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THE HISTORY Is a true story will be made aseternal reduced by reason staff at one of the three writers.

Spoken in this life of two people who have always been together but this time it returned has found very strange. Now we know what we are thinking this is another love story more and those curcilerias but we allowit if you love is made ora ll, and which is which is that we hope you never leave and be it be only. It continues the story, also spoke of the greatness that That isa ll the people and the mystery that is all in all places, time and space for every existing being. But we know that mostly unknown or weignore the grandese dimensions that we all and all the greatness existing that we see with our eyesand what we can note ven do with our eyes are still living in the call earth. Les we share some believe this because where those still occupiers here, it is nota ll, we know it is difficult to truly believe because we have beendeceived by our own devil and know that it is much easierfor the single jugarnosla and we fear, but there is nothing to fear and much to gain to wait. More like that you present simple, it is not in any way and counterpart will not stop loving you convince you that only look what you think of it, you will scare lock and the but you are and you have the power that you not imagine, so that you mete fear has made you believe that youre not and desvalorizndote minimisandote a way to until today what you have believed. Think of for there is never over do itand not follow that not only you the freedom that from sinla will pass right now here on earth and all existing space and time place and do not have time, and that more than you belong from long has not lost and youll always without giving anything in return. Do not continue for which you has shown as easy and dazzling and only is a false vicion but for real we know dazzling is not so easy to get, but you will not either impossible, but even as i say give you all you need and possibilities if we waste possibilities are giving you continue if your purpose to do still standing as the opportunities are endless for truth and without conditions, enjoy the challenge, the way of struggle and triumph after enjoy the known is eternal. But if it is hardly looks like that be the easiest is believe this short book written or want to call as is an adventure of the imagination. This book entitled the history was made with the feelingskin and a flower of open heart. Very happy. Still suffering because of temporary circumstances, tosuffering become complete happiness if you choose THE CREATOR.


In a good time on earth, for the month of August beautiful big decided to give birth to one of his sons princes. That choice is beautiful inside and out, has great gifts, great love for his fellow men, purity, strength, conviction, someone who would follow God's example strongly as everyone has told us and entrusted to do to become better people and happy forever and so it is. The child born in the country would be called potential XXXXXXX XXXXXX, and his family as a child of nine children would be large and potatoes together. In a good time on earth, for the month of August beautiful large to neglect the give birth to a daughter princesses. Seventeen years later. That choice is beautiful inside and out, has its great gifts, love, simple, self-awareness, strength, some one who would follow his will strongly believing in God anyway. The girl born in the neighboring country would be called XXXXXX, and his family as a child of three children would be small potatoes, and although at first together after separate. Adding the boy and the girl have some characteristics equal to two if I mistake not always 1

enigmatically like the color red, I would consider this as something very special forever., are shy yet bold personality are unintelligible to themselves. Curiously, the two looked like they were strangers for some reason that is unknown to them but intuitive for both are different for other people. Will be criticized for the way they look physically and his personality, although they themselves are not or do not appear to be as strange as the others hasen feel they are both perfectionists and both are directed towards the arts, but heavily by the music. The child was already a 17 year old girl and being a newborn baby. Omitting the names of both the call the Prince and Princess. The prince start in music at the age of 5 years, so that at the age of 25 years and was famous pop singers worldwide if I mistake not, a real icon. The princess at that time was still a girl of 8 years, she had already heard it seems the talented prince but as something you know and suddenly you hear and do not give great importance to this age at least the girl did not have those interests even , at a young age and have had other music heard Prince was just listening without capturing their attention in spite of the great wave tha provoked the boy and the icon that had been converted. 2

It was created a fashion and a new musical trend because the boy would have breakthrough artist, something that was new to people and immediately spread the creative artist who is the prince. Meanwhile the princess was still a child going to primary school like other children his age, that school governance was normal but the mother of the princess and several parents of the company I worked put their children in that school . Children classmates of the princess and her to the school's daily output came to a place by the company called the little school and remained there until three in the afternoon, when he left his parents work, almost always reached the little school with homework that they had left school. Princess along with almost all the children of workers in the enterprise came to summer school in the schoolhouse, they immediately began summer school courses at the end of the primary because the potatoes were still working on summer vacation and there in the schoolhouse brought their children with the schedule they had in their work so until the summer ended. There in the little school were taught various activities of all very entertaining, there were outings, trips to factories for instance the chocolate factory as such and such brand soft drinks factory, also went to museums, large parks entertainment and so on., festivals were also made to courses which are sometimes carried out in the auditorium of the company. Years later the girl princess who went to summer school in the schoolhouse, the spot would work as a teacher and secretary. Not all children of Princess peers of different ages who came to the schoolhouse were in the same elementary school, the princess and seven children a more or less the same age as the princess were in the same primary call Nicolas Rangel and two more or less were in the same room of the princess of this primary is behind the Plaza of Three Cultures. Children companions of the princess who was with her and about seven children were a small group of friends united by their parents working in the same company. The princess had already had a first boyfriend at age 5 years, now at the age of 8 years would have her second boyfriend, boyfriend despite being a girl the princess, the boy gave him great pain when for no reason that give the princess, complete with Fiancee not even tell you. This was already for Christmas Eve, thanks to this the princess was safe to enter a real deprecion, but the fact is recorded in his life quedaria, apparently at the time when this occurred passed through a commercial music television in the cxnxx channel of toads singing with choirs very melodic, it was a cute and catchy all this on the eve of Christmas and the little video was made and entertaining, he could see again and again without getting tired and not tired of singing. The Prince by her side as far as is known, in his adolescence he had a girlfriend, this girl one day ask him to his house at night to be with him alone and try to do something to get used to doing couples, but the prince to the time that it was his girlfriend turned off the light and approached the prince to unbutton his shirt on because he was afraid of rejection, he was not ready for what he proposed to that girl he is a very responsible man from young and is launching has to do something without considering the consequences or take advantage of the situation or get carried away by their impulses prince is a person who has always liked to do things well and in time as it 4

should be.

Spending five years the prince took out his second album to be too large hyphae. The album and first single were number one, when the prince announced his first world tour. Traverse one hundred twenty-three fifteen countries with raising activities xxx million. It was the concert of the decade. A year after one of the themes of this second album, became the third item in a row, has reached number one in this video work with a model that says love with the prince ended apparently did not allow the prince to have a relationship with it. In the same year he made a film of ninety minutes duration consisting of a series of events related to songs from the second album. Spending five years the princess entered the secondary school which incidentally was a little different from the others by being more strict, without exaggeration, though also be government Direcctor this because the school had been a soldier. In this school are to put a Valerine yellow to not allowing women to have a single hair on his forehead, besides not being able to paint the face makeup is the latter in any school. Either way it ended without risking long Valerine or otherwise put it wanted with the hair and is made up with tricks and caring teachers, governors and so on. Men are asked cap haircut short. Four years after the Prince had 33, the age of Christ and began his next album in was a great progression, both in music as in the picture, note that the physical at this time Prince had already changed very 5

