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Rosemary Gardens Neighborhood Association

San Jose, California

Volume No. 2, Issue No. 6


Residents learn crime prevention techniques, share safety concerns

Neighborhood Watch meeting promotes vigilance, awareness
Photo by Kathleen Stahr


Photo by Kathleen Stahr

Photo by Kathleen Stahr

Unforgettable Fall Festival

E. PAUL BACA On the night of Oct. 2, Rosemary Gardens hosted a Neighborhood Watch meeting at Bachrodt Elementary. The speakers included Mini Le from San Jose Police Departments Crime Prevention unit, and Capt. Tim Porter from the departments Central Division. The meeting, sparked by residents concerns of public safety cuts and an increase in quality of life concerns at the First Street transit corridor, was promoted with flyers distributed to neighbors doorsteps by RGNA volunteers. It was the first Neighborhood Watch meeting hosted by Rosemary Gardens in over five years. Both speakers were impressed with the crowd of more than 70 residents

riends and neighbors of Rosemary Gardens enjoyed great weather on Oct. 2 for the annual neighborhood barbecue and potluck at Rosemary Gardens Park on Sonora Ave. A six-foot gas grill was provided for those with food to cook. Neighbors brought all the dishes, including salads, snacks, appetizers and desserts. This years attendees were treated to a performance of traditional ballet folklorico dancing from Grupo Folklorico de Bachrodt, and ShaBang!, a steel drum band that provided a soothing carribean style performance. Lara Sprinkles announced the winners of the raffle prizes over the microphone and also thanked the volunteer efforts of those who helped plan, arrange, promote, assemble, and clean-up the event.
Photo by E. Paul Baca

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Neighborhood Watch
The board is looking for individuals and families who would be willing to be identified as Block Captains. Block Captains are responsible for creating a list of their neighbors and contact phone numbers for each family to be shared (if desired) with the neighbors on that street. Block captains would also alert the RGNA board if there is any suspected criminal activity on their street, so our neighborhoods response could be more prompt and organized. If you are interested in being a block captain, please contact RGNA board member, Kathleen Stahr, at: kathleenncarson@yahoo .com or by calling 573-7784.



Crime prevention: residents meet with police to learn tips

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who assembled in the schools media lab. This is probably our biggest meeting so far, Le said. She suggested that Rosemary Gardens could make it a larger event by inviting additional neighborhood associations from the downtown and northern San Jose areas. We can take this further and make it more concentrated, said Le. An August editorial that appeared in San Jose Mercury News titled San Jose is becoming Sin City, written by San Jose Police Department Sergeant Jim Unland stated that the department had encountered a prostitute as young as 14-years-old in the area. In his opinion article, Unland who also serves as the Vice President of the Police Officers Association also metioned the fact that a card club is under construcUse this card to record descriptive information about suspicious people

tion nearby and that the department is operating at decreased staff levels which continue to decline in numbers. During the Neighborhood Watch meeting, Unlands sentiments echoed through the halls of Bachrodt Elementary by residents who shared the same concerns. Capt. Porter addressed the notable rise of prostitution taking place in the lodging businesses on N. First St. He explained that the downtown police district has been needing to provide assistance with coverage in our area. We have suppression cars in St. James Park and Fountain Alley coming here for coverage, Porter said. Residents asked Porter why prostitutes were not being apprehended. He explained that it is hard to make a case against them because the police need to employ observing and surveillance techniques to build a case with evidence. We used to have a metro unit, three to four times a week, enforcing prostitution, he said. Porter explained that the undercover operations done by the metro unit have been relocated to service other crimes that used to be handled by other units that no longer exist. Another resident asked, Why not arrest the pimps? The captain explained that building a case against the pimps is even harder. Basically, the prostitute has to say, Hes my pimp. A resident asked about going after the Johns (the prostitutes customers), and Porter explained that the websites used by them to arrange their encounters would alert them of police operations in the area and not be effective to combat the problem at a local level. Because of their social communications, they go underground and somewhere else. With the current budget levels, Porter said current staffing levels would continue through the fiscal year, but added that the common goal is to give and have more communication. Police are communicating with District 3 councmember Sam Liccardos office to create more awareness in the community. Fred Buzo, a representative from the councilmans office was also in attendance. Please continue to let us know what you see and what you hear, Buzo said. Capt. Porter assured residents that Rosemary Gardens is doing well.

