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Race, Racial, The Human Race
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What is a race of people? What is a racist? Can one change their ethnicity by adopting a different ethnic culture?

What is a race of people?

An outdated anthropological term refering to the biological classification of Human populations; a Homo sapiens sapiens subgroup. There are only 4 main branches of the Human species that live today: Africans (aboriginal peoples from subsaharan, west, and southern Africa - although different African populations are as unrelated to each other as they are to Asians, or Europeans, etc..), Asians (aboriginal peoples from east asia, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, the Americas, etc...), Australoids (aboriginal peoples from Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, etc), and Caucasians (aboriginal peoples from Europe, north and east africa, the near east to India). Groups at the borders of these regions are often complete mixtures of the intersecting branches and there exist few "pure" populations today. The African groups had common ancestry about 150 thousand years ago when, at the same time, a group of Africans began to migrate out of Africa. The first of these African groups to separate geographically and genetically was a group that traveled east to southeast Asia and then the islands to the south, including Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, etc. This occured about 70 thousand years ago. The remaining group, probably located in the near east split about 40 thousand years ago when a group that would become the Asians traveled east along the northern boundary of the glaciation to Asia, some traveling across the Beiring Straight to the Americas eventually reaching South America. The Caucasians spread east to India, north to Europe and west to north Africa. Many groups today with separate identities may be partly or largely descendants of other groups: African Americans, Australian and

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Race, Racial, The Human Race - The Peace FAQ

American Aboriginals are largely European [due primarily to European rapists, not by any fault of their own], Irish and Iberians are partly North African, Germans are partly Asian and Jewish, Turks and Russians are partly Asian, SouthEast Asians and Polynesians are probably a synthesis of Asians and Australoids, East Africans are a mixture of African and Caucasian, and Arabs are a mixture of Caucasian and African [due to the 1,300-year enslavement of Africans by Muslim Arabs - which continues to this day in Sudan] The term is also misused as a substitute for the term ethnicity or any one of the many groups that differentiates itself based on ancestry, with often dubious distinguishing physical characteristics. Jews, therefore, are as much a "racial" group as any, as ancestry is a prerequisite for membership (leaving the controvercial topic of conversion aside for the moment). Hence, hatred of Jews falls into the category of a related and also misused term: racism. The term "racism" is also often misused to apply to hatred of those from a common religious group or geographic origin - factors that may have little relation to ancestry or genetics. - CEJES

What is a racist?

A racist, according to the dictionary, is one who divides the world into superior races and inferior races... The term 'racist' should therefore not be attributed to one who demands full execution of judgment on his enemies, even if his enemies happen to be Arab. Nor is 'racist' the correct term for one who objects to the political platform of Peace Now. The word 'racist' will be applied in Arutz-7 broadcasts only to one who is not willing to accept immigrants from Ethiopia to his school, or to one who calls those of Moroccan extraction the derogatory term "Chakh-chakhim", one who terms those who live in Yesha "mitnachablim"[a play on the word for 'settlers' implying that they are terrorists], one who calls members of the hareidi [ultra-orthodox] community "blackies", and the like. - Arutz-7

Can one change their ethnicity by adopting a different ethnic culture?

Can a European-American become African-American through

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Race, Racial, The Human Race - The Peace FAQ

enjoyment of rap music? Perhaps if they speak Ebonics...?

"But, again, changes in ethnic identity require more than linguistic change; the Nogmung cannot become Kachin simply by speaking Jinghpaw (or Shan, for that matter, by speaking Tai) any more than the Irish became English just because they finally adopted the language of their conquerors."

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