radically. when their first album the guy looked like a natural, thin and tall., now would look just as tall and thin, but her face had been refined in a beautiful way to look like ivory, with clear and pronounced makeup and eyeliner and color their vocation. Also change in the way they dress. In his new album also change in publishing under a new contract which agree with x million dollars would receive advance per album. The separation with his former producer was amicable. The album was fourteen tracks with more than seventy minutes long, and the production lasted over a year. There was much anticipation. The album made a big impact and videos of celebrities that appeared. Millions of people watched the premiere of the video around the world. If the list of celebrities showed the influence of the prince, the video also attracted controversy. The television version was discontinued a dance sequence, pues les seemed quite suggestive. The album went on to sell over x million copies in less than two months and went multiplatinum. The next single showed his new style. In this issue the launch was accompanied by another video with various artists this time was a clip. This would be the recurring theme of the album., Videos with stars, tv releases in the style of cinema. Their second album and the third had resulted in nine hit singles worldwide. question and reminded the boy that wore the clothes of her mother but for her in those times past it was not unusual, we can say that the physicist of the princess, had changed since this happened very dramatically. When his high school she looked like a natural girl, slim and medium height. Now she would look just as thin and average height, but her face had been changed from a beautiful way that it showed the influence of his new environment, with makeup clear and sharp and eye liner and color in their vocation. 6 Also change in their musical tastes, and his way of dressing from being a child of pop music with a

gothic-rock. Before the above family and they changed their domicile and the place at first he seemed really boring to the princess, she was not making friends or leave home earlier, but getting there felt the burden of imprisonment and all that change. One night he came out strangely on his bike, which had just learned it a hand action that also was new and strange, toured the place seemed desolate until within the same division was found in an area where there was plenty of movement, compared to the end of the subdivision where his home since the state of Mexico at that time in that neighborhood there was nothing it was very lonely and there was nothing around, it was a new subdivision, good but in that part of The prince went on a world tour to promote the album, this time for seventeen months before his presentation x, x million people, including about seventy performances. Four years after the princess was 16 years and hubicarse First, he has in the arts, so I entered high school to study at a school where he taught academic subjects in addition to the arts like music, theater and so on. All as into professions or degrees. The princess had no stereotypes, when I enter this school is so that everyone Most of the students were different for her, she knows a guy who came as two days after last having started the course and that the princess was amazed to see quite as she had never seen a guy with long hair over the shoulders to the princess seemed so attractive. Hence, teachers were also some characters at least it seemed at the time the princess, but as for her they were out of range for them also it was a character by simply believe in the wearing precisely the young man with long hair really bothered the princess and one day was he who mockingly asked the princess because she dressed well and the young to see that she did not understand the question enfatiso asked why he dressed as ancient. After years when they had left school she understood why the

question and reminded the boy that wore the clothes of her mother but for her in those times past it was not unusual, we can say that the physicist of the princess, had changed since this happened very dramatically. When his high school she looked like a natural girl, slim and medium height. Now she would look just as thin and average height, but her face had been changed from a beautiful way that it showed the influence of his new environment, with makeup clear and sharp and eye liner and color in their vocation. Also change in their musical tastes, and his way of dressing from being a child of pop music with a gothic-rock. Before the above family and they changed their domicile and the place at first he seemed really boring to the princess, she was not making friends or leave home earlier, but getting there felt the burden of imprisonment and all that change. One night he came out strangely on his bike, which had just learned it a hand action that also was new and strange, toured the place seemed desolate until within the same division was found in an area where there was plenty of movement, compared to the end of the subdivision where his home since the state of Mexico at that time in that neighborhood there was nothing it was very lonely and there was nothing around, it was a new subdivision, good but in that part of 7

fractionation had at least some businesses and most interesting is that one of the benches that were in the street got together a group of kids, princess timidly step out there and they noticed it when I get back out there one you called and of them dared to stand before the wheel of the bike forced to stop. When the events continued to question him that it was called so. After she was invited to sit with them on the sidewalk, he said among other things that girls gathered there too, but none came that day. He also invited her to join them there. They calling themselves a name of a song by a band of rock in Spanish, Mexicans were now hitting very hard and are now very famous band that would be part of the new rock movement called Spanish along with many others who came almost simultaneously and that new generation was called the X generation in Mexico. After the princess would know that one of the girls gathered there personally known guitarist of the rock band that took the name of a song the kids who gathered on the sidewalk to be so called, and the girl is girlfriend would do the guitarist for the rock band known for married then end up where you know even what they are. The princess became part of the children who gathered on the sidewalk, in fact almost all were strawberries including for some time to the princess before her change. The princess became part of the group of boys who gathered there on the bench and actually had other girls there. Gone are the days and one night they got there two unknown guys from another colony carrying a fluorescent green bike a bit funny. The princess saw one of the kids fell in love at first sight, as well as in soap operas thing I believed her and the boy was of average height had very white face, lips painted pink as the broken black hair prettiest eyes and then to the princess, was both what you liked the princess at first sight also fell ill perhaps out of fear., the boy also likes the princess but at first glance she does not notice it the boy also knew disguise. but inevitably when the princess saw the two were talking and away from others. The next day in the evening was falling the night the princess went to right there where nights are always hung out with friends and just before reaching a distinguished distance was there again the guy who likes me and it came with the same friend on the same bike and then green fl the

princess without being seen with nerves went away from there and made time hanging around waiting for the return of the boy was no longer, but still there when I return in spite of having done time the princess, and had no choice but to princess to face it. When the boy saw the princess knew she was waiting. That night was swift and the boy offered to walk her home to the Princess, and the way he declared, he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend and Princess pretty excited but trying to simulate told him that if apparently she remembers that night the boy said with astonishment that she looked like a guy lead singer of a rock in Spanish bandotota Caxxxxes watershed movement initiator and Spanish rock., Princess'm listening to this thinking, as she still was not in on this rock 8

Spanish and thought he was a footballer and he said to himself that it would be so ugly that would look like a man, but thought nothing of what he told the guy but even I did believe pretense that she knew the boy from whom it was just to say ah. The princess and the boy fell in love hard, but the pope did the boy lived in the U.S. and led him to study there. The boy said the princess 9

and then let go to Busaco for a few days and she did not understand why, and one appeared Sunday night at his home in the princess and asked why she had not come, the kid came dressed in black like velvet dress reminds the princess and said he had apparently been busy packing for his trip to the U.S. and told him to leave the church because the guy was from another religion different from that night was the princess and the princess predespedida recalls telling the guy to love to leave home 'My angel of love' at the same time tripped over a parked car. After another night out before leaving the boy to a place that was near the house of the princess walked around and ate some french fries and the guy you buy off a pedestrian bridge near a lilac flower lit a synthetic light with a button. Then one night the princess went out to a party curiously close to the house of the boy who was her boyfriend and came home quite late, when I get the princess's mother angrily told him that the guy had been looking for in the morning it was going, the princess began to mourn and regret having Hido that night out, she will have gone something like two in the morning and the boy was going under for this at five in the morning, then despairing thought waking up at four and find a way to get home from the young and miraculously woke up without the help of alarm for four and leaving the door ajar in his house came out and ran to the exit was somewhat long fracccionamiento came up the avenue with all the fear since he left it out a but more that he left a man and do something, then continued standing there waiting for a miracle happened out there at that hour combination that might not even be that but the miracle happened and a combination step is believed that said exactly the name of the colony the young and she was amazed at the fact the stop and the driver of the minibus no less amazed to see a girl so desperate waiting there to transport those hours of the morning. Thanks to the big man can not hurt him to the princess and instead took her to the street the boy is believed lam princess transport without paying. The princess began low and has scared Hand for the street and then down the alley that dava and the house of the boy fearing the same thing to a dog you out but that did not happen. Princess excited knock on the door and the young looked out a window and opened the door the whole family was impressed that she got there so late and the young alone and also after the boy talked and showed his keyboard to the princess cxxxo the same brand that would lead to EU, then the two went outside the house and had already cleared up and that was when they turned to fire and boy said the princess would return in three years to marry her. The separations would be a great misfortune for the princess because apparently I love that young. The boy in love days before he left he had told the princess not a rock band famous for its colony where he participated as a keyboardist, in fact did hearted, who are the ones who gathered on the sidewalk along with the princess, a party at one of the girls because it was his birthday and the birthday girl already knew who was the friend of the princess's boyfriend this guy was the owner of the green fluorescent bike and the bike because of the birthday girl will I talk to the girl because she liked the kids to bike. Well the guy at his party took the bike to playing live this band that made friends and played keyboards which was the young friend of the Princess, but Princess was there at the party and saw all the members who played and never saw the keyboard, but if I notice and more than others to bear a peculiar yellow bandana tied around his head like a lady with 10

