Customer Knowledge Consumer Awareness Survey Data Interpretation

Titan sub-brand owned This was a multiple choice question where respondents were asked to choose sub-brands of Titan which they possess. It was found that around 72% of the consumers in the age group of 20-30 years possess Fastrack brand, 14% Sonata, 6% Raga, 4% Nebula and only 2% own WWF and Edge.

Figure 4: Titan sub-brands possessed by respondents

2% 2% 6% 14% 4%

Fastrack Sonata Raga 72% Nebula WWF Edge

Period of use The respondents were asked to mention since how long they have been brand loyal to Titan. This was an open ended question and hence various responses were received. The minimum period of use was set as one year, as mentioned earlier, while the maximum period of use was determined.

Reasons for brand preference .4yrs 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Reasons for brand loyalty The respondents were asked to select the reasons from the options given for their preference for Titan watches. Period of Titan watch’s use 7 yrs .e. 24% respondents are in second category and the rest 12 % are using it for more than seven years. 64% of the respondents fall into first category. 4years – 7years and 7years – 10years. the different responses are categorized into three: 1year – 4years. multi-responses were received from the respondents.7 yrs 1 yr .For convenience. i. they are using Titan watch in the range of one to four years..10 yrs 4 yrs . For this question.

before brand repositioning exercise has been undertaken. This tagline was adopted during first rebranding exercise in 2004.. It was found that only 22% of the respondents were able to recall the tagline and the remaining 78% answered in negative. was “What’s your style”. i. of respondents ( out of total 50) 39 7 22 25 Reasons for brand preference 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 attractive designs reasonable price brand image good quality Recall of Titan’s tagline Titan’s tagline. The respondents were asked to indicate whether they remember the tagline in dichotomous way. Figure 7: Recall of Titan’s original tagline .e. as “yes” or “no”.Reasons Attractive designs Reasonable Price Brand image Good quality No.

newspaper.22% yes 78% no Types of media TV Magazines Newspapers Titan’s advertisements No. radio and so on. All the 50 respondents have seen the advertisements of Titan watches in various media. magazines. newspapers. billboards. of respondents 46 25 36 Titan advertises its watches in almost all media vehicles. hoardings and radio. hoardings. magazines. This was a multi-response question and the options given to select were restricted to TV. The advertisements can be seen in TV. The findings of the survey have been summarized in a table as follows: Major Advertisement media .

Hoardings Radio 15 4 Major advertisement media 50 40 30 20 10 0 TV Magazines Newspapers Hoardings Radio Brand Ambassador of Titan Aamir Khan is the brand ambassador of Titan since 2004. When the respondents were asked to recollect the same. . it was found that 46 of 50 sample size were able to correctly mention the brand ambassador while the remaining 4 did not give any response implying that they are not aware of it.

“above average”.Figure 9: Awareness of brand ambassador Don’t know Correct responses 0 10 20 30 40 50 New designs of Titan Titan has launched several new designs in 2008 in its existing collections and as per its plans introduced new product collections also. The respondents were asked to rate the new designs as “poor”. “good” and “excellent”. 7 respondents feel that their designs are “excellent”. . “average”. 39 have rated them as “good” and 4 have rated as “average”.

sales personnel. Above Average. after sales service and display of watches. Average.Consumer perception of new designs 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Poor Average Above Average Good Excellent Titan’s exclusive showrooms The respondents were asked to rate Titan’s exclusive showrooms on 5 point rating scale – Poor. The factors related to showrooms that were provided to the respondents for rating are – store ambience. Good and Excellent. .

Consumer Perception about after sales service . while 4 each rated as “Poor” and “Average”.Consumer perception of store ambience 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Poor Average Above Average Good Excellent 36 of the 50 respondents have rated store ambience as “Good” and 7 each rated as “Above Average” and “Excellent”. Consumer perception of sales personnel 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Poor Average Above Average Good Excellent With respect to sales personnel. 7 respondents gave rating of “Above Average”. 35 respondents rated them as “Good”. This proves that store ambience plays an important role in consumer perception of service quality.

31 out of 50 respondents rated after sales service as” Good”. 24 respondents as “Good” and only 4 respondents gave rating of “Average”. . “Above Average”. 22 respondents rated it as “Excellent”.40 30 20 10 0 Poor Average Above Average Good Excellent In the survey. 4 each as “Average”. Consumer perception of Display of watches 25 20 15 10 5 0 Poor Average Above Average Good Excellent Most of the respondents have given high ratings to the display of watches in Titan showroom. “Excellent” while 7 respondents rated as “Poor”.

