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Ripplevale School Statement of purpose and Function The School Ripplevale School is a special needs day and residential

school for boys. Many pupils on admission are experiencing learning difficulties. These difficulties may or may not also contribute to family tensions that could benefit from residential respite. The school caters for a maximum of 60 boys in the 7 - 16 year age range. Aims Ripplevale School, in common with other special schools aims to enlarge each pupils knowledge, experience and imaginative understanding and thus his awareness of moral values and capacity for enjoyment. Secondly to enable him to enter the world after formal education is over as an active participant in society and as a responsible contributor to it, capable as achieving as much independence as possible. Objectives In order to achieve the aims of the school it is essential to create a caring and stable atmosphere throughout the school so that pupils feel safe, valued and supported. In many cases the young people are unlikely to have the emotional maturity to fully access the 24-hour curriculum and to be able to share in activities with other pupils. Many of the pupils placed at the school are desperate for reassurance but are reluctant to accept any emotional attachment. Social and academic development for pupils with such special needs can only be achieved by the employment of a variety of strategies, the creation of graded appropriate and stimulating individual programmes and by the careful monitoring of progress and the close co-operation and involvement of teachers, residential staff, parents/carers and the pupil himself. The value of this close co-operation cannot be emphasised enough if the pupil is to gain self-confidence, self-esteem and a sense of value as a person in his own right. All staff at Ripplevale School are committed to this aim and the achievements of these objectives. The school is assisted in its task by the professional support of the services of the schools Education and Family Liaison Officer, Educational Psychologists, the Careers Advisor and the relevant Local Authority. A wide variety is necessary as each pupil's differing needs are addressed. At all times a positive attitude needs to be maintained, success rewarded and standards of excellence and individual progress recognised at each stage. Professional judgement is a pre-requisite for all staff at Ripplevale School. Policy guidance and working practice provides a framework for staff to engage the boys at a personal level and to manage situations as they present.

Ethos This residential and day school within a nurturing therapeutic structure caters for the individual academic and social needs of its pupils. The school promotes social inclusion and aims to give each
Ripplevale School January 2010 Statement of purpose and Function

young person the opportunity to develop in such a way that when they leave school they will have the social skills to be a successful participant in society. Many pupils, on admission have depressed numeracy and literacy skills. In the majority of cases the emotional state and behaviour patterns of pupils have denied them places in mainstream school. The school offers a curriculum that, within the acknowledged constraints of available staffing and resources reflects that in mainstream and is, of course, based on the National Curriculum. Within the curriculum there is a particular focus on those pupils who are experiencing learning difficulties and additional learning support is available in specific cases. To benefit from a placement at Ripplevale School pupils need to recognise their inappropriate behaviour and by the support given to them develop less destructive ways of expressing their feelings, so gradually accepting self-responsibility. Boys will be supported through educational and noneducational experiences aimed at helping them to make sense of their experiences, make informed choices and take responsibility for their actions. From the time of admission each boy is treated as an individual who has his own specific needs. After a period of review and assessment the school prepares an individual care and an education plan, which incorporates individual behavioural and academic targets. The majority of boys placed at Ripplevale School will need considerable adult support from a variety of sources. There are regular reviews of a boys progress as required namely: six weekly initial assessment; termly review; statutory annual review and twice yearly Looked after Children Reviews, (where required). These take place at the school and appropriate individuals are invited to attend. For boys who are causing concern additional meetings might also be convened in order that specific objectives might be reviewed or targets set. Staff Boys placed at Ripplevale School display serious behaviour problems, it is therefore necessary to employ a high number of staff. There is a full programme of in-service and external staff training according to need. All care staff are either qualified or in the process of training to at least Level 3 NVQ in social care. All staff are subject to enhanced CRB checks prior to all staff taking up a position working with the children. Please also see: Philosophy of Care / Child Protection Guidelines / Bullying Policy / Admission Process / Care and Control Policy / Complaints procedure The full range of school policies are available by request from Ripplevale School.

Ripplevale School January 2010

Statement of purpose and Function