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8 l C u A 1 A


Address lanLWorks LaboraLory
8llAMarga Compound
km6 8uhangln PlWay
8uhangln uavao ClLy

Celfone 09219299747 (wlLhln hlllpplnes)
+639219299747 (ouLslde hlllpplnes)

LMall romyserQgma||com

uaLe of blrLh CcLober 12 1936 Clvll SLaLus Marrled
lace of blrLh Manlla PelghL 168 cm
naLlonallLy llllplno WelghL 69 kg
Languages lllplno Lngllsh PealLh excellenL

Lducat|ona| 8ackground
College unlverslLy of Lhe hlllpplnes aL Los 8anos
College of AgrlculLure
Los 8anos Laguna
Course 8S ln AgrlculLure (w/ unlLs ln MS AgrlculLure)
Ma[or AgronomylanL 8reedlng
1hesls Comblnlng AblllLy Among SelecLed Malze lnbreds 8eslsLanL Lo uowny Mlldew
Caused by 5cletospoto pblllpploeosls (WesLon)
Ponors PlLSuCln Scholarshlp CranLee 19731973
Samla Scholarshlp CranLee 19731978

Skllls lanL 1lssue CulLure / lanL MlcropropagaLlon
CompuLer llLeraLe (Pardware Assembly)
Asexual planL propagaLlon
lanL nursery operaLlons
1echnlcal/applled research
lnLerneL operaLlons
8aslc elecLronlcs
lanL breedlng

Semlnars aLLended
SLaLlsLlcal rocedures for AgrlculLural LxperlmenLs
8logas CeneraLlon and CLher nonConvenLlonal Lnergy 8esources
AlLernaLlve roLeln Sources
lnLernaLlonal neLworklng for AgrlculLural lnformaLlon
Perbal Medlclne and naLuropaLhy
Soll and lanL Sampllng 1echnlques
Crchard SlLe SelecLlon ManagemenL and CperaLlons
lanL 8reedlng MeLhods and 1echnlques
lanL MuLaLlon 8reedlng
nuclear 1echnlques for lanL MuLaLlon lnducLlon
lerLlllzer and Perblclde 8ecommendaLlons/CalculaLlons
Soll ConservaLlon and ManagemenL
vegeLable roducLlon ln Lhe 1roplcs
8lologlcal ConLrol of Common lanL esLs and ulseases
Mushroom roducLlon
vermlculLure and ComposLlng
osLParvesL 1echnlques for 1roplcal lrulLs
Creenhouse CperaLlons and ManagemenL
Work SafeLy and CperaLlons
korean naLural larmlng SysLems

AfflllaLlons Crop Sclence SocleLy of Lhe hlllpplnes Member
volunLary SlmpllclLy MovemenL Member
lrlends of Lhe LarLh Member
8enalssance ArLlsLs' and WrlLers' AssoclaLlon Member

Jork Lxper|ences
november 1993 Lo resenL lreelanclng ConsulLanL Lo several Agrlbuslness pro[ecLs local and

March 1990 CcLober 1993 roducLlon and CuallLy ConLrol SpeclallsL
8anana ro[ecL Croup and Speclal ro[ecLs ueparLmenL
SCMALl8ul1S uenadal Crupo lLalla
Somalla Afrlca
1 lnlLlaLed producLlvlLy lmprovemenL programs on Cavendlsh banana lnLended for exporL Lo lLaly unlLed Arab LmlraLes and oLher Mlddle LasL
2 upgraded quallLy conLrol ln banana producLlon paLLerned afLer uel MonLehlllpplnes' posLharvesL and packaglng procedures
3 lnlLlaLed numerous adapLablllLy and producLlon Lrlals ln asexuallypropagaLed Lroplcal frulLs LhaL could grow ln Somalla wlLh exporL
4 repared ferLlllzaLlon programs and schedules for bananas and oLher speclal pro[ecL mlscellaneous crops (papaya fresh vegeLables
waLermelons LomaLo melons and pomelos)
3 MonlLored and evaluaLed producLlonrelaLed acLlvlLles Lo planned programs
6 AcLed as pro[ecL Leam leader for Lhe speclal vegeLable producLlon pro[ecL employlng greenhouse and drlp lrrlgaLlon faclllLles
7 8ecommended and evaluaLed poLenLlal crops whlch have hlgh prospecLs for producLlon ln Somalla and exporL Lo nelghborlng Mlddle LasL
and Luropean counLrles
8 AsslsLed and supervlsed operaLlons ln greenhouse pro[ecLs lncludlng experlmenLs researches and Lrlals
9 AcLed as member of Lhe plannlng group whlch conducLs lmplemenLaLlon of pro[ecL sLudles
10 AcLed as llalson offlcer ln Lhe numerous ouLreach pro[ecLs of SomalfrulL Lo nearby communlLles Lo asslsL ln vegeLable and food producLlon
11 lorecasLed lmmlnenL problems LhaL may affecL planLaLlon operaLlons based on pesL populaLlon and dlsease eplphyLoLlc surveys

