This is an email that a friend forwarded on to me.

Apparently, the chick (Elizabeth Brown) has mental issues and sent out the following email to her distribution list without being discrete and using Bcc: It's quite long and when printed out takes up 16 pages. It's total verbal drivel, but some might find it funny. Here we go: * The Disappearance of Webster�sad but true, a story of love and hope in Las Vegas * Just to forewarn you, this story has a very sad ending. I�m sorry to put this kind of sad energy out there and bring you all down but because I know Webster is/was near and dear to many of your hearts I must tell you the whole story from the beginning. Most of you know that I moved to Las Vegas in January of this year in pursuit of my life long dream; to develop and host a cooking show of my own, something which I have been doing in some venue over the past nine years. Some of you may not know that while pursuing my dream I have also been writing a book, more or less an account of my life�s events as I pursue my dream and also search for the man of my dreams. For some reason I have always felt that they would both culminate and come to fruition more or less around the same time. So as I feel myself getting closer to achieving my goal, my cooking show is in development, I have also felt that meeting the man of my dreams was sure to follow. I was certain I had met him on February 23rd of this year. Twenty-three is after all, one of my lucky numbers. And on that day, for some reason, I was at the gym at a very late hour for me. I was wearing my Brazil wear workout clothes and I had just bought a Brazilian hammock for a bed. I had also been strongly guided by a movie starring Penelope Cruz where she leaves Brazil and moves to San Francisco where she is given her own cooking show. I had just lived there and was there to also do a cooking show. So when I locked eyes with this physically beautiful man from Brazil, I was certain that he was the man of my dreams. I was sure that we were meeting for a reason. What I have since learned is that we did meet for a reason and that beauty on the outside can often be a far cry from what is on the inside. With the tragic ending of this story you too will see that this man is the most unattractive man on the face of this earth. But if you tried to tell me that only a few weeks ago, I would not have believed it. I believe that most people are good at heart and I see beauty in everyone and everything. Yet I have spent my whole life trying to be beautiful on the outside because I have known my whole life that I had a message to convey to the public and I learned at a very young age that the public responds to people who appear beautiful. I have been exercising since the age of eight, right about the same time that I realized my life�s purpose which is to teach people how to eat, how to nourish their bodies and how to take care of themselves so that they too would have the strength and the energy to continue to follow their dreams. I started exercising because I wanted to be physically perfect so that the public would accept and acknowledge me as the expert. Nearly thirty years later I continue to exercise nearly everyday but I am not as motivated by what others think but more by how I think and feel about myself. I am motivated to exercise because it makes me feel good; it is my form of meditation. Exercise gives me a reprieve from life and a chance to recharge my batteries. It is also the time when my creative thoughts flow like crazy; when my best ideas come forth. It is, without a doubt, where I get my endless energy. Even today, although I am sad for my loss, I had to get out and move. I did not have the energy to go at it as hard as I usually do but by being outside, by observing nature, even in the concrete jungle of Las Vegas, I am once again reminded of the connection we all have to all things. At the end of my

walk/run, I am no longer angry at the person who harmed my cat, I am instead sad for him. I feel compassion towards him; that means I feel pain and love. In part the pain is due to my loss but I also feel his pain. This man who harmed my cat is obviously suffering mental and emotional pain beyond our comprehension. When I first suspected foul play, everyone told me that even though it sounded as if it could be true, we would hate to think that anyone could be so cruel as to harm a defenseless animal, especially someone who once loved you and who you also loved. But as I told a friend, that�s why Lifetime has an endless array of movies, because these people do exist. On Saturday April 1st, Webster disappeared for the first time. Prior to this date, Webster had never been outside the door of my second floor apartment. When I lived in California, I would often let him walk around my first floor patio and out on the sidewalk, but if anyone came within 20 yards he would quickly dart back in doors where he knew he was safe. Yet, on April 1st, while I was taking a shower, my front door had been left open by this man and Webster got out, except I didn�t know it. I saw the door was open and asked if Webster got out but when he said �No� I believed him and I proceeded to get ready and go have dinner. When I returned home a few hours later I walked in the door and called for Webster. He always greeted me at the door. He was not like other cats. With his companionship and loyalty, he was more like a dog. Each and every day he showed me unconditional love. But today he did not come. I searched and searched the apartment but to no avail. I then remembered the door being left open and I knew Webster had escaped. I did not blame anyone but myself; for not stressing the importance of the door being closed. It was my fault for not being a better parent to my cat; the love of my life. I searched and searched my apartment complex remembering how Webster never ran far when he had gone out previously while living in Cali. But after hours of looking, I did not find him. The next day I had to work but as soon as I returned home, I began my search once again. There was a group of four boys playing outside my door in the courtyard. I asked them if they had seen my cat and showed them his picture on a flyer I had made. They said they would help me look if I promised them a reward. I then gave them all a handful of flyers and together we walked the complex and asked everyone who crossed our path. No one had seen him and everyone was sympathetic to my loss. The following week I worked many long days and could only look for Webster early in the morning before work or very late in the evening after working my second job. I was exhausted from working two jobs which I had recently started so that I could make the money I needed to pay a statistics consulting company who where helping me analyze the data for my thesis. I was approaching the final date to finish and defend my thesis or else lose my degree for good. I was in my ninth year of completing my degree and had been given the ultimate extension by the Dean. By the way, I was very hard on myself for taking so long to finish but as I was defending my thesis, I learned that there where four others like me out there. During my hectic work schedule I did manage to post and hand out a few flyers and in the process I met many of my neighbors, some who took time out of their busy schedules to help me look. One young man, new to town, felt very sorry for me and helped me look one late Friday night. I gave him most of my flyers when he said he would post them for me, which he did. He didn�t know me yet he was helping me. A few days later I got a call from a young woman who had been given one of my flyers by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend said to her, �This hot girl lost her cat. Here�s her flyer.