Austin will soon grow to fruition. What seemed an impossible dream is now a reality. With a little patience, a big heart, and a great amount of resolve, the Tejano Monument, Inc. Committee has delivered on its promise. The State of Texas, whose foundation is unmistakable Tejano, will honor its Spanish Mexican past.

The Tejano Monuments construction is timely. We live at a time when the legitimacy of the Spanish Mexican pedigree of Texas and the Southwest is being attacked. Ironically, while Hispanic numbers are growing, several Southwest states including Texas have approved oppressive laws that threaten the very liberties that our country established throughout the world as the freedom standard. Among other actions, they assault bi-lingual education and ethnic studies in the bi-cultural Southwest. Everyday life has become more difficult for working class citizens who look Spanish Mexican and Native American. They are considered of being in the country illegally. As such, the monument couldnt have come at a better moment.

Once the tourists and the bus loads of school children begin to arrive, the Tejano Monument will be the object of different interpretations. Every visitor will have her or his own perspective. The beauty is that each viewpoint will be correct, similar to studying a prized work of art in a museum. As for me, the Monument is many things.

First, it symbolizes the visible tree trunk of the Tejano root system stemming from deep in the heart of Texas.

It is a key that opens a special portal (gate) allowing us to peek at life in early Tejas. I find myself cheering as a pioneer accepts a porcin and watch as the ceremonial dust flies off to the four winds. I hear the sound of church bells calling parishioners to mass. Im a guest at a wedding, a quinceaera, and a baptism. I shout approval as children break a piata in the patio.

I can smell the bouquet of the herb garden cilantro, oregano, romero, and yerba buena. I smell the inviting aromas of meal preparations. I see children playing and learning at home. I listen intently during afternoon tertulias. I view the corral where vaqueros are taming horses. There are family rodeos and preparations for the next roundup of Texas longhorns. I marvel at the genius of the first Compaa Volante. I witness the first shouts of Texas liberty and the first shots of Texas independence.

The Tejano Monument is the telling of a secret that was 170 years in the making. Its the first giant step to rediscover the early history of Texas. It is a strong visual expression of our Tejano ancestors keeping their memory alive. Its a set of biographies in bronze that will serve as an inspiration to children of all ages and backgrounds for many years to come.

Most of all, visitors to Austin will now know the reason why so many patriotic citizens in the Southwest speak Spanish as their language of choice. Please

consider making yourself a part of the Tejano Monument. Visit and make a donation. ////



TENTATIVE DATES FOR THE UNVEILING IS MARCH 29, 2012 IN AUSTIN, TEXAS ON THE STATE CAPITOL GROUNDS. To be REMOVE from receiving this updates please reply with REMOVE on the Subject:

-TEJANOS2010 is managed and subtained by Elsa Mendez Pea and Walter Centeno Herbeck Jr. Our purpose is to share information in genealogy, historical, cultural, arts, music, entertainment and other Tejano issues. To be removed just reply with REMOVE in subject. We are independent. Have a good day! Mas later

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