緋弾のアリア . 1 .It's what she should be. kill. .. who is her childhood friend. any kind of housework and would be a good wife and a great mother to everyone. I quickly thought about the clues leading up to this incident:    Shirayuki. Lady Kanzaki H. I can't think of a reason why Shirayuki would be that angry! "Shirayuki! You. what did you misunderstand?" Dong! I just said half of the sentence when Aria suddenly kicked my back hard. Even I. don't understand her.Normally. Aria.... She would never be the kind of girl waving her Japanese sword while screaming : "I'll kill. kill Aria and then I'll commit seppuku!" . She is a modest classical Japanese girl with long and smooth black hair.. "Why me?! You got the wrong person!" Even the famous detective Sherlock Holmes the fourth. She's great in cooking.No I don't understand. who returned from training asked me: "Is it true that you're living with a girl?" and sent me a total of 49 mails to my cellphone Shirayuki herself rushed in here Shirayuki became like this immediately when she saw Aria .HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 1ST AMMO: ARMED SHRINE-MAIDEN Shirayuki Hotogi is a Yamato Nadeshiko. seems to not understand why someone would take her life.. But that's to be expected.

Woosh! A downward slash. think quickly about a solution to this! If it's not your fault. Volume 2 "Kinji. if she turns herself into that state. Paaa--! Aria stopped Shirayuki's sword with two hands. why would this kind of thing happen?" "Don't. in front of my eyes. this kind of person. fell down. she won't let it go. that's not good. you. Aria. since she was young. 2 . producing a clanking sound with the wooden sandals she's wearing. don't blame this on me!" "No! Kin-chan isn't wrong! It's Aria who's wrong! It's surely Aria who's wrong! Aria. who had been kicked out directly on the wall of the corridor.. there's no doubt that you're the combat skills master. In fact.緋弾のアリア . how can it be?! She.HIDAN NO ARIA I. (Bare. heading straight towards Aria's head. Shirayuki--she has already lost herself in anger. although I don't understand for what reason. Shirayuki has been occasionally like how she is right now. she really has the intention of killing someone! "Owww!" Aria screamed with a high-pitched voice like a rare cat. How. bare hand edge catch) It's the first time that I saw someone use this in a real fight. "Great Punishment---!!" Shirayuki let out a shrill scream and charged towards Aria. disappear for me--!" That's. According to my experiences.. The victims don't even know--the victims were all girls--why they were beaten up so miserably.

Tong! Shaa! Aria's skirt leaped and she immobilized Shirayuki's right arm with both of her legs. "S-Stop! Both of you stop!" Sooo! In front of the me who was screaming. and 'bing'. sends bullets flying from her pair of guns. under the destroyed sofa--. she collides with the room's sofa.緋弾のアリア . "You idiot woman!" Aria tightly held the sword with both of her hands. "Ah?!" Aria rolls out heavily. "I'm angry! I'm angryyyyyy! --I'll make you a windhole!" Ping! 3 . And 'bing'. Hey hey. you fox demon! Disappear quickly in front of my Kin-chan!" Shirayuki's legs fiercely send Aria flying. And. "Valetudo!?" Volume 2 Shirayuki seems to see through Aria's school of fighting and right away. Aria finds herself wrapped around her own backhand. my floor has already sunken down! "Wuuu~ Disappear! Disappear. fired up. and roughly smacked to the floor. very naturally blocks the bullets with her sword. the clogs stomp on the ground with a 'dong'. with a furious throw. Finally Aria. DangDang! Although Shirayuki. Kinji.HIDAN NO ARIA Hey. twists Shirayuki's right arm up. buried underneath. it isn't the time to admire this.

"Kin-chan!" "Kinji!" I ignore the screams of the two of them. klaaaaa--! Both sides are on the defensive. dives out from the sofa's wreckage with great speed. And it's bulletproof. This kind of monstrous battle. opened the cabinet and. While shooting until the cartridges are empty. 4 . That's why.緋弾のアリア .Do as you please.. ". The fighting genius.don't know what to do.. Shirayuki the mad warrior.went in.walk out of the room. stab this woman from behind! That way you'll never get to see her again!" "Kinji! Quickly come cover me! You're my partner!" Being asked for help from the two of them at the same time-I already. I pass by the two of them glaring at each other. and go to the balcony.I. and collides against Shirayuki's sword..... So.. Aria. why do I come to the balcony? Because there's a cabinet here. and.. Fight until you two are pleased. Aria rushes close to Shirayuki-because the bullets were all blockedShhh. she takes out two short swords. as if she was launched by a catapult.. open the ground window.. "Kin-chan. You ask me. klakla.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Aria. Kla!!! Just like her nickname. " I hold my pained head. kla... can a normal high school student like me stop it? The answer is obviously NO.