tubes to the top with a scarf. But he would not see at all if that keyboardist was very strange because if the guy was there also and that night also saw the boy says he was up on the back. Already after the boy told the princess of their friends to play that night and that because of the wires was forgetting that they were that night I met her and saw for the first time. Friends of guy, who was the boyfriend of the princess who had a rock band original music and covers would be after leaving the boy to America friends of the princess, and this would happen in the absence of guy who was the boyfriend of the Princess and that which she discovered her attraction to the music in specific, because she was interested in acting before I go to study why arts school of Fine Arts while at school and wondered how it was possible that those who had chosen to go for the music they liked. These guys rock band's then-boyfriend who went to the princess EU would make new friends and would begin the great interest in it and taste for music and create it. The prince then would have 35 and then the princess would have 18 years.

To our knowledge the prince had his second girlfriend who became his wife of 35 years, this girl would be the daughter of a great artist who became famous rock legend, married in secret and not revealed until two months later. his marriage was stormy and three years or less after formally ended the relationship. Months later the Prince remarried and had 2 children boy and girl. This marriage would last three years or so and end. The prince has always sought his true love at least that's what him and planned delivery. The prince would do his penultimate album after the previous four years, promoted it with a world tour concerts eighty-seven. To our knowledge the princess had another formal relationship at age 17, but she did not take care of that relationship because they still loved the boy from EU and just went with this new guy at first by the boy's car, because in fact the princess cried and missed the guy who left. The princess always looking for your true love at least that's what him and planned delivery. The Princess marked by telephone at U. S. the boy who loved him and he answered the first calls while he also still in love with her, as far as the princess sabe. Despues sent a drawing colored pencils made of lead singer of a goth band Txx Cxxe that the boy already princess certainly liked

the young man a gift to the princess black color original cassette of this English Gothic band apparently brought EU when you just went to visit his father's house before meeting time to the princess. The young resibio drawing and knew because the princess told him by telephone, but the young did not return letters. 11

Over there at that time he met the princess at a young con which went just for your car, but she still thought that was her boyfriend of EU and made to suffer too much to this other girl, she never had as far as we know, even thought of being unfaithful to someone, but this time the desespcion maybe, who knows but the princess changed much from what it was and forget many of their convictions after the departure of the young man who went to America, continuing, Princess terribly misleading the youth of the car and the worst was that in his face and something that I am much saved the princess was the face of crying furiously the young man who had obtained and to see her and tell her that was rubbish. In this first deception the princess went to fetch the girl the next day morning to ask him to return and the young man after taking a bit of begging to be agreed and became engaged, but there was also a second time and then pass the cache unexpected, the young do not claim or say anything to the princess and she admire about this and then began to fall for the young of the car. The young man from a
beginning of the relationship with the princess went every day at night or almost all to see the relationship was not affected apparently after the second deception and continued their relationship without problems, but one day the boy left the car to go look for no reason and so became apparent about three weeks and was to be the birthday of the Princess, she miss her so much but hoped that would soon appear with an explanation and said if it is not for my birthday I will fetch And so was he never arrived and went to look right in your neighborhood it and found out exactly what your car with music hanging out with friends and other girls, the princess could not believe or understand what was happening and approached where the car was the boy who was her boyfriend and told him to come and the boy replied that it was her, she surprised and upset and locked him finally insisted she had to come and asked him what was going on that because he had not been on all those days it was his birthday, which was happening the boy remained silent and did not respond incistio then she and the boy finally answered seriously that he no longer wanted, and she did not believe him, seemed a vengeance or at least that's what she believed among others confused thoughts, but ended up to be confirmed well after it was pitiful revenge. One night after going to see a concert is the Princess, the famous rock band Cxxxaxxs came to him go through the colony and the house of the boy's car as she suffered a lot this break and thought about going daily to look and fix it all that more or less was for one year but never has to look up that night and found him, the boy offered to take her walking home and halfway He stopped and hugged her tightly and she felt the embrace even the pain that it caused him the boy for their separation, then the princess decided to tell her again that because of this, she told him he loved him and the boy was left alone silent and did not want to return with her, apparently the boy desepciono deception by both the second and was so afraid that he decided to go slowly in silence without saying anything to her but managed to forget and then decided to take revenge thus seizing believe her that the relationship had not been affected and then leave without saying anything. 12 Then the princess conosio a guy who lived in the same colony the boy out of the car and walked with this guy co chi told him the brush, would last only the time, time in which even thought of the

young's car after Desis that what the boy felt the car she finished with the brush.

When the princess insisted on talking on the phone that was her boyfriend who went to EU this before what is believed the boy's car, and calls not passed, no one knows the reason then she began to give up and decided to block their feelings almost unconsciously by the EU boy

The princess began to have many love affairs with guys totally informal including anciosa married in search of his true love. The princess far as is known at age 18, try other formal relationship with a friend who hung out with rock band musicians, new friends, friends of the boy also went to America, this boy started to come together with those of the rock band would last little longer this time because after the kid went to the United States the princess left to join his friends from the bench and come together with the full rock band and one of the parties that made every Saturday at the home of bassist who had already married by this time he met many other people bassist friends and I guess his wife and so was he met a boy with long hair and eye color also which asked the princess to be his girlfriend and she agreed to end from one day to another the boy friend also in the band that also brought long hair, this guy I liked it ended one day when he found it in a concert of very famous rock band Cxxxxxxs watershed. In this relationship with the second guy with long hair and eye color were also plans to marry but was truncated because the relationship was stormy and his family was opposed and ended. Again strongly callus grade princess at this time to think about suicide, but in those days something amazing would happen, the famous rock band rock movement watershed in Spanish that became a favorite of the princess and still is but differently. She went to every concert of the band when they finished a few shows including the princess out of the concert was going to the rear of the site to find out until the band sometimes go running behind the car where they were, Princess I get hopelessly in love with the lead singer of the famous rock band is the same man he was referring to his former EU when told she resembled him. The amazing thing that happened was that in the days when he had finished with this last boyfriend who had plans to marry the princess is not known exactly how, maybe by a friend who made a fan club which never belonged to it she did not like those things even if fan clubs as a follower of the band, but her incredible obtubo the phone from the house of the famous singer who was in love but had not dared to call, pride is believed to that she sat in the crisis by breaking with her boyfriend who was long hair and eye color are encouraged to call the artist famous no matter what, she wanted most at that time was to talk to her boyfriend to come back, that with this artist. The princess frame without nerves and if very desolate and desperate. The artist surprising answer the phone entry with a question to answer who, instead of saying the answer, good. as is common., she told him the answer he did not know who she was but not to disturb the phone, explain that it had facilitated a one of the fan club, then told it was happening and the artist there will not be heard as she is not desperate to claim unemployment or annoying in the least that instead went to talk to her as if you already know and advise you, said she had to hit bottom to get out of here, said he was in the middle and as an arrow shot into the bottom 13

