15-02-07. GAP SIGN OFF my SAP ERP – Plan, Build & Maintain. Ref Gap No.


While taking cost report, it will be useful if included the stock and the corresponding pending pr and po. -YMCR A transaction combination of these should give the details of jobs related to history in IW 28,pd related jobs, jobs that consumed more costs .Also the transaction should give the details of man hour used by mechanical. Catalogue to be corrected and reviewed. Duplications to be cleaned up. For viewing specific header to be corrected-QS41. Imported items PO display not available to view –ME23 Deleted PD type summation still reflects in Matrix -YMDT

Action Point Modification requested in report is under development. Daily report format received, under development.

Person Responsible SPECTRA SPECTRA

Target date



Correction will be carried out in the Masters by OCPL
Authorization to be extended on request



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Maintenance order type for service, PR to be reflected. ME 85,ME55. Breakdown failure analysis report - as per our existing report Equipment ranking to be made possible based on the No of failures, downtime, MTBF, Cost incurred, etc, among the same type of eqmts Failures trend reqd based on Eqmts, Functional locations, failure wise, etc., Expense trend reqd based on Eqmts, Functional locations, failure wise, etc.,

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Logic correction SPECTRA required in the report, to remove deleted data of PD notification, under development Need to explore the SPECTRA possibility adding additional field of maint.order type in the standard screens. . In SAP- standard report SPECTRA MCI7 is available.



In SAP- standard report MCI7 is available It is available inMCI8





Equmt history report to be made avaialble neglecting the routine activities Maint plan Vs actual Eqmtwise, functional location wise, activitiy wise & exception report also reqd Requisitioned name not displayed in YMCR. While creating notification in iw21, after entering the notification planner group and workcentre in JOB DETAILS field, these data getting vanished when we go to next field like "reported by" In existing SAP 4.6C, we are having a constraint in creating equipment under “functional location” for the equipment numbers suffixed with A. (Eg. SSR-708A, SSR-714A etc.) This situation arises only when there is replacement of equipment. Now, this repres Activity code,Task,Task text mandatory while raising notification. IN IW21 When entered in equipment field -- Ser data is showing Material code, which is ir-relevant to the equipment selected. Calibration Menu Shall have facility for List updation/ Scheduling/Reports Printout.


107 111

Required fields to be selected while taking report. It is available in change document in master data of equipment. It is available in master records of equipment, function location. Select order type and we can select columns as plan, actual costs. Or MCI8 Report under preparation SPECTRA Select the equipment in equipment field in Notification. OCPL





New mask id will be created.




Activity, task, will be made mandatory fields in Notification creation after confirmation from OCPL. To be shown by OCPL

Waiting for confirmation from OCPL.


Demo on Calibration plans for equipments on 1st week of March.


153 156

185 186

Calibration Reports for Different type of instruments are to be created and SAP should have facility to make changes in formats--User Level with Authorisation Password Room field mandatory in Location data in Notification type View of Pending PO shall be in first page view or columns can be increased Business completion is not closing if technically completed Transactions and facilities to be trained

After user training and familiar with calibration order

Mandatory field will be changed. It is available in MD04

Waiting for confirmation from OCPL

To do transaction KO88, authorization to be provided. Training request will be given by OCPL



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