Mar|[uana Lega||zat|on Ŷ keasons to kecons|der

Marl[uana legallzaLlon remalns a serlous moral conLroversyŦ Marl[uana ls sLlll caLegorlzed as a Schedule l
drug under Lhe uS federal ConLrolled SubsLances AcL of 1970 LhaL makes lL lllegal Lo consumeţ possessţ
growţ and Lransfer or LradeŦ AparL from uSţ many oLher counLrles sLlll prohlblL marl[uana usage wheLher
lL's medlcal or recreaLlonalŦ
1here are many valld reasons Lo legallze Lhls compleLely naLural herbŦ unllke oLher drugsţ marl[uana
usage can be easlly dlsconLlnuedţ as Lhe person has no physlcal cravlngsŦ Marl[uana ls subsLanLlally less
addlcLlve Lhan caffelneţ Lobaccoţ and alcoholţ legal subsLances LhaL cause more harm Lo human belngsŦ
LvaluaLlng Lhe medlcal beneflLs of marl[uanaţ physlclans have used Lhls drug Lo allevlaLe Lhe condlLlon of
hundreds of paLlenLs sufferlng from deblllLaLlng lllnesses llke AluSţ anorexlaţ arLhrlLlsţ cachexlaţ cancerţ
chronlc palnţ glaucomaţ and mlgralneţ perslsLenL muscle spasms assoclaLed wlLh mulLlple scleroslsţ
selzures assoclaLed wlLh epllepsyţ Crohnƌs dlseaseţ Alzhelmerƌs dlseaseţ and oLher chronlc or perslsLenL
medlcal sympLomsŦ Many paLlenLs who are growlng marl[uana on Lhelr own accordlng Lo Lhe medlcal
marl[uana laws enacLed ln 17 uS sLaLes have Lo face prosecuLlon from Lhe law personnel due Lo Lhe
loopholes ln Lhe compaLlblllLy of Lhe MM! laws and federal marl[uana crlmlnallzaLlonŦ Marl[uana
legallzaLlon wlll make llfe easler for boLh Lhe pollce and Lhe paLlenLsŦ
CovernmenL and publlc boLh would cerLalnly have Lhelr falr share lf marl[uana ls legallzed or drug
enforcemenL ls eased offŦ 1he governmenL would be able Lo cuL off Lhelr drug enforcemenL cosLsţ whlch
ls a slgnlflcanL amounLţ and Laxpayers would save bllllons of dollarsŦ 1he needy growersţ especlally
paLlenLs who are belng LreaLed wlLh MM!ţ would gladly be ready Lo pay Lhe Lax alsoţ lf Lhe marl[uana
commodlLles are made LaxableŦ Marl[uana can be used ln paper lndusLry as hempţ ls a renewable source
of fuelţ and ecoŴfrlendly Lo growŦ Marl[uana legallzaLlon wlll deflnlLely boosL Lhe economy forward
creaLlng more employmenL opporLunlLles ln Lhe malnsLream and subsldlary marl[uana lndusLryŦ Cn Lhe
oLher handţ lL wlll cuL off Lhe lllegal black markeL of cannablsţ ceaslng Lhe dralnlng of money Lo sLreeL
gangs and crlmlnals and prohlblLlng lL Lo reach Lhe hands of underage chlldren who do noL requlre lLŦ
ÞrohlblLlon laws acLually sLrlkes a blow aL Lhe very prlnclples of democracy upon whlch our governmenL
ls esLabllshedŦ Accordlng Lo Lhe laLesL Callup pollţ half of Lhe Amerlcan populaLlon now supporLs
marl[uana legallzaLlonŦ AL leasLţ lf noL anyLhlng elseţ governmenL should respecL publlc oplnlon and
reconslder lLs declslon on marl[uana lawsŦ
Soţ lf you feel Alcohol Ŵ A ƍklllerƍ drug ls legalţ buL people are [alled for a heallng herbţ lL's now Llme Lo
Lhlnk abouL Marl[uana LegallzaLlonŦ

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