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The Midlands

HERALD Number 197 • Friday 27th July 2007

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— Tim Lindsay-White —

The uMngeni Property Market

The common concern of property investors
in uMngeni at present is how several significant
factors seem to have ganged up against us on
top of an already slowing market.
Mismanagement of our property rates for the
2007/2008 year, as of 1 July, caused consider-

Leaf alone able anguish and could have resulted in lasting

damage to our property market and local
economy if left unchecked. In any event, it has
resulted in uMngeni being used as an unenvi-
able model by other municipalities on how not
to apply the new Municipal Property Rates Act.
Above: Two weeks ago residents of the town placed placards on a number of trees around the CBD protesting against the recent felling of trees, as seen in this
Prospective purchasers had the choice to buy
picture. But The Herald understands that these jacarandas next to the municipal buildings in Dicks Street are the next to go. A fax seeking clarification from the
municipal manager sent on Tuesday received no reply.
in Pietermaritzburg at a third of the rates in
uMngeni, inevitably creating an adverse distor-
tion in our market, equivalent to abruptly yank-

Sunfield foils scam Official enquiry into ing the handbrake on our local market in the
middle of the N3.
The new National Credit Act, although likely

uMngeni’s affairs
Whilst several scams have been reported in the media recently,
invoking the names of senior political officials, in particular the
office of the premier, S’bu Ndebele, Howick was subject to its own
to remove inefficiency from the bond market by
preventing artificial demand and possible default,
has pulled up our market’s handbrake further by
drama two weeks ago. An official investigation has begun into the affairs of uMngeni limiting bonds to disposal income and not sim-
Numerous taxi owners were convinced to part with tens of thou- Municipality. ply a percentage of gross income.
Most recently we have seen the prime bond
sands of rands each to provide services on contracts that failed to The minister of Local Government, Housing and Traditional Af-
rate rise half a percent to 13%, with the pros-
materialise by a man impersonating an official of the premier’s of- fairs, Mike Mabuyakhulu, has authorised an enquiry in terms of pect of another possible rise to 13,5% at the next
fice. Section 106 of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act, no. policy meeting in August.
The timely intervention of Sunfield Home’s general manager, 32 of 2000, which states that if an MEC has reason to believe that a In case that wasn’t enough, the civil servants
Leanne Viljoen, and the ward 5 councillor, Tim Lindsay-White, municipality in the province cannot and does not fulfil a statutory strike brought the Deeds Registry to a standstill!
resulted in the arrest of a man and his being charged with several obligation binding on that municipality, or that maladministration, And yet still property has remained one of
counts of fraud. fraud, corruption or any other serious malpractice has occurred or the soundest investments!
The area concerned stretches from Durban to Estcourt, and po is occurring, the MEC must if he considers it necessary designate a
Expect Great Things
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Page 2 — 27th July 2007 The Midlands Herald

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From the Chamber — Council Matters Sunfield

Council Comment foils scam
The struggle
uMngeni di- Members of the public are warned that

vided! continues! there have been several instances of cons con-

cerning prospective tenders and are advised
to seek official confirmation directly from
The unfortunate autocratic manage- the departments concerned before entering
uMngeni Municipality finds it- into any agreements.
ment style of the uMngeni administra-
self between a rock and a hard Gratitude also goes to the various inves-
tion has divided uMngeni. It has al-
ienated the ratepayer, both urban and
place. tigating departments.
rural. Unfortunately (for itself) it is There have been two other instances of
As a result, the municipality’s man- Clr Tim Lindsay-White part of a three-tier structure Editor Russell Barnes similar scams reported in the media in the
agement does not have the confidence whereby it finds itself answerable past few days.
of those who are expected to pay their to provincial government, based in Pietermaritzburg, which in turn
salaries, and they will not have their respect until meaningful public con- is answerable to our national government.
sultation, transparency and accountability are honoured. And unfortunately (for itself) our national government subscribes Continued from page 1
As long as mere lip-service is paid to the mission statement of commu- to policies that recognise the rule of law, freedom of the press, com-
nity participation the divide between the administration and its ratepayers
will grow.
munity participation, etc.
Not great news for a self-constituted autocracy.
We are repeatedly told that letters to the municipality go unanswered,
As the general gist of this week’s edition clearly shows, the mu-
and that Ward Committee needs are not replied to — let alone addressed
— a year into the current term of office, whilst not even in council is there nicipal management and its ANC councillor allies are trusting that enquiry into
reciprocal healthy debate. they can continue to get along with their masters in Pretoria —
Were the views of residents respectfully considered before erection of
metro-billboards at critical intersections in Howick and Hilton destroying
mayor Edward Dladla and municipal manager Dumisani Vilakazi
even attended the recent ANC strategic conference there — while
uMngeni’s affairs
the ambience of our villages whilst promoting conglomerate business at snubbing their noses at their laws. person or persons to investigate the matter.
the expense of the local economy? Our page 1 report tells that their provincial overlords, having In a letter, the minister advised that his
Were interested and affected members of the public given the opportu- carefully looked into, for their credibility, concerns by the public
nity to voice their disquiet before establishment of a waste industry along- concerns related to allegations and support-
about possible corruption, have this week instituted a forensic audit ing documentation as to possible
side businesses at the gorge edge, disregarding legislation and due proc-
ess? into some of their activities. maladministration, fraud and corrupt prac-
Were residents of Howick consulted or even informed before eviscera- In return, Mr Vilakazi seems intent on a witch-hunt to intimidate tices occurring within the uMngeni Munici-
tion of our leafy tree-lined Main Street? possible whistle blowers, and this is not surprising. pality.
Was due consideration given to the impact on our community and local He is used to doing just as he pleases. He stated that he as minister and his depart-
economy when attempts were made to bully the ratepayer into submission The DA have over the past two years made nearly a dozen appeals ment would continue to make every effort
over exorbitant rates increases? to Province regarding items of information that the municipality to ensure that the municipality implements
Is the community ever asked how they would rate general management refuses to disclose. effective, efficient, transparent and account-
in respect of performance bonuses? Despite support for their applications from the Freedom of Ac-
Has management ever been transparent with the public about how much able management and internal control sys-
cess to Information Act, Province has yet to look into any of the tems in the interest of transparency and ac-
they are being paid?
What has happened to the reportback concerning the plight of the mayor matters. countability in government.
having been forced to leave his home, under body guard paid for by the This of course tells Vilakazi that he can get away with hobnob- Vilakazi wants enquiry into enquiry
ratepayer? bing with Pretoria, or with anyone, but without listening to what However, municipal manager Dumisani
Where were the mayor and municipal manager when the community they say. Vilakazi has called for an enquiry into the
needed them during the terrifying fires of 25 June that devastated much of On another tack, it is interesting how quickly some people forget minister’s forensic investigation.
the municipality, and the bleak aftermath? their recent past. Speaking during an item tabled concern-
Are we to believe that a political party’s strategy policy conference in Remember the old days of the struggle against an autocratic re- ing the matter at the July meeting of Coun-
Gauteng was more important? gime? Some people have already forgotten that they are only where
Is the municipality living on borrowed money? cil on Wednesday, he said that he wanted to
they are because of democracy. see the information that had been supplied
Is 35% loss of water and electricity acceptable?
Is almost R100 million outstanding debt, much of it over five months Earlier this month The Her- to the minister and threatened his own ac-
due, reasonable? ald for the first time put post- tion toward those responsible for calling his
Who’s listening to the frustrations of our Hilton residents when they ers up around the town adver- administration into question.
have to cart their refuse halfway across the municipality? tising its stories in the most re- According to a report in Wednesday’s
Are residents up the Currys Post Road going to be heard when they cent edition. Witness, Lennox Mabaso, spokesman for Mr
protest against the establishment of a crematorium on the hill alongside Over the next few weeks, Mabuyakhulu, confirmed that a forensic in-
the dump above them? four of them were torn down vestigation was under way at the municipal-
You can contact Tim on 083 379 8051. and destroyed; not surprisingly ity but refused to divulge details of its terms
these were all the ones that ad- of reference.

