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Faisal Hamid

Head of Technical Operations - Design & Engineering - LDN OTH

Director Design & Engineering at Link Dot Net Pakistan June 2008 - Present (2 years 5 months) Design, Engineering, Capacity planning, Budgeting & Corporate Solution Engineering. 14 recommendations available upon request Direct Operations & Maintenance at Link Dot Net Pakistan - An Orascom Telecom Company July 2007 - June 2008 (1 year) NOC, Field Engineering, Site Engineering, RF Operations, CCS, Interconnect and liasion. 1 recommendation available upon request AVP Data & ISP Engineering / Head of Technical Planning, Engineering & Operations at WOL Telecom Ltd. October 2003 - May 2007 (3 years 8 months) Design, Development, Engineering, Operations & maintenance, Corporate solution design, implementation, NOC, Corporate support. Technical management and planning of all three regions IP based Voice Local Loop project design and pilot project deployment. Coordination with Northern partners i.e. MBL and GOL for Network integration and providing Peshawar to Karachi IP/ATM services. Coordination with PTCL and PTA for service related issues Interaction with vendors local and international at different stages of projects All Services related SOPs re-drafting and implementation BGP planning, interaction with ITI, FLAG and APNIC, implementation 8 recommendations available upon request Manager Planning & Engineering at WOL - CyberSoft Technologies January 2002 - October 2003 (1 year 10 months) DSL Broadband network design, vendor interaction and Launch Coordination with North and South regions for countrywide ISP network integration Corporate customers pre and post sales solution design, deployment and acceptance. IP address space management in interaction with APNIC Asst. Manager (planning & projects) at WOL - CyberSoft Technologies January 2000 - December 2001 (2 years) Single mode 18 strands fiber cable & SDH system deployment for DXX, E1/PRI transportation. Assisted manager VAS to launch Wireless 802.11a/b last mile access network

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Central region network redesign to achieve network security, scalability and redundancy Accessing and implementing network security, tools used Cisco NetSonar, Saint and Satan. Implementing QoS using different congestion control & management techniques on Cisco routers and Access servers. Leading a team about 15 Sr. and Junior Network Engineers Senior Network Engineer at WOL - CyberSoft Technologies January 1999 - December 1999 (1 year) Network optimization for VOIP/IP Telephony Launched 6 new POP, connected to head office using Tellabs Martis Series DXX equipment. Managing daily operations and resolving technical issues of WOL Lahore Internet hub, and remote Sites at Sialkot, Sahiwal, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, and Sheikhupura Cities. Implemented different routing strategies and protocols like DDR and Policy routing Network Engineer at WOL - CyberSoft Technologies April 1998 - December 1998 (9 months) Worked on site planning for ISP services Corporate office LAN Design and implementation Planning, laying and energizing of 50 pair copper cable from Local Telco MDF room to WOL premises (The first ever in the country) Commissioning of International link from UUNet using Newbridge DXX equipment. Commissioning of ISDN PRI services using ULAF and TELLABS HDSL modems (First ISDN based services in Pakistan) Designing ISP IP network, tools used Cisco ConfigMaker and Cisco Netsys. Configuration and maintenance of Cisco Routers, Cisco Access Servers (AS5300, AS5200, AS2511), Ascend MAX TNT, CISCO switches (2924 XLC). Configuration of DNS, Mail, Proxy server. Implementation of Transparent proxy using BSDI Unix, squid, IPNAT, Cisco routers and Alteon AD2 and cache Director. Monitoring of routers, access servers, different servers and services using different utilities like Navis Access, MRTG, NOC Monitor, and NET Saint.

University of Central Punjab BCS, Computer Science, 1994 - 1996 University of the Punjab, Lahore B.Com, Accounting & commerce, 1990 - 1992 International Pakistani School, Jeddah

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Faisal Hamid
Head of Technical Operations - Design & Engineering - LDN OTH