there's an SSR. Nevertheless users of supernatural abilities should technically exist. which is still not completely understood. you can call me a spineless guy.. you understand that the mikos of the Hotogi are very strong. Even though there's still some doubt about them. As you see Shirayuki. That's why Shirayuki can carelessly block bullets. And her source of energy. It is said that no matter which place's shrine. If you want. something I have only done once before in Hysteria Mode. I sighed heavily. So Shirayuki. . ancestral post or shrine maiden. Although in Shirayuki's house. I still want to go to a normal school and then become a normal adult some day. there are always people shouldering the mission of the gods.緋弾のアリア . escaping from this impossible reality. Do as you please... 5 . there seemed to be a problem and it turned into an armed protection agency. supernatural abilities are becoming more and more important to Butei. It seems that they are trained by the secret researchers of the special institutions in every country. But wouldn't anyone cherish his own life? Volume 2 Hotogi mikos are also known as armed-shrine maidens. So even in Butei High. Haaa.Supernatural. seems to be some kind of "supernatural ability". because it is so difficult to analyze. A butei who uses supernatural abilities is called a 'choutei'[1]. who is already a gifted student.HIDAN NO ARIA Decide to close the cabinet's door. --It's too abnormal... is currently developing an ability that surpasses those of normal humans. You don't believe me? I don't want to believe it either. . the Hotogi shrine.

That's how I think.. Her eyes that look like beautiful Obsidian.. "I..haa." Both of Aria's knees are on the floor. The walls are all marked by bullets and sword cuts. start to moisten. put it in my pocket and quietly . 6 .. quickly go down. The battle outside seems to have stopped. sheathes her sword. "Haa.. who finally seems to notice me. "--Kin-chan-sama!" Shirayuki. "You. I have been pulled deeply into the supernatural world. That's why her sword is stuck in my floor. is there a winner yet? It looks like a tie. Those are the world's rules. if Kin-chan-sama abandons me. And the earthquake and typhoon girls' hair is all messed up. " The way she speaks makes it harder for me to understand. because of Aria.. fox. and she uses both her arms to support her body. and panting heavily.. I'll die as apology.stubborn. their clothes are in chaos and their bodies are covered by dust and sweat. fox demon.緋弾のアリア . and she holds her face..You're really." When both sides stop fighting because of exhaustion.. a third party comes as a mediator. it's you. "Huh.. I'll immediately kill Aria and commit seppuku. It looks like an earthquake and a typhoon hit it at the same time..to check whether it is over. as an apology towards you.. and now I'm urging them to make peace.. I close my cellphone. These two great bishoujos are both wounded and exhausted....HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Though recently. fox. The scene of my room almost made me pass out." Shirayuki uses her sword to hold herself up. barely standing.. haa. and my furniture is all scattered in pieces on the floor.who should quickly.Haa.quietly sneak out from my bulletproof cabinet. if. and dizzily sits on the floor..

. I-I-I-I. don't think that because you look like lovers you can do whatever you want. and not inside. poisonous woman!" Shirayuki says this while throwing me away -clang!. That way the two of them use all their strength and the chain sickle becomes tense.. " "He would be the same even if you were braver." "It's my fault. but even if you put male and female mice in a basket. that's why Kin-chan you have. "A-A-Aria only wants to play with you.to abandon or not?" Volume 2 "But. "Lo-Lovers!?" Shla! the chain sickle that Shirayuki took out wraps Aria's left arm that holds the black M1911.. her face -huu!. by a woman outside. Aria! Isn't he your lover?!" 7 .became completely red as she shouted loudly. I don't have any courage. been. "I. I didn't even think about it! I've never looked forward to it.what's that.HIDAN NO ARIA And also...and takes out a chain sickle from her sleeve. don't care about something like love!" Aria. but also you skipped too much!" Shirayuki quickly lifts her crying face after she hears me say these impatient words.. "Don't. I say. don't grab my collar.緋弾のアリア . who is greatly scared about topics related to love. "The kind of things like love--it's simply wasting time. Kin-chan! Absolutely!" "Hey. the number will still increase!" "Not only do I not understand. what the hell is "Kin-chan-sama"? There are two honorific suffixes. don't say rubbish! I. and never looked for it! I don't even look forward to it!" Why did you need to say it three times? "So what's Kin-chan to you." Aria says viciously from beside her. I didn't do it. "You.

