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Ruby on Rails : Course


Prerequisites for the RoR Course:

The course is structured keeping in view of less experienced/freshers in the industry.
So considereable time is given for all introductory topics.
However, having knowledge/experience is an added advantage:

1. Exposure to any of the programming languages (c,c++,c#,java...)/Scripting

languages(perl, php, smalltalk...).
2. Overview on how web application works.
3. Understanding of the necessity of Data models, Configuration Management.
4. Necessary tools/IDE's (Eclipse IDE, notepad...)
5. Good Analyzing skills



• What is Ruby?

• What is it used for?

• Where do I get and install Ruby?

• Core facilities, built-in library and standard library.

• Basic concepts - object orientation, regular expressions, arrays, hashes, etc.

Basic Ruby Language Elements

• Structure of statements and comments.

• Variables and constants.

• Operators. Assignments, calculations, etc. Integer, float and string formats.

• Single and double quotes, here documents, general strings.

Control Structures

Prepared By: Sumanth

Krishna. A
Ruby on Rails : Course

• Blocks and the if statement.

• Writing conditions.

• Comparative, boolean and range operators.

• Conditionals - if, unless, case, etc. Loops - while, for in, until, etc. break, next,
retry and redo. defined? and ternary operators.

Object Orientation: Individual Objects

• History - unstructured and structured code. Introduction to object oriented


• Classes and methods.

• Static and nonstatic.

• Instances, constructors and destructors.

• Accessing members of a class.

• Loading and using classes.

• Direct access to variables.

• Encouraging class use.

Classes and Objects

• Objects, classes and methods.

• Constructors and attributes.

• Instance and class variables.

• Local and global variables.

• Class and object methods.

Prepared By: Sumanth

Krishna. A
Ruby on Rails : Course

• Including files - load and require.

Collections (Arrays and Hashes) in Ruby

• What is a collection?

• Arrays and hashes.

• Constructing an array.

• Nesting arrays. Hash keys, iterators, etc.

More Classes and Objects

• Public, private and protected visibility.

• Singletons and defs.

• Inheritance mixins, and super.

• Destructors and garbage collection.

• Namespaces and modules.

• Hooks.

• Calling methods with code blocks.

• Looking inside objects - reflection.

Strings and Regular Expressions

• Anchors, literals, character groups and counts.

• Matching in Ruby.

• Modifiers i, o, x and m.

Prepared By: Sumanth

Krishna. A
Ruby on Rails : Course

• Pattern matching variables.

Special Variables and Pseudo-Variables

• ARGV, $0 and friends - the command line.

• Other special variables from $: through $$ to $<.

• Environment variables.

• Pseudo-variables.

• Reserved words in Ruby.


• begin and end (and a mention of BEGIN and END).

• Raise and rescue.

• Throw and catch.

Ruby on the Web

• CGI and the Ruby Apache Module.

• Using cgi.rb; URL decoding, forms, sessions, cookies, etc.

• Embedding Ruby in HTML - the <% <%= and <%# tags.

Ruby GUIs, XML, MySQL Database Connectivity

• Using Ruby/DBI to connect to MySQL, Oracle, etc.


Prepared By: Sumanth

Krishna. A
Ruby on Rails : Course

• What is MVC Architecture?

• Importance of it?
• How it helps?


• What are WebApplications?

• Essentials of WebApplications?

• SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

• Database Architecture

• Configuration Management (concept & tools)

• Application/Web Servers

Rails Framework

• What is Ruby on Rails?

• MVC (Model, view, controller) design principles.

• Rails structures -

o WEBrick servers,

o URLs and embedded code.

o Directory structure.

o Database connections.

• Creating the application

o the database and tables.

Prepared By: Sumanth

Krishna. A
Ruby on Rails : Course

• First application through Scaffolds.

• Validation and customising the display.

• Adding a new controller.

• Adding viewers and layouts.

• Active Records.

• Emailing and logging from within Rails.


• What is AJAX?

Ajax on Rails

• How to implement AJAX on Rails framework?

• What is Protoype?
• What is Scriptaculous?
• Ajax Effects.
• Rich UI experience.
• Visual Effects.


Prepared By: Sumanth

Krishna. A