23 people have recommended Faisal

"Worked with Faisal on different broadband solutions. Always found him very much cooperative, cool mind, Helpful person. Worked on different projects with Faisal specially Frame Relay over ADSL & Frame Relay over G.SHDSL Technology & One LL project of WOL TELECOM, the come outs were excellent & we did all things in very much professional way. I wish him personally Best of Luck with Mobilink's assignments." Asghar Ali, Director Business Development, Star Communication Services, was a consultant or contractor to Faisal at Link Dot Net Pakistan "Mr. Faisal is extremely cool and calm person. Very easy to work with. He always has some solution for major issues. Good listener with good problem solving skills. Always there to back us up in emergency activities and situations. It has been a privilege working with him." Atif Shehzad, DM System Engineering, LINKdotNET, reported to Faisal at Link Dot Net Pakistan "FH is very passionate about his work and has excellent knowledge. He is an excellent strategist, hands on guy and is also great with conceptualizing. His ability to plan ahead, distinguishes him from many others. While working with him, one gets exposed to multi facets of Internet technology and related solutions. He has extraordinary levels of energy and ideas that he channels very efficiently to his staff and the skills to get extraordinary done through average people combined with his in-depth knowledge of technology and his open minded approach to solving business and technical problems. His passion for his work is something to learn from." Usman Qureshi, Sr. Manager Engineering, LinkDotNet Pakistan, reported to Faisal at Link Dot Net Pakistan "Faisal is a very experienced campaigner in the field of Networking and Telecoms who handles operations with composure and skill . Faisal was very helpful when I joined LinkdotNet in supervising smooth transition of O&M operations. He has strong analytical mindset and understands his work very well." Asif Aslam, Director O&M, LINKdotNET Pakistan, worked with Faisal at Link Dot Net Pakistan

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"I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Faisal Hamid is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He is a highly dedicated and motivated person. He possesses both very good Technical and Managerial skills. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization." Muhammad Saad Jawed, Manager RF Engineering, LINKdotNET Pakistan - An Orascom Telecom Company, reported to Faisal at Link Dot Net Pakistan "A truly professional with exceptional technical and managerial skills.He always provides consistent motivation to his team encouraging them to attain excellence and quality in their performance. Working in his team was a great learning experience for me." Muhammad Naeem Awan, Sr.Engineer (Network Design), LINKdotNET, reported to Faisal at Link Dot Net Pakistan "Faisal Hamid has to be the best technical person around who can bridge the gap between the technical side and the commecial side. He understands quite truly what is required by the customer and how we can provide the SAME solution in MINIMUM cost (therefore adding profit margins) and his accute vendor managment yields in the best Service level achieved. I am sure he shall do wonders ahead with this very unique and rare capabilty found in engineers." Sameer Mughal, Manager Countrywide - Corporate Sector, LINKdotNET, worked indirectly for Faisal at Link Dot Net Pakistan "I am working under him since last six years and during these years I find him very determined and ambitious about his work. He is a person who will lead you towards the right path when everything around you seems gloomy and ominous. His managerial as well as technical skills are superb and he has ability to bring the things on track using these valuable skills. He is an outstanding decision maker who can boost up his team to peak in any kind of circumstances. I wish him best of luck for his future." Abrar Ahmad, Senior Network Engineer, LINKdotNET Pakistan, reported to Faisal at Link Dot Net Pakistan "Mr. Faisal Hamid is a professional with excellent technical and resource management and communication skills. He is very intellectual manager with solid decision making and has the art of creating a productive environment within the team by motivating people around him. I am learning a lot from him during his services in WOL Telecom Ltd and then LINKdotNET. He is very dynamic, supportive and gentle person in the work and social life too"" Irshad Memon, Manager Interconnect (Operation and Maintenance), LINKdotNET Pakistan, reported to Faisal at Link Dot Net Pakistan - An Orascom Telecom Company "Faisal Hamid is one of those Professional Executives who possess excellent technical hands-on