緋弾のアリア - HIDAN NO ARIA "We don't have that kind of a relationship!" Says Aria in a high-pitched tone. "Kinji is my slave! He is only my slave!" "S-S-Slave...?"

Volume 2

Shirayuki's face becomes completely white after she hears this, her mouth opened widely. Afterward, she thought about something similar, and her face becomes as red as fire. In fact her temper is also urgent. "You, you actually...already with Kin-chan, played these kinds of forbidden games--!" "You, youyouyou, what the heck are you saying! It's not like this!" "It's definitively true! I already thought about the same thing the other way, so I know it all!" "Nononononononnnn-ooo--! Kinji!" Shaaa! Aria, still fighting over the chains with Shirayuki, with her purple eyes, glares at me fiercely. "It is 100% your fault that this weird woman became mad! Quickly think of a solution to this! Or else you'll regret it!" I'm already doing it. "...Uhh, that. Hey... Shirayuki, you first." "Yes." Shirayuki immediately let go of the chain and sits in Seiza before me. Tong! Because of what Shirayuki did, Aria fell to the ground and looked towards the sky. It's better to ignore her for now. "Listen to me, Aria and I, we are only forming a temporary Butei team." "Is it?"


緋弾のアリア - HIDAN NO ARIA "Yes, Shirayuki. You, you should know what's my nickname? Say it." "...Misogynist." "Yep." "And, inept." "It's got nothing to do with what's happening now." "Ah, yes." Don't say superfluous nicknames. It will make things more complicated.

Volume 2

"Now you should understand. Your anger, which I don't understand, is only a misunderstanding, without any meaning. How could I, with this kind of dwarf elementary school girl, - windhole have that kind of relationship? " Aria interrupted me in the middle of my sentence, but has still been ignored by me. "But, but...Kin-chan." Hmm? The always obedient Shirayuki, rarely talks back to me. "What?" "That one..." She raises her slender jade finger and points to my pants' pocket. That..., it is the doll I caught with the doll-catching machine, the cat-fan animal, 'leopon', the cellphone attachment, was exposed. This doll is a little bit big, so even if it's placed in the pocket with the cellphone, it'll still be exposed. But... What's the problem with it? I only see Shirayuki's finger, turning toward the already sitting Aria's skirt pocket. There... it was as if the leopon was saying 'hello', also has his claws and head exposed.


緋弾のアリア - HIDAN NO ARIA

Volume 2


緋弾のアリア - HIDAN NO ARIA "It's actually a pair-look--!"

Volume 2

Shirayuki starts shouting, Waaaaaaaaah!, and tears start spurting from both eyes like a fountain. "Pair-look?" Without realizing that this century had anglicism, Aria's eyebrows slightly frown. "Pair-look is what lovers do between them! I, I, I too have dreamed of it numerous times!" "I--say--! Didn't I just tell you that my relationship with Kinji isn't that kind of thing! With this idiot, I don't even have one micro-micro-gram of that kind of relationship with him!" Aahhh... The peace talk can finally begin. But I say, what does micro-micro-gram mean? "Shirayuki." I turn to Shirayuki, put my hands on her shoulders, and look straight into her eyes. "You, don't believe what I just said?" Shirayuki, seeing me act a bit serious, wipes away her tears that could not stop falling. "N, No. I believe, I believe in you..." Finally, in our third denial, her attitude softens. And, wiping her tears, she raises her head, looks at me, and then looks at Aria. "So, so, between Kin-chan and Aria, you two didn't do that kind of thing?" She asks us coolly. "What's 'that kind of thing'?" "For example, kiss..." Kiss. Is it? Is it kiss? 11