water had to go to fully waterborne. The princess was amazed how the artist meet and talk without having spoken to the singer she most admired at the time, but his taste did not last long because the pain of which was finished with her boyfriend eye color was much more intense than that. The princess after a first politician to find out, he knew where he lived with the singer who spoke by telephone and were still there but she and her maid having already open the door of the artist, he was very nervous and thought

that he could say and all the dogs in your home had mostly because did not want them to put faces nor did the ugly so is that whatever pride or reject the offer will go to the artist, the princess and the servants did not want to call him back and decided to visit the artist herself another day but this time it came with his cousin politician. When it was again, the singer was and Princess'm only looking at the landscape out there is, sad even at the break with her boyfriend was colored eyes listening to music with wodman., Besides the vocalist had in the driveway and a dog rotguayler the back several puppies and Princess outrageous as you know is afraid of dogs and dogs bothered castrosos and over. Even the barking rotguayler Princess stayed there like a good time taking a deep breath. 14

In that same year of 1993 the prince would come to give a concert in the country of the princess on October 14, the princess and then was very clab with rock music and knew this as the Prince is a mega internationally very famous star with many years of experience and everyone knew of their presentation, but the princess was not seen by going to a concert this unless you pay your entrance so do not take into account. In the same year would not be in that month orange full moon closest to earth phenomena that would be repeated up to two thousand eleven. Two thousand eleven years of his death Rxxa Sxxxa Guxxxro of closely related Sxxxxa Caxxxxxs band and would die also very famous actress also of world-wide experience and is said conosida violet eyes, Exxxxxxxh Txxxxr.

The princess months after insisting in vain to return with her boyfriend this last mentioned colored eyes, came out with a guy who barely knew but little-known plan and rose to a nearly abandoned building insurgents and burned on the part of to the top, went up and nobody saw, climbed to the roof and while the guy was lying up lying vocation, the princess sat in a corner edge of the roof and not be afraid because of the pain he had for the boy's eye color and with some hearing aids ollendo Nxrxxxa a favorite song Dxxm this call, it began to swing without looking down watching some people and cars that were way down, after doing this for a few now, fortunately, was incorporated in the roof and the boy apparently never realized that. The princess had a neighbor who lived across from his house and his neighbor's sister was his close friend of the princess, the boy's brother's friend's neighbor also the princess was like seven years younger than the princess and the boy who was also friend of the brothers of the princess who had more or less the same age of the child almost every day put music on your stereo Prince or whatever it was to loud and it bothered her a little princess and depressed much of the fact.

Passing day, the princess a good afternoon thinking the movie vampires xxx xx enxxxxista Princess vaxxxro and thinking it identified one of the protagonists suffer even for that which eye was her boyfriend, decided even with the same pain and hubicada completely in his role, real vampire for her to go to a cave near his house where rock bands played live unknown and there met a guy from one of the bands that played guitar that moment when the princess arrived. The first thing I draw your attention to the princess., especially what you liked most of it was the guy you like 15

hayo accordingly rock vocalist with whom I talk on the phone. When the boy finished playing and the princess sat around talking and thought of as very notorious for not doing its interest in the boy asked him to speak like a cigar prextexto thereafter and talked as three days or four more or least that guy and the princess became boyfriend. The band he belonged to was the new boyfriend played both covers and original music. One day he announced his departure and bassist in desperate search of a bassist, the group and came up with new boyfriend knowing that the princess is also dedicated to music, which she entered as a bassist, but the princess did not know the bass then the boy boyfriend, guitarist for the band they had learned the basics it was all songs and all the original covers that were played by the band. In a few days the Princess would be the formal bassist of that band, a band that would be their first experience and which would play for the first time in front of an audience onstage. As a comment to the princess and the boy who was her boyfriend guitarist's nickname would put them crows, only it is believed, for black dress almost always. Certainly the band was called dark passion. The relationship between the boy and the princess too conflicted conflicted about the fact young in just a few days Fiancee had ended with the princess in an outrageous and without giving any reason for this was wrong because it always influenced by others in the band but the princess in all these relations always had a horrible attitude is attached believes that the trauma brought by dragging the boy who went to America, but also a possessive attitude of jealousy for the love not the other but out of jealousy of personal pride as the princess in that turbulent time deep in his unconscious is thought all that was wrong with her because of the great desepcion the boy who went to America, actually thought it was a revolt because of this and those other men that are know not love, although their intentions princess was the best, but supposedly no longer even thought about the EU boy, she brought it stuck in his heart in his unconscious., in this last relationship with guitarist no indication of marriage, we can say this as the previous relationship the princess was really the most destructive and most of the problems were very jealous vanity of both nothing compared to the relationship he had with the boy who went to EU because in that there never was any conflict or problems of that nature even enfermisa she remembers the guy from the United States, he once said he never got angry. In conclusion, the relationship of the boy guitarist and also finished the princess. As for the princess job, left school a year or so that was the one who was her boyfriend to America, and recalls that she lost in an art school kid EU photo Where did the guy sitting outside his house in EU apparently in Alabama, dia. There was also a picture that perhaps the family has to be in Mexico for the boy taken at Chapultepec he has climbed back to the castle of Chapultepec. 16 There after, the princess would work seasonally in different jobs and be devoted to the music without achieving results establish the band and the project I had in mind.

Two years after its 43 years of the prince, there would be three decades as a solo performer 17

Prince giving two concerts. Despite the dispute with the record company and a truncated concertwas released another album, which showed that the prince still liked. This time there were fewer sales of previous albums, but sold some xx million copies worldwide, a figure that would increase with age. Of course the prince was criticized and frowned upon since it changed its image and like mostartists he was attacked more than once in many ways, seeking to denigrate him, ending his career and above all get your money. The mediadid not stop loving mock him and make it look like someone in weird, strange, not to mention the slander they did to the world that led him tomake a trial in which he fortunately escapedwithout fault. Thanks to the great power, his followers were and are world masses who believed and believe in as far as is known ye t, despite always followed him around and loved him, and perhaps love him love him forever., Because the prince is a wonderful person, correct, sensible, sensitif, honest, dedicated and full oflots of love to his fellow among others of his many fine qualities. Apparently the prince always looking for certain characteristics in their partners, features a woman who has owned his love.

