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Top 10 recipients of Exxon money for climate specific research

1. Frontiers of Freedom $250,000

2. American Council for Capital Formation Center for Policy Research $180,000
3. Competitive Enterprise Institute $180,000
4. George C. Marshall Institute $170,000
5. American Legislative Exchange Council $137,000
6. Congress of Racial Equality $135,000
7. Center for Defense of Free Enterprise $130,000
8. International Policy Network – North America $115,000
9. CFACT – Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow $85,000
10. Center for a New Europe – USA $80,000

The total given to organizations related to energy and climate research between1998 and 2004
was $15,428,573.

Total given to organizations specifically for climate change related activities in 2004 was

Key Quotes from Top 10:

Frontiers of Freedom:
"These things happen. That's just the way nature has always been, variability has always existed.
There's nothing new about that." – George Landrith, president of Frontiers of Freedom

Competitive Enterprise Institute

"…predictions of the extent of future warming are based on implausible scientific and economic
assumptions, and the negative impacts of predicted warming have been vastly exaggerated. In
the unlikely event that global warming turns out to be a problem, the correct approach is not
energy rationing, but rather long-term technological transformation and building resiliency in
societies by increasing wealth." Accessed: June 17, 2005

George C. Marshall Institute

"Climate Sensitivity – Still a SWAG…Scientific Wild-Ass Guess"
by William O’Keefe. September 2004. George C. Marshall Policy Outlook

"Absent from the debate is the discussion of human ingenuity and our ability to adapt to our
environment; when the temperature increases, we turn on the air conditioner. More people die
from cold temperatures than heat,…global warming could actually save lives"
Excerpted from a report released by ALEC entitled "The State Factor: Global Warming and the
Kyoto Protocol" by Patrick J. Michaels.

Center for Defense of Free Enterprise

“Policy wonks and scientists have long worried about the vast gulf that often separates facts from
news stories and public perception. Perhaps few issues exemplify this better than global
warming.” –Nick Nichols and Paul Driessen

“Thankfully, it’s all just the stuff of Hollywood horror movies. Not only is the ACIA study
flawed. It’s as phony as a three-dollar bill – as plausible as the ‘science’ in ‘The Day After
Tomorrow.’” – Paul Driessen
“The stakes are certainly much higher this time – because these eco flimflam artists threaten to
disrupt our economy, technology, health and prosperity, to ‘safeguard’ us from a ‘risk’ that is no
more real than Tyrannosaurus rex bursting out of a lump of Cretaceous amber.” – Paul Driessen