while saying this." Aria and I look down... flashing.. hey. I." "." --I? "I DIDN'T GET PREGNANT!" Finishes Aria's sentence. Volume 2 That--in accordance with the truth. and flashing. straightens up her fake chest that wouldn't become bigger anyway. from the other side..緋弾のアリア . don't. Her expression disappears in front of my eyes. BUT!" Shaa! Lady Aria.. forcefully. "You. I-I.. she opens her mouth and closes it..it. it wasn't because of love. And.. stands up fiercely for a reason I don't know. Aria's face looks like messaging red traffic lights.?" Shirayuki's pupils.did.HIDAN NO ARIA ". enlarges. Ha Ha Ha.. "B-but.. Speechlessly.... don't worry!" Don't worry? "I just checked it yesterday! I. stares hardly at me. and makes a Ha Ha. I should answer 'Yes'. hey Shirayuki! That action right now is Rated-R! "I-It's true we did that kind of thing. but it was only an emergency measure in the battle against Riko... don't.didn't you.. 12 . Hey... and turn slowly with a stone-like expression. Ah. Waaaahahaha laugh. Don't turn the hard questions to me.

"--Shirayuki!?" Gong! Like this. who.. because father he.. Aria. said that you would get pregnant after you kiss.Clang. . you should give your child a sexual education! "This kind of thing couldn't result in you being pregnant! Even an elementary schoolgirl would know that!" "What's that!? Then tell me how you would get pregnant!? Say it!" "Who.. Shuuuu.you irresponsible bastard! Don't you know how I was stressed in the dark after you did that?" "Why would you be stressed!" "Be.would. .. The funeral clock rings....Why. stupid!" "Surely you don't know!" "I know!" 13 . A soul that looks like Shirayuki flies away from her body..緋弾のアリア .. when I was young.. Aria confidently folds her arms together." It wouldn't be! Hey. "A.she become pregnant.HIDAN NO ARIA As if. everyone from the Holmes family! At least. Shirayuki falls down behind while sitting. you--why would you suddenly bring pregnancy into the conversation!" Volume 2 "You.... I heard that. making a 'How is it?' expression. who would tell you..

she vanished from the house. In Japanese "Chounouryoku" means "supernatural ability" or "super ability" and can be also translated into "psychic ability".緋弾のアリア . hey.. Wuuuu!.. stupid!" Volume 2 While we were fighting with our faces blushing and our ears red. which I don't know when she regained consciousness-Like smoke. The "Chou" from "Chounouryoku" is combined with the "tei" from "Butei" to form the name "Choutei" (ie: Superbutei). how did it turn into this? NOTES 1. 14 . Hey. Shirayuki.HIDAN NO ARIA "Then tell me!" "Devil would tell you. the foreheads close to hitting together. This affair.

is very popular with the girls. a cool guy in front of my eyes asked me. After Shiranui sat down. and quickly hides. since not only is he cool. And he didn‟t forget to apologize. and since the battle against Aria.23 MODO with an installed laser aiming lens. “Tohyama-kun. she quickly returned to the one who furiously kicks. Hah. the Assault‟s Shiranui Ryo. since she‟s the forgetful kind. Although that‟s weird—before I was tied up with Aria. In the past. she becomes like a bashful animal with a great sense of vigilance. it‟s obviously separated like light and darkness. one day. she constantly acts strange every time she sees me. he replaced my plate. Like this. this Shiranui guy. He‟s really a good guy. His Butei level is A. during lunch. This can‟t be helped. while I was always sticking together with Muto and Shiranui after school. It‟s a bright handsome guy who asked. and seems to acknowledge that her physiology knowledge is wrong. ……Also. blushing. he appeared in front of me. every time she sees me. Shiranui‟s integration capacity is high. and while Aria was eating her peach bun which she brought. His face showing an elegant smile. Shirayuki is clearly avoiding us.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 2ND AMMO: EDGE CATCHING If you want to ask what happened to Aria and Shirayuki. but he is also a rare polite person in Butei High. Can I sit here?” While I was eating my steak enthusiastically in the school‟s canteen. which he had pushed with his own when he placed it down. a Mk. 15 . However. And on the other side……after that event. she would always take care of me. That is why for a period of time after. fiercely stamps.緋弾のアリア . Labeling her “One should learn everything by searching by oneself”. Even though there are different aspects involved in an A ranking. and often shoots multiple bullets at me for trivial things. whether I was bothered by it or not. nodding to me. Before. The reliability of the gun he chose is very high. but I never heard that he had a girlfriend. dagger handling or shooting aspects can all be relied on. Aria started to explore the secret of life creation by men and women. he was often in the same team as I. Barehanded. please forget me.