� His girlfriend had a cat similar to mine with a love as strong as the love I have for Webster. She called to tell me that she didn�t know what she would do if she lost George so she was going to look for Webster. I told her that I was working a lot and could not look for Webster as much as I wanted. She asked what I did and I told her I was a Dietitian. She couldn�t believe it. This is what she

wanted to do although at the time she was dancing. But she said she wanted to help families with overweight children learn how to eat better and how to cook. Her passion for food and nutrition runs as deep as mine. I was so excited that this woman was helping me and I thought, I can help her too to realize her dreams. She got my flyers from the young man in my complex and proceeded to put them up everywhere. In fact, as I started to run again in the mornings, a chance for me to regroup and find hope, I would pass people on the street and tell them of my lost cat. Nearly everyone would tell me that they had seen my flyers somewhere and that they where keeping an eye out for Webster. The woman who posted my flyers, Danielle, is one of the most incredibly kind hearted people I have ever met. Although she and I didn�t actually meet for a few weeks, she would constantly call me and updated me on any Webster sightings. Two weeks had passed and Webster had not been found. But for some reason I knew in my heart that he would show up or that perhaps he was safe and sound in the loving arms of another family. In my heart I felt he was OK. In the meantime I was feeling as if this �man of my dreams� was not so dreamy. He barely helped me look for Webster even knowing how near and dear Webster was to my heart. He started to become very critical of me. He and I had been running together in the morning but just prior to Webster�s first disappearance, we stopped because I was feeling as if he was resenting me for some reason. I did not feel it was serving its purpose for either of us so I decided to just run on my own. He was very disappointed in me for not honoring our commitment. According to him this showed an extreme lack of commitment on my part which according to him, translated into all aspects of my life. Yet, I had been committed to running for the past 9 years and I had been committed to weight lifting for the past 20 years. I was committed. I felt he was being harsh and one day I decided that this relationship was not serving my higher purpose. On the day I released him from my heart, I received a phone call from a woman at the SPCA. It had been two weeks since Webster disappeared. This woman described Webster to me. She was calling him Mustang though. This cat they had at the SPCA had been pulled from the front fender of a Mustang which belonged to a woman who lived in the housing development adjacent to my apartment complex. But Webster was not actually found close to my home. He was found 10 miles away from home. This woman drove from her home to her work which was next to a garage where they convert Porsches into race cars. This garage is located on Tropicana and Valley View Drive, 10 miles from Webster�s home. The owner of the Porsche business was walking into his garage one day when he saw some fur on the front fender of the Mustang. He thought for sure that this woman had hit an animal but for some reason he felt compelled to go over and pull on the fur. In his words, �The fur pulled back�. He knew there was a live animal in there but given the long grey fur, he was not sure what kind of animal this could be, domestic or wild. He went into his garage and put on a pair of work gloves. He reached up under the fender and pulled out a cat, my cat, Webster a.k.a. Mustang. They named him Mustang because he was �born� out of a Mustang. The garage owner kept Mustang in a spare room and proceeded to feed him tuna. Mustang was frightened and would only cower in the corner so after a few days the garage owner took him to the SPCA. Mustang a.k.a. Webster, arrived at the SPCA on April 5th. He was out and about for only a few days before finding himself in a safe environment once again. The SPCA is a no kill shelter. They do not usually take stray cats but because Webster a.k.a. Mustang was a Persian, they took him in and put him up for adoption. Webster lived at the SPCA for the next two weeks. On Saturday April 15th, I got the call and Webster was identified. But the chain of events leading to his identification is just as strange as his 10 mile trip in the fender of a car. Although Webster was living at the SPCA, I never called them. When I began calling and checking shelters, I was told by one of the shelters that the SPCA does not

accept strays and therefore I should not even bother to call them. So I didn�t. Right before Webster got �out�, his long grey fur had started to become matted as often happens when I don�t brush him enough. I was going to get him groomed as soon as I got back from traveling back east to defend my thesis on April 27th. For now I needed all the money I could get to pay the statistics people and all the time and energy I could muster to actually write my thesis. So Webster was going to live with a few fur knots for now. In the end, my neglect and selfishness saved his life. Had he gotten his haircut, a lion cut where they shave all his fur except for a mane, four furry paws and a poof on the end of his tail, he may not have been discovered hiding in the fender of a Mustang. The woman at the SPCA on the other hand, was taking over where I had left off. She was going to get Webster groomed. So she called a friend of hers who did grooming at one of the area Pet Smarts. There is a Pet Smart just up the street from my apartment complex but the groomer actually worked at another location, however, her husband was also a groomer and he worked at the one by my house. The woman at the SPCA told her friend about this grey Persian cat who�s fur was very disheveled and who was in dire need of a grooming. The groomer said that she had just seen a flyer about a lost cat fitting that description. She must have