30 rated as “good” while the remaining considered the showrooms to be “excellent”. This shows that the positioning strategy of these watches has been good. sales personnel.  Most of the consumers prefer Titan watches for their attractive designs and good quality. there is a misconception about pricing of Titan products among the consumers. Findings of the survey The findings of the consumer awareness survey are listed below:  72% of the respondents in the age group of 20 – 30 years possess fastrack watch. after sales service and display of watches in the showrooms play a major role in determining the customer perception about brand. It was found that out of total 50 respondents. Around 50% of the respondents rated all the variables related to Titan’s exclusive showrooms as “good”. However.Overall perception about Titan showrooms 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Poor Average Above Average Good Excellent The respondents were also asked to give overall rating to Titan’s exclusive showrooms. This shows that the store ambience. . They perceive them to be high priced.

All the responses have been summarized as follows: Introduce more trendy and innovative designs Focus on niche markets such as working men and women . i.  Advertisement in mass media such as television.  Titan watches’ designs are rated as “good” by 78% of the respondents. newspapers. and magazines are best means to spread awareness about brand.  Only 50% of the respondents have seen the new campaign launched by Titan watches in July 2008. to “be more” in lives.  Celebrity endorsement of watches not only increases the visibility of the product but also gives an assurance to the consumers that it is of high quality. Hence.e. This implies that the reach of the campaign in six months has been to more or less half of the consumers. This indicates that they are looking forward for more innovative designs to be introduced by the company. any change in them also goes unnoticed. Recommendations to improve brand image Varied responses were received for this question. However.  The after sales service and behavior of sales personnel have been given low ratings compared to other variables mentioned in the questionnaire with respect to Titan’s exclusive showrooms.. those who have seen the new campaign consider it to be effective in conveying the message it intended to deliver. Logos and taglines are rarely noticed by the watch consumers.

2.Spread awareness about availability of watches in lower segments as most of the consumers feel that Titan brand is synonymous with premium watches. Take steps to change consumer perception that Titan watches are high priced. Why do you prefer Titan brand? a) Attractive designs. please mention. Since how many months / years have you been using Titan watch? 3. Do you remember the original tagline of Titan watches? If yes. . Which sub-brand of Titan watches do you possess? a) Fastrack b) Sonata c) Raga d) Nebula e) Others. b) Reasonable price c) Brand image d) Good quality 4. please specify……………………………. Improve after sales service QUESTIONNAIRE 1.

Have you seen the new campaign of Titan? a) Yes b) No . Who is the brand ambassador of Titan watches? 8. Are you aware of the new tagline of Titan? 9.5. How do you rate the new designs of Titan? a) Poor b) Average c) Above Average d) Good e) Excellent 10. In which media have you seen the advertisement? a) TV b) Newspaper c) Magazines d) Hoardings e) Radio 7. Have you seen the advertisement of Titan watches? a) Yes b) No 6.

How do you rate Titan’s exclusive showrooms with respect to the following: (1–Poor. 5-Excellent) a) Ambience b) Sales personnel c) After sales service d) Display of watches e) Overall showroom - - 13. 3-Above Average. What suggestions would you like to give to improve Titan’s brand image among customers? . 4-Good.11. 2-Average. Do you think the new advertisement is effective in inspiring consumers to have a new look everyday and be more in lives? a) Not at all effective b) Effective c) Highly effective 12.

Corporate Social Responsibility by TITAN Titan Industries has a clearly defined policy for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Corporate responsibility begins at home . HIV/Aids awareness. tsunami relief work. to name a few. vision improvement program. community rehabilitation. With a dedicated force of 250 enthusiastic employee volunteers. This forum works towards mobilising society and volunteers to make the community initiatives a success. The company’s miscellaneous community development activities include orphanage support. The company’s diverse CSR initiatives include:       Children’s education Enabling the disabled Artisan parks Women’s empowerment Environment management programmes Miscellaneous community initiatives Titan Industries’ community initiatives are committed to build partnership for social development. focus on sustainable initiatives and improve the quality of life of the communities where the initiatives operate. As part of the company’s CSR initiative. the company has formed a Community Development Forum. The company has made a positive change in the lives of over 2000 people. eradication of child labour and environment protection. the manufacturing units of Watch and Jewellery Divisions at Hosur have acquired the certifications ‘ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System Standards’ and ‘ISO 14001:2000 Environment System Standard’ emphasising the efforts to be an ecologically responsible organisation. village adoption. a program to provide work to rural unemployed women.