Classified ads vertised our “millionaire mu-

nicipal manager” article.
That story itself has had a
widespread effect. Picked up
and run by the Witness it found
On Tuesday Gauteng-registered vehicles
arrived at the municipal offices, from a
Gauteng-based firm of auditors, Ubuntu
“Sources in the town hall say that there
its way into The Sunday Trib- was a lot of unhappiness at the sudden ar-
Above: One of The Midlands Herald’s une, The Mercury — and even rival of the investigators,” the page 1 article
“millionaire” posters this month to Sky News! said. “Some felt they should have been in-
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However, the national gov- formed by the Local Government Department
ernment subscribes in principle to democracy, a free press and the that the probe was to take place.”
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And so the cabal in Howick finds itself between a rock and a hard
uMngeni councillors were informed about
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Silver, English Tea lawn-mowers, water place. The struggle ing yesterday afternoon.
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continues. Sources present said some ANC council-
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The Midlands Page 3 — 27th July 2007

The big sleepover Side by side

Below: Two Mercedes Benz’s — the mayoral vehicle at left for use of uMngeni mayor Edward Dladla, and the personal vehicle of municipal
Local delegates enjoy stayover at manager Dumisani Vilakazi (NR 7405), in their parking bays at the municipal offices this week.

local hotel — at ratepayers’ expense

Delegates to a youth summit at the Fern Hill Hotel in June who
live in Howick or its immediate surrounds stayed overnight at the
hotel — at ratepayers’ expense.
The event took place on the weekend of 14th and 15th June.
The weekend is said to have been put together by general man-
ager: operations, Mbali Myeni, and her PA, Cindy Manyoni.
According to information received, uMngeni Municipality booked
out the entire hotel of 27 rooms for municipal officials as well as
144 places at Midmar Dam for the youth.
At the evening “cocktail braai” liquor was in plentiful supply.
Those local residents said to have stayed over at the hotel include
the mayor Edward Dladla, Cindy Manyoni, two committee clerks,
and youth from Mphophomeni.
Those that stayed at Midmar include municipal manager Dumisani
Vilikazi, his deputy Mbali Myeni, a ward councillor from Lidgetton
by name of Shabalala, the youth desk officer Biyela Sibiya and hous-
ing officer, Peter Zondi.
A rough estimation of cost to the ratepayer would be in the re-
gion of about R250 000 to R300 000 — for an event that was never
brought before Council for its approval.
The planned event was advertised twice in The Witness and in
The Mercury at an estimated cost of about R2 400 per advertise-
ment, although written at the bottom of each was “by invitation
It had been announced at a Council meeting that ward councillors
had been told to invite 10 youth from each of the 11 wards in total
and submit the names to the municipality.
Councillors were invited to attend the summit but not all were
informed of the planned sleep-over.
Two weeks ago the MEC for Local Government and Housing
chastised another kwaZulu-Natal municipality for organising a simi-
lar event without council approval yet at ratepayers’ expense.

Speaker earns R16 600,

owns low-cost house We have millions of unclaimed shares.
At the current share price, that’s a lot
Left: Surya Pillay
of money that could be yours.

Above: the low-cost house at Howick Extension 33 low-cost housing project in

Howick West owned by Moonsamy and Surya — who earns R16 600 p.m. — Pillay.

uMngeni Municipality councillor, Surya Pillay, owns a low-cost

house in Howick, despite earning a salary from the municipality —
11 times more than the qualifying amount.
Houses in low-cost schemes are intended for those in need, and
at present the maximum household income that qualifies for a low-
cost house is R3 500 a month. In order to qualify for the maximum
subsidy of R26 937, which the Speaker and her husband Moonsamy
have received, the household monthly income may not be more than
R1 500.
Her sales agreement for the house was signed on 30th January
2005, when her salary alone as an ordinary councillor was R5 250
per month. On 17th April 2007, Mrs Pillay and her husband took
transfer of house 2312 in the Howick Extension 33 low cost housing
project under title deed T16612/2007. When they took transfer, her
Sanlam CI0104AM0709SDE

Thousands of people are entitled to shares in Sanlam. They simply

salary as Speaker was R16 600 a month. haven’t claimed them yet. If you had a Sanlam policy between 31 March and
Contacted by The Herald, she denied owning a low-cost house, 15 October 1998, you might qualify for free Sanlam shares. Take your green
and said she was sick of the DA and their criticisms. She did not ID book to the Sanlam kiosk inside Shoprite, 25 Bell Street, Howick, between
respond when asked whether her husband owned the house, but said 30 July – 8 August to find out how much your portion is worth. Or,
that she lives with her pensioner mother. call 0860 687 878. Sanlam. We’re thinking ahead. Are you?
The Herald reporter must tell his sources that she said they must Average Sanlam share price for January to March 2007 based on daily closing price: R19.29

“go fly a kite”.

Page 4 — 27th July 2007 The Midlands Herald

Police to comment following Ethics and business —

spate of crime in Howick area The real purpose of business
Dr Martin Prozesky was the uMngeni ents and other businesses all conduct trans-
Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s guest actions with those they trust.
Following a spate of criminal activity in Superintendent Robert Gwala and his CID speaker at its AGM at the Fern Hill Hotel Are buyers happy with the service? What
the Howick area two weeks ago, repre- head, Captain Naidoo. on 20th June. is the truth of customer interest (i.e. what
sentatives from the Midlands Crisis and It is understood that arrests were made Dr Prozesky is director of the Department does market research reveal)?
Trauma Centre and ward councillor Tim following the incidents, the situation is be- of Ethics of the Unilever Centre at the Uni- To get the product to be the best it can be,
Lindsay-White met last week and had a pro- ing followed up, preventive measures being versity of KwaZulu-Natal in one needs the best possible people in the
ductive and positive discussion with the sta- put in place, and that a full joint press re- Pietermaritzburg, which was set up ten years business, and, for example, in the workplace
tion commander of Howick SAPS, Senior lease is to be issued shortly. ago and still today is generously funded by itself, a heavy-handed leader will get com-
Unilever. pliance but not commitment.
Dr Prozesky, who works in the area of Thirdly, what are the steps one can take
Farmers unhappy with MM’s applied ethics, asked his audience: “What is
to implement in business?
a) Leadership: The leader is very visible and
In reply, he if he or she is not deeply trustworthy, that
approach to fire disaster said, “It is not
about what you
person will not obtain the best standard of
work from staff;
shouldn’t do, but b) Need for education: Ethics is partly about
The chairman of the Howick & District staff that are based in Dicks Street, but about success.” enhancing the goodness in us and although
Landowners Association, Bobby Hoole, has uMngeni naturally controls the operations. People always education works slowly, there are lasting
expressed farmers’ unhappiness with the When he requested details of uMngeni’s seek success and horizons. (One can make an impression in
municipality’s attitude towards their role in disaster management planning, Mr Vilakazi a sense of well- 20 minutes in teaching ethics, but much more
the recent fire disaster. said that this was in the process of being being — “last- time is needed);
After the fire Mr Hoole wrote to munici- formed and nothing was in place yet. ing wellbeing, c) Resources: It needs active, visible sup-
pal manager Dumisani Vilakazi to attempt He then referred him to the especially that port from the higher echelon and includes
to understand their responsibility regarding uMgungundlovu District Council, which Above: Dr Martin which cannot be money.
fighting fires and their implementing a dis- does have a disaster management plan. Prozesky. taken away from In conclusion he said that the triple bot-
aster management plan, if there was one. When Mr Hoole asked him if he could you.” tom-line concept of ethics in business con-
He was subsequently invited to address send his own report of the meeting to coun- Wellbeing can be viewed in terms of sists of the financial aspect, one’s environ-
the Manco meeting on 19th July, and attended cillors so that they can consider it and have health, security, friendship, respect and a ment and the need for a social responsibil-
with Jakes Oosthuizen, a seasoned fire cam- firsthand knowledge of his concerns during feeling of happiness. ity.
paigner who had been instrumental in the and after the fire, Mr Vilakazi said he would He pointed out that every single culture This last point is the real one — a social
committee that drafted the Veld and Forest submit his own report. in the world has the same basic core, and responsibility of respect, justice, fairness,
Fire Act 101 (1998). Mr Hoole then reminded him that at the then outlined three points concerning the and putting a brake on selfishness and un-
In the meeting Mr Oosthuizen highlighted beginning of the meeting Mr Vilakazi had vital tie between ethics and business. fairness.
his concern that the municipality is still not said that the three components of local gov- Firstly, ethics needs successful business. During question time he produced the
a member of the Lions River Fire Protec- ernment — viz. councillors, the administra- The real purpose of business is not to thought-provoking saying: “Laws produce a
tion Association, despite the fact that the Act tion (municipality) and the community — make money but to remain in business. society that complies fearfully; ethics pro-
requires that it join. functioning together meant success. Indeed, ethics needs business that is prof- duces the commitment, love, respect etc that
Mr Vilakazi replied, he said, that the func- “Now that I have requested my report to itable and lastingly so. society needs.”
tion of fire-fighting was not the municipali- be sent through based on our discussion you What are we hearing — in terms of ethics At best, mere laws or legality is a mini-
ty’s responsibility as there are four tiers of refuse to send it through,” Mr Hoole pointed — from people in successful business? mum ethic, and in terms of behaviour the
government, including the district munici- Secondly, why is it that business needs word, “decent”, is far more important than
pality too. ethics? the word “lawful”.
Mr Hoole told him he was passing the “Ethics” is the key to success in busi- Asked what can business do, he suggested
buck as uMngeni may fund the vehicles and Continued on page 8 ness, its magic word since customers, cli- that the Chamber lobby for effective polic-
ing of issues in the community.
Letters to the Editor • Letters to the Editor • Letters to the Editor • Letters to the Editor • Letters to the Editor • Letters to the Editor • Letters to the Editor • Letters to

