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but w|th a d|fference
In 1413Let not your heart be troubled: ye belIeve
In Cod, belIeve also In me. n my Father's house are
many mansIons: If [It were] not [so], would have
told you. go to prepare a place for you. And If go
and prepare a place for you, wIll come agaIn, and
receIve you unto myself; that where am, [there] ye
may be also.
f you were to do a GoogIe search
for the most commonly asked questions about life
you will find they are regarding:
O Origin: Where did I come from?
O !:rpose Why am I here?
O estiny What's after death?

f you seek for these to be answered
accurately and sincerely
you will find, they are answered only in the Bible.

Of the three, we are posed with the 6:estion on
eternity. Where wiII yo: spend yo:r eternity?

The passage we read are the words of Jesus Christ.
Faced with death He provides comfort
to His disciples. n fact more than comfort,
these are the words of a Victor who gives assurance
that death is neither His end
nor that of those who take Him at His Word.
And because He is the victor
these words are comforting.

Eternity. There are two types.
A life without end, or a death that doesn't kill.

Which of these do yo: possess?

want us to look at 4 aspects of eternity
from the Bible, and to urge you to consider
Jesus Christ and the eternal life He offers

Je [ust can't deny the ex|stence of etern|ty
Ecc 3:11. Also, he has put eternIty Into man's

Take any human civilization or world religion.
Even though they are antithetical and unbiblical
There is an inherent teaching on the continuity of life.
They all recognize that life does not end
with death on this earth.

t's true even in our pluralistic, post-modern society
ircIe of Iife', Elton John's song made popular
by Disney's movie - Lion King confesses
we are born; we live; we die; and we become manure
for the circle of life to continue.

The reason why Q:estion on destiny
is one of the most commonly asked
is because eternity is set in our hearts
and .,n't f:y smother the voi.e of our heart
that cries out for an answer.
An answer that only Christ can provide.

!ascaI said, "There is a God shaped vacuum
in our hearts that only God can fill
And men over the years have sought to fill the void
With money, fame, accomplishments & even notoriety
f eternity is set in our hearts.
Only an eternal being can satisfy that hunger.


Hebrews :27.t Is appoInted to men once to dIe,
but after thIs the judgment

Our pet peeve about God is that He is not fair.
When we see unfairness, exploitation and injustice
Or we hear of child abuse, human cruelty, or rape
Our sense of 'rightness' is rattled.

Men have asked, if God exists
how is it that He allows injustice and unfairness
to go unpunished.

But if we are mere protoplasmic compilation
and we've evolved by accident
My question to you is
What is the basis of your moral compass?
How do we know right from wrong?
How do we know which side is up?

Yo: wiII not.
Not unless you realize
you are an im,ge be,rer of God,
albeit corrupted by sin.
And not until you realize that we will all stand
before an infinitely wise God in judgement.
Not until you realize it is
not just the rapist, the abuser, the war monger
but even YOU, face the same harsh penalty
of sentence of death,
would you wish He wasn't fair b:t gracio:s.

Because it is the fairness of God demands you die.
t is the fairness of God that says
the soul that sinneth must die"
the verdict is clear, the sentence already passed.
'The penalty of sin is death'. We all deserve to die.

want us to realize,
what you sow, you WLL reap
t's not just an agricultural law, but also a Spiritual one
Some of which you reap in this life
but mostly in eternity, which is far worse.
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Eternity is inescapable.

Cor|nth|ans S8 to be absent from the body, and
to be present wIth the Lord.

Though this verse is applicable for those
who die in Christ, Yet the principle is
after death there is no hoIding period.

Death is only a doorway
either to Iife eternaI, or death infernaI.
There are only two choices available.

There is just no second chance after death.
The only chances we get is in this life
and it is called GRE.
The very grace we have lived rejecting.

Day after day God speaks to your heart
And we keeping rejecting His Lordship.

But for those who Iive in the ord,
die with the assurance, that to be absent in the body
is to be present with the Lord.

DanieI prophesying about the days to come says:

,3eI 12:2. |ultItudes who sleep In the dust of the
earth wIll awake: some to everlastIng lIfe, others to
shame and everlastIng contempt.

There is a heII to come.
know the word hell is a taboo word.
know there are hristians who preach
there can't be an eternal hell; for how can
a loving God send people to an eternal hell
To them ask this question,
what is the value of the death of Jes:s hrist?
A million deaths, a trillion; no infinitesimally more
Eternity itself is not sufficient
to begin to pay the debt of sin.

1 Peter 1:18, 1knowIng that you were not bought
wIth perIshable thIngs lIke sIlver or gold ., but wIth
precIous blood, as of a lamb unblemIshed and
spotless, the blood of ChrIst.

f Jes:s hrist had to die, and no one else would do
t must speak to us of the size of the debt owed.

A friend once told Dr. Martin Ioyd Jones
" was at your house and a bill came which paid
To which he says, "Unless know the size of the
payment, don't know how much to thank my friend
Was it just 10 cents postage d:e?
Did the Income Tax finally catch up with me?
"Should merely thank him?
or "should fall on my knees and kiss his feet?
"My response, says Dr Martin Lloyd Jones,
"will be to the extent understand the debt paid.
" to whom much has be joryven loveth much"

t took His death,
and when you realize the immense value
You can't but fall on your knees and worship Christ.


