400 Words

carnage n. killing many people chagrin n. feeling disappointed due to mistake careen v. sway from one side to another censure v. to disapprove; to condemn as wrong cipher n. secret code covert adj. secret or hidden chimerical adj. unreal; imaginary copious adj. plenty; too much distain n. the act of seizing goods for debt. cardinal adj. principal, chief. dotage n. feebleness of mind due to old age, second childhood. diurnal adj. day time. conjugal adj. of relation between husband & wife. chaff n. worthless. arrack n. strong alcoholic drink. chary adj. cautious. corroborate adj. to give support to a statement belief, theory. curry n. seek favour despondency n. hopeless, sad compendium n. brief summary. astute adj. wise, skilled descant v. discuss in detail. accede v. to agree. abase v. to lower in position; to degrade. appall v. shocked. assay n. evaluation; analysis. celerity n. speedily. cadence n. rhythm capacious adj. roomy canvass v. asking for vote. candid adj. honest mulct n. defraud someone of something. gambol v.i. skip playfully fresco n. painting done in water colors on walls or ceiling, white plaster is still wet. dicey adj. risky; uncertain. gavel n. hammer used by judge as an order of attention. floe n. a sheet of flowing ice. condescend v. to come down voluntarily. fret v. be irritated or resentful. haggard adj. wasted away, looking exhausted. glossy adj. smooth & shining. imperative adj. obligatory, urgent, mandatory. flay v.t. stripped off, peel off goad n. pointed stick for urging cattle on.

gusty adj. windy, stormy. grapple n,v. a grip in wrestling, hand to hand fighting. gloat v. to look at with great satisfaction. hollow adj. false, empty. annihilation n. total destruction. gait n. a way of walking , speed. medley n. mixture. impertinent adj. insolent, rude. grostesque adj. repulsively distorted, laughable. importune v. beg persistently. flamboyant adj. showy. horror n. fear. incarnate adj. embodied in flesh / human, form. envious adj. fully of envy. hirsute adj. hairy. ferret n. to search about. imprecation n. to curse somebody. anguish n. extreme pain (of mind). flux n. continuous change/process of flowing out. frail adj. fragile/delicate/in a weak health. flaccid adj. hanging lose or winkled. melee n. fight. fissure n. a narrow opening. gale n. windstorm, gust of wind, emotional out burst (tears). afford v.t. to bear expenses. garbled n. mixed up, fumbled. flick n. a light sharp blow with a whip/ sudden movement . garner v. to gather in a storage place. forlorn adj. sad and abandoned or lonely. hoist v. to lift. ghastly adj. horrible. blandishment n. pleasant talks/action to somebody. altercation n. noisy quarrel. ameliorate v. to improve, to make something better. bellicose adj. quarrelsome. calumny n. a false statement to defame somebody. culinary adj. related to kitchen cooking. cathartic adj. purgative; that causes bowels to empty; the process of releasing strong feeling (anger, hate) crabbed adj. peevish; irritating. disavowal n. denial; to say that something is not true acrimonious adj. angry and bitter. appease v. to pacify; to relieve. acme n. peak; highest point. amnesia n. loss of memory. bedizen v. adorn with showy manner.

banal adj. dull; uninteresting. dyspepsia n. pain due to indigestion. deranged adj. insane; stupid. baleful adj. threatening deadly. deride v. to ridicule. beguile v. Mislead by cheating or tricking. bluster n. to speak in a noisy manner. cabal n. a group of people involve in plot. bohemian n. unconventional and in artistic way. bout n. a short period of intense activity. fetter v,n. shackle for holiday prisoner. fester v. produce irritation or cause. adroit adj. skillful. affluence n. wealth abundance. aegis n. protection, support. dilettante adj. on who is not an expert. decimate v. to destroy a large number of proportion of. eclectic adj. selective. diffidence n. lack of confidence; shyness. exculpate v. prove guiltless. circuitous adj. roundabout. coerce v. to compel; to force. discord n. quarrel, disagreement. cliche n. repeated use. asinine adj. stupid. allay v. to lessen; to calm. ambivalence adj. state when not able to decide because of emotional attitude. beatitude n. very different; unusual. avarice adj. greed. cajole v. to flatter. dubious adj. doubtful. attrition n. a gradual reduction. disport v. to divert or a amuse. dulcet adj. sweet sounding. apprise v. to inform. accord n. agreement. augment v. to increase. cupidity n. desire for more than one needs, covetousness. circumspect adj. cautiously. acclaim v. to salute with shouts or sounds of joy and approval. certitude n. a feeling of sureness. captious adj. quick to find fault. abrogate v. to cancel acclimatize v. adjust with climate adroit adj. skillful affront n. insult; offense