been visiting or helping her husband at work but she had seen the flyer and made the connection. The weird part is that I had not put a flyer at Pet Smart but Danielle did. I later learned that as soon as she got my flyers, aside from walking all over Gods creation posting them outside, she also had her boyfriend drive her to Pet Smart where she posted a flyer. This flyer led to the connection. The groomer made the connection that this flyer might be in reference to the cat at the SPCA who was in dire need of a grooming. So after making the connection, the woman at the SPCA called my cell number which was posted on the flyer. It was late Saturday afternoon, April 15th. I was working at a Rehab hospital, my second job. The woman told me that she thought she may have my cat. This was such a surprise to hear because I had received about 20 other calls in the preceding weeks from either false sightings or sympathetic well wishers, all of whom really gave me hope and faith that Webster would be found and that most people are good at heart. The woman at the SPCA described Webster, especially his personality. She said, he was slow to warm up but when he did he would come over and head butt and nuzzle you. I said, �That�s my Webby.� She referred me to the SPCA web site where I could view �Mustang�. Sure enough, there he was. I was so happy I cried. I knew it would happen but at the same time I had trouble believing it. Unfortunately it was late afternoon on a Saturday and the SPCA was closed for the rest of the weekend. She told me I could pick him up on Monday. Monday I was working at UMC Hospital, the community hospital, my primary job. I left early to retrieve my Webby. When I walked in the place I was so happy to see the living environment. Webster had been living in one of several rooms with about 11 other cats. He was hiding in a corner behind a clawing post but when the woman pulled him out and he saw me, he returned to his usual loving self. He walked over and head butted my hand and nuzzled all over me. I was so, so, so,so happy. I couldn�t believe it. Webster then stood in the middle of the room as the other cats walked around him. I felt like he was telling me and showing me all the love he had received there. The woman who identified him began to scold a female cat who was walking up to Webster. She said, �Penelope, don�t hit Webster.� With that, Penelope gave Webster a couple swats but Webster just stood there and took it like a man. His mother taught him to never hit girls and he was very respectful of women. This should have been a lesson for me as well. For around the same time that Webster was recouped, that man came back into my life. We started talking again but not really seeing each other. My schedule was very hectic as I continued to work as many hours as I could to make money to pay the Stat people for my

thesis. Meanwhile I had miscalculated the timing of my paychecks and I was not going to have enough money on time to pay for my results. This man in my life leant me some money and I was to pay him back in two installments over the next month. Soon after Webster came home I had to leave for my home back east in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I was flying back on Wednesday April 26th where I would do a cooking and education demo for my friend Dawn�s massage clients. This is what I love to do more than anything, so even though I was putting the finishing touches on my thesis and had not slept the two days before my departure, I still wanted to do the demo. I was so glad I did. The client�s loved my food and the information I provided. I felt that my purpose was coming to fruition. The next day I defended my thesis successfully. All the time I felt that the money, the stress & the hard work were all worth it. It was over�for the most part. Before I actually get my degree I must clean up some things on my paper and pay the outstanding tuition I owe to the college. Because of the ensuing bills, I shortened my trip and returned to Vegas to work at the Rehab hospital. I was also concerned because even though Webby was safe and sound at home and being watched over by Danielle, he had caught a cold from some of his kitty friends at the shelter. I really needed to take him to the vet, which I did that Saturday, April 29th. Webby had an upper respiratory infection. I had to give him antibiotic drops over the next week. He hated it but he took it like a man. When I picked up Webby from the shelter, the woman told me about the man who rescued him, Scott. When Scott took Webby to the SPCA he just wanted to make sure he would not be killed and that if no one claimed him he would take Webby/Mustang for himself. Scott also donated $100 to the shelter; an extremely kind hearted and generous man to say the least. I knew I had to meet this man and thank him for what he had done; he saved my Webby. If not for him, God knows what would have happened to my baby. I told her to give him my number. She did, and a few days later he contacted me. He wanted to meet me too and to see Webby. I emailed him the flyer about Webby so he could see what Webby looked like when he was all nice and clean and groomed. Besides, I knew that I would be getting Webby a Lion cut any day and he would be nearly unrecognizable to those who knew him with fur. When he got groomed he was a fraction of his furry size, especially now since he had obviously not been eating as much as usual and he was the runt of his litter. Although a full breed Persian, I did not pay any money for him. The breeder, who lived down the street from me in Allentown, PA, told me that Webby had died and had been revived twice. She was not sure that he would live very long at all. When I got him he was only a bit bigger than my hand with barely any fur except for his lion�s mane. Jason, an ex-boyfriend, came over to see Webby. He actually helped me name him. I had three other cats with names ending in �er: Pewter, Oscar, and Jasper. I needed an �er name and Jason suggested Webster. I loved it and it suited him. Everyone knew Webster. When I moved from Pennsylvania to Ocean City, Maryland, all of my cats accompanied me. But when Jason and I broke up and I moved into a condo, a friend helped me find homes for the other three cats. Actually, his sister took Oscar and Jasper and his wife took Pewter. When he and his wife got divorced his wife moved in with his sister and all of my cats have been living together ever since. But Webster was my travel companion. As I ventured across country to do a cooking show on the ABC affiliate in San Francisco, I took Webby with me. He was a trooper on the plane. He just lay in his carrier beneath my feet never uttering a mere mew as he looked up at me with complete and utter adoration. Webby moved with me into my new home in Berkeley in the East Bay of San Francisco, and then to Campbell in the South Bay and most recently to Las Vegas, in Summerlin.