and is renowned for the transport tools. “Hotogi-san looks very depressed. put his plate on the table. no. (T/L note: . and then with thorn-like hair. so normally no Butei would use it.HIDAN NO ARIA “Kinji. Shiranui said that he saw her doing flower divination in the greenhouse. Additionally. and it cannot equip a suppressor. Muto. trivial affairs spread abnormally quickly. Her pair of twin tails move like the drumsticks of a rattle drum. 16 . “I don‟t know. this guy chose to use a Colt Python revolver. what actually happened?” “What could happen between Shirayuki and I… by the way. He is the ace of Logi. Although the gun‟s loading capacity is small. If you dare escape I‟ll run you over.” “What does “flower divination‟ mean?” “It‟s pretty popular. Reports. a skilled driver that can operate anything from a car to a nuclear submarine. “What “called‟?” “Kinji. Even though he isn‟t a bad guy. for the ease of maintaining it.” Volume 2 Another one pushed aside my plate. he's too wild. Aria?” Aria. did you have a fight with Hotogi-san?” …No wonder this is Butei High. Do you know. who was sitting in front of me. did you see Shirayuki?” “This morning. I heard that you‟re called. You. Also. But Muto.357 magnum caliber). no girls like Muto.緋弾のアリア . why is your face showing displeasure.” Shiranui‟s handsome eyebrows eased and said. shook her head with an “I don‟t know” expression on her face when she was asked. He is Muto Gouki.

“Tohyama-kun. That Yamato Nadeshiko is really a rare product from heaven. but the relationship between Shirayuki and me isn‟t that kind. the two girls fought against each other…is it? Because of Kanzaki-san. And very cheerfully. “Even though she noticed me seeing her. I'd like to tell everyone why Aria looks so calm.” Woahwoahwoah! 17 . It is because her mouth is full of peach buns.” Aaah. It would make that brat overreact. counting while saying „loves me-loves me not-loves me-loves me not‟…that kind. I heard that Kanzaki-san was furiously jealous. and shot at Hotogi-san. It‟s taking a flower and peeling off the petals one by one. Tohyamakun and Kanzaki-san were progressing smoothly. the sound of Aria choking on the peach buns resound. But it seems that she cried… Tohyama. It was actually that.緋弾のアリア . and so.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 By the way. you should‟ve heard about it. we are all talking about Tohyama-kun in Assault. why did you two break up? Did your love towards her already cool off?” Wuuu. the preparation bell for the first period rang…so the divination was interrupted. is it? This has often been the reason to get rid of the other one. We are only childhood friends. Based on my deduction. it seems. …Love shouldn‟t be a subject that can‟t be easily mentioned. I didn‟t think that there would be people nowadays who still did the things like they were done in the Showa era.” “Childhood friends. “Say… I don‟t know how things became like this.

緋弾のアリア .HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 18 .

what are you going to do about the Adseard sport event. and is the international high school competition. you just spoke about when the preparation bell rang. You surely saw wrong. you. Aria‟s cheeks turned red instantly. for---sure. you---PERVERT!” For some reason. and that time she didn‟t even salute me and entered the women‟s bathroom. Shiranui. “…Oh. I‟m sorry. so I decided to change the topic. Muto…his face showed that he wanted to ask something. it should be Shiranui. but it was difficult to say. “You. Haven‟t you been chosen as a representative?” Adseard sport event—a yearly international Butei competition. but I saw Shirayuki in the normal campus walking in the hallway. As for the other one. That move is too weird.” I didn‟t want to be asked about Shirayuki. I don't need your advice. Shiranui. If you want to beat up someone.” You don‟t need to deny it that forcefully. Muto‟s face being weird is something normal anyway. Also. He turned his head. she punched me in the face. and that made me stop investigating any further. so it‟s like that. Well. 19 . These are my real heartfelt words. “Ah.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Kanzaki H. That means Tohyama-kun has an opportunity of reconciling with Hotogisan?” “What do you mean by reconcile? Say. For sure. it isn‟t like what you said. It wasn‟t because I was jea-jealous that I chased out Shirayuki. Hey. and whispered in Aria‟s ears „Tohyama-kun is really in a bad mood‟ or something like that.” “You‟re right. Kinji and I are only companions. “You. It isn‟t something about love. reconciling or not.緋弾のアリア . something like the Olympics. and she swallowed the peach bun in one gulp.” Shiranui made a godfather-like smile and apologized to me. “I‟ll clearly tell you. for sure.