appall v. shocked bedizen v. adorn with showy manner. bellicose adj. quarrelsome; warlike blight v. to spoil or ruin something. bluster v. to be loud, noisy. brazen adj. to face bold. callow adj. immature, inexperienced. caveat n. warning certitude n. a feeling of sureness. cliche n. phrase repetitively used. cogent adj. convincing conflagration n. a wild fire. cul-de-sac n. trap cursory adj. hastily done defalcate v. to mislead money detrimental adj. harmful draconian adj. cruel; severe dregs n. worthless things embellish v. to decorate ennui n. boredom enormity n. serious crime eschew v. to avoid extirpate v. cut; to remove what is undesirable. extraneous adj. coming from outside fallacy n. a false argument faux pas n. a social mistake fecund adj. productive; fertile fervor n. intense feeling fiasco n. a complete failure fulsome adj. offensive to good taste, esp. as being excessive; gross gambit n. a risky action gape n. open widely gargantuan adj. huge; enormous gargoyle n. a stone or a metal spout in the frame of a grotesque figure on a building gaudy adj. flashy; showy germane adj. relevant glut n. abundance gnarled adj. twisted; rugged grisly adj. horrible; disgust or fear. grotto n. small cavern/cave grouse n. complain; fuss grovel v. creep on the ground to behave like a slave in seeking favour or forgiveness. guffaw n. a coarse laughter haggled v. to argue about price hallowed adj. blessed hallucination n. visualization of something not actually present

hiatus n. a gap homily n. long sermon impending adj. approaching; threatening impenitent adj. not repentant imperial adj. majestic imperious adj. to overpower; arrogant imperturbable adj. calm; placid; at peace impervious adj. impenetrable impetuous adj. rash; violent impetus n. driving force or impulse; stimulus impiety n. irreverence; lack of respect for God. implacable adj. one who cannot be satisfied; cannot be pacified. implausible adj. unlikely; unbelievable implicit adj. understood, although unstated implore v. beg imponderable adj. one that cannot be assessed or estimated in any definite way imposture n. assuming a false identity, the act or an instance of fraudulence impotent adj. weak; ineffective impromptu adj. without previous preparation; at the spur of the moment. impropriety n. improperness; unsuitableness; indecency improvident adj. thriftless; lacking foresight improvise v. compose or perform at the spur of the moment impudence n. absurd; rude impunity n. exemption from punishment inadvertently adj. unintentionally; negligent inalienable adj. non-transferable inane adj. silly; senseless incandescent adj. strikingly bright incarcerate adj. imprison incarnate adj. personified; taking a human form incendiary adj. inflammatory; causing fire incense v,n. infuriate; to cause anger; enrage incessant adj. uninterrupted; unceasing inchoate adj. recently begun; elementary; undeveloped. incipient adj. at an early stage; beginning. inclement adj. severe esp. cold and stormy. incongruity. n. lack of harmony; absurd. incontinent adj. lacking self-restrain (sexual);inability indefatigable. adj. tireless. inebriety n. intoxication. insouciant adj. with out worry. jabber v. chatter rapidly & volubly. jaded adj. worn-out; tired. jagged adj. with rough pointed often sharp edges. jalopy adj. an old used car. jargon n. language used by a special group; technical terminology.

jaunt v. a trip; short journey. jeer v.n. to laugh rudely. jettison v. to throw unnecessary things from a ship aircraft etc. jingoist n. extremely aggressive and a patriotic person. jocose adj. fond of joking ; playful; jocular. jostle v. to push against; bump; to push abruptly. juggernaut n. a massive force; a large heavy vehicle. junket n. a pleasure outing. ken n. range of sight or knowledge. kernel n. central or vital part. kindle v. start a fire. inspire. kindred n. related ; similar in nature or character. kinetic adj. related to motion. knave n. untrustworthy person; scoundrel. knead v. mix up; blend together. knell n sound of a bell esp. when rung to indicate a disaster (as death). knoll n. little, round hill. kudos n. honour, glory, praise. labile adj. likely to change; unstable. laggard n. slow; a person who lags behind; sluggish. lagoon n. shallow body of water near a sea; a lake. laity n. laypersons, those not associated with the religious gurus; non-professionals. lambaste v. beat; thrash verbally or physically. lancet n. small surgical tool for making cuts/incisions. languid adj. lacking vigor; weary; sluggish. languor n. lack of energy or alertness; fatigue. lanky adj. long and thin. larceny n. theft. larder n. pantry; place where food is kept (like a cupboard). largess/largesse n. money or gifts freely given; generous gift. laud v. praise. laxity n. careless. leaven n. cause to rise or grow lighter. lechery n. lustfulness; strong or excessive sexual desire. lectern n. reading desk. leeway n. scope; margin. legend n. explanatory list of symbols on a map. libertine n. an immoral person in sexual relations. ludicrous adj. laughable. macabre adj. horrible. mace n. staff as a symbol of the holder's authority; macerate v. soften by soaking in liquid. maculate. adj. spotted, stained. madrigal n. a love song or poem. mammoth n. big in size; enormous. manacle v.n. handcuff.

manger n. a long open box from which horses cattle can feed. mangy adj. shabby, dirty. maniacal adj. wild behaviour; madness. manifest adj. visible; obvious. manumit v. free from bondage; set free. martinet n. strict disciplinarian. masochist n. one who enjoys what appears to be painful. masticate v. chew with one's teeth. maudlin adj. tearfully sentimental. maul v. handle roughly. mausoleum n. a grand tomb. mauve. adj/n. pale purple. maverick n. rebel; an unorthodox person. mawkish adj. sentimental. maxim n. proverb; a general truth. mayhem n. injury to body; violent action. meager adj. inadequate, scanty. meander v. winds or turn in its course. meddlesome adj. interfering; obstructing. medley n. mixture. meek adj. submissive; calm and cool. melee n. fight. menagerie n. gathering of wild animals in captivity. mendicant adj. beggar. mercenary adj. selfish; concerned with money. mercurial adj. changing, inconstant. meretricious adj. flashy, showy but falsely attractive. mesmerize v. hypnotize, spell bind. mete n/v. to distribute. meticulous adj. excessively careful. mettle n. courage. miasma n. harmful vapours. militate v. work against. minatory adj. threatening. minion n. a slave. mire n/v. a swampy ground, a swamp. mirth n. laughter. misgiving n. doubts, unwillingness. misnomer n. wrong name; incorrect /inapplicable designation. missive n. letter esp. a serious one; an official letter. mite n. very small object or creature. mitigate v. make milder or less intense. mogul n. powerful person. mollify v. pacify. molt v. shed or cast of hair. mordant adj. biting; caustic; pungent.

mores n. traditions; moral standards. morose adj. ill tempered. mortify v. humiliate; feel ashamed. mottled adj. spotted with colours. mountebank n. a pretender. muddle n,v. confuse; mix up. muggy adj. warm & damp. mulct n. defraud a person of something. mural n. wall painting. murky adj. dark and gloomy; vague. muse n,v. to think over deeply. muster v,n. to assemble; gather. musty adj. moldy smell. myriad n. an indefinitely big number; very large no. nadir n. lowest point; time of deep despair. nebulous adj. not clear ;cloudy. nefarious adj. very wicked. niggardly adj. stingy; parsimonious. nihilist n. one who rejected all religious & moral principles. nocturnal adj. done, occurring, or coming by night. nomadic adj. wanderers. nonentity n. a person without any special qualities. novice n. beginner. noxious adj. harmful. nuance n. shades of difference, in meanings or colours. nubile adj. marriageable. oaf n. stupid; awkward person. obdurate adj. stubborn, refusing to change. obelisk n. a tall tapering structure. obfuscate v. to confuse, perplex. obstreperous adj. noisy. obtrude v. thrust oneself or one's ideas persistently. obtuse adj. stupid; blunt. odious adj. hateful; repulsive. odyssey n. a long adventurous journey. offhand adj. casual; without any prior thought. officious adj. interfering. olfactory adj. relating to the sense of smell. ominous adj. threatening. onerous adj. burdensome. opalescent adj. showing changing colours, lustrous. opiate n. medicine used to induce sleep or release pain. opprobrium n. to disgrace someone's reputation. opus n. any artistic work. orgy n. a wild drunken festivity; excessive indulgence in an activity. orient n. adjust oneself according to the surroundings.

oust v. expel; drive out. ovation n. an enthusiastic applause. overt adj. open to views / ideas. overwrought adj. distract with fear, worry etc; nervous; depressed. ovoid adj. egg-shaped. pachyderm n. a thick-skinned animal/ mammal. paean n. a song of praise or joy. palatable adj. agreeable; pleasing to taste. palatial adj. magnificent. pallid adj. pale. paltry adj. worthless. panacea n. cure all. pariah n. socially outcast. parsimonious adj. stingy; money minded. patois n. local language. pedagogy n. art of teaching. pensive adj. thoughtful, sad. peripatetic adj. wandering from one place to another for some work. pervasive adj. spread everywhere. polemic n. full of controversy. provender n. dry fruits. puerile adj. childish. rancour n. bitter and angry feeling. ratify v. verify. recant v. to reject. redolent adj. smelling strongly of something. redress v,n. to correct something which is wrong. refractory adj. unmanageable. restive adj. reserved. ribald adj. rude and humorous remark. rubicund adj. high coloured. sinuous adj. winding. slander n/v defamation. sojourn n. temporary stay. spectral adj. ghostly. thwart v. to oppose a plan/ an attempt. tyro n. beginner.

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