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with intellectual mind and extraordinary decision making skills. He is very good at building a productive league of professional employees with best skills in their domain. I found him very friendly with his peers and always like to help. During my professional career in WOL/LDN, I learned a lot from him & would never miss a chance to work with him again." Akhtar Rasool, CCIE# 21781, Project Specialist, LINKdotNET (formerly WOL- Internet Service Provider), worked indirectly for Faisal at Link Dot Net Pakistan "He is very helpful, straight forward and positive minded person. Always ready to help in any manner. I have found him very much dedicated to his work domain." Hafeez Aziz, Manager Strategic Accounts - Corporate Sales, LINKdotNET Pakistan, worked indirectly for Faisal at Link Dot Net Pakistan "I have known Faisal for the last 8 years now. At WOL he was heading the networks team when I joined the company in 2000. Faisal is a straightforward and honest individual. He is open and friendly with his peers. His simple nature is one of his greatest strengths combined with his excellent background and knowledge of ISP and data networks. I am happy to learn that Faisal is now Director at Link Dot Net. He has always been hardworking, dedicated, and fully committed to his work and that is the reason he has continually progressed in his career. What I like best about Faisal is that he is a gem of a person and always offers support and guidance to those working around him. I have immense respect for Faisal based on his professional competence, knowledge, and a likeable personality. I also wish him the best in his future professioal endeavors." Nahil Mahmood CCIE 19713, Advisory Network Specialist, CCIE # 19713, IBM Pakistan, worked directly with Faisal at Link Dot Net Pakistan "FH has nice grip on technical as well as managerial side; his quick problem solving skills are very helpful for reporting hierarchy to proceed swiftly under his supervision. He has always provided maximum room to his team to learn and explore. Friendly and helpful, plays nicely under pressure and multi-tasking capability are prominent feature." Sheeraz Ahmed, Manager, Solution Provisioning & Engineering, LINKdotNET - An Orascom Telecom Company, reported to Faisal at Link Dot Net Pakistan "Faisal is a team leader which leads from the example & always goes to the minute details of the solution/project he had been working since all those years I have known him. All the best for now & future." Imran Akhtar Shah, Consultant Media Engineering, Wateen Telecom Pvt Ltd, was with another company when working with Faisal at Link Dot Net Pakistan "Faisal is a dedicated andhighly skilled technical as well as management resource and is capable of handling big operational setup with very much presentable efficiency."

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Syed Shahzad Hussain, COO, Comsys Communications, was with another company when working with Faisal at Link Dot Net Pakistan "Faisal is an extremely hard working, self motivated and dedicated manager. Well versed in his subject and always up to date with the latest in technology. A person who can easily balance the needs of the company and his staff in order to achieve his targets in a well mannered process and well within the required time" Salman Farooq, Network Engineer, WOL Telecom Ltd, worked indirectly for Faisal at Cybersoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. "Faisal has been helpful throughout my time at WOL. My work was mostly done by Faisal when I was working with him in the same city and have found extremely committed to his work." Khurram Kaleem, Manager Marketing, WOL, worked with Faisal at Cybersoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. "Faisal's native intelligence for Networks is among the best I have seen. He has the drive and energy necessary to see complex projects through to completion, guiding teams and clients through the entire lifecycle process, on time and within budget. He is both a team player and a dynamic leader, a professional who wins the respect of others through his integrity and unwavering desire to bring out the best in his teams." Mustafa Rana, Sr. Network Administrator, World Online (WOL), worked indirectly for Faisal at Cybersoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. "Faisal is a very good team member to work with. He is responsible and technically sound. He is a true team leader and would always set an example for others to follow. He is a good communicator too and I have seen him working with young Engineers explaining to them how to tacke a perticular technical problem. I wish him all the best of luck in the future.." Imran Akhtar Shah, CEO and Owner, Indus Bell Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, managed Faisal at Cybersoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. "I have known Faisal Hamid for last 7 years and he has utlized every bit of this time to grow professionaly and personaly to accept far greater challanges than his peers. The greatest asset of his personality is his patience and durability towards his employer. He is quite composed at tough times and keeps on going in his direction, come what may. I wish him best of luck in future." Affan Hassan Khan, Regional Manager, Sysnet, worked with Faisal at Cybersoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. "The thing that stands out most with Faisal is his passion for the work he does. As a manager, he took sincere interest in developing his team - the emphasis was always on getting the basics right

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before getting into application. For me, this helped me immensly in my own approach to work and technical development. His technical skills and know-how are outstanding. Theres always something new to learn with him around. Most importantly, he is great fun to work with!" Shehzad Abbas, Sr. Network Engineer, WOL, worked indirectly for Faisal at Cybersoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. "I have worked with faisal and found him to be a dedicated and focused professional. He has the ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines and come out at the top." Shabahat Bokhari, System Design Engineer, Ericsson/Marconi Middle East, worked directly with Faisal at Cybersoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. "Highly recommended as he posseses a great level of dedication and conviction to his work and responsibilities.Great Team Player / Leader.Wish him all the the best." Tanveer Dar, worked directly with Faisal at Cybersoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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