When we moved here to again hopefully develop and host the cooking show of my dreams, people warned me about the people who lived in Vegas. They would say, �People here are very transient and often at their wits end trying to make it.� Well I could have been too, I mean I have been moving around for the past 4 years and I have been pursuing my dream for 20 years. I moved here to make it happen once and for all. But am I at my wits end? No way. And I refused to let the opinions of other�s affect my opinion about the people in my new place of residence. I was so happy to be here where the weather is oh, so warm and the Whole Foods market is within walking distance. I love it here and no matter what I am not leaving without realizing my dream. I have the best opportunity of all to develop and host my own cooking show. I am working with a very new yet very professional organization called Chef Live. It is an internet based company with a cooking studio where people like me can develop and host their own cooking shows. Most of the others are acclaimed chefs while I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Natural Foods Chef with a host of other credentials to my name. But what I honor most about myself is my passion and my love for what I feel is my purpose in life; to teach others how to properly and optimally nourish their body�s with good whole foods. Part of my philosophy is based on the most essential element of life; Water. Water is what connects us to the earth and to all living things around us. Water is essential to sustain all life. We are made of 70% water and so is the earth. And the connection of water to weight management was the premise of my Master�s Thesis. But the other part of my philosophy is based on listening to your heart. Time and again people ask me what I think about a particular food or diet and I always ask them, �Well, what do you think?� Does it sound too good to be true or how do you feel when you eat that way or when you eat that food. If it doesn�t feel right then it probably isn�t. I have used feelings and intuitions to guide me in my own eating and exercise practices. I have used intuition to guide me as I have moved around the country in pursuit of my dreams. But where I fail to use my intuition is in pursuit of my relationships with men. This last relationship taught me the harshest lesson of all. A week after I returned from my trip back east this man started reentering my life. Even though we had not spoken for a week he wanted to again be a part of my life and to pick up our relationship. He too was traveling and the time we did not communicate seemed odd but considering our busy schedules I just let it go. So we started to see each other and talk more often. In my heart it seemed off. I had let him go but a part of me still wanted him in my life. Was it because I loved him or because I loved what he represented to me. I have this dream of having a perfect man who will be by my side as I achieve my success. This man was picture perfect but that is where the perfection ends. He is actually flawed through and through. Over a week ago he started calling and coming by and wanted to see me all the time where prior to that he wanted very little to do with me and had been harshly critical of me each and every time we would meet. When he came around I thought it was because he had seen what others see, that I have a lot of good loving qualities to offer. My friends see these qualities, which is why I have many friends who have been in my life for as long as 30 years. People I meet for the first time see it which is why they are drawn to me. I have very few bad interactions with anyone. I make it a point to approach each person and each situation with love and compassion. I understand that if they act in an undesirable manner toward me, they are doing so because of their own doubts and insecurities. We all have them and some people just bring them up in us. No matter how someone acts toward me, I always try to treat them as I would want to be treated. Well, almost always. When I was about the meet Scott, the man who saved Webster, I was hoping that he would be the man of my dreams. I thought, what a great story this would be to have the man who saved the love of my life be the love of my life. Scott was very sweet and sincere on the phone and in his emails

to me. If I was attracted to him physically, then it would be the most perfect story ever. As it is, I have been writing my story of my search for romance as I pursue my dream to develop my cooking show and to solve the obesity epidemic. I feel that my water theory is a huge step in the right direction. If it could all culminate into a fairy tale ending then I would not only be giving the world the information I wish to share, but also a story of hope that if you open your heart and mind and if you listen to your heart, then your dreams will come true. In the end though, at least as it stand for now, I lost the love of my life, my cat Webster. I also hurt Scott�s feelings in the process. When we met, although I know he was attracted to me, I was not attracted to him. I was still only attracted to the man who looks like Superman. Yes, the man who I thought I loved looks exactly like a darker haired Superman with a Brazilian accent. Sounds appealing I know but this man ended up being the most unattractive man I have ever met. A week ago, Saturday May 13th, to be exact, I woke up feeling very sick. I had nausea, and diarrhea and a fever of 101. I had planned to go to work at the Rehab hospital but could not get off the sofa. I sent Superman a text message and asked him to bring me some Gatorade. He came by that evening with Gatorade and Theraflu which really helped. Soon after taking it my fever began to break. I had no idea what had made me sick. I was afraid it was something I ate and even from my own frig. My power had been off for a few hours a few days prior and I didn�t throw away my yogurt but instead ate it that Friday. Superman also had some but did not get sick. However, he was in the bathroom an awfully long time the same night he ate the yogurt. While he was in there, he was running the water for an extremely long time. I didn�t really think much of it. I thought that perhaps he was being courteous trying to drown out any noise. The next day when he came over to give me the Gatorade and Theraflu, I went in the bathroom to get him a band aide and found the water had flooded the cabinets under my sink. Superman came to the rescue as we took everything out of from underneath so it could dry. I then lay on the sofa not feeling well enough to do more. I said I would call maintenance the next day. Superman felt compelled to fix the sink so while I lay curled up in a ball on the sofa moaning in discomfort, he once again ran the water for an excessive amount of time as I thought he was just trying to look for the leak. I also heard him moving things around and I heard him spray a Windex bottle. I thought it was odd but figured he was just cleaning up some of the mess. He said he could not fix it and that I should call maintenance which I did the next day. The maintenance guy, Danny, came by and looked at my sink, ran the water for a long time and could not find and leaks. Apparently Superman had fixed it. That same morning I noticed that Webster had gotten something in his eyes. He could barely keep them open and he seemed to be in a great deal of discomfort. I took him the local Vet. He was to be seen by the girlfriend of one of my co-workers. I