Not a lot of serious things happen in the neighborhood. Some residents shared crimes that occured to them. Some mentioned incidents about bicycle thefts and daytime robberies. Le told the audience, Violent crime is very low, and showed a presentation of crime stats in the area on the projector screen. Residents learned how to use to look up local crime statistics in our area.

The police department also has a Narcotics report line:

(408) 971-DRUG (3784)

With enough detailed tips from the public, the information provided by residents on this line will help officers to conduct undercover activity.

Les presentation also included tips on how to collect information to report crimes in progress. She made it clear that residents should avoid encountering anyone who they believe is suspicious. You dont want to approach them. They could be coming off of a high, or not care about taking risks, Le said. She also stressed that reporting someone should be based on their behavior and not based on their appearance. She noted that when a resident reports somebody to the police, they need to be prepared to have a description of the person, as well as report what the person was doing. The more information that is gathered, the greater it will assist the officers, she said. Le also addressed many of the people who stay at home during the day, calling them a jewel to the neighborhood and asking them not to ignore their fears if they suspect a crime is in progress while other neighbors are at work. The audience was also given tips on where to keep their valuables stored away, but mainly to keep them out of sight. She also advised residents to consider a safety deposit box if they do not already use one. Many of the recommendations involved knowing your neighbors, being vigilant and securing your home. Le urged the audience to understand how the criminal element thinks when she stated, Every window is a crime of opportunity.




Warmth drive thanks

We asked and you gave! Thank you Rosemary Gardens. We collected over 40 bags during the warmth drive. Lara Sprinkles, RGNA Interim President

misinformation given at the meeting. Regards, Joseph Fota Since 2008, ROEM Development Corporation has had entitlements at N. First St. and Rosemary St. to allow for the development of 184 family apartment units and 104 senior apartment units. Due to the financial uncertainty in the marketplace and the lack of demand from lenders and investors throughout 2009 and 2010, the development has stood idle and not commenced construction. Finally in 2011, lenders and investors appetite for developments such as N. First St. and Rosemary St. has come back and we are fortunate to be in a position for construction to begin in the coming months. The development is currently in receipt of a competitive tax credit allocation as well as a tax exempt bond allocation both from the State of California. Additionally, an investor and lender have committed to providing a substantial amount of financing for the development. The construction documents are working their way through the City of San Jose Building Department plan check process and within a week of receipt of the building permit, construction will begin. We appreciate the past and future support from the Rosemary Gardens Neighborhood Association and look forward to this development finally becoming a reality. Jonathan Emami Vice President, ROEM Development Corporation

Fun festivities coming to class

Appreciation for our neighborhood leaders

Stephanie Lykam was one of the founding members of RGNA. Over the years, she has served our neighborhood in a number of ways, too many to count. Most recently, she was the president of our Board. She has served with distinction. Thank you Stephanie! The RGNA Board would like to also welcome our Interim President, Lara Sprinkles. If you see Lara walking her dog, Rex, in the neighborhood, be sure to say hello! Kathleen Stahr, RGNA volunteer and board member

