COURSE DURATION NUMBER OF MODULES MODULE 1 2 YEARS 2 Covers 6 subject areas 1.1 Aims and Objectives of the Course 1.2 Introduction to Tajweed 1.3 The Makharij 1.4 The Short Vowels and the Long Vowels 1.5 The Rules of Noon Sakinah and Tanween 1.6 The Rules of Meem Sakinah Recitation for Module 1 Expected Learning Outcome from Module 1 ? Students should Insh'Allah • • • • MODULE 2 (Module 1 is a prerequisite for Module 2) Eliminate Lehn Jali in recitation Apply the rules of Noon Sakinah, Tanween and Meem Sakinah while reciting Improve their Makahrij Become more fluent in their recitation.

Covers 6 subject areas 2.1 Medd Tabiee (Medd Asli) in detail 2.2 Medd Muttassil 2.3 Medd Munfassil 2.4 Medd Lazim 2.5 Medd Arid Lisukoon 2.6 Qalqalah

Recitation for Module 2 Expected learning Outcome from Module 2 Students should Insh'Allah • • Continue to improve their Makahrij Be able to apply the rules of Qalqalah and Medd in recitation in addition to applying rules learnt in module 1 For Urdu students: 'Asaan Tajweed' by Salma Kaukab For English students: 'Tajweed Rules of the Quran' by Kareema Carol Czerepinski Qaidah Audio and Visual Aids (listening to recitation by different Qaris; the use of slides and whiteboard. Student Resource Pack which will Insh'Allah contain handouts by the teachers

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