Titan Industries has received the ‘President of India’s Award' for employing the is an internal process that reflects the soul of the company. Other noteworthy awards for CSR include: .Titan Industries believes that corporate responsibility begins with the employees. peace and inclusive approach at work place are maintained. Successful CSR programmes: Titan Industries has embarked on and completed several community development programmes as part of its CSR initiative. Titan Industries. Various work-place initiatives are conducted to achieve this: War on Waste . expanding to classes IX and X with a provision to accommodate 160 more students Meadow Project (Myrada) – a collaborated effort with self-help groups of rural women to provide gainful employment to more than 400 rural women in and around Hosur (Tamil Nadu) Recognition of CSR: As an appreciation of its significant contribution to the community welfare.a primary school with over 550 students. that provides housing to 1300 residents collaborating with NGOs MCA and Ashraya Employment . benefiting over 400 artisans Titan School and Titan Foundation for Education . based on academic performance and socio-economic background for over 550 students form the economically backward section Titan Township – a sustainable community in Hosur (Tamilnadu). top ten and Top eleven companies in the ‘Karmayog CSR Rating of India’s Top 500 Companies’ in December over 120 physically challenged people Karigar Park – a social entrepreneurship project with six parks. is a recipient of the prestigious ‘Helen Keller Award’ and the ‘Mother Teresa Award’. Efforts are made to engage the employees in programs designed to fulfil our ecological and social responsibility.for students in Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts (Tamil Nadu). The company ensures that the harmony. Corporate Social Responsibility is more than philanthropy .an initiative that reduced the impact of manufacturing operations on the environment. a signatory to the Global Compact. The company has also been ranked as one of the top four. 2008 and 2009 respectively. A few among these successful projects are: Titan Scholarship . At Titan Industries.

TIL hoped to promote the latest trends in the industry. quality.And Aamir Khan is amused at the variety of watches and gets confused as to which watch should he take and ultimately takes the whole box with him for the 2-day trip. Chief Operating Officer (Watches). in 2004 With the celebrity endorsement.  Another ad shows that when Aamir Khan is with his grandmother and tells her that he would gift her Titan Watch if she agrees to get married. The punch line was – “REDISCOVER THE JOY OF GIVING”. We are both known for our commitment and obsession towards perfection. The association with Aamir Khan3 was mainly due to the brand values that both Titan and the actor are associated with. CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT IN TITAN Aamir khan has been at the centre of all celebrity endorsement for Titan. After this ad. setting new trends and our market leadership. Though. This ad aimed for showing the classic varieties of the Titan watches and the main emphasis was to show us to have many Titan watches at a time.• FICCI-SEDF Award for Social Responsibility • The Rotary Club of Bangalore Award for Corporate Citizenship • The PHDCII Award for Good Corporate Citizenship Ranked among the nation's best corporate citizens.  Aamir Khan is planning to go somewhere and his servant brings in the box containing different varieties of the Titan Watches . Aamir Khan was hired for the brand endorsement and it brought a revolution in the advertisements of Titan watches. Titan Industries is committed to take on the social responsibility and fulfil it with dedication. Titan Industries Ltd. This ad was targeted on young couples to go for Titan watches as it is a precious gift that one can give. Some of the advertisements involving him are:  A couple on holiday destination gave gift of titan watches to each other.". the grandmother is emotional . The idea was to make watches that would be seen as style and fashion accessories rather than just utilitarian devices.Bijou Kurien. The company decided to use Aamir in brand and product communication on television and in the print and outdoor media. innovativeness.

to quote from the brand’s new tagline. That’s Aamir Khan in the latest Titan commercial asking you to live life to the fullest. The punch line of this ad was – “KABHI KISI MOKE PAR KABHI YUHIN”. asks consumers to ‘Be more’ everyday. SOURCE OF BRAND EQUITY  Titan belongs to the TATA Group and that is the biggest source of brand equity for it.  The last campaign was “Be More”.about her Late husband. but she readily agrees to get married when she comes to know that the gift is Titan Watch.  The latest campaign says “Stay New”.  Aamir Khan being associated with the brand also has contributed to the brand equity of the company  Cutting edge technology and style is another source of brand equity for Titan . It is not much publicised on television but is more seen on the company’s website. According to our perception – The main aim of this ad was to show us that Titan Watch is liked by every age group and can be gifted to our near ones without any special occasion too. Titan has unveiled its new campaign featuring brand ambassador Khan in a new television commercial that.

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