43 17:3. And thIs Is lIfe eternal, that they mIght
now thee the only true Cod, and Jesus ChrIst,
whom thou hast sent.

nowing God that's intimacy. That is eternal life.

We are not going to heaven to escape hell
But for the joy of being with the One
who loved me enough to die for me.

Eternal life is rich in experience, in Jesus Christ.
t is not the sad picture the harp player on a cloud
Nor dishes cooked with Philadelphia Cheese.
n His presence are joys for evermore.

While here on this earth we are experiencing grace.

We asked, "why doesn't God j:dge immediateIy.
want you to hear this passage.

:e 13:1-5. There were some present at that very
tIme who told hIm (08:8 about the CalIleans whose
blood PIlate had mIngled wIth theIr sacrIfIces.And
he (08:8 answered them, 0o you thInk that these
CalIleans were worse sInners than all the other
CalIleans, because they suffered In thIs way:
o, tell you; but unless you repent, you wIll all
lIkewIse perIsh.

The question that Jesus asked, is
ere these more wi.ed, to h,ve s:ffered so?
Jesus replies with an emphatic NO,
And that if we don't repent we will also likewise die.
t is just a matter of time.

And so the right 6:estion then to ask is,
"Not how come they faced such death, but
"How is it that have escaped till now?
"Why have received grace?

2 Peter 3:. The Lord Is not slow to fulfIll hIs
promIse as some count slowness, but
Is patIent toward you, not wIshIng that any should
perIsh, but that all should reach repentance.

ncluding YOU, and that this evening
you'd come to repentance.

We have often r,tion,ized sin.
For example, if stole a pen from my office
3 | 9 f

and stub my toe in the bargain

tend to believe that God has punished me
and that we are even.

But that is not the tr:th at all.

heard a story ,bo:t , itte gir
who kept getting into mischief
but made sure she was caught
She learned she did not have to change
because she could afford to !Y
the consequence.

f timeout was the only penalty,
she could afford to PAY again and again.

The Bible is extremely clear and unequivocal.
#42,3s 6:23. The payment of sIn Is death.
StealIng Is death, and sIze doesn't matter.

And it is not merely referring to the physicaI death
or not even total annihilation,
it is not that you cease to exist.
t is an eternaI, experientiaI separation from God.

am not sure if you have understood what it means.

We don't :nderst,nd etern, time
About billion seconds ago it was 1980.
About billion minutes ago Jesus was crucified.
About billion hours ago the earth did not exist.
:t a billion centuries from now
it would feel we are just at the beginning of eternity.

God's Grace does not canceI :nforgiven sin.

In the ibIe
God reveals Himself to us as a Father, not a Mother.
Also, there is no "Mother of God in heaven
able to hear of answer your petitions.
God the Father, is the One who hears us.

So why the imagery of the Father?
Fathers are one who admonish, and discipline
they have the primary care of building the family.
Mothers, bless their hearts, are nourishing and caring
Which God is too,
Yet as a Father He makes us take a hard look.

4b 38:3. ow prepare yourself lIke a man; wIll
questIon you, and you shall answer |e.

Borrowing the phrase, want to say this evening
Be a Man. Be a woman. And fess up.
You can't deny what you heard this evening.
f you are willing to own up
You will drop the sham of philosophies and theories
And take God at His Word.
This is my earnest plea to you.

can't take you from 0 to 60 in this short time
Or even explain the little understood of His grace
But this one thing will say
about the most famous verse in the Bible.

3 3:16. For Cod so loved the world that He gave
HIs only begotten Son that whosoever belIeveth on
HIm should not perIsh but have everlastIng lIfe.

That the world's greatest offer
which is available to you today for free, comes
with an unknown and a short expiration period.

We are living in the period of grace,
which is soon going to be over.

All it takes for you, is to believe is that Jesus paid
what you could never pay
He did on the cross, what you could never do.

#42 10:. That If you confess wIth your mouth,
Jesus Is Lord, and belIeve In your heart that Cod
raIsed hIm from the dead, you wIll be saved.

When you do that the words of Jesus
from the passage we read earlier will ring true.

Let not your heart be troubled: ye belIeve In Cod,
belIeve also In me. wIll come agaIn,
that where am there ye may be also.

Jesus says, you don't have to worry
when you trust me.
8elIeve Cod, belIeve me.
wIll come back to take you to be wIth me.
"receIve you unto myself" Is the Imagery
of the 8rIdegroom to hIs 8rIde.
The Lover of |y soul Is comIng soon.
There Is a word In Hebrew "|aranatha"
And the cry of my soul Is Even so come soon Lord.

Do yo: want to be with Jesus?

The only One able and willing to die for you.
So that you don't have to die that eternal death
but be with Him forever.

Friends, can't begin to say
how true these words will be to you
everyday of your life as you wait His soon return.

f nowing Him is eternity
t can begin in your heart today.
Will you say "Yes
then pray with me.

Jesus believe you are the only true God who died for me,
to pay the penalty of sin that could not pay. repent of my
sins and seek forgiveness on the basis of your death
and be the Lord of my life, now and forever. AMEN.