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2011 Prediction: The Greatest Economic Depression in Our History

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In the Year 2011, the United States of America will experience the greatest economic depression in our history because this is precisely what Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid want the United States to experience. Progressives, liberal democrats, socialists, Marxists and communists have always hated the economic prosperity of the United States. They have worshiped at the altar of our destruction for a 100 years. Now at least, they have their hands on our collective necks and they are going to squeeze. The first step in this process was health care reform. After the legislation passed it was revealed that it would never save money but rather that it would cost money and that, for instance, for purpose of performing accounting tricks, something like $200 billion to pay doctors was left out of the bill. $500 billion was cut from Medicare and yet millions more are going to enrolled in Medicare. Only a communist or an idiot would think that math makes sense. Most doctors are refusing new Medicare patients. When the government inevitably forces doctors to take Medicare patients, you should expect a mass exodus of doctors. Every doctor who can retire will do so. Any doctor who can not retire but who can leave the country will do so. This means that one of the money-saving features of health care reform-reduced emergency room visits-were and always will be a big communist lie. More people will be in emergency rooms not fewer-just as they are in other countries with Marxist medicine. You can not have more patients and fewer doctors without those patients who are not getting immediate care showing up at emergency rooms. The new head of Medicare is rubbing his hands in anticipation of a Marxist transfer of wealth from those who earned it to those who didn't. Moreover, he worships at the altar of rationing. Call him Dr Death Panel. So step one-destroy the US health care system has been accomplished. Step 2 involves taking over all businesses. Communists call this taking over the means of production. The finance reform bill ensures that our Marxist leaders can take over or shut down any business at any time. Step 3: Destroy the economy. We are already in a recession or a jobless recovery or whatever the economists are calling it. The next thing to do is to take away the money that businesses would use for growth and increased employment. This will be accomplished by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. In additional, all Americans and all businesses will have their taxes increased. It turns out that they can do this and achieve one of their other goals at the same time. Obama, Pelosi and Reid will destroy all sources of domestic energy and make the United States completely dependent on foreign fossil fuels. They will do this though carbon trading, pollution taxes and cap-and-trade. So an economy that is either still in recession or in a jobless recovery will receive the shock of $7 per gallon gasoline. This will trigger the Greatest Depression. The Greatest Depression may some day come to be known as the Last Capitalist Depression. The millions of unemployed people of the United States will make Barack Hussein Obama president for life if only he will promise them a crust of bread. Obama will promise them a crust of bread but he will tell them that first he must give most of what is left of the wealth of the United States to any third world nation who wants it. Americans suffer, Obama will tell them, because they deserve it. We were never good communists and we did not worship Karl Marx, he will tell us, and that is why our economy failed. Millions, who are eating dirt or human flesh will believe him. The founding fathers of the United States thought a free press would keep us free. The press is not free however. The press is Marxist and has been since they adopted the motto: "Afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted." This is just a stealth version of the Marxist motto: "From each according to his means, to each according to his needs." Most of the media feels a tingle whenever the Communist in Chief, Chairman Barack Hussein Obama reads from a teleprompter. And what is all that noise about illegal aliens you may well ask? Making illegal aliens legal guarantees 12 million

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21/08/2010 9:50

new votes for Marxism. But Marxism isn't on the ballot you say. Yes. Yes it is. If you look at the planks of the Communist Manifesto and the goals of the Democratic party, you will see they are one and the same. The democratic party is communism in drag. Since illegal aliens take lower pay and fewer benefits, they aid in bringing the US economy down to third world standards. After destroying the United States and reducing our economy to third world status- like a good Manchurian Candidate-Chairman Obama will have ushered in the new dictatorship of the proletariat. The world will be run by China. Islam will have the middle east and Europe. The New World will speak Spanish but will kow-tow to China. In the far distant future China will eventually rule everything. The reason is that they believe in technology,they have the troops, and they have no moral qualms about using either one. They will reduce the capitals of their enemies to smoking ruins. Posted Aug. 18, 2010

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21/08/2010 9:50