Welcome to Denison ISD: Exemplary schools in a great community!

Denison schools offer an impressive slate of programs comparable to those found in the large metropolitan areas, but without the stresses that accompany big-city life. Denison has no rush-hour traffic. All campuses remain free of crime and gangs. Realigned and restructured elementary and middle schools offer age-appropriate learning in friendly, neighborhood environments. A brand new high school will welcome 2012-2013 students to classrooms featuring state-of-the-art technology supported by a visionary community that backs its teachers and children 100%. The nationally-acclaimed Rachel’s Challenge program is in place on every campus, living proof that kindness and compassion are as important as TAKS and Benchmark at Denison ISD. In summary, Denison schools are among the best in Texas, the result of a unique school-community partnership that ensures an educational experience that is exciting, engaged, collaborative and interactive…a partnership that provides all Denison children with a firm foundation for excellence in education and in life.

At Denison ISD, education is based on research-driven instruction by award-winning teachers…in exciting environments that encourage imagination, creativity, exploration and discovery…in classrooms where attitudes are positive and expectations high. It’s why Denison kids are among the most successful in North Texas. It’s why the community of Denison has approved an $80 million bond package that includes a new state-of-the-art high school as well as upgrades to all other facilities. It’s why Denison and its schools set the Standard for Educational Excellence throughout North Texas.

Be a part of Denison ISD’s incredible SUCCESS story!
• Denison ISD was named to the prestigious “Top 10 Best School Districts in Texas” list by Education Resources Group, a respected research firm in Houston. • Denison schools consistently score above the state average on TAKS in virtually all areas tested, often by as much as 20 percentage points. • In response to North Texas growth, Denison ISD has instituted a plan for a new high school and other facility upgrades, with the goal of meeting and exceeding the needs and challenges of students and teachers.

• Denison’s “New Teacher Mentoring” program supports and encourages teachers in every area of their educational lives. “Our new teacher mentoring program provides a comfort zone and • All Denison schools and the district as a whole consistently earn more helping hand throughout our teachers’ first years and beyond, than 30 Gold Performance Acknowledgment awards annually, at all allowing rookies to become comfortable and confident,” said grade levels, in writing, math, science, reading and social studies. mentor Becky Russell. “I truly believe that our district is the best and most supportive in Texas. It’s just the greatest teach• More than half of all DISD schools consistently earn exemplary status ing environment anywhere!” each year.

enison has always put its children first, above all else. That kind of collective investment in children and families pays huge dividends for everyone. A new high school and extensive district-wide upgrades are proof positive that Denison is full of deep-down good people who are willing to invest generously in our children’s futures. We’re ‘Denison Proud’ and it’s reflected in everything we do. …Robert Brady, Denison Mayor


ur schools have embraced Rachel’s Challenge with a passion and commitment that is uniquely Denison. There’s not another school district our size in Grayson County that has implemented this program that seeks to create a culture of kindness and compassion throughout our schools and community. It’s about treating each other with respect, of creating a quality community whose members truly care about each other. This is so important in the overall education of our children to be good future leaders and quality people. The potential impact of Rachel’s Challenge is tremendous when you consider the lives that will be saved, enriched, enjoyed and enhanced. This is Denison at its best. It’s yet another reason why we choose to live, work and raise our families here. …Anna McKinney, President, Denison Chamber of Commerce



s a parent of four children and a relocating plant manager who had the choice of living virtually anywhere in Grayson or surrounding counties, I chose Denison because of the exceptional diversity of its educational programs and the superior quality of its schools and teachers. I did my homework…and found Denison ISD to be one of the highest-performing districts in North Texas with a diverse and award-winning slate of Advanced Placement, Career & Tech and Vocational programs that collectively do a superior job of preparing children for both college and the workplace. If we are to grow as a community, state and nation, we must diversely educate our children to meet the needs of a dynamic and complex future. Denison and its schools meet and exceed those needs. I’m glad and proud to be a part of this community. …Brian Aspell, Plant Manager, Champion Cooler

s a student in Denison schools, I enjoyed the benefits of being in a school district the size of Denison. Most graduating classes had around 300 students, which allowed us to know each other well yet large enough to still express our individuality and pursue our varied interests. My husband and I chose to return to Denison to raise our family. We wanted the same community values for our children that we had received. My children received guidance and friendship from some of the most dedicated and caring teachers in the state at every level – from kindergarten through graduation. Each day they arrived at a campus that was safe and free of crime and gang influence. As they grew, they enjoyed the challenge of the gifted and talented program and were exposed to band, the arts, and athletics. I am constantly amazed by the support Denison school children receive from the community and businesses. Now that the citizens have supported a major bond initiative, the school buildings will finally reflect the quality of instruction that has been occurring on the inside. …Shelle Cassell, Executive Director, Grayson County College


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