I am writing to express my interest in applying for a Master Degree Program in Brno at Masaryk University/Faculty of economics and administration

(Business management), starting in autumn 2011. I believe my educational background would enable me to make a strong contribution at this Faculty, in case I get selected. I am now in my 4th year of study at the University of Nis (Faculty of Economics), with the focus of my study being international economic relations and foreign trade. I am due to graduate till June/July 2011 from an International Management program. Since Faculty of economics and administration within Masaryk University close cooperates with the Research Centre for the Competitiveness of the Czech Economy I am aware that taking this course will surely fulfill my goals and expectations. Also in order to develop Serbian economy it is of significant importance to acquire successful practice and to implement them. That are some of the reasons that attracted me most to apply for this specifically faculty in order to take a part in researches with focus on real-time problems and situations. Possibility to specialize Marketing, was played a great role in my choosing on which university to apply. However, since Marketing is one of my fields of interests I found this course as a great combination of two permanent actual spheres, marketing and business management. Furthermore I have some experience in creating graphic solutions and preparing marketing activities during the projects that I have done in NGO sector. I have taken part in several projects with my professors, paying attention to an array of topics with great relevance for one successful economy, such as elements of economics (net national product and gross national product), international marketing, management of export affairs and many others. I am an active member of the Faculty of Economics’ student organization, AIESEC, and the NGO PMS. I have undertaken projects with all of these organizations (EU4U, Finance Education Seminar..). I have produced promotional materials in all of these projects, primarily in the form of the building and administration of websites and organizing promo activities. It is through working on such projects that I feel I have proven the potential of my organizational skills. Fundamentally, my major career goal is to become a recognized person in the sphere of international marketing, or at least to enter a profession closely related to this. If one wishes to follow such a career path, it is obligatory to possess extraordinary knowledge in this field, complimented by the necessary language and communicative skills. I feel that my achievements and acquired knowledge thus far provide a good base for my future cognitive and personal development. In intellectual terms, my goal is to bring my combined experience and theoretical knowledge to a company which takes on my services, and strive to do my best to improve the means by which business is conducted from marketing perspective.

As previously stated. I must express my optimism at the prospect of joining to this Master Program. In closing. I feel that I possess a range of creative ideas which could potentially contribute to the development of a given company and economy. taught from an marketing perspective. and the positive role that it could play in improving my abilities and pursuit of new skills. would offer me. If I am lucky enough to be selected for this scholarship. I would like to continue my studies in order to gain the knowledge and experiences that these master program. . I feel I will benefit from having the opportunity to learn from the best. but till now I have lacked the right tools for putting them in practice. with the act of studying in an international environment giving me the privilege of creating new relationships with people from different cultures. That is why I believe that this master program would be an excellent starting point for me.

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