A year later the Prince would have another baby boy, we can say that one of the names by which it is named the child has a strong resemblance to the name of the princess. Also comment out the woman is known for the birth of the child was black. He did an interview at the home of Prince that lasted several months. Had long-range transmission. Xx It was seen by millions of viewers in a country other xx million in another. Two

years later the record company released his greatest hits album of the prince, who became his eighth album to reach number one. The next three years, the prince made few public appearances by personal and economic problems. No doubt throughout his career the prince made great economic and moral benefits very strong and intense worldwide. Two years later at age 26 of the princess, did you hear about a music school was going according to their economic possibilities and thought that if there was
learned to play bass, it could very well learn to play guitar in a school, so I walk into that school and there met a girl who likes me 18

Apparently the princess always look certain characteristics in their partners, features a man 19

has his own love.

The young she met in the music school, became her boyfriend, it already knew how to play the guitar very well, in fact the author was a very good singing trova music and covers and original ballad. He was in another classroom and their level abanzado iniciasion princess, went a while after it ended but still conflicted seeing more school no longer on speaking terms. Forget the princess treatment to another guy but there was not anything, what did happen was that the guy I first walked in the school heard what the other guy and do not know if jealousy or whatever the the princess asked him to return, and as the princess did liked even more were immediate problems again and again after a while to complete. The princess was already so in love with this guy troubadour to whom he had eight years apart, so when he proposed that return to be dating again, and resumed the princess acsedio their relationship. For the following year as the boy's family opposed the relationship, even without knowing the age of the princess and the boy she planned to have a child to let them live together or marry, and so was the princess being pregnant more or less than five months they were married and had a child princess child. They were married by the two laws, the princess wearing her white dress as much as trying to hide could be pregnant. But the princess did not want to realize that at the bottom of his heart that kid was not the man you've always dreamed of getting married and was not the man that made her completely happy, because she could not see in those moments that really did not love this boy and so far she believes not either. Convinced would know three years later. After leaving the side of her husband and two or three times to return to him again, finally passing what has already come a long saw and what he helped the princess to finally end with the marriage was a strangely remember morning when he awoke from her ex-boyfriend who went to America, something really weird and extremely time-consuming because you have locked up the same memory, remembering he did not know with feelings of love emerged, but only as when suddenly remember someone nothing else. Then keep thinking because I would have remembered and thought that perhaps he had died. In any case this was the beginning of the end of marriage. One day after so many fights and go and return with her husband, the young and the princess decided to finally live together as a marriage and no longer the popes of the boy but the boy always doubts tube to do this, because of almost all his fights., 20

and finally had a place to rent and the young and the princess seemed to be convinced but it happened that changed a few days the young woman talking on telephone with the princess decided that was not yet safe to do so, the princess could no more and no more ended the relationship by telephone. To end the marriage that would last two years or so. The fact that one day, after not having thought out and have forgotten to say that in quotes for years of EU ex one morning I remember waking was the beginning of realizing all that the princess had so avandonado same throughout the marriage and part of the Fiancee and after her marriage to end not only realized that, but began to recover itself and began to think much about your ex EU and returned to write and compose songs that had already left. The princess while he was

still young with that case came to think that the music had been a mistake. Thinking about your ex U.S. is increasingly so, until one day she realized that she had fallen in love of your ex EU and knew I had to look to find and talk and close the circle that had been habierto, but the princess just wanted to close the circle but was convinced that this boy was his love and wanted it back regardless. No mention that the guy from U. S. if returned to fetch the princess three years as it promised the Princess but was not known how long after
of this, but good is no longer the princess had in mind at the time, but in his unconscious he was saved. Turns out the guy from U. S. went to look because you do not find it in those days was dedicated to partying a lot, sometimes not coming home. The mother of the princess would have the door to the young, apparently this was night, the young mother told the princess of his father, and I think other families would come to Acapulco and came to invite the princess did not know with what intention, if I came by it to be married as he had promised, or just to visit and live a little princess. The princess is choqueo to learn a bit and am thinking about, but are not allowed to unlock her feelings for him again at least not on that occasion and defended his position and the girl was now. Then I looked for the six years after the beginning has been on the EU, but this time if you find it. The boy appeared early in the morning and knock on the door, the princess at that time had already been awakened and curiosity was stayed overnight in the room, in those days was when he was engaged to the boy nicknamed guitarist to which the crow , well, she approached the door and as he was in a little fascists just opened the curtain to see who he was and not see much in front of the person outside without asking who she was told that boy without recognizing that if I came to find his brother and told him to leave hurriedly without calling him to answer that right now, but the boy hastened to say that if he did not remember him saying he was pronouncing his name., the princess could not believe what I was watching and listening and much more telling was ashamed to wait a little longer he would have, in order to be welcomed but the young had a bit of a hurry and told the princess invited her to a family party, which passed through it later, then the princess went up acsedio and excited to dress up and discuss it with your mother. 21

The boy takes longer than expected and the princess by the time he was almost upset and desepcionada the princess, thinking that would not come, he arrived at last and were not very sure, a scoop of gold. Within the bocho were the princess, the boy and his father the boy, the princess wanted to talk it over his friends of him, with which he played the guy before you go and tell him that they wanted and were also his friends and wanted to tell so many things but for the time paid no attention, then change the car, this was a red and are believed him were his cousins, or something, all came first to a house where there was the party and for a moment to be the guy in front of the princess without realizing that she saw the princess realized everything had changed the boy physically, apart from bringing cholo gringo accent and musical tastes had changed him and looked ugly something that I could not imagine getting to see the boy then went all in there now if the party's house and presented as the boy came to the princess as a friend, set out to eat and she waited a moment alone with the boy, but he walked with his family busy. 22

After a while when he

being alone but the princess began to tell roughly what just a little of his friends where he played, the boy what he wanted to participate in labor and the princess as she could told him the music, but no one said anything their relationship in question, his Fiancee, is not understood yet, because maybe the guy too disappointed as she preferred the Princess and quiet. Almost immediately the kid started to bring the princess to her house and across the road does not say anything, the boy spent his time talking with family and when they reached the Princess gave her his home telephone as in however small it had the 23

the need to talk to the guy of your relationship, but either way it gave not so important at that time assumed it was because in those days she was with the guitarist he met at the club and who played bass. The boy apparently was going the next day back to EU

Following the end of the marriage of the princess, now the princess alone with a child living with his parents thought that devia find his ex EU for she kept thinking about the fact he suddenly thought again now both the boy and even more so because he had fallen in love so deeply of it as the beginning without having seen it again even. The princess was about to learn that the boy had been EUy went to look to his home where his mother and siblings, then met up with her sister and she never received as if the princess had been separated from his brother, and he said he was reunited with a girl. Curiously, the princess was presented with the daughter of his ex-law that night, as the girlfriend of the boy who went to EU The ex-law invited her to go home, but the princess amazed at his kindness and not understand why because she felt that her ex-law gave her hope with his brother while he said that his ex EU or his brother had already made a family with a girl who already had two children who were not his brother and told him not yet married but who were for it. Then the princess tube the idea that hope was to save a way of saying the things his ex-wife's sister. After the princess returned back to the house of Mexico's ex euen to ask the boy, because she wanted to meet him and the sister knew that the possible is to come at Christmas, would have the door again, but ex-law this time at home for their mother and told the princess that he had not come, but with another face as angry and sharp that the princess and the princess very much shocked and hurt. On another occasion it was the princess look, also at Christmas, it was in a car asked her for her sister to take her and came to the house of the mother of his ex United State s, but did not get off the car, because are all off then saw the princess already very tired desepcionada and told his sister and leave. The last time the princess was looking for his ex EU after Christmas was apparently the day following the day of kings this time in the afternoon, and it was his brother's ex, who knows the princess when he was a child, he would have the door and his brother of former he told the princess that her brother did you hear about the visit of the princess and the princess I have said that they no longer look for him, he was going to marry. The princess waited until two years with known or three and I look between these years, one after the first visit, unbeknown to the other because there was no one and this last third where the brother of the former will participate this to the Princess from your brother's ex EU, which was the princess's boyfriend esepcion all at the first Christmas. The princess reminded then, do not know if at that time, one day earlier years had told a friend of the princess and her ex, the friend of the bike would also fluorescent keyboardist of the band to leave the boy the United States, that one of his visits to Mexico's former desepcionado said he was all over the country and was also understood referring to the princess. Upon hearing the princess sent word that his former brother of it,

it felt very confused and not understand your feelings because then now again flourished in it. And desepcion latter was leaving the conventional back this love, but she still loved him. A month or so after the princess was found in the morning on the subway to the friend of the boy who went to EU playing in the band as bassist and who became his friends of the princess when her ex left, we can say that this guy had always liked the princess but had never gone, but if you had shown this attraction. At one time this guy also went several times to America, but the boy back over what was going, and this guy was going to be wet., A penultimate time was left and back right after the desepcion that took the princess 24

with the guy from EU This kid from a close friend of former boys, the princess liked almost from the pricipio who knew him but when trying something for some reason he stopped seeing the boy bassist of the band that originally mentioned in the bandana head to use it as a way of women who use the tubes and capped with a scarf, appeared or was the princess inadvertently almost every time she had finished with a boyfriend and this time was after the desepcion. We can say that
the band is where former U. S. was the keyboardist and the bandana boy friend of the former, bassist called The strange corner of the infinite. Well back to the meeting, the princess was in the subway with your child to ki ndergarten and then take her to see volt a girl who for some reason it reminded him of former bassist friend, immediately followed the bearish guy appeared out of nowhere down the stairs, the princess knew the bassist guy was in EU and was thoroughly amazed to see the guy approached her and greeted her, the princess could not believe what they saw his eyes and happily greeted him as he was not thinking of the former EU who was there with her and not his friend. Then the princess gave him his phone to bear and each kid took his way. It was a few days and did not communicate with her and so left it until after some weeks or some weeks the princess walked again in the same meter and in the same season only now, after having left her son in kindergarten and due to go for an announcement apparently rented rooms in the one end of the subway stairs to climb and go and before you reach the middle part where the princess thought the box office that perhaps would meet again the kid friend of former bassist of EU and almost half to reach the center where was the box office appeared at the other end and when he saw the princess said to go upstairs to enter the subway thought that perhaps could find and that if it happened and thought maybe the same thing at the same time ., then the princess this time accompanied the guy at the center of Mexico City, but she thought all the time his ex, who went to EU Then the guy friend of his ex-bass player who found the second time in the subway and the princess pary quoted out of a night, that night went to a place called UTX, this is where many come together like the called gothic music, most who go there are more or less but that also play music of the eighties in English, Spanish rock and English, metal, rockabili, electronica, etc., this place has three plants are in the third floor terrace, a lounge for dancing, a room, another bottom and another sitting room and even across the penultimate one salonsito room to dance. On the second floor to the bottom the male and female bathrooms on one side once a living room, almost opposite the other, later another room to dance, later another room and a lounge for dancing background is the greatest. Downstairs are two gates, the input and output. The whole place is done in a really old building in the city center of Mexico and is managed by way gothic. 25 They had a terrific, the princess felt as many did not felt with a guy but still thought of his ex EU

They ended the night sleeping in a hotel together, seem incredible but had nothing to do, the princess loved former resisted because of EU, a friend of this guy. They got another day, of course the boy had told him since they met on the subway to the princess who was married and his wife and children were in EU They were the princess and the guy from the hotel, after having been outside the entrance of a metro center the princess proposed to go for a walk with a little more but she refused, even if I wanted. Already in the subway on the way home the princess began to feel that that night had been wonderful in and suddenly realized that she had fallen in just a few minutes in the morning and had forgotten suddenly inexplicably EU's ex-boyfriend say the overnight, all this happened during the trip on the subway where Hibbaan the two together yet, but the princess did not dare tell him that he feared rejection. Do not try to believe, but that's what happened, something incredible even for the princess who is amazed at the memory even as she was on the understanding that the boy, his ex EU was love for her forever. The princess had fallen in love with former bassist friend of EU and believe it and accept it because she tired of the big decepcones asked the man to love only who loves it as well as him. After this the princess realized that the days after former bassist guy friend of EU was also in love with her and also the bassist guy was afraid he confessed it. The boy friend and former bassist of the princess, had a short but beautiful relationship and strong, but different, the princess had changed his perspective, since he was a deeply loving 27

but. The boy bass player had to return to his home in EU because he was a married man, but still the boy showed him the princess his love in that short time and I have understood that both were followed by keeping your distance love, so much talked of being together before the boy left, if not fixed the problems that came dragging long ago with his wife which is not known if the relationship ends or if they returned today or not. This guy told the princess that he would return to fetch at least that's what you have understood and agreed that the princess and the guy that believed. Eight years later the prince to his 50 years, announced the first concert tour again, it would be a mid-year and three the following year . Not be carried out at least part of the prince. Because of a beautiful and unimaginable fact and Of the most amazing way, sad and beautiful It would happen UNIMAGINABLE THE MIRACLE AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BLESSING.

TAKE BACK THE WAY HISTORY Eight years after Princess at 33 years, the age of Christ, would continue writing music and his everyday life, waiting for the guy friend to be with the former. It would have taken place at least part of the princess. Because of a beautiful and unimaginable fact and Of the most amazing way, sad and beautiful It would happen UNIMAGINABLE THE MIRACLE AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BLESSING.


Both the prince and princess, retake the road together, but even at a distance, because the prince would be in another place and the princess would still be in it. In this way the two would know each other again, although we all knew one another because they looked all the time but without knowing where that person was loved by his love, or who he was. For so long the princess knew of the existence of the prince for being a public figure, but nothing else, he and she had no idea that they and the prince when he was here he never knew of the existence of the princess not to be she a public figure. 29

Him and her, before returning to the road had no idea that her love was and that she was the love

it. It is the understanding that they lived before everything is said and not said and written here before and who knows all about living in space, time and place have been and where there is existing and there is no end of all what is relevant to all and to all if existing at all is said and not said and written and unwritten know who lived before before and after before and after all and for all that IS etc., they were, have been, are and will, if so, the love of her and her love of the eternal and eternally forever. The two would take up the path and in doing so recognize and realize. The prince would realize that she was his lover that I always look, which had made him compose such beautiful music, which had always loved, loving and loved. She, she is, can not be and now I can be with her because I have been called here and I can only wait for time to be called here as well. The princess would notice that he was her lover who always look, which had been composing music so beautiful, who had always loved, loving and loved. He, he is, can not and now I can not be with him because he has been called there and I can only wait for my time to be called there too. The prince is also believed he had a relationship with someone else
before you go and go while staying Princess, the two left to love these couples to take the road of history. The prince would have exposed a number of things that thrilled and emotivarian much, everything that he had dreamed of, wanted, I could see it now, do not know if you know more. Although he saw that even his beloved could not be even next to him, he felt very happy to have found her. To know it was amazing to know that the princess of love there but regrets the situation that the two were found at the moment. The prince felt sorry for her children too, and all those who love the fact that it was, but felt very happy about his love for his princess. The prince knows that he can see their loved ones even if they do not know if some or all can not see it. He decides to visit and console consoling the possibilities that now can count on. The prince feels and sees his princess and feel happy, remember to see with his eyes and his heart all his love of the two, the love that has been, is and will forever and forever without end, revive and live in the things of the past that had always lived, live, have been are and will be in forever and forever.

The prince could not believe that the princess was so as he had always thought it was physically, mentally, spiritually and everything else you mentioned and not mentioned here or anywhere, as no esepcion. The princess would have exposed a number of things that thrilled and emotivarian much everything she had dreamed of, wanted, I could tell now, but she could not see his beloved. Although seeing that even his loved could not be even with her, she felt very glad I found i t. For her it was incredible to know about it, knowing that the prince of love there but regrets 30

the situation that the two were found at the moment. The princess felt sorry for her children too, and others who love the fact that it was, but he felt very happy for her love with her prince. The princess felt despair, dismay and amazement that while the artist was so famous and recognized. The princess, knows that the prince can see and hear. She decides to comfort and console themselves with the possibilities that now can count on. The princess and her prince feels to feel happy, remember seeing him in his memory all his love of the two, the love that has been, is and will forever and forever without end, revive and live in it things of the past had always lived, live, are and will have been there since forever and ever. The princess could not believe that their prince was so as she had always thought it was physically, mentally, spiritually and everything else you mentioned and not mentioned here or anywhere, as no esepcion. Prince maybe corrected him to get back on track and removed the errors to be what autenticamete has been, is and will. Princess corrected him to get back on track and removed the errors to be what it truly was, is and will be. From a distance, but together the two were seeing little by little things that are both long time now, the princess and the prince discovered while things are thought of them built long ago. At the beginning of this discovery little time after the prince to leave the prince and princess on television to hear one of his most famous songs of Prince, released in tears, and suddenly had a musical idea, which was formed saying incredibly and sounding exactly as they wanted them to sound with what they meant. Princess Prince capture ideas as they are proposed and the prince was going exactly as it said, making it together properly born of that love. Hereafter arise a number of songs done by both with the help of God. 31

The prince saw the return thanks to God and his love with the princess to feel like


long ago, in love with his true love as a teenager and remember as flashasos a special place for two, where he saw for the first time in quotes and recalled his looks, his flirtation between them, falling in love at first sight, this thought like other memory is forever, as accurately and just as the princess saw this and reminded her return thanks to God and his love Prince to feel like long ago, in love with his true love as a teenager. The princess longs as the prince so much in the past as they bring dormant since forever and forever.

Citing another, he knows that she does not like animals, and she knows that the animal likes, another is that the only animal that she likes the elephant and he gave one of their birthdays one. When the prince was already days of this, the prince and the princess realized that both were, they began to see all the relationships between them and important things like red and black in both the clothing items etc., also the fact that both have the curly hair straight and liked it both straightening, also fell into account the similarities of the music he likes it and the music made by the prince and the music made by the princess and the music made by both. The princess, apparently small, had a vicion of a man with the physical characteristics of the prince, but has not been seen this face, the princess felt great attraction. 34

The prince speaks in one of his songs and his memories of love, he asks her in the song, if you remember things that lived together, if you remember the long talks or by phone in which dawn, if you remember the songbirds, if you remember the country that he mentions in his song. To our knowledge the prince and princess have had to wait a long time apart and not yet know when we can be together, even if I can do. When the prince was gone and the two knew all this, it was very hard for both the prince may know many more things now that the princess in question ignored the two and their relationship of love, a love story about the place it is now. The Prince and Princess also think much about their beautiful 4 children.

The princess after the prince went thought a lot about that came to her house and without being seen was by his side, then it happened. In those days he stayed at home a person who in those days was a friend of the princess who livedabout two hours there and while the boy was inhis room at home at night the princess and heknocked on the door as a fiddling with his fingers, the former friend of the princess who was askedto get off the bunk where he slept and opening, this former friend was very scary., neglectresponse by not listening to downloaded not seewho had been and the next day by in the morningthe princess asked him if he had touched thedoor at night, and she said no which was true, theformer friend asked if they had been otherfamilies who lived there and nobody princessAFAIK was. The princess suddenly thoughtbecause he had not been a prince and when hemade this feeling that made him laugh while the prince is to say that the two 35

events to laugh at the same time this happened, as accomplices., but of course she did not tell anyone about this. Then something would happen doubly remarkable. One day a neighbor who had the princess would stay and sleep in her house, this neighbor was a friend of the princess more or less since sheentered the school to learn to play guitar, which is not good because I learned truncated after your wedding., the neighbor to which the princess stopped talkinglong after the events that acontinuacion platicarehere. The neighbor was left to sleep in the room, for thatthe neighbor did not know anything at all in a matter of the princess and the prince. The neighbor and the princess saw the TV in the living room, suddenly darkened the neighbor toldthe princess not to go to scare but then he waswatching two people sitting in the first steps of the house watching them, the princess was stronglystirred and excited heart volt slowly up the stairsbut she could not see them, then the princessatrebio ask their neighbors to people's physicalsigns, especially one without telling the Prince to the neighbor. The neighbor described a personsmall in stature and was going to keep sayingwhen the princess stopped him to ask about the other person and the neighbor said. The otherperson is tall and older, the princess was motivated to learn this much and after a whilebegan to mourn and do not know how but suddenly the neighbor asked her to seem that ifsomeone in your family was gone the Princessended by telling someone she loves very muchwas gone already. The princess did not say more or I go into details, after the neighbor told the princess did not knowwhy, but he could see people who were gone andit was not the first time it happened, 36

then the princess went to her room to sleep andslept in the neighboring room. That night something wonderful would happen.

The next day the neighbor would leave without saying goodbye to his home and more or less in the afternoon return to the home of the princess and hastily would say that I had to talk to her., Then I started to count the
princess happened at night when she went to sleep and told him he was sleeping on the couchwhen he suddenly woke up and believe it or notagain saw the two people but 37

now in theneighboring room where he was lying in a chair and went on to tell the princess, saying that the lowest person of stature, of medium stature sayhe stood with his skateboard on one side and the neighbor saw him recognized him more closely.The man of average height was young, boyfriend of a neighbor of the princess and together with his brother to a year or so ago had gone well, these brothers were friends of the princess's brotherand also made friends with family. The neighboronly saw one of the brothers who were theneighbor's boyfriend and another man who wasolder by the princess asked insistently. The neighbor told the princess spoke to the young man of small stature by telepathy or thought and asked if he believed was the neighbor whothought they knew the boyfriend of the young and the young neighbor of thought seems he replied that yes. The neighbor continued to tell the princess that about the young man skateboarding in thecanteen of the hall was also the tall young but alsoolder, seeing as he played the other boy's skateboard, but in his face older girl had a sad look, cabisbaja very characteristic of the princethat he had seen so more than once on television, in videos,

interviews and so on. The neighbor went on to tell what happened to the princess, and based on the questions that the princess began to make the neighbor said the teen was approached most closely to the bedwhile the one of the armchairs in the living room.,the neighbor told the princess that the older girlpulled his face close to his face and then all thisas a joke as to neighboring sat at the feet of theneighbor to the chair and sticking out youngpushed to sit at the feet of neighbor and apparently as told by the older girl weighedneighbor and he felt cold. The princess began toask many questions about what happened to the neighbor after the neighbor was about to speak ofanother young princess and the young maninterrupted to insist on more. The princess began to ask more physical characteristics of the young man, he returned to ask what your height and age as the older girl to make sure that it was the same person and made the other questions she needed to know without saying what the Prince, she asked how was her hair and as was his neighbor's face andanswered that the older girl was a little high, which has long hair and she asked if we had Chinese and the neighbor replied yes, and she asked if the young was dark and he replied yes andadded that it seemed the raven and his eyes were delineated as the raven and she asked her eyes are and the way xx neighbor'm remembering well what astonishedeyes and nodded and that was when the neighbor told the princess that just as she wondered if he was, so it was, was when the neighbor could not believe that the princess knew that and princessfelt that devia entrusted to neighbor and full ofemotion neighbor decided to tell the young manwas the greatest artist, famous singer, he already knew and had been a follower of him for sometime, the princess decided 38

to also confess that the older girl was your love but you just said thatas far as we know and do not go into details or say more in a matter or ask the neighbor nothing when the princess said that, it seemed that he was so amazed with what he first admitted thatthe princess was the artist that I admire, who did not pay attention in others, to love them, the prince and princess. The neighbor began to spin around and could notbelieve not to have noticed at times that saw theolder girl, that it was the artist singer that I admire. 39

The neighbor was very restless and remembered that I had seen this again before the prince, it seems that afternoon to late at night. Were several people that day and the princess in the dining room, the neighbor told the princess that at that time the prince was standing next to anornate dining room wall that divides the diningroom, with its typical way of doing it hip side outand the foot crossed in front, and passing aroundthe neighbor and the other to go to the room, theneighbor told the prince PASATE without otherseven realize that the neighbor had said that orsee the prince. The princess told the neighbor that because it was not said at the same time step, and the neighbor replied it is known that they would not have believed it.

So the neighbor went on spinning and ask the princess because she had not said anything about who thought it was since he said he saw him on the stairs. 42

With this the princess was very moved and also both very happy, sad and could not believe how she had actually thought and felt the prince came to the house, and mourn the princess has started.The princess would ask the neighbor not to tell anyone this, not adding to ask if the neighbor because they do not believe, that would take crazy. In fact, the princess is very quiet on some things and if you feel that it is time to say something you do not like the prince. Days after thinking that the princess told the neighbor who saw the prince standing on the wall between the dining room, the princess thought to be real and everything else that said the neighbor, the princess thought about Prince would not laugh to see how the neighbor who was the only one who saw what was unaware of who was at one time having been a follower of the prince.

Then the princess made to feel like the prince laugh accompanied her to do so while laughing with her as well.

All told about what the neighbor said he saw no one knows yet whether it was a real event or just come from the well was a hoax come from the counterpart, for this reason can not be guaranteed and celebrate, because he said the neighbor do not know if it's good.

And with bases doubt what the neighbor said, by the drastic change in him after this to the princess, as his way zarcasmo and derision and mocking something that the princess had never seen or noticed in the neighbor, least for her it is believed he was not so. It is believed to be the original way of being that I leave to see to that time and could be used to create such a deception. It is not known but the princess began to notice things and ended ugly neighbor distrusted him. The reasons presented here so the neighbor is certainly only a small part of what it is. The princess and the prince feels that she shares all the things that live together day by day but at a distance for now, the ones here and there. 43 I add that the Prince and Princess are very careful to say their lives here, there and

every where life time and space and light, having existing everyone and everything all in all it is and not what exists and nonexistent.

The prince has always been firm in his convictions as stated in the beginning of this paper and in his person, as far as we know fought hard to be as unblemished and correct in all areas possible, of course you may have made some errors. Prince AFAIK corrected what he had to correct if they had to be corrected and returned to be as originally was always has been and will and is very closely ejemlo which is supreme. The princess after being willful as said in the beginning of this paper, AFAIK fought so hard to achieve stop being so willful, to be as flawless and accurate as possible in all areas. Princess AFAIK corrected everything that had to be corrected and returned to be as originally was always has been and will be, and try to follow closely the example of which is supreme.

The prince and princess are mysterious as others say, and they believe so, also both like to make jokes and surprises as to see the reactions of others to all situations and those in awe over it interesting to be very analytical and find it exciting and fun. The sons of them are beautiful and the prince and princess in your heart know that the four are sons, 3 men and 1 woman. The prince and the princess know that they and their children are a beautiful family, unique, strange and different as are the other but in different ways. The style of them is special, beautiful and exciting for yourself is to say something and so gothpop, which always have been, are and will be forever. The prince and the princess they talk when they are alone and when accompanied, they have always gone together and go together to anywhere from anywhere, the place is or is not, where it exists and where there is no time and that is of how it all, from all and all in all. Although far distance are in, well spoken and living together as if there is distance between them, the wait is hard for both but love to all and God wants to achieve and for all eternity. The prince and the princess know of his great love, they know their history here and everywhere permitted to share for those who believe and those who do not believe. They know how difficult it is to keep believing, but also know what to believe and stay in it without getting down, pollute and otherwise convince and be happy is to BE FULLY COMPLETE AND they will find with the help supreme everything and everyone you've always loved and love and have loved you and love you forever for all eternity, you will find your exact location with yours FOREVER ETERNAL TRUTH AND ALL AROUND AT ALL FOR FOREVER. 44

Message of Jesus

Why are you confused and fret before lifes problems Let me take care of all your stuff and all youll do better. When you leave everything in me solve will quietly by my designs. Do not despair do not lead me a prayer agitated, as if you required to comply with your wishes. Close your eyes and tell me calmly soul Jesus, I trust in you. Avoid the worries and anxieties and thoughts about what might happen later. Do not spoil my plans, wanteddome impose your ideas. Let me be god and aet freely. Leave your relimately in me. Rest in me and makes my hands your futurero. Jesus often tell me, I am in you trust. What more damage you do is your reasoning to and your own ideas and want to solve the things your way. When I say Jesus, I trust in you, do not be like patient who asks the doctor to cure but it suggests the way to do it. Get carried away in my arms divine, not be afraid, I LOVE YOU YO if you think things are worse or complicated in spite of your prayer is trusting. Close your eyes and soul trust. Continued to tell me all the time Jesus, I trust in you. I need your hands free to act. I do not bind with your concerns useless, Satan wants that agitarte angustiarte, take your peace. Trust only MI, Lose yourself in MI. So do not Preocoupes, done in all your troubles and MI sleeping peacefully. Always tell me Jesus, I trust in you and see ras miracles.

I promise for my love. 45

THIS WAS WRITTEN FOR THE YEAR ENDED FEBRUARY 27, 2011. As the 10 to 58 min. Night.

46 M and W Jn.