told her that I wasn�t sure what had happened but I thought that perhaps something had leaked when we took the bottles out from under the sink and that perhaps Webster had stepped in it and then rubbed his face. I just couldn�t conceive how this could happen. She concurred that he did indeed have a chemical burn on the cornea of his eyes. She gave me some drops which she assured me would help to clear things up. Although Webster hated it, I gave him his drops as indicated. That Monday morning, April 15th, I went to work after giving Webster his drops. As I closed the door and said good-bye, Webster stood in the hall looking at me as if to say, I know you didn�t do this to me Mom and I love you. I swear that�s what he was saying with his little squinting eyes. I had still been working at the rehab hospital and was basically covering a full-time position with part time hours. Since I was sick all weekend and since I was taking care of Webster all day Sunday, I did not go to the rehab hospital. On Monday evening I would have to go to the rehab hospital after my full day at the community hospital, but for some reason I felt the need

to go home first. This is very much out of my way since the rehab hospital and the community hospital are only about 10 minutes apart while my home is at least 30 minutes from either. But I went home and expected to see Webster greeting me at the door. He did not. I called and called him but he never came. I could not imagine where he was. I searched every nook and cranny but he never appeared. I then thought that someone had come in and taken him or let him outside so I again began scouring the apartment complex, but no Webster. I could not believe this, not again. I was exhausted both physically and mentally. Although I thought it was crazy to think this, I thought that perhaps Superman had come in and taken Webster. When I was looking for Webster I noticed some things out of place. My closet door had been opened when I could have swore I left it closed. The washer and dryer where pushed together when I could have swore I had separated them. Only a few days before, Superman was trying to get Webster and had moved the washer and dryer in an effort to reach him as he hid. There was a towel on the floor several feet from where it originated on the washing machine. There where several clues that foul play had occurred and the biggest clue was what I felt inside, yet I ignored all the signs. I don�t know why he or anyone would do such a thing but I did know that Webster did not like him and Webster has liked all of my male friends and boyfriends. Since this thought did cross my mind, I also decide that perhaps I should get my lock changed. I called Danielle, the woman who helped me find Webster the first time. She and her boyfriend came over that evening but could not stay long. They helped me look in my tiny one bedroom apartment but we could not find Webster anywhere. They both suspected foul play. I went to sleep that night just praying that he would come back to me or that I would at least get a sign as to his whereabouts. When I go to bed without my contacts or glasses, I can barely see anything. The only thing I could see that night was a blurry blinking green light on my smoke detector. My eyesight is so bad that the light kept changing shapes on me and I felt as if by staring at it I would get the sign I was seeking. It had been seven hours since I got home to an empty house. I was praying, asking for a sign and staring at the light when all of a sudden my bed began to move. My bed is a king size mattress set on top of two box springs. When Superman and I began dating, I turned in my Brazilian hammock for a bed, an extra one his parents had which they where getting rid of. While searching for Webster it never occurred to me to pull the bed apart but when it started moving, I moved the mattress and reached between the two box springs to find Webster lodged in there. He was hiding. He had freaked out because at some point during the day he completely lost his sight. I called the vet emergency line and was connected with my friend�s girlfriend. She told me that perhaps Webster had a reaction to the medication and that I could bring him in the next morning. I called the vet office as soon as they opened at 6AM and 45 minutes later we where being seen by the head Veterinarian, the man who started this vet clinic. He walked in, took one look at Webster and said, �I have never seen anything like it.� He immediately referred me to a Veterinarian Ophthalmologist. He faxed them my referral and said they would contact me when they opened at 8AM. By 8:45 I had not heard from them and I was speaking on the phone with my best friend Kara, a fellow animal lover and owner of two cats and two dogs. She told me to call the office if I did not hear from them by 9. I�m glad she told me that because when I called the receptionist told me that there where no doctors at their facility that day and that I would need to be referred to the only other Veterinary Ophthalmologist group in Vegas. I called them and was negotiating an appointment. It was now 9:10. They had either a 9:30 opening or a 2:30. Although it would be cutting it close making a cross town drive in morning rush hour traffic, it was a chance I was willing to take. We needed to figure out what had happened to Webster. When I got him there the Vet took a look at him and could not believe what he was seeing. The head of the eye clinic came in and was also flabbergasted. I heard the word �Necrotic� in their diagnosis. Since I work in

healthcare I know that Necrotic equals dying tissue. Webster�s eye tissue was dying. I was afraid he would permanently lose his sight. The doctor gave me a host of drops and rinsing solution to use on Webster four times a day. I didn�t care what it took or how much it cost as long as I could try as much as possible to help him regain his sight. When I asked the head doctor if Webster would ever see again, he looked at me and crossed his fingers saying,�We can only hope.� I took Webster home as I got ready to go to work. I had to leave my baby and although I knew where he was, I still decided to get my lock changed before I left for the day. This decision was partly due to a comment made by one of the Vets. He said that it appeared as if Webster had been re-infected with the same substance that had caused his vision loss the first time although this time it was much worse. While Superman was repairing my sink, I heard him spray something which sounded like a Windex bottle which I did have under my bathroom sink. At the time I thought it was odd but did not question him because he was, after all, fixing my sink. After hearing what the vet said about a possible �re-infection� and after experiencing the second disappearance of Webster and all the things that where out of place in my apartment, I was more suspicious. I went to work at the Rehab hospital and while I was working I spoke with Superman and very casually asked him if perhaps he had sprayed something which Webster could have been exposed to. He said, �No sweetie, I didn�t spray anything. Why would I clean your bathroom?� I thought this made sense but still felt a little uneasy about the whole conversation and the situation. That night I got home around 9:30. Superman had been calling and texting me all day which he had rarely done in the 2 � months since I have known him. For some reason he had this rekindled affinity for me. I am a very trusting person who sees the best in everyone and everything. Some people call it optimism and others might refer to it as �ignorance is bliss� or just sheer foolishness. I doubted my skepticism and accepted Superman�s attempts to rekindle things between us. He had wanted to take me to dinner that night but I told him I had to work, which was true. He then sent me a text to tell me he wanted to stop by and see me as soon as I got home. He was having dinner just around the corner. I did not want to see him. I had a mass of wheat berries to prepare for the next day�s health fair at the community hospital. I was going to call him once I got things going but he came knocking at my door. Something he has never done uninvited. When he came in he said he had sent me a text and had called me. Meanwhile I played dumb and said my phone was on vibrate so I didn�t hear it. He then proceeded to call me to hear for himself that my phone was indeed on vibrate. Although I did know he was trying to reach me I just wasn�t in a hurry to get back to him. This is a mere clue to me and to you that I was feeling uneasy about him. While he was in my apartment as I was trying to prepare my Autumn Wheat Berries for 200, he was professing his love to me and telling me that he wanted to meet me for dinner because he wanted to ask me to live with him. Currently he lives with his sister. It is a very odd living situation. They both walk around half naked most of the time and they are closer than any other 35 year old man is to his 40 year old sister. He claimed that his sister has a new boyfriend and that they are always in his house together and that he gets no privacy. He said he can�t stand being there and that they have been fighting so he has resolved to buy another house and move out leaving his sister to rent this house. Superman works in real estate so the prospect of buying a house is feasible. While all this is going on, he had also been asking when I would pay back his money. I owed him $800 which he leant me as payment for the statistics group who helped me do my thesis data analysis. The whole analysis part actually cost $2600 so I did manage to make most of the money in time but I was $800 short and had to have it all in order to get all my data back. I then agreed to pay back the $800 beginning on the 5th with the second installment on the 19th. I missed my payment on the 5th having miscalculated my earnings against my debt, something I have done for most of my adult life which is why at 37 years of age I have nothing but a large lump sum of

debt. The point is that I did not make my first payment to him and I believe this is where the plot for revenge began. While sitting at my house as I continued to prepare my Wheat Berries for the world, Superman told me that he had to have the money to buy this house on Friday because he wanted to get out of his current living situation ASAP. He also said that he wanted me to come live with him and then he told me that he wanted me to come to Europe with him and his family. A few days prior he told me that not only did he need the $800 but he actually needed $2000 which he would borrow from me Friday morning to put down on the closing of the house. He said he would then turn around and pay me back the difference I had loaned him. He said he could give it right back to me later that day when his paycheck came through. Now I admit that I am no financial wiz and at the time he was telling me all this I thought it sounded odd but I really didn�t know the ins and outs of buying a house. As I am telling this story I am shamefully showing my naivet�. But as I have said, I believe that most people are good at heart. In the end, I barely had the $800 to pay him back, but I managed to scrape it together. Even though he had just asked me to live with him and to go to Europe on his expense, I still had an uneasy feeling about the whole chain of events. Yet, I did not completely listen to my gut. I did manage to avoid seeing Superman again until the day I had his money. That day I took Webster to the Eye Vet where they told me to keep doing what I was doing for another week and bring him back. As I checked out at the Vet�s office, I was hit with another $85 bill on top of the $318 bill from two days before and two other regular vet bills for $121 each. Now granted I am not complaining about the cost for I so greatly appreciate all of the love and care they gave to the love of my life. I would have sold everything I owned to make him well and to keep him by my side for as long as god intended. I don�t care about any material possessions, I only care about Webster and Superman knew that. I can�t comprehend why he did what he did except to say it was pure revenge. Some of my friends speculate that he was getting back at me for not paying back the money on time. I did pay him back only a week late and yet he still did what he did. I got a money order as proof of payment. This man also has a major fear of sexually transmitted diseases. Before things fully progressed in our relationship, I had two AIDS tests and was tested for every other possible STD. Yet at some point he contracted a bacterial infection which I do get when I run a lot. When he was tested for the bacterial infection, he told me that doctor told him he also had herpes. I have never had herpes except for the occasional cold sore on the mouth. I thought that perhaps that�s what the blood test revealed because there where no symptoms what-so-ever. I had not even had a cold sore since November. So when he casually told me of his diagnosis, I thought it was odd that he was so calm given his phobia, but I did not become overly concerned. Now with everything that has happened, I feel and my friends feel that he was seeking revenge on me for this supposed infection. Can you imagine? None of us can. If you are mentally competent then it is beyond the realm of comprehension to think that anyone would be so vengeful as to hurt a defenseless animal over a minor diagnosis which may or may not be an STD. Superman admitted to me early on in the relationship that he had gone to therapy because he was so afraid of contracting AIDS. He also has severe arachnophobia and even though his parents gave me that bed, he never slept here because I did not have the place sprayed for spiders. On another occasion he told me that he wanted to start an organization for people with psychological disorders who had trouble coping in society. This was one of my first clues to the fact that he too might have some psychological barriers. But being the compassionate person I am I thought that his motives where more altruistic in nature and I thought that this would also be a great opportunity for me to teach the basics of cooking to the same people who were getting back on their feet. In the end, the signs where