Message from ROEM

Dear Editor, At the September 15, 2011 Community Meeting, some erroneous information was stated by one of the RGNA board members regarding the ROEM development at First St. and Rosemary St. I contacted Jonathan Emami, Vice President of ROEM Development Corporation about the misinformation. Jonathan has written the following message for the Rosemary Gardens Neighborly in order to correct the

he fall semester has been a busy and productive one at Bachrodt. Some of the highlights include a family night out at Mezal restaurant in downtown San Jose. Students and their families enjoyed a delicious meal at a unique Oaxacan restaurant, owned by a Bachrodt family who is also a Rosemary Gardens resident! The outdoor movie night in late September gave Bachrodt students another chance to spend some time together. This was our biggest one yet with over 200 families attending to enjoy a movie under the stars! October was an esHEIDI WOLCOTT pecially fun month Vice President, Bachrodt PTA with the celebration of Halloween, which included a Halloween parade, and a carnival at school in the evening. Many students and their families attended to play games, eat lots of savory treats, have their faces painted and show off their costumes. A great time was had by all. November will be another busy month with a family night out at Chuck E. Cheese's and the annual Bachrodt Turkey Trot, a walk-a-thon fundraiser that students will participate in on November 18th. With the



rtist Sandi Billingsley left her original artwork on a utility box in Rosemary Gardens Park as part of the Art Box Project San Jose, a grassroots community arts effort led by Tina Morrill from Vendome Neighborhood Association. The project began quietly last year when Morrill approached neighborhood associations and gathered interest. It has since gained momentum with a growing number of volunteer artists in downtown and northern San Jose neighborhoods. More artwork from Sandra Billingsley can be seen on her website,

Photo by E. Paul Baca



Bachrodt: bustling with festivities

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holidays approaching, students are looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday, as well as the annual Winterfest celebration. This year, students will enjoy breakfast with Santa in early December! Our enrichment classes continue to be a wonderful opportunity for students to explore other creative interests and talents. The first ses-

sion folklorico dance classes concluded with a dance recital. The tap & ballet students and the choir will perform at the Winterfest celebration. The art students will display their projects at an upcoming art show at the end of the semester. Over 100 students are participating in these awesome classes. Bachrodt students and their families would like to wish all of the RGNA neighbors a very happy and healthy holiday season!


Neighborhood dates to remember
December 3 December 10 January 14 January 9- a.m.-12 p.m. Holiday Tree Pick-up 8 a.m. Recycle Drive 8 a.m. Recycle Drive TBA Board Meeting
Pick up your preordered tree at Rosemary Gardens Park. Volunteers: Meet at Rosemary Gardens Park at 8:00 a.m. Volunteers: Meet at Rosemary Gardens Park at 8:00 a.m.

Location: Sonoma Chicken Coop, 90 Skyport Dr.

Bingo! A winner
On October 22, 2011 RGNA had a great afternoon of bingo at Bachrodt School. Neighbor Lee Cox hosted as bingo caller and donated over 22,000 game sheets for future events. Although we had a small turnout the attendees enjoyed excitement and challenge playing four game bingo cards. Prizes included candy bars, house-


If you preordered a holiday tree for your front yard, pick it up at Rosemary Gardens Park between 10 a.m. and Noon on Saturday December 3rd.
Photo by Lara Sprinkles

Can you help the neighborhood?

PRIZE DONATIONS: Do you have a product or a service that you or your business can donate among our prizes at our Neighrborhood Picnic or the Bingo Game? RGNA can provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for your donation, and its a great way to promote your business in the neighborhood. Contact Lara at (408) 621-5408 or e-mail RECYCLING VOLUNTEERS: We have a recycling fundraiser every 2nd Saturday of the month. Call the RGNA Hotline at (408) 426-4876 for more information. ADVERTISE: Advertising in our newsletter is a good way to get your business card sized message into neighborhood homes. It also helps us offset the rising cost of printing 500 newsletters. E-mail or call Lara at (408) 621-5408. DISTRIBUTION: Volunteers distribute newsletters to over 400 homes in Rosemary Gardens. If you can help please contact Lara at (408) 621-5408 or e-mail

hold items and childrens games. Neighbors have asked RGNA to host another bingo event in the spring.

Hi neighbors. My name is Tony C. Perez and I'm a football player from the Evergreen Bruins. Thank you for all the people who bought a car wash ticket for my fundraiser. Im very thankful for all your support. I sold 60 tickets around the neighborhood which added up to $300. Thanks again.

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