ASP.NET Drawbacks of ASP 3.0 ASP.Net Architecture of ASP.NET Features of ASP.NET 2.

0 New features introduced in ASP.NET 2.0 In page technique Code behind page technique Tool Box


3 ADO.NET (Active X Data Objects for .NET) Disconnected model Connection Oriented model Connection Data Adapter Dataset (Typed, Untyped) Data View Command Data Reader Command Builder Common steps for data manipulations Object Data Source: Steps to project the data using disconnected model Steps to insert a record using disconnected model Steps to update the data using disconnected model Steps to delete the data using disconnected model SQL Data Source: Using Sql Data Source for projecting the data Customizing Grid view to project selected columns Using Sql Data Source for filtering the data in page wise Customizing Sql Data Source for filtering the data based on a condition Configuring Sql Data Source for manipulations Grid View Control: Customizing Grid View Control Customizing Grid View Control to project scroll bar Customizing Grid View Control to add controls dynamically at the runtime and to read the value from the Grid View Customizing Grid View Control for adding controls dynamically using the tools Globalization: Application level globalization Page level globalization Globalizing the web form based on browser settings Globalizing a web form based on user specifications Localization Style Sheets Syntax to define style sheet class Syntax to define style based on control id Skin Theme Security in ASP.Net: Forms authentication Customizing Create User Wizard control for accepting additional information

4 Windows authentication Basic authentication Digest authentication Integrated Windows authentication Passport authentication State Management Session level state management Sessions Enhancements of sessions in ASP.Net String database object information in the sessions To disable the sessions for any specific web form Cookie less Sessions (In process, Out process) Maintaining session information as a out process (i.e. Sql server database) Maintaining session information within state server Cookies In memory cookies / Temporary cookies / Non persistant cookies Permanent cookies / Persistent Cookies Application level state management Application. Lock () Application. Unlock () Working with Global.asax Page level state management HTML screen scraping Sending emails using ASP.NET 2.0 Intranet search using index server with ASP.NET 2.0 application Caching Page output cache Page fragmentation cache or partial page cache Web user control Substitution caching Data cache Cache Dependency Tracing Application Level Tracing Page Level Tracing Crystal Report Creating a basic crystal report To use Crystal Report Creating Crystal Report for accepting the parameters Master Pages To apply the master page for the existing web form Sitemap file To use a sitemap file Structure of web.sitemap file

5 Profiles To set To read XML Structure of an XML document Well formed XML document Valid XML document XML schema definition file Using .Net technology for generating valid XML document Methods to support XML document WriteXML WriteXmlSchema ReadXml ReadXmlSchema XML Parser DOM Parser Non validating DOM parser Validating DOM parser SAX Parser ASP.Net AJAX Evolution of web applications HTML Java Script Server side technology Applets Drawbacks of all the above web applications AJAX Pre requisites to work with ASP.Net AJAX To design ASP.Net AJAX web application Properties of XmlHttpRequest onreadystatechange readyState responseText responseXmlText Methods of XmlHtpRequest function() open(“GET or POST”, URL, Boolean) send(object) XML web services XML web service architecture HTTP SOAP SOAP Address or SOAP Envelope SOAP Request and SOAP Response SOAP Message

6 Data bindings between the SOAP protocol and HTTP protocol Steps to provide the security for web service using IP address restriction Web parts WebPartManager WebPartZone CatalogZone DeclarativeCatalogZone EditorZone AppearanceEditorZone LayoutEditorZone PropertyGridEditorZone Creating custom control for ASP.Net web application Web custom control To design the control To use the controls Websites: (11 to 2.30AM) Invisible mode. 98851 49767 (Night time 9 or 10 PM) 1st send sms and call. Month end notes download. Concentrate more on : ADO Security State management Caching

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