there and I felt something was �off� but I did not listen to my gut. Even when my heart was no longer attached to this man, I continued to allow him in my life. I had decided that as soon as I paid him the money that we would end things. But he continued to profess his �love� and claim he wanted me in his life. I felt safe enough around him though because I had my lock changed and I was not going to let him in my house without me being present. I thought that I would see how he acted around Webster and how Webster responded to him. We had discussed going to the movies when the Di Vinci Code came out and on the day of its release I decided that would be a safe thing to do. I even bought the tickets and made popcorn so that we wouldn�t have to eat the chemical infused concoction sold at the theater. I make great home made popcorn with peanut oil, sea salt and nutritional yeast. I had a huge bag in my back pack as I headed out the door to Whole Foods to also buy some organic chocolate covered almonds and raisins; these where all of my favorite things and Superman also loved chocolate. I came back home and waited in my car instead of going back in the house. Superman picked me up and we headed to the movie. We where supposed to see the 10 o�clock show but got there at only a few minutes to 10. We then stood in line for the 10:30 show. No big deal. As we where approaching the ticket taker, Superman remembered that he left something on the stove. He had to leave but told me to go in and he would come back. He lives with his sister so I told him to just call her, maybe she was home and could take whatever it was off of the stove. He said he and his sister were fighting and he was too mad to call her even though it would have taken him a good 30 minutes to get to the car and drive home to turn off the stove. When he still insisted that he wouldn�t call her and would instead drive home, I was ready to just go with him. With my suggestion to leave too, he then called his sister. When he hung up the phone he said that he was still trying to have a conversation with her but their call was disconnected. They were speaking Portuguese so I have no idea what was said in their one minute conversation but once we got into our seats Superman said he had to leave. His excuse this time was that his sister left something in his car that she needed to get. Meanwhile his car had been at the dealer�s most of the week, he had a loner car and if he was so mad at his sister that he wouldn�t call her even though his house might burn down, then why would she have borrowed his car, especially when she has a nice Porsche all her own and he has the least expensive model Mercedes. None of this made sense and I had a very sick feeling as he left the theater. I decided then and there for sure that I would end things with him that night or the next day. I had no idea what he was up to but I knew he was up to something. I am never suspicious of people. I trusted him from the get go because he told me emphatically that he had trust issues with people which I took to mean that he was a very upstanding person. For future reference, when people have issues with other people, they are almost always projecting their own issues. This is a man whom I should have never trusted. My gut told me so, my heart told me so and the love of my life, Webster, told me so. Superman left the theater as I sat there from 10PM until 10:30 at which point his sister entered the theater. She saw exactly where I was sitting in the upper middle of the theater. I thought it was odd that in the dark she knew exactly where to find me as soon as she walked in. In retrospect, this was another clue. She said she couldn�t find him yet he had gone outside to meet her at his car to give her what she had supposedly left in his car. She stayed and watched the movie but did not sit near me. The only empty seat around me was his. Nearly 45 minutes later, at 11:15PM, Superman reappeared claiming that he had gone in the theater that was indicated on the ticket. When we arrived late, we went to the 10:30 show even though we had tickets for the 10 o�clock show. We went into theater one even though our tickets said theater 15. When he came back so much later even though his sister had been in the theater for the past 45 minutes, he claimed that he went to the wrong theater and had been looking for me. He claims that he even sat in the same seat and had wondered where I was. This part of his story actually

sounded somewhat feasible but I was still done with him, too much else was wrong with this scenario. We sat and watched the movie. I leaned on his shoulder and was falling asleep. At some point I heard a cell phone drop and thought it was either his or the guy next to him. As I think back over this scene this was the same time that my head was not on his shoulder and he was pretending to scratch his ankle. What he was really doing was replacing the keys he took out of the front pocket of my back pack. While doing so he reached into the wrong pocket and spilled my cell phone, driver�s license and credit card from the other pocket. The guy next to him handed him the cell phone asking if it was his. He said �No. Sweetie is this yours?� I was shocked that my cell phone could have fallen out and gotten two seats down from me. I specifically remember placing my back pack way under my seat against the wall behind. I know I placed it securely because there where a lot of spilled beverages on the floor toward the front of the seat. I didn�t want my bag to get wet. So when everything spilled out I thought that perhaps someone behind me had been trying to reach inside and then dropped it from under my chair. I just couldn�t conceive how it had been moved. But when I look back, as I said, I remember him reaching forward, scratching his foot for the longest time and now I know why. As to how he got the keys in the first place? He must have gotten them while he was acting all affectionate toward me as we stood in line. He had never done this before but he was kissing my ear and hugging me. He had done things like this when we first met. I must qualify this all by saying that I am not a complete fool. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that when we first me it was �love at first sight�, and it was love for quite a few weeks but then things started to go very wrong in our relationship and in my own personal life. Initially I attributed the demise of our relationship to the crazy schedule I was keeping; working two jobs and writing my thesis. I put it on me very much so. But we had had somewhat of a quality relationship which was very intense at first and unfortunately, very intense in the end. When I arrived home that night, Superman asked if I wouldn�t mind if he did not come in. It was 1:15 and I had no intention of letting him in anyway. I was going to break up with him but it was late so I put it off yet another day. I walked in my door and immediately looked in my coat closet expecting see Webster where I had left him. As I had mentioned, he was blind, he could not see, although until this day his eyes were open but were pure white. Before I left for the movies however, his eyes where beginning to close. They were very dry and he was a bit listless. I cleaned out his eyes and gave him his regimen of drops before I left for the movies. He wanted to sleep in the closet. I believe he felt safe amongst the three walls that contained him. I felt safe knowing where he was and of course I left the door propped open so he could come and go to eat and drink. But at 1:15AM on Saturday April 20th, Webster was once again, nowhere to be found. I ripped apart every box and bag and cabinet just hoping that perhaps he wanted a more confined space to rest. Having learned from his last disappearing act, I even looked under the mattress and between the box springs. I even lifted the mattress, king size no less and looked for holes, any way that he may have climbed in. I did the same with the box springs as I tore off the back coverings and looked inside. I then opened up the doors which secure my washer and dryer. I looked behind and inside both machines. I looked in my clothes closet and inside any and all boxes and compartments. I did this whole routine three times before I collapsed with both mental and physical exhaustion. I thought I was dreaming. This could not be happening again. I then sent a text message to Danielle, the woman who first helped me find Webster. She is a dancer and was working. I knew she would get my message at some point and because her love for animals is a great as mine, I knew she would respond right away. She did. Even though she was working and was very

busy, she was also very concerned. She said to me what I had thought to myself. �I can�t believe this is happening, it�s like a bad dream.� �Tell me about it.� I said. This is my nightmare. I didn�t really sleep that night and I quickly concluded what had transpired that night leading to the disappearance of Webster. Everything I just told you about the movies and the strange happenings, they�re all true. This is my nightmare and my life. When Webster disappeared the first time and was then recovered in a series of events that still amaze me, such as his 10 mile ride in the fender of a Mustang and the array of people responsible for his safe return, when I was able to tell that story with it�s happy ending, people where amazed and so happy for me. My friend Jayme who lives in Campbell, was telling her fianc� and his brother the first story of the disappearance of Webster and his safe return. While telling them that story she also told them how this would make a great chapter in my book. Jayme�s future brother-in-law Jay asked why I was writing a book and what it was about. Jayme told Jay that I was writing a book called �The Dilution Solution� which is a book about weight management as it intertwines with my life stories, life lessons and my search for love. To this statement Jay replied, �F�ck that story. She should write a book about Webster.� Webster is the most amazing cat I have ever known. I truly believe that he is my guardian angel. He has watched over me and accompanied through the most tumultuous parts of my life�s journey. He is and will always be the love of my life. I thought I had to search far and wide to find the man who would love me and who I could love back but for the past 5 years I had him by my side at all times. I have been writing my weight management book over the past two years as I continue my life�s journey to fulfill my life�s purpose. Along the way I am reminded time and again that life is about the journey, not the destination. So far, up to this point, the journey has been rough at times. I have been broke and have had to give up most of the luxuries I had once afforded, although barely. I have given up my desire for �things� but instead am fueled by a desire to help others; to help others be the best they can be by taking care of themselves first and foremost. Even if you have families, if you don�t take care of yourself first, then what good will you be to your family. �You can�t help others if you don�t help yourself�, I would always say. Well, I have learned that helping yourself also means listening to your heart and doing what feels right. Someone just told me that when Oprah is making a major life decision, if she has any doubt what-soever, she doesn�t do it. We can assess that listening to her �feelings� has worked for her. I can also say that whether big or small, your choices in life should feel right for you. That is why when people ask me my opinion on diets, or food, or any health product, although I know they are looking for my scientific evaluation, which I will give them whole heartedly, I also ask them to think about how they feel when they eat a certain food or if something makes sense as in being the magic bullet of weight loss. In general, if it doesn�t feel right it probably isn�t. I have a large handful of friends, both men and women who I talk to daily or weekly. Sometimes I feel as if I overwhelm them when I am constantly asking their opinion on certain situations in my life, primarily in the area of love. I am 37 years old, never married, no children. The closest thing I have ever had to a child is my baby Webster. When I took him to the doctor and they told me he lost his sight I just began to sob, in part for his loss of sight and in part for the

bad parenting I had done which lead to his loss. I blamed myself. In hindsight I still blame myself for if I had listened to my heart in regards to this past relationship, then Webster might still be with me and with his sight in tact. I doubted my own intuition. I didn�t listen to what I felt inside and because of that I learned a very valuable lesson and suffered a grave loss. If you are not an animal lover then you may think I am over reacting. I love all things, animals and people alike. I feel that animals are like small children; trusting and defenseless. They love unconditionally until the world shows them otherwise. Even after Webster lost his sight, very quickly he was back to his usual self. He was by my side every minute I was home until his final disappearance; even though he could not see, even though it was the man I let into our house who caused Webster�s loss of vision, even though I was responsible for his suffering, he still loved me so. As I was selling some jewelry at a local pawn shop so that I could pay some bills, I heard my song, the song that restores my faith in the world. This song is by Earth, Wind & Fire and it�s called, �That�s the way of the world�. If you ever get a chance you must listen to the lyrics. If you hear it as I do, you will never be sad again, even when something tragic happens in your life. What follows are all of the lyrics but the part that strikes a cord with me most are these words �If you look way down in your heart and soul. Don�t hesitate, �cause the world seems cold. Stay young at heart �cause your never, never old at heart.� No matter what, above all else, stay young at heart. No matter what happens, please don�t lose faith in the world and most importantly keep the faith in yourself. If I had one wish I would wish for a world of people with hearts like children. Until we are exposed to those who feel jilted by life or until we ourselves suffer misfortune we are born with hearts of gold and the ability to give and receive unconditional love. No matter what happened to my Webster, he still loves me, of that I am sure. I am not na�ve, I am forever hopeful and optimistic. Although when I met Superman I thought he was the love of my life and I have since learned he is not. I continue to hold to the belief that most people are good at heart. When I do find the love of my life, the man I meant to marry. It is my dream to have Earth, Wind & Fire play my song at our wedding. The lyrics follow��Hearts afire creates love desire. Take you higher and higher to the world you belong. Hearts afire creates love desire higher and higher to your place on the thrown. We�ve come together on this special day to send a message loud and clear. Looking back we�ve touched on sorrowful days, future and past they disappear. You will find a peace of mind if you look way down in your heart and soul. Don�t hesitate �cause the world seems cold. Stay young at heart. �Cause your never, never old at heart. That�s the way of the world. Plant your flower and you grow a pearl. Child is born with a heart of gold, way of the world makes his heart so cold.� When Webster was lost the first time, the following flyer is what touched the heart of the many people who lead to his initial recovery. He now has a chip in his neck. If he is out there & he is alive, he will come back to me.