The Most Challenging Challenge Yet!
**** All proceeds from the Krispy Kreme Challenge are donated to the North Carolina Children’s Hospital so that its staff can continue to provide the best care and facilities for their patients.

the 8th annual krispy kreme challenge will be held on

Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012

About the Race
The Krispy Kreme Challenge is North Carolina State University’s newest and fastest-growing tradition. Annual charity race held in Raleigh, NC. Begins at the N.C. State University Memorial Belltower at the corner of Hillsborough Street and Pullen Road Over 7,500 runners registered for the 2011 race. Organized, planned, and executed by NC State Students. Started in 2004 by Peyton Hassinger and Greg Mulholland. The race has experienced exponential growth from 10 to over 7,500 runners in just 7 years. The Krispy Kreme Challenge benefits the NC Children’s hospital, donating $122,000 in 2011. Learn more or sign up by visiting www.krispykremechallenge.com

For more media-related information, contact Joshua Chappell & Alyssa D’Addezio Email: KrispyKremeChallengePR@gmail.com


12 krispy kreme original glazed doughnuts

Challenge Facts
Contains: 2400 CALORIES 144 GRAMS of FAT 120 GRAMS of SUGAR 1140 MG of SODIUM

If the doughnuts were stacked, they would reach 10,500 feet high. That’s 4 times taller than Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world..

The number of calories eaten on the day of the race is enough ENERGY to Power a 60W lightbulb for 44.5 years or the average US home for 13 years.

If the doughnut boxes were stacked, they would stand over 420 stories tall; over 4 times as tall as the Empire State Building Collectively, the Krispy Kreme challengers will eat over half a ton of doughnuts on the day of the race.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Questions and Answers
A. February 4, 2012. The race will begin at the NCSU Belltower. See you there! Q. What is the difference between a Challenger and a Casual Runner? Q. When is the 2012 Krispy Kreme Challenge?

A. We’re glad you asked! All runners, whether you are a challenger or a casual runner,

receive the same racer T-shirt. It looks great on everyone! Also, both challengers and casual runners receive a own box of 12 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! Delicious! The true difference lies in the race itself. All Challengers attempt to complete the challenge, eat all 12 doughnuts in under 1 hour. Casual runners may try to complete the challenge if they would like, but are not required. For our planning purposes, we will only scrutinize the finished doughnut boxes of those who register as Challengers. With a box of doughnuts and a donation to a great cause, you can’t go wrong!

A. No, you do not. You can register as a casual runner rather than a competitor and eat a box of doughnuts. Q. How much is registration?

Q. Do you have to eat the doughnuts?

few doughnuts or no doughnuts at all. You can also race back to the Belltower with the

A. Registration for the 2012 race will be $20 for NCSU students, $27 for non-NCSU students. To register as a supporter, the cost is $10.

A. Due to the fact that there is a cap on the number of runners this year, race day

Q. Can you register on raceday?

registration will not be available. Please register in advance via KrispyKremeChallenge.com.


frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Questions and Answers
A. Your racer Registration fee covers quite an assortment! This fee covers your box of Racer T-shirt, and your generous donation to the wonderful children of the N.C. Children’s Hospital! Your supporter fee of $10 covers your white cotton 2012 Krispy Kreme Challenge Racer T-shirt as well as your donation to the N.C. Children’s Hospital. Q. Do I have to run the race to get a T-shirt? a $10 donation for a T-shirt.. Q. What exactly does my Registration Fee Cover?

12 delicious Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, your white cotton 2012 Krispy Kreme Challenge

A. You do not have to run to receive a T-shirt. You can sign up as a Supporter and make

A. There will be water at the Krispy Kreme. Feel free to bring your own water to run with during the race if you would like.

Q. Is there water during the race?

A. Of Course! We want the entire family to have a good time and this includes all of the kids!

Q. Can I run with a jogging stroller?

A. We’re committed to providing the safest and best race route for our runners, and in

Q. I noticed that the race route has been increased from 4 miles to 5 miles. Why is that? collaboration with the Raleigh Police Department we decided to slightly alter the race route this year. This will lengthen the race to slightly under 5 miles. Start training now for the most challenging Challenge yet!

For more FAQs visit our website at www.krispykremechallenge.com


NC State University

Announces 8th annual Krispy Kreme Challenge

Press Release
[ For Immediate Release ] University students continue the newest tradition at NC State RALEIGH, N.C. - NC State University has announced the 7th Annual Krispy Kreme Challenge, which will be held Saturday, February 4th. The Krispy Kreme Challenge is a student-organized charity race benefiting the NC Children’s hospital. Starting as a competition between a few friends, it has grown to include over 7500 runners and raise $122,000 for the N.C. Children’s Hospital in 2011. To complete the Krispy Kreme Challenge competitors begin at the NC State Belltower, run 2.5 miles to the Krispy Kreme store on Peace Street, eat 1 dozen doughnuts, and run 2.5 miles back to the Belltower-all in under an hour. Participants can also sign up as Casual Runners, who are not required to eat all of the doughnuts, or Supporters, who do not run in the race but do receive a race T-shirt. The organizers of the 2012 Krispy Kreme Challenge expect to reach a capacity of 7,700 runners for this year’s race. Go online to www.krispykremechallenge.com to register as a challenger, casual runner, supporter or volunteer now! [ Contact ] Joshua Chappell & Alyssa D’Addezio Email: KrispyKremeChallengePR@gmail.com

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the 8th annual krispy kreme challenge will be held on

Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012

Media Information
Please let us know if you need any assistance in covering the Krispy Kreme Challenge. We will have a Media Table set up the day of the race. Feel free to contact us in regards to scheduling interviews, obtaining statements, or for media-specific information. We have three student co-chairs and several committee chairs who are available to handle such matters. For more information or for questions about the Krispy Kreme Challenge, NC State’s newest tradition, please contact: [ Contact ] Joshua Chappell & Alyssa D’Addezio Email: KrispyKremeChallengePR@gmail.com

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