!une 1989 lebruary 1990 8esearcher lll
8esearch / Speclal ro[ecLs Croup
uel MonLe lresh 1roplcal lrulLs
uavao ClLy hlllpplnes
1 ConducLed sLudles on varleLal lmprovemenL ln bananas solo papaya oLher Lroplcal frulLs and vegeLables boLh ln greenhouse and fleld
2 lnlLlaLed collecLlon of banana varleLles and clones from dlfferenL sources for research and varleLal lnLroducLlon sLudles
3 Crganlzed Solo and local papaya varleLy lmprovemenL Lhrough mass selecLlon and conLrolled polllnaLlon
4 ConducLed Lrlal producLlon sLudles on numerous frulLs and vegeLables especlally for fresh salad use
3 AsslsLed ln Lhe preparaLlon of research proposals ln solls and planL nuLrlLlon orlenLed Lowards developlng economlc ferLlllzaLlon Lechnology
6 Supervlsed processlng of experlmenLal and relaLed daLa and organlzed Lhe same for reporLlng
7 AsslsLed ln Lhe preparaLlon of monLhly Lermlnal and speclal reporLs
8 MalnLalned daLa and germplasm bank for all resulLs obLalned from varleLal lmprovemenL acLlvlLles
9 AsslsLed ln fleld surveys and ldenLlflcaLlon of poLenLlal areas for commerclal producLlon of LargeL frulL crops
10 CoordlnaLed wlLh numerous grower farms ln Lhe conducL of mulLlslLe ferLlllzaLlon sLudles ln bananas solo papaya pomelos melons and
waLermelons and oLher frulLs and vegeLables

november 1984 May 1989 AgronomlsL ll
roducLlon ueparLmenL
uel MonLe lresh 8anana ro[ecL
uavao ClLy hlllpplnes
1 rovlded experLlse and Lechnlcal guldance ln developlng effecLlvely all uel MonLerecommended fleld and packlnghouse pracLlces Lo meeL
exporLgrade bananas and asslsLed Lhe managemenL of Crower larms ln Lhe conLrol and lmplemenLaLlon of sald pracLlces
esLabllsh and lmplemenL effecLlve conLrol ln fleld and packlnghouse operaLlons Lo meeL sLandards for premlumquallLy bananas ln Lhe
provlde Lechnlcal advlce Lo lncrease efflclency ln Lhe fleld and packlnghouse Lo opLlmlze cosLs and slmpllfy / sLreamllne work operaLlons
prepare weekly medlum and longrange producLlon esLlmaLes for shlpplng schedules
prepare Lralnlng programs for fleld and packlnghouse personnel Lo develop sklll and efflclency ln order Lo execuLe well all recommendaLlons
and fleld operaLlng procedures
develop capable supervlsory personnel wlLh growLh poLenLlal Lo ensure managemenL conLlnulLy
esLabllsh and malnLaln safeLy programs Lo assure accldenL prevenLlon and reducLlon ob[ecLlves
2 rovlded Llmely and accuraLe reporLs Lo keep managemenL fully lnformed and upLodaLe on frulL quallLy sLaLus
3 CoordlnaLed wlLh Lhe varlous deparLmenLs wlLhln Lhe uel MonLe (eg Shlpplng Lnglneerlng 8esearch ackaglng MaLerlals 1ransporLaLlon)
Lo ensure Lroublefree operaLlons ln farm asslgnmenL
4 ldenLlfled problem areas LhaL may affecL dally operaLlons and recommend soluLlons
3 Cversaw laborrelaLed acLlvlLles wlLhln farm asslgnmenL Lo neuLrallze and prevenL escalaLlon of lmmlnenL problems LhaL may affecL
operaLlons wlLhln Lhe farm