” “So will you help with the festivities? What have you decided on?" "I'll be a cheerleader during the closing ceremony. (?) “What will you do in the Adseard competition.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Although this is obviously different from the normal Olympics. Aria?” “I won‟t be participating in it. It's slang for Butei. What should I do?” Shiranui released a listless sigh that could make girls fall for him. not knowing the meaning of the word 'Taboo'. a combination of swordsmanship and marksmanship in a cheerleading routine. called themselves "Cheerleaders"." Aru=Kata[2]." 20 . since I‟m only a substitute. right?" "Ah. so it‟s overflowing with the smell of gunpowder. so you should help me. And opposite of him. "Kinji is my partner. all the dancers are girls. inconspicuously. it would turn out better. Even though they choose me as a member for the gun team. So." "Cheerleader.” “I still haven‟t made my final decision. I refused..it's as good as anything.. Although I'm average. You don't have anything else to do.? Oh. Muto had his mouth full of Yakisoba bread. It could be that the organizers thought that if the dancers were cute. ahh. as well as a parade." This festival was originally supposed to make "Butei" more popular among the people who didn't like them... and still had some fried noodles around his jaws.” “Are you helping out with the festivities? What do you want to do? That's something you can‟t do. you mean Aru=Kata.緋弾のアリア ... “I shouldn‟t appear on scene. it's the Italian word for [Weapon] fused with the Japanese word for [Form]. "Music. huh. And the boys play instruments in the back. dressed up like cheerleaders. And the girls in Butei High. since this competition has Assault and Snipe.

Riko. Also. Well. then I will too. "Other than Adseard. you know?" "I don't need such things that are so far in the future. who regrettably managed to escape from us during the plane-jacking incident.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "Ah." 21 . who is her partner--I carry the same fate. I'll do it. or even start your own private Butei office. Kanzaki Kanae-san. Muto-kun?" said Shiranui. Although I feel that that was just something she said to provoke me.. To save her mother. I can't take my own sweet time to practice for the competition. "But. who should have died. Hey. a cruel fate.Kanzaki-chan... "A band? It shouldn't be too bad. Why don't you come too. Not only will you receive a scholarship for Butei University.. There's something I need to do right now." Muto agreed too. who carries false charges.. then you're set for life.. Alright. is alive. is the person who killed my brother. to be honest. I will take revenge. I have some doubts. Probably saving her mother. you never have any plans of your own.緋弾のアリア . it's a shame that you refused to be part of the marksmanship team. for me. I'm in no place to lecture them. you always just go with the flow like this. while looking at Muto and me. that's. If Tohyama-kun is doing it. but did you know? If you get a reward at Adseard." Something she has to do. Riko Mine Lupin the 4th is one of them--she has to spend all her time and constantly risk herself to capture them.said my brother. Aria carries the heavy responsibility of tracking down and defeating the real culprits--the "Butei Killer" that we fought earlier.. You two. I will finish it.. For that matter at least. And Riko. Kanae-san. but you'll also be employed more often. From her firm voice. flashing a smile as gentle as the spring breeze. This may be common knowledge. You could easily join a Butei Section.

Damn it. 7:00 AM.緋弾のアリア . he looked back and forth between Aria and I. and came to the agreed place extremely early. who had put two guns to my head last night.." Hey. I followed Aria's orders.Tu-tuning? Are you two playing some sort of weird game.42 meters." to herself. "Who am I?" I turned my head to face Aria. I brought this upon myself. The morning of the following day.. who had just covered my eyes with her hands. And Aria.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Aria. you're my slave. who continued to speak. I shouldn't have talked about Adseard. who appeared to have just thought up this amazingly horrible idea... you'll exercise with me every morning. SoSo cute.. how do you plan on 'tuning' me?" "About that.... 22 . clutched her arms to herself." ". happily whispered "Mm. didn't you say I was your partner just now? Once you're happy then I'm demoted back to slave? "Anyways. of course I'll call it tuning. and stretched her upper body backwards. She appeared to be trying to gain some height so she could look down on me properly.. It's a shame that you're only 1.. staying silent..?" Muto's face started twitching. From tomorrