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Murad Awad

Personal Data
Date of Birth Address E-mail address Mobile numbers : 30.06.1969 : P.O. Box 1837 Amman 11953 Jordan : 00 962 7 77 8610 19 00 962 7 77 86 09 11 00 962 7 77 50 08 47

1994-1995 Jordanian-Syrian Land Transportation Co. Jordan Jordanian-Syrian Land Transportation Co. is a governmental transportation Company specified in Land Transporting of commodities belonging to the Jordanian Government


Translation of all documents related to Co. from English to Arabic and vice versa Local and International Purchases related to the Company Tenders Department.


Union Bank For Savings & Investments Jordan



English L/Cs related to the Bank regulations and customers needs Bank Guaranties in both, Arabic and English languages.


USAID Health Project (Part time job) Jordan


Field Investigator for cost Analysis


Collected public health related information from several public health centers in Jordan and transferred these informations to the Data related to the health program supported by the USAID Supported the success of this Project.



Turkish Embassy

Amman, Jordan

Sworn & Certified for English - Arabic - Turkish languages ( a proven track record in translation from the Turkish Embassy in Amman, Jordan since 1/1/1998 is available upon request) Legal and authorized translation of formal and public documents from and into the following languages: English Arabic Turkish Interpreter for H.E. Abdullah Gl Interpreter for H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoan Interpreter for the previous Turkish Armed Forces Commander. Interpreter of the previous 4 Military Attachs in Jordan Interpreter at Jordanian Courts, Public Notary ,various ministries Direct Interpreter at local and International Conferences & meetings. Assisted in opening a new military language center in Zarka, Jordan Assisted in attracting many Turkish establishments, Assisted in solving many legal and juridical problems faced by the Turkish Companies and Individuals in Jordan. Assisted in solving many legal cases at the Jordanian Courts. 1998 Current Jordanian Notary Public Department


Sworn Translator and Interpreter for Ottoman,English,Arabic,Turkish and German languages

2007 Current Bakr Ky Notary Public Number 1 Sworn & Certified Translator and Interpreter For Ottoman, English, Arabic, Turkish Languages


19881993 Eastern Mediterranean University Bachelor of Business Administration Minor Translation Graduate Degree: Honor 1- Turkish Embassy in Amman Jordan 2- Bakr Ky Notary public No.1 Istanbul/Turkey. 3- Jordanian Translators Association. 4- Arab Professional Translators Society. 5- Jordanian Notary Public Amman/Jordan. 6- Ottoman Archive Department Turkey


Verified Credentials


Ottoman : Fluent Arabic : Fluent Turkish : Fluent English : Very good German : Good

Accomplished Projects

1- ELPA Electrical Central Project (Turkish-Arabic). 2- Telecommunication Based Alarm System - (English - Turkish) 3- ICCB Hospital Constructing Project In Iraq - (Arabic-English) 4- MIC German Project in Iraq - ( Arabic-Turkish) 5- AFRAB Nigerian Medical Project ( English - Arabic ) 6- LIMA Water Supply Technical Terms ( English - Arabic ) 7-Jordanian Military Terms ( Arabic Turkish) 8-Arab Bank Budgets - ( Arabic Turkish ) 9- Arab Bank Grub Budgets - ( English - Turkish) 10- Jordan Social Security Budgets ( Arabic Turkish ) 11- Turkish Air Lines Financial Statements - ( English - Turkish) 12- Al-Wahdah Dam Administrative Terms ( Arabic Turkish ) 13- Jordan Labor Law ( Arabic Turkish ) 14- Wal Mart Working Terms ( English Arabic) 15- Wal- Mart Working Terms ( English Turkish ) 16 Iraqi Elections Guide Book - ( English Turkish ) AND MANY MORE 1- Study at the Turkish History


Computer Skills Tourism Activities

Computer skills: WORDFAST Ms-Office, Ms-Word, Ms-Excel, 1- Organizing Turkish Military Ship visited Aqaba 2000 2- Organizing the Turkish War Academy visit to Jordan 2001 3- Organizing Turkish Military Ship ( Turgut reis ) to Aqaba - 2001 4- Organizing the Turkish War Academy visit to Jordan 2002 5- Organizing the previous Turkish Armed Forces Commander General Hilmi zkk visit to Jordan 2002 6- Organizing Trk Yldzlar Show in Jordan - 2003 7- Organizing NATO Military Ships visit to Aqaba - 2005