!uly 1980 Aprll 1984 ro[ecL AnalysL
lannlng and ro[ecL uevelopmenL ueparLmenL
SMCA8C (San Mlguel CorporaLlonAgrl8uslness ro[ecLs Croup)
Ayala Avenue MakaLl hlllpplnes
1 reparaLlon of Lechnlcal wrlLeups of pro[ecL feaslblllLy sLudles (Pydroponlcs Salad vegeLables lresh lrulLs apaya SweeL Corn 1omaLo
Coffee Cacao eanuLs 8arley Cherklns Shrlmp PaLchery/leeds and Pybrld Corn Seeds)
2 lloL pro[ecLs deslgn monlLorlng and analyses of all agrlbuslness pro[ecLs operaLed by SMCA8C ln Luzon vlsayas and Mlndanao areas
3 reparaLlon of lndusLry proflles concepLual papers and markeL monlLorlng sLudles on AlLernaLlve Lnergy Sources Algae as an
unconvenLlonal roLeln Source for food and feeds llshmeal lplllpll eanuL Mango Soybeans !o[oba uressed Chlcken Snackfoods ConLracL
Crowlng Poney from 8ees and oLhers
4 AsslsLed ln Lhe monlLorlng ldenLlflcaLlon and assessmenL of envlronmenL and buslness developmenLs whlch have lmmedlaLe or poLenLlal
lmpacL on SMCA8C's operaLlons and plans
3 rovlded asslsLance ln land survey and slLe selecLlon sLudles for agrlculLural pro[ecLs
6 Made speclal Lechnlcal sLudles for oLher dlvlslons of San Mlguel CorporaLlon
7 AcLed as sub[ecL speclallsL and reference Lo oLher sLaff ln relaLlon Lo plloL operaLlons aL hand
8 rovlded followup servlce recommendaLlons and advlce Lo operaLlons personnel ln Lhe execuLlon of agrlbuslness pro[ecLs as per plans
9 ConducLed fleld experlmenLs surveys and work slmpllflcaLlon sLudles
10 AsslsLed ln Lhe preparaLlon of all reporLs on all pro[ecLs and Lermlnal reporLs on compleLed ones

!une 1979 !une 1980 1echnlcal AsslsLanL
lannlng and ro[ecL lmplemenLaLlon ueparLmenL
ueep Creen AgrolndusLrlal CorporaLlon
Ayala Avenue MakaLl hlllpplnes
1 ConducLed pro[ecL feaslblllLy sLudles on numerous crops apaya Cassava MulLlple Cropplng Scheme for a CoconuL lanLaLlon ube (urple
?am) Splces LssenLlal Cll 8ubber Crchlds CrnamenLal lanLs 1llapla Shrlmp 8angus PaLchery leedmllllng AcLlvlLles Asparagus eLc
2 8esearched consolldaLed and complled perLlnenL daLa on numerous sLudles made for pro[ecL developmenL
3 lloLed Lhe producLlon of salad vegeLables employlng greenhouses for dlsease and lnsecLfree producLlon
4 ueslgned and layouL producLlon guldes for numerous cash crops
3 AsslsLed ln land surveys and slLe selecLlon for approved pro[ecLs
6 8evlewed/lnLerpreLed soll analysls daLa for ferLlllzer recommendaLlons
7 vlslLed pro[ecL areas Lo assess ongolng acLlvlLles and consolldaLed reporLs for managemenL feedback and LroubleshooLlng

!uly 1978 Aprll 1979 8esearch AsslsLanL Lo a osLuocLoral lellow
Sn LaboraLory
Agronomy ueparLmenL
lnLernaLlonal 8lce 8esearch lnsLlLuLe Los 8anos Laguna hlllpplnes
1 ConducLed Lechnlcal research
2 CoordlnaLed farm laborers for research
3 repared plans and procedures for research lmplemenLaLlon
4 AsslsLed ln droughL Lolerance and reslsLance screenlng sLudles ln greenhouses
3 reparaLlon of laboraLory chemlcal requlremenLs and safeLy procedures
6 MalnLalned hydroponlc culLures of selecLed rlce culLlvars for droughL Lolerance sLudles ln phyLoLrons
7 MonlLored research progress relaLlve Lo plans
8 AsslsLed ln Lhe preparaLlon of sLaLlsLlcs graphlcal reporLs and summarles of deparLmenLal quarLerly and annual reporLs

AugusL 1977 !une 1978 SLudenL AsslsLanL
Agronomy ueparLmenL College of AgrlculLure
u aL Los 8anos Laguna hlllpplnes
1 1echnlcal wrlLeup and research on numerous agrlculLural Loplcs
2 reparaLlon and malnLenance of laboraLory chemlcals reagenLs and soluLlons for laboraLory use
3 Analyzed sLaLlsLlcal resulLs of fleldplanLed experlmenLal daLa
4 reparaLlon of germplasm maLerlals under glasshouse condlLlons and vlablllLy LesLs Lo deLermlne germlnaLlon coefflclenLs of seeds
3 ConducLed several sLudles on vegeLables Lo deLermlne sulLablllLy for greenhouse producLlon
6 lnLerpreLed sLaLlsLlcal resulLs from compuLer ouLpuL and programmlng of deskLop compuLers
7 ConducLed experlmenLs on damplngoff reslsLance among selecLed LomaLo llne culLlvars and oLher vegeLable varleLles
8 AsslsLed ln breedlng acLlvlLles on several crops under greenhouse envlronmenL

keferences LagrlLo 8 CenLlna hu
Solls SclenLlsL
3614 LnLerprlses
uavao ClLy

!uan C AcosLa hu
lanL 8reeder
All2 CorporaLlon
Manolo lorLlch 8ukldnon

8omeo C CulnLana hu
rofessor Agronomy ueparLmenL
u aL Los 8anos
College Laguna