CODE - IC455 E

L INRODUCTION - Intelligence. features. characterizing rille-llgence. hllelligelll Insmllne-lIlation system. fealme of U . ComponenlS of U .. System block diagram of 1. I. system. 2. Signal Processing Manipulation and Transmissioll :
Signal amplification & attenuation (opamp -based). lllstmmentation Amplifier (circuit diagram. high CM11R & other feanu'es. Signa l li.nellrizalioll. (differelll !)'pes stich as diode - resistor combination. Op-AMP based etc .) Biased remonl. Signal filtering (outputs from ideal filters .constanl - k filten . ActiH anolog filters. OpA.lllp based yolta)?:e 10 C1UTent COllyet1er . ClUTent to yolta)?:e cOIlYersion cOl\Yer5ion signal integraT ion. \'oltage follo\\"er (preamplifier). ,'ohage comparator. phase -locked loop . signal addition. signal multiplication. signal transmission (signal amplification . shielding. Clm-ent loop transmission. \'oltage to fi'equency conyersion. flbre optic transmission) Description of spike filler (Software based).

3. Snmrt Sensors : IllIroduclion. primmy sensors. excitation. Compensation( Nonlinearity. look IIp Table) polygon lntelpolation. cubic spline intelpolation . signal transmission. polynomial Interpolation. Approximation 8.: regression . Noise 8.: Interference. response time Drift. cross connectiyity. infollllatioll coding. data cOllullunicalion. standards for sman sensors. 4 IllIerfacing Instl111nents 8.: Computers . . Basic issues of interfacing. Address de<:oding. Data Transfer control. AID convener. D/A COil\'erter. Sample 8.: hold circuit. Other Inlen,1ce Considerations. 5 Recent Trends in Sensor TecJUlologies : Introduction. Film Sensors. Thick Film Sensors Thin Film sensors. Semiconductor IC TecJUlology - standard methods. Microelectromechanical Systems (MIMS). Micromachiningsome Application examples. Nano sensors

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