Quarterly Report of the ers and the Concerned Ratepayers Group the above is not in the spirit of the legisla- The Title Deed itself shows that the recy-
made available substantial documentation to tion. cle centre has been built in contravention of
Chief Financial Officer, MPPs Scott and Tarr reflecting the poor per- With the substantial adverse criticism car- its zoning and use for parking and toilets, a
uMngeni Municipality formance of uMngeni Municipality the ried in the article, M.E.C. Zweli Mkize will condition that could only be approved by the
MPPs were quoted in subsequent articles be hard pressed to explain his Department’s “State”. To date the Title Deed remains un-
Dear Sir, stating that the municipality’s record was failure to prevent the present situation de- amended.
The Quarterly report for June 2007 just above reproach. veloping as the Minister of finance has del- The facts: It is a fact that the Centre had
received reveals the following:- Salary and Now it would seem that the “unholy Al- Recycle
egated centre
this function disregard
to him. been built in defiance of proper zoning.
Wages Vote Overspent (R2 970 219), Sav- liance” of Mayor and Manager need to be of procedure
Claude and public
Edwards, Concerned Ratepayers/ It is a fact that neither interested and af-
ings Remuneration of Councillors recalled to explain subsequent developments. Residents
Sir, Group, Howick fected parties, nor the community at large,
R1 165 162, Interest external loans It is incongruous that the performance In response to the letter by uMngeni were consulted prior to its establishment.
R1 759 991, Income under-recovered for bonus percentage is reflected as consider- Municipal Manager F D Vilakazi in respect It is a fact that the building encroaches
Property Rates R17 027 916, user charges ably higher than that previously awarded to of the Recycle Center blunder “The Facts “ across a street surveyed as long ago as 1850!
for services R2 358 456 and Income over- Dr. Michael Sutcliffe (75%) by eThekwini. published in Village Talk, 4 July 2007. It is a fact that no road closure was publi-
recoveries for Grants and subsidies R1 155 Any percentage above that is beyond the Mr Vilakazi insinuates in his letter that cized. It is a fact that the public was never
599. pale. Only misdirected political support proper authority was obtained. He is called consulted.
There are numerous other under- and over- could reflect the uMngeni figure. upon to prove his statements. It is a fact that we, the public, are over-
recoveries but insufficient to meet the defi- Scott states that there is legislation in the Evidence to the contrary suggests that whelmingly in support of recycling, but not
cit. pipeline from National Government to limit neither the Planning Department nor the of administrative disregard for procedure and
The rates problem is attributed to farm- the capacity of municipalities to determine Planning Committee were consulted, nor public opinion, resulting in ratepayer’s
ers. rates randage. plans approved by the Building Inspectorate money being used to pay a legal team to de-
The Debtor’s analysis reveals the total In fact this legislation already exists. at that time. fend arrogant disregard of our legislation
outstanding as at 30 June 2007 as Section 20 of the PRA provides that the As a consequence, due process of the ad- against its law-abiding residents.
R98 611 711.08 of which R80 993 603.29 is Minister (DPLG) may proclaim a percent- ministration itself was not followed. Now The relevant provincial authority is called
150 days or more. Rates debtors are reflected age limitation on rate randage increases. court action is in progress one senses the upon to protect the interests of its people
as R48 375 816.74 and water debtors as This year of course the rate randage de- Municipal Manager is simply attempting to and investigate the manner in which this in-
R25 483 696.52. creased because of the revaluation and such legitimize these actions after the fact with- sult to the law-abiding public has been in-
Perhaps the M.E.C. Finance could com- power was of course ineffective. out transparency or accountability and hence stigated.
ment hereon together with the Portfolio More seriously, DPLG have stated in without due regard to our country’s laws, Officials who act in a wasteful or negli-
Committee on Finance. correspondence that it is not obligatory for our municipality’s by-laws, and the public. gent fashion, in disregard of due process,
The now-infamous uMngeni budget the Minister to issue a Proclamation. Opportunities to resolve this matter ami- should be held accountable in their personal
Nalini Naidoo’s article on 20 July, headed Can ratepayers therefore expect another cably prior to the High Court enforcing such capacities.
“uMngeni Budget under fire”, is pertinent. unbridled increase in 2008/2009 ? action were ignored to the ratepayers and R D MacKellar
Notwithstanding that “complex” ratepay- A senior Parliamentarian has stated that interested and affected parties’ detriment.
The Midlands Page 5 — 27th July 2007

Speaker threatens Herald The Midlands

Surya Pillay, speaker of uMngeni

Council, threatened to have Herald editor
that she is fed up with DA councillors dis-
crediting ANC councillors.
Russell Barnes thrown out the next time he Her remarks followed the publication
made an appearance at a council meeting. of The Herald on 4th July.
Mrs Pillay made the threat after the close
of an Extra Special Council meeting on 11th
According to standing rules and orders
for Council and its committees, all Coun-
Read all
July where the municipal manager and his
five managers were granted their controver-
cil and Exco meetings are open to both the
public and the press. about it
sial “performance bonuses” by an ANC Mr Barnes attended the meeting without a
majority vote. hitch.
Questioned by Witness journalist Nalini * At the same time Nalini Naidoo sent an
Naidoo, she was reported in a front-page e-mail asking questions about the salary
article on 16th July, “Howick Boss’ big bo- packages to Dumisani Vilakazi and chief
nus”, as saying that her only comment was financial officer but received no reply.
Howick Falls Hotel

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recognition for excellence in academic “Cast in Stone”, their first, was aired on
achievement. Radio 2000 around Easter. WEDNESDAY : CURRY BUFFET EVENING
Habit To combines in sophisticated And Habit To will be playing in Eat as much as you like R50.00
hard rock with strong jazz and classical Pietermaritzburg! Starts 6 pm
backgrounds and a university musical edu- You can see them on Wednesday 8th Au-
cation to produce what their website calls gust at a Women’s Day concert at the Winston THURSDAY : 500 g T BONE & CHIPS R49.50
“an eclectic mix of styles, brought together Churchill Theatre, starting at 8 pm, featured Live music from 9 pm
with integrated melodies and often-awkward with bands Harris Tweed and RedHouse.
time signatures”. They will also be performing at 2 pm at FRIDAY : SURF & TURF
“You could call it a mixture of Ella the Uprising Festival in Durban tomorrow, 200 g Rump, Calamari, onion R44.50
Fitzgerald and A Perfect Circle,” Andrew Saturday 28th July, at the WaveHouse in Gate- rings, chips
told The Herald. way, Umhlanga, which is featuring two
Yet at the same time the music is still stages, 17 acts, all ages, free skating and SATURDAY : PRAWN NIGHT
undeniably accessible. flowboarding, giveaways and competitions. ½ kg Queen Prawns R85.00
The band complements their ideals and In September they will play unplugged at
music further by projecting video and im- the White Mountain Festival in the Central SUNDAY : BUFFET LUNCH
ages during their live performances. ‘Berg. Served from 12h30 – 15h00 R75.00
Sales of the CD at gigs are going very Reviewers have written in praise of the “Music by Delwyn”
well, while a distribution deal with a com- band.
pany is pending, Andrew explained, saying Alex Sudheim wrote in the Mail & Guard- BUFFET BREAKFAST
that Michelle and Dale have been in the U.K. ian: “For something new from Durban that SATURDAY & SUNDAY 09H00 – 11H00 R50.00
for the past two months. isn’t a Creed-clone or a bunch of puerile
She returned yesterday, and a stand-in power-rock anthemeers don’t miss this breath
drummer will play with them until Dale re- of fresh air”, while The Highway Mail has A LA CARTE MENU AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES
turns to South Africa early next year. said: “When listening to the sounds of Habit
The band is currently receiving radio to . . . it is hard to imagine such a powerful Kitchen open 9 till 9
airplay on East Coast and Radio 2000 for voice coming from such a quiet, petite girl.” BOOKINGS ON 033 330 7928
their second single off Secrets, “Before You Read more about Habit To at Dargle Rd, Howick/Tweedie Off Ramp
Go”, which was released in June.
Page 6 — 27th July 2007 The M


Chairperson Clr Tim Lindsay-White
Much has been said about the firestorm that dev- Sue Kirkman), the SPCA (Heather Sommerville),
astated a significant part of the Midlands 25/26 The Department of Welfare (Xoli Dlamini, Lindi
June. Little, thanks to their modesty, has been said Zondi and Yandiswa Mlandu), the South African
by those who freely and voluntary co-ordinated Social Security Affairs (Thami Hadebe), Rotary
the relief work that followed. International and the Department of Education
In the absence of a municipal Disaster Man- (Hennie de Bruin and Di Holderness), the Howick
agement Plan, at the initiative of Anita and Derek Lions (Ron Bachelor), Telkom (Dave), Eskom and
Turvey (Deko Timber Projects) and Bobby Hoole the uMngeni Chamber of Commerce and Indus-
(Chairman Howick District Landowners Associa- try.
tion / Farm Fire 24) the Midlands Disaster Relief An enormous debt of gratitude is owed to those
Committee was formed. An organised structure who so selflessly gave of their time and skills and
was put into place to immediately assist the com- to those hundreds of concerned well-wishers from
Howick Falls Garage munity. Nottingham Road Land Owners Associa- far and wide who donated so generously to allevi-
23 Main Street, Howick • 330 2121 tion (admirably managed by Hazel Glover), be- ate the plight of our community. Assistance was
came the official control centre through which all given to all in need, irrespective of boundaries.
information, appeals and claims were co-ordinated. Recommendations were made to ensure effec-
Pulling together The South African Red Cross (under the direc-
tion of Barbara Craig) became the designated col-
tive disaster management and an immediate re-
sponse time in future. Public comments are wel-
as one community! lection, assessment and distribution centre. Linked
in between were the Midlands Crisis and Trauma
The Control Centre can still be contacted on
Centre, Drakensberg Emergency Rescue Services 033 266 6032 whilst the final rehabilitation pro-
We like to keep you moving
(Martin Millar), SAPPI Forests (Janine Smith and gramme is in operation.
SAPPI Forests
Extreme weather conditions made it very dif- As regards the financial cost involved he said:
ficult to combat and then extinguish the fires. This “I•it’s early days and the numbers are still being
was eventually achieved late on the 26th of June. finalised, but we expect the net impact to be around
Commenting on the damage caused, Hendrik US$5m after tax. It is not yet clear how much of
Sales & service of gas appliances de Jongh, Managing Director of Sappi Forests the wood we would be able to use, which would
Gas, coal and wood fireplaces stated that “the area affected by the fire, some of course also influence the financial impact.”
5,500ha, represents approximately 2% of our for- The aftermath of the severe runaway veld fires Above: Volunteers of the Red Cross and a memb
Congratulations on ests.” experienced in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands near out delivering clothes and food to the fire victim
your sterling work! Howick on Monday 25 would like to thank the many donors of clothing,fo
were so generously given, as well as the many volu
June 2007, has resulted
Telephone Peter — assist the organisation and fire victims.
in many people in the
082-454 0824 • 033-330 2717
area being left destitute
35 Ogilvie Road, Merrivale Industrial Park and homeless. SPCA uMngeni
“Sappi Forests has Our local SPCA resp
been hard hit by this stuffs were provided by for assistance from
disaster, but we have the next morning.
HARDWARE the fires. Their firs
also been moved by the
plight of the people in
On Tuesday Sappi
also began distributing
fires was to locate b
render whatever as
033-330 2298 • 18 Harvard Street, Howick our neighbouring com- much-needed blankets, humanely destroy an
munities – some whom food, clothing and tents beyond help. Since
& Congratulations on all have lost everything
and are now struggling
to the communities of
two hard-hit villages
identifying those ani
your efforts at healing to survive in these adjacent to the Sappi
cal treatment as we
harmed but in despe
S people’s lives. harsh conditions”, said
Hendrik De Jongh,
managing director of
Pinewood plantation
along the Boston-
to the loss of grazing
efforts were spread
For all your Building Requirements Bulwer road. Sappi vast stretch of cou
Contact Greg • We Deliver Promptly Sappi Forests. employees were quick Mafakathini, Mgw
Apart from trying to to respond and added Curry’s Post, Karkl
limit damage to com- to the company’s con- approximately 800 c
mercial plantations and other property, Sappi’s tribution through pri- gency feed, 470 Go
COMRIE ESTATES HOWICK response to the fires focused on ensuring the safety vate donations of horses and 1 donkey
of the people in the area. money and items which from Bulwer which
PHARMACY To this end Sappi provided assistance with gen- saw the affected work- would like to record
WE ARE THE PROPERTY PEOPLE eral alert procedures and eventual evacuation ef- ers and communities to Epol for 25.5 tons
1 Main Centre • 3302102/3 • a/h 082-800 5256
TEL. 033-330 6278 forts. supported with cloth- tons cattle feed, Uk
In particular on Monday night, 25 June, Sappi ing, foodstuffs, toilet- bales horse food an
Thanks to all the Congratulations to all ensured that its contractor labour force was quickly ries, blankets. 200kg horse food, E
evacuated when the Sappi Oaklands Village on the Lynette Webber of M
organisations for their working on restoring to Shafton plantation came under threat. hay, Charlotte Pasm
The village eventually suffered severe fire dam- use of her farm she
efforts at disaster relief. normality again. age. Temporary accommodation and first-need and the 4x4 Club w
items including mattresses and bedding and food Smith and Nephew f
and numerous priva
other donations larg
tions of hay or feed c
Campbell Road, How
donations can be m
No. 5253 0043 17
Supporting you all in
Congratulations to all of Home of Organic

the Midlands Disaster your wonderful efforts Tel: 033-330 2071 Avocados

Relief Committee on in restoring people’s We congratulate

your wonderful effort lives as soon as possible the Midlands
after such an in the Midlands. Disaster Relief
unexpected tragedy We congratulate Committee on its
and thank you. efforts in support of
98 Zeederberg Rd, Merrivale • 033-330 5408
our community
Midlands Herald Page 7 — 27th

South African Red Cross, Nottingham Road Land-

owners Association and Collection Centres
The Control Centre of Nottingham Road Land by Impendle, Hilton, Greytown and Nottingham
Owners Association, under the direction of Hazel Road. Together with uMngeni Community Pro-
Glover, and the Red Cross under the direction of tection Services, over 94 families were provided
Barbara Craig, established a close partnership. with food parcels and two blankets each.
Individuals and collection centres (Deko Tim- In the Karkloof-Curry’s Post area over three
ber Projects, Lions Howick, Rotary truckloads of clothes were delivered; large groups
Pietermaritzburg, Andy’s Mart, churches, Sappi of families included 54 people at Daybreak Mush-
Cascades, and the uMngeni Chamber of Com- rooms. 30 people were attended to in Yarrow and
merce and Industry) raised tons of donations, rang- Ntabeni where 13 homes were burnt down.
ing from pocket money, food and clothing, to 30 people were assisted in Greytown. In
kitchen ware and furniture for distribution by the Impendle 15 families totalling 62 people were
Red Cross. aided. In the uMgungundlovu district the people
One lady, who has preferred to remain anony- were besides themselves with appreciation when Above: The district 9270 Rotary Club consisting of KwaZulu-Natal and
mous, donated the entire contents of the flat of the red Cross and Global Fund arrived to assist Transkei identified those hit by the fire and are going to provide them with c
her late father. them, emotions running high. iron roofs from R40 000 funds available. This house caught fire and are re
Above: A group of volun- Boxers Pietermaritzburg supplied groceries In the Imbabazane and Ntabamhlope areas near the Elandskop area.
teers assists the treas- with which food parcels were assembled to feed Estcourt 10 families of 33 people were assisted.
urer of the Red Cross, Rotary International
families in need. Rainbow donated no less than 15 On Preston farm 52 people were seen to. Our Rotary Clubs in the Pietermaritzburg area coordinated the efforts o
Barbara.Craig, to put to-
gether the parcels of truck loads of blankets, clothing, and provisions trucks went as far afield as Mooi River, Tweedie, tary movement in general. Those devastated communities that fell
clothing for the victims of via Shafton, as well as liaised with Epol who Mshwati, Haza, Mafakathini, Crammond, Rietvlei, the cracks, so to speak, of the initial efforts of the emergency servi
the fire. Many donations supplied 25 tons of animal feed to the SPCA in Mackenzies Hill, Elandskop and Mpophomeni the help of Indunas from the Elandskop area, identified famili
were received from the Howick. over a three week period; a total of 120 families Mafakathini, Mswazini and Mgwagwa traditional areas that had
community of Howick and Individual farmers, Fairfield Dairies, Cedarville (some 410) people being looked after in all. homes. Food, blankets, clothes and household utensils acquired
from private companies Farmers Association and Beaumont Eston Farm- The South African Red Cross wishes to thank donations were delivered with the assistance of Feedback and the
with which the Red Cross ers Association made hay available. In addition, our very generous community for all donations
was able to clothe more ment of Education, distribution being carefully monitored. Rotary has
livestock feed was made available to affected farm- received, and would like to reassure you all that an appeal for financial support aimed at assisting with the rebuildi
than 1 000 people.
ers at just above cost. we have endeavoured to ensure that your dona- homes that were destroyed. Clubs throughout the province have alr
Red Cross have assisted about 80 families, com- tions have been distributed fairly and diligently to nated a significant sum earmarked for the purchase of roofing ma
prising about 400 people, in the area encompassed those families and persons that have truly needed affected families.
ber of the Red Cross committee assistance.
s in Impendle. The Red Cross
ood and household utensils that
unteers who gave of their time to KwaZulu Natal Agricultural Union
An official Disaster Fund was quickly established to assist in the a
of the disaster until resources could be made available from gov
Donations may still be made to the fund at First National Bank
Number….. The amount and proposed use of the fund will be relea
ponded immediately to the call media shortly. Chairperson Robin Barnsley immediately advised
Radio Control on the night of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs and kept the channel of com
st priority in the days after the tion open to ensure speedy assessment and relief of the area, resu
burnt and injured animals and speedy and positive response to the dilemma with the recommend
sistance was possible and to affected farmland be declared a disaster area.
nimals that were suffering and
e then the focus has shifted to Howick District Landowners Association
imals requiring ongoing medi- Chairperson Bobby Hoole magnificently took control of initial fir
ell as those which were un- measures, alerted all responsible organisations and helped set up
erate need of hay and feed due mittee to take over relief work. Together with Kwanalu, HDLOA en
g or stored winter feed. Relief claims could be made, collected by Afgri (Sean & Cheryl) for con
far and wide, encompassing a in national rehabilitation efforts. Loss assessment forms have all be
untry including Maswazini, off by the Chairperson who advised that the collective damage cau
wagwa, Haza, Mpophomeni, fire has been devastating. Overall statistics will be released by th
loof and Yarrow. There are ment of Agriculture in due course once properly analysed. Once al
cattle needing ongoing emer- tion has been collated a detailed report will be compiled for consid
oats and Sheep, 125 pigs, 15 the MEC. The MEC will then meet with the Premier (KZN) for fin
y as well as another 10 goats ment and contact with the President. The public will be kept in
are at the SPCA. The SPCA developments as they occur.
its sincere and grateful thanks
s cattle feed, Meadow Feeds 6
kulinga Reasearch farm 50-60 In the photographs to the left
d bedding, Allisons Saddlery are representatives of the
Equifeed 20 x 40kg horse feed, organisations that came
Mount Edgecombe 750 bales together to form the Midlands
mer of Danning Farm for the
Disaster Relief Committee,
ed for storage, ER24 Durban
who assisted with distribution, following the firestorm of 2007
for bandages and medications on 25th and 26th June. The
te individuals and farmers for community thanks them for
ge and small. Further dona- their unstinting service.
an be made to uMngeni SPCA,
wick Tel: 033 330 4557. Cash
made by direct deposit to a/c Department of Welfare, and South African Social Security Af
75, FNB, Howick, 220725. Have assisted 88 families, and liaised with the committee to urgen
Please give your name as those who had ID books, birth certificates, social grant cards, pens
a reference and the word and so on destroyed in the fires. Efforts were made to ensure g
“fire” so that the SPCA pensions were rightfully paid out as normal whilst a mobile fac
can acknowledge your organised.
contribution and use it
specifically to buy what- KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education
ever is needed for the ani- The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education has identified five sch
mals so badly affected by Howick Lions motivated for the drawing up of a Disaster Risk were damaged by the fire and/or wind. In preparation for the sta
the disaster. The Over 200 blankets, together with bales of clothing Assessment to aid in future relief exercises. Nu- third school term, it has facilitated the municipalities’ erection of
uMngeni SPCA would were donated, together with a sizeable donation merous families are reported to still be coming tents and alternative classroom facilities for those schools that h
like to extend its grateful to WESSA for disaster aid for wildlife affected by forward for assistance. tained extensive damage. Principals and educators have been enco
thanks to everyone who the fire in the uMngeni Valley. A disaster grant be sympathetic and supportive of learners who lost school unifo
has contributed in what- has been applied for on behalf of Lions Clubs In- Eskom & Telkom books etc. Donations and support are given where needed. The
ever way to the relief ef- ternational Foundation in Chicago USA, in prepa- Eskom are thanked for the marvellous way they nutrition and social support services of the Department have assi
fort for the animals so ration of any further needs of the affected com- ensured repairs to damaged infrastructure and res- the identification of communities that were not immediately benefi
badly affected by the munities and other incidents requiring aid. toration of electrical supply. Telkom report that the emergency support and services that were being rendered. I
fires. Their survival will the lines in most areas have been repaired; and with Rotary, Red Cross, Pietermaritzburg branches of First Nation
be due to your care and uMngeni Community Protection Services advise that 21 km of optic fibre need to be manu- the East Coast Radio Winter Warmth and Feedback (an NPO that un
compassion. Through their experience of the disaster, and as- factured for the area from Howick along the food redistribution in the Pietermaritzburg area), the Department f
sistance in the distribution of aid (via the Red Karkloof Road, via Shafton offices, and back to and assisted with the delivery of food, clothes, blankets and basic h
Cross) to over 96 recorded families, they have Howick on the Currys Post Road. utensils to the families in the Elandskop area that had lost homes.
Page 8 — 27th July 2007 The Midlands Herald
Continued from page 4

Important notice of meeting to

Farmers still unhappy all members of the uMngeni
with MM’s approach Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Notice is hereby given that a Special Gen- on the Member’s official letterhead, signed

to recent, future fire disaster eral Meeting of all Members of the Cham-
ber has been called by the undersigned at
the Howick Sports Club, Market Street,
by the Member and witnessed by two inde-
pendent persons.
Please confirm your attendance (or apolo-
out. fires better — Mr Vilakazi asked for Howick on Monday, 20 August 2007 at gies) to the Secretary before 15 August 2007
“In other words, then the process is not clarification on this source and said that 17;30 to transact the following urgent busi- at the following contact numbers:- Telephone
succeeding, because you are not allowing the reports were false and no-one from the ness: 033 330 5626, Fax 033 330 5637 or E-mail
community participation.” media had tried to contact him. 1) To waive items 8,12 and 9,1 of the Con-
Mr Vilakazi then accused him of being a “Then why didn’t you try to contact me stitution for the purposes of this meet- Issued on 16 July, 2007 by the following
politician, to which Mr Hoole replied that if you saw me being quoted in the media?” ing; Members:-
he was a businessman representing the com- Mr Hoole asked. 2) To inform Members of the current fi- Nick McConnell, Hubers cc.; Tim Lindsay-
munity and looking for relief and assistance “I don’t have to,” Mr Vilakazi is said to nancial situation of the Chamber; White, Sotheby’s International; Bob Staf-
at this time. have replied. 3) To decide on the future continuance of ford-Mayer, Howick Metal Products; Don
When he criticised certain comments Mr Hoole told The Herald that to his the Chamber, and Nott, Midlands Community College; Red
made by municipal officials that knowledge the only assistance thus far that 4) To elect a new Executive Committee of Haines, RC. Haines and Assoc. ; Russell
sometimes are unhelpful — for example, uMngeni Municipality has given the relief the Chamber. Barnes, The Midlands Herald; Ellen
speaker Surya Pillay was said to have effort has been in lending municipal vehi- Note:- In terms of the Constitution of the Mitchell, AA Gas; Shawn Naicker, Acacia
stated two days after the fire that farmers cles to the Department of Welfare to distrib- Chamber, the Executive Committee shall Printers; Ken Pascoe, Ama Bloka Bloka; Paul
need to train their farmworkers to fight ute food parcels to the 88 families that were consist of a minimum of six members and a Rencken, Andy’s Mart; Kingsley Krog,
affected. maximum of 12 members. Any member may Countri-Tech; Mike Goldstone, Country
volunteer or nominate a candidate for elec- Kitchens; Kevin Vally, First National Bank;
tion to the Executive Committee. Nomina- Martin & Giovanni, Giovision; Leisel

KZN Theatre, tions shall be in writing, signed by the per-

son making the nomination, signed by a
member who wishes to second the nomina-
Jacobs, Global Learning Services; Yvo n n e
Reece, Graemor Accounting; John Wright,
Howick Insurance Brokers; Paul Hodkin,
tion and signed by the nominee, and it must Howick Pharmacy; Charles Kelmanson,

Arts & Events Diary include the company names of all the parties
signing the nomination.
Postal ballots may be submitted to the Sec-
Kelmanson cc.; Dick Comins, Merrivale
Motors; Lawrence Taylor, TKT. Manufac-
turing and John Tungay, Worldwide Digital
Theatre: val. retary before commencement of the meeting Broadcasting.
Paul Slabolepszy’s “Not The Big Easy” This is Paul’s 30th play. Highlights
on at the Catalina Theatre until 5 August. among them being “Saturday Night at the
Buy one get one free, every Sunday.
“Not The Big Easy” is the story of a
golfing “everyman” — 50 year old Ernie
Palace”, “The Return of Elvis du Pisane”,
“Pale Natives”, “Mooi Street Moves”,
“Under the Oaks”, “Over the Hill”, “Heel
Everything just perfect at
Evans, the “other” Ernie . . .
There are those of us who spend our
lives in the rough trying to get onto the
Against the Head” and “Running Riot”.
For more information or to book call
Thandeka on 031-305 6889.Shows are
eMthunzini Restaurant
fairway. Ernie is one of those. He has Tuesday until Saturday at 8 pm and Sun-
reached a “crossroads” in his life. day at 6 pm.Tickets are now available
We discover him scouring the “rough” online at or on Left: eMthunzini
on the 16th hole of a golf course some- our website at Restaurant at The
where in Gauteng looking for the fifth ball or at Shed can be found
he has used today. R65 for adults, R55 students and pen- near the forthcom-
ing Riverside
The show had its world premiere at sioners. Parental Guidance: 13. development on
the Playhouse in East London, and has Both Bobby and Paul would like to dedi- the other side of
played at the Hexagon in cate this Durban season to the memory the Umgeni River,
Pietermaritzburg, Liberty Theatre on the of their great friend and colleague, Bill between Howick
and the N3. Here
Square in Johannesburg, the Mardi Gras Flynn. chef Austean Phiri
Theatre in Carnival City and a season in is cooking up pure
Grahamstown at the National Arts Festi- gastronomic
Picture: Sandy
Gospel: choir, accompanied by an 8-piece band,
US Gospel star, Kirk Franklin, for Dur- 6-piece dance troupe and some of the
ban One World Festival Concert, at the youngest and finest vocal talent in South
ICC, Saturday 28th July. Africa.
US contemporary gospel music star, Joyous Celebration impresario, co- eMthunzini Restaurant at The Shed in The rest of us found contentment in
Kirk Franklin, comes to Durban with his founder, musical director and conductor, Howick must be one of the better on the springbok loin wrapped with spinach and
18 piece band to headline the 2007 “One Lindelani Mkhize is playing a meaning- Meander today. bacon, par-fried and roasted in the oven, s
World Music Festival”, which also fea- ful role in staging this watershed music Our party of four — which included erved with savoury samp and jungle beans;
tures the awesome “Joyous Celebra- event. wellknown Midlands restaurateurs Jan and Chef Austean’s special curry of juicy chicken
tions” choir to take place at the ICC on The “One World Concerts” are an in- Louise van Niekerk formerly of Aladdin’s- breast cooked in mild curry and coconut
28 July. tegral part of this year’s annual “One de-Light in Nottingham Road — was im- milk, together with prawns and basmati rice
Franklin — who is famed for marrying World Festival” which builds bridges and pressed by chef Austean Phiri’s wonderful and grilled banana; and baked Cape salmon
gospel to a hip-hop R&B genre — is a creates relationships between New Or- and extensive menu. Expect unexpected com- with spinach and feta cheese in phyllo pas-
multi-Grammy Award-winning platinum- leans and sister city Durban. binations of food, with lots of subtle Afri- try topped with Cape de Paris butter, and
selling artist whose debut album Kirk The concert serves to create aware- can flavours but still exotic ! lemon basmati rice and vegetables.
Franklin and the Family spent 100 weeks ness about this ambitious and far-reach- I could tell that Jan’s considered his starter The desserts, too, were glorious.
on the gospel charts and became the first ing initiate which aims to generate tour- of oven-baked marrowbones with mampoer, The restaurant has been revamped impres-
gospel album to go platinum. ism jobs in the long-term, create cultural sweet potato and grape conserve a winner. sively for a distinct African feel, with out-
Despite his fame as a performer, connections and be the impetus for eco- Hannelie enjoyed her Maungu soup (a side undercover bar and catering area, and
Franklin remains a humble, devout Chris- nomic engines between the two dynamic Malawian pumpkin and small sugar beans bamboo partition and ceiling cut by Austean
tian. cities. soup dish) while I relished my Mozambican himself.
Franklin will share the bill with South For more information, visit the website seafood platter, served with the traditional Want to take guests or family and friends
Africa’s “Joyous Celebration” in two con- and homemade bread, “pao”. out for a treat, and all at reasonable prices?
certs of awesome, inspiring contempo- Louise, who for 12 years at Aladdin’s In our four-fold opinion you can’t go
rary gospel music. “Joyous Celebration” served up some pretty exciting dishes, joined wrong here at all.
has grown from being a hit gospel show Booking for the concert is through us on the main dishes for whole baby chicken Telephone 033-330 6257.
in 1996, to a formidable 34-member Computicket nationwide. and minted couscous. Russell Barnes
The Midlands Herald Page 9 — 27th June 2007

Little has changed

at Amy’s and AJ’s
Suppliers of General Hardware & Building Materials
Also Stockists of Gas, Gas Accessories & Paraffin

Below: AJ’s staff — from left, Gugu, Michelle, Zandile, Ninga, Londi, Bony and manager Taz.
Our very best wishes to all at
Amy's Restaurant & Pizzeria
TEL: 033-330 4588
Shop 5/6, Howick Centre, Harvard Street, Howick

Howick Stationers
11 Main Street, Howick
Phone/fax: 033-330 7696

Also stockists of cellphones,

pre-paid cards and accessories
From your proud
suppliers who also love
your fine food!

Wonderpak Packaging
Wholesalers Above: Clive Heath, Amy’s’ and Aj’s’ new “delivery man”,
Telephone 033-342 4207 and the spanking new bike with Aj’s manager Taz Pearson.
386G Church Street, Pietermaritzburg
The face of Howick, over the past months,
Congratulations with your has changed. Trees have been felled, fires
have taken their toll and parking is hard to
two successful businesses, find.
and wishing you all the One of the few things that has not changed
best for the future is Amy’s Restaurant and AJ’s Take-away —
still producing excellent food and service,
and consistently so.
Having said that, a new joint effort
Above: Amy’s Restaurant staff — back from left: Lungi, Sylvia, Precious, Patricia, Thobile, Eunice and
between the two food outlets, a new delivery Gelly; front from left: Amy and Martinette.
service has been started to provide Good Hot
Tel. 033-330 2807 Food to your door. Amy’s will be closed only on a Monday Taz who has made sure that the wellknown
Both shops welcome Clive to the team. after 4 pm and AJ’s is open on Sunday from flame-grilled chicken products and curry
Congratulations You will see him about town on his new 1 pm to 9 pm. dishes are as good as ever.
to you and we wish you scooter; give him a hoot! The free delivery service, for the Howick The combination of the two food outlets
Purveyors of fine food and Merrivale Areas, will operate between certainly adds a huge variety of meals
well in business! In order to support the delivery service, 9 am and 4 pm from Monday to Friday. supporting their motto: “Something for
the trading hours of both shops have been Amy’s, now entering its 6th year under everyone!”
Super meat, super service changed to provide a service seven days a the ownership of Amy Bailey, has certainly Catch our taste!
week. become a special place for the Howick locals. Both Amy’s and AJ’s want to say “thank
Her reputation you” to all their regular customers and
has spread far and suppliers for their ongoing support.
HOWICK SPICES wide, as attested to Let’s hope that Howick changes for the
by the postcards that best!
033-330 2285 & PRAYER GOODS are received For orders, telephone 033-330 4227.
SHOP 4, SPAR CENTRE, HOWICK. TEL.: 033-330 6399/082-730 4953 regularly from
Stockists of: Mixed Masalas, Indian Curry Spices, Exotic Spices foreign visitors!
and Herbs, Pickles, Ginger/Garlic, Baking Goods, Wide Range of A range of Daily
Congratulations to AJ’s Incense Sticks, Complete Range of Prayer Goods for all Occasions.

It’s always a pleasure to deal with you

Specials will soon
be on the menu.
• C•C•W•
and wishing you all of
at AJs. Congratulations on your AJ’s, now 18
the very best ! successful business ventures in Howick! months old, is under
the managership of
Suppliers to the Catering Industry
24 Winston Rd, Pietermaritzburg
Nite Out/Howick Tel: 033-345 4505/345 4536
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Congratulations, your establishments. of all ABI products.
Congratulations on your
Amy’s and AJs, ventures in business. Pleased to be a supplier Tel 033-330 8323 • e-mail

to you. Congratulations DRENCH YOUR THIRST!

and all the best YOU ORDER Congratulations, Alan
and all the best
for the future! WE DELIVER wishes for the future. and Amy, on your
two business ventures!
Page 10 — 27th July 2007 The Midlands Herald

Community Support Focus — Howick Hospice

Sponsored by The Midlands Herald,
Sotheby’s International Realty (Mid-
lands) and Browne Brodie & Fourie,
Community Support Focus each
month highlights a different facet of
our local community in need of sup-
port. This month’s focus looks at the
work of Sunfield Home and raises
R1 000 for the organisation.

Howick Hospice celebrates its 20th birth-

day this year!
From humble beginnings in 1987 when
there was one nursing sister and volunteers,
the organisation has seen enormous growth
Conveyancers and now has a staff of 42.
Sr. Louise Stobart, the present general
We wish you well manager and the first hospice sister, wrote
in the April newsletter, “I can remember the
with your contribution first patient I visited. How nervous and in-
Telephone 033-342 8386 adequate I felt! And now, so many years later,
I still feel privileged that we are able to meet
new patients and their families and share in
this very sad but precious time of their lives. Above: Howick Hos-
EVERDON “I have learnt so much from these special pice’s charity shop
patients.” volunteers, Rosemary,
ESTATE Dr. Dave Peiser stood down after ten years Margaret, Gloria and its
shop co-ordinator Cathy.
Home of Organic as chairperson of Hospice and has been re-
Tel: 033-330 Avocados placed by Dave Goodenough.
2071 Howick Hospice offers a service of domi- Right:
ciliary palliative nursing care to terminally- Howick Hospice
We are pleased to ill people referred by a doctor, clinic or hos- nursing sisters
Margaret Ndlovu,
be able to support you! pital. Ursula Frost, Mesh
Two nursing sisters are on the “traditional Adamson, Michelle
hospice” team and are on call 24 hours a Moodley and Liz
day for patient care and telephonic advice. Inset from left: Sr
Their dedication enables patients to die Charlotte Woudberg
Andy's Mart in their own homes, surrounded by their and Dr Dave Peiser.
loved ones and in familiar, comfortable sur-
& Carpet Care roundings, thus fulfilling the patients’ wishes
to stay at home. home-based care with each patient seeing a the decision to spend money re-vamping the
9 Main Street, Howick • Tel. 033-330 2625
Hospice also offers a bereavement serv- registered nurse at least once every two charity shop.
ice to the bereaved family for more or less weeks, and more regular visits from its 20 “We re-carpeted, painted, extended shop-
Well done in all one year after the death of their loved one.
In 1997 an outreach programme was
community workers and volunteers.
Hospice receives limited financial help
ping hours and employed a full-time man-
ageress, Cathy Steyn,” Sr Stobart explains.
that you are doing started to meet the needs of patients living
with HIV/Aids. This programme offers
from the Government and so recently took “The move has been more successful than
any of us could have imagined, and monthly
income has tripled !
“Our sincere thanks to all those who regu-
HARDWARE Amy's COMRIE ESTATES larly donate clothing and goods for the shop,


and our wonderful volunteers who help each
day to keep it running smoothly.”
330 2298 • 18 ERS
Harvard Street, Howick Tel. 033-330 6748 • 7 Harvard Street, Howick Howick Hospice is a non-government org-
TEL. 033-330 6278
anisation and has to raise all its own funds,
& We are proud Amy’s is pleased so we ask you, the Howick community,
to support your All the best please to consider — or continue — sup-

S to support you! very caring work! from all at Comrie

porting its efforts to offer a service of holi-
stic, palliative care to the terminally-ill peo-
ple of the Lions River district.
For all your Building Requirements
Contact Greg • We Deliver Promptly
Telephone 033-330 5257.

ACCOUNTING Howick Falls Garage
SERVICES 23 Main Street, Howick • 330 2121 Sales & service of gas appliances
Gas, coal and wood fireplaces
Induna Mills Road, P.O. Box 29, Howick 3290 Tel. 033-330 2922 • Fax 033-330 2925
Telephone 033-239 3311 • Fax 033-239 3388 1 Gush Avenue, Howick Proud to be associated Congratulations on •
At our Howick factory we: with our community your sterling work!
• Mix natural and synthetic rubber into We are pleased to support assistance and support Telephone Peter —
compounds. 082-454 0824 • 033-330 2717
this valuable cause! We like to keep you moving 35 Ogilvie Road, Merrivale Industrial Park
From which we produce:
• Belting — for use in mines and heavy
industry for the conveying of ore and
• Industrial Hose — in various sizes
for applications in mines and industry.
• Automotive products — such as Open 7 days a week — 7 am - 7pm
radiator and fuel hose and seals for
automotive windscreens and doors. Tel 033-330 4092 • Fax 033-330 5816 • 13 Zeederberg Road, Merrivale

We are proud
to support your work We are proud to be associated with your vital contribution.
at Howick Hospice
The Midlands Herald Page 11 — 27th July 2007

The Northern ‘Berg Magnificent

The Northern ‘Berg, with its magnificent Amphitheatre, is
looking stunning at the moment, as we found last week . . .
Right: Montusi’s 14
individual garden suites
provide superb views of the
magnificent Drakensberg
For all your Drakensberg accommodation: “One call does it all”. tain Lodge is the
only exclusive lodge
Tel. 036-468 1091, fax 086-675 3235 or e-mail
in the northern
Drakensberg Moun-
tains (a World Heri-
tage Site), and is
situated 70km off
the N3 halfway be-
tween Johan-
nesburg and Durban
Your one call to us will give you, all free of charge: in KwaZulu-Natal. picnic site for special occasion lunches.
1) the rates offered by all the leading hotels, B&B and self-catering establish- The lodge is situated in the pristine, quiet The Lodge is also close to the Amphi-
ments — including an exclusive B&B ideal for a honeymoon couple — in the Cavern valley and has superb views of the theatre Golf Course.
Central and Northern Drakensberg; magnificent Drakensberg Amphitheatre from Treat yourself to a community project re-
2) guidance to the type of accommodation best suited to your needs;
each of its 14 individual garden suites. laxation massage or basic manicure or pedi-
3) the administration necessary to secure your reservation, including directions
to your destination.
Here you can relax in absolute peace and cure.
Your reasons for visiting the Drakensberg may include a holiday, honeymoon, tranquillity. At the Adventure Centre you can swing
overnight stay, planning or attending a wedding, leisure group or conference. Each suite stands alone in the garden and on the flying trapeze or enjoy paintball, quad
Whatever it is, we have a venue for you. Please contact us for winter specials at has a bedroom with a king-sized double bed, bikes, gorge swing, zip line and the king
various hotels and self-catering units. bathroom with a bath and separate walk-in swing.
For information and reservations in the Central and Northern Drakensberg, shower, lounge with a TV, Jetmaster gas Our superb cuisine, like our homemade
contact Fiona. We offer a professional, friendly and efficient service ! hotrock fireplace and a tea/coffee making bread, chocolate and desserts, is quite ad-
unit with a small fridge for fresh milk and dictive!

Savouring your drinks.

Your own private covered parking is right
beside your suite.
Personalised service from friendly staff
makes this owner-run lodge a delight.
And don’t forget that midweek specials
Hike or horse-ride in the mountains, swim are also available.
in the dams or the natural rock-coloured Telephone Montusi Mountain Lodge at
swimming pool, enjoy birding and fly-fish- 036-438 6243, fax 036-438 6566 or view
ing and discover for yourself our secluded website

Alpine Heath Resort —

entertainment capital
of the Drakensberg
Left, below It is astonishing
left and be-
low right:
to realise that Alpine
What else but Heath is already 10
the beauty of years old this year,
our Drakens- and to commemo-
berg? Here we
feature Little
rate is giving the
Switzerland award-winning re-
Hotel near the top of the Oliviershoek sort a R6 million
Pass, just past Bergville. facelift !
“The bulk of the
development will
centre around the
entertainment area
of the Village
Square,” general
manager Françoise
Above: Scenic Alpine Heath Resort is enjoying a R6 million facelift this year.
Those who know me would expect a com- able and come complete with a Muller explains.
ment on the cuisine, and yes, it’s to say that beautifullyfinished bathroom, TV and coffee “The brand new bar, ‘The Tavern’, is al- air, crystal-clear streams and an abundance
Little Switzerland’s rates among the best in bar. ready complete, while also being constructed of birdlife. At the thatched Umziki Water-
the ‘Berg. And of course the views from them are in- is an auditorium to cater for entertainment, ing Hole, on the banks of one of the resort’s
One of the highlights of a stay at this comparable: Perched high at the top of the big screen rugby and “Chef on the Stage” trout dams, guests enjoy a picturesque set-
mountaintop resort on the Oliviershoek Pass Oliviershoek Pass, this charming hotel looks cooking demonstrations, and a deli where ting to enjoy their meals.
is the incomparable, buffetstyle meal — down onto a striking vista from the Amphi- guests can pack own picnic baskets or those For the energetic, it has a fully-equipped
whether you’re enjoying an English cooked theatre on one side to the Malutis on the other. staying self-catering can purchase that little gymnasium, squash and all-weather tennis
breakfast after a refreshing sleep or an exqui- For outdoor activity, there is tennis, bowls, something left behind.” courts, volleyball and mountainbiking.
site dinner after a wonderful day — all served volleyball, croquet, puttputt, horseriding, lei- The new development will do much for 100 luxurious chalets offer complete pri-
in Little Switzerland’s incomparable style. surely strolls, rapp jumping, mountainbiking the “La Gruyeres” restaurant, which will vacy yet still boast telephones, cellular re-
When I stayed there last week, this hotel or a refreshing swim, while those who like to move from its present on-square position to ception and satellite TV.
was looking as magnificent as ever. work out will find that the health centre in- a stunning location overlooking both moun- The three-bedroom chalet, featuring mas-
The rooms were stunningly renovated not cludes an aerobics floor (circuit and tains and a dam. And then there is the all- ter bedroom ensuite and two with twin beds,
long ago, and consist of luxurious executive weighttraining), squash court, heated swim- new children’s entertainment centre with play can easily accommodate six people.
suites, some with jacuzzi baths, the very com- ming pool, saunas, Jacuzzi, climbing wall and stations, table tennis and other games — all The resort receives regular comments of
fortable deluxe rooms and selfcatering chalets climbing cave! entirely free ! — that will be completed by praise in its visitors’ book. Just one recent
with fireplaces. Telephone reservations at 036438 6220; fax the end of the year. one reads: “Excellent service, friendly staff,
Mine was of course a one night business 036438 6222; view website or The perfect place to unwind, Alpine Heath good food and great fun!”
trip, but for those needing to rest you’ll find email Russell Barnes offers guests tranquil surrounds, with a tap- And you can experience all of the same !
that the rooms are both spacious and comfort- estry of towering mountain peaks, crisp fresh Telephone 036-438 6484.
The Midlands

@ R4000
No. 197 • Friday 27th July 2007

Left: Dale Morphew looks to pass the ball,

playing for the Natal A men’s canoe polo team at
the SA Champs in Durban three weeks ago.

Right: Dale poses at the dairy farm at

Tweedie where he works, with his Natal
colours for canoe polo and gold medal for
Natal’s winning efforts at the SA Champs.

Right: Passing the ball . . .

Pictures: Julia Rees Photography

— Cell: 073-141 4844; web:;

Tel. 033-330 5566 • Fax 033-330 5948

Excelling at canoe polo, needs
support for World Champs
A/h cell: 082-443 6026
1 Laurel Crescent, Merrivale Industrial Park

* Panelbeating
* Spraypainting * Fibreglass A Howick youngster hopes to travel with the defence. quickly and being versatile, the canoes them-
repairs and fabrication * South African men’s canoe polo team to “The game is — when you’re attacking, selves are under three metres in length and
Bakkie linings Canada in July next year. all of you are attacking, and when you’re have bumpers at the front and back, the like-
Dale Morphew has been playing for Na- defending, all of you are defending,” he able youngster explains.
tal A team since 2004, having been selected explains. “It’s a very intense and physical game,”
for the U21 side in 2001 while a Grade 10 So what attracts him to it? he says of it. “Players are allowed to ram
pupil at Weston. “I don’t actually know. When I play polo, other canoes. The trick of it is to try and
Up to about fifteen players gather to prac- I feel free. keep the ball moving while you manoeuvre
tise at the University pool in “I really love it. I feel that my heart is in your boat.”
Rustic Concrete Pietermaritzburg on a Monday night — “but the sport. When I’ve played, I feel like a Since early 2007 he has been training at
Tiles • Pavers • Cobbles not as many at the moment when it’s winter new person.” the Midlands Well-ness and Fitness Centre
Cladding • Various sizes and cold!” he quips. The game of canoe polo in Howick, where personal trainer Justin
Dale plays a multiple role in the team, The game of canoe polo is played in an Stewart has been helping him to build up
Contact Lyn or Rob and possesses strengths in both attack and area of 23 metres by 35 metres on pools, his strength and rehabilitate a shoulder in-
3 Geekie Road, Howick (opposite dams and even — as jury that had him out of action for all of
Merrivale KwikSpar) • Cell 082-578 0659 he discovered on an 2006.
or telephone/fax: 033-330 7054 (a/h). GEARBOX & DIFF overseas trip in 2005 SA Champs in Durban
EXCHANGE & REPAIRS — on canals in Bel- Fit again, Dale has just played in the re-
gium! cent SA Champs in Durban held three weeks
Midlands Branch Dale spent three ago.
Tel. 033-330 5568/96; Cell: 072-126 1800 months working on Natal A played magnificently to win the
5 Main Road, Merrivale a dairy farm, near tournament, beating Gauteng 3-2 in the fi-
Oldenburg, in Ger- nals, although the team was 0-2 down at half-
Repairs to all Gearboxes & Diffs
many, and also time.
Wide range of reconditioned units available played the sport Having earlier in the day during the round
Clutch overhauls there and on a lake robin stage beaten the same side 4-1, they
Authorised CWA and RMI dealers in London. He cur- were not about to give up, and so staged a
All workmanship guaranteed rently lives and magnificent recovery to produce three goals
Full workshop facilities works on a dairy and win.
farm overlooking A need for sponsorship
Left: Terence, Peter and Midmar. As to the future, in a few months’ time
Allen in the Midlands According to the Natal A will be travelling to Johannesburg
workshop, with a BMW
Tel. 082-413 5003 • 033-266 6535 rules of the game, for a tournament, and will take part in an-
automatic gearbox and an
Isuzu manual gearbox. each half lasts 10 other in January before the team to travel to
Behind them is a diff stand minutes, with just a Canada is chosen.
where they had been working two minute break in At this stage he needs a new paddle, val-
on a 4x4 Hi-lux diff.
between. ued at R1 900, canoe at R2 600 and spon-
There are five sorship to go overseas (about R25 000 to
Durban Branch: 501 Umgeni Road players and three R30 000).
Established 1993 substitutes in each Let’s help our local achievers in sport!
Tel: 031-312 0838 team.
Fax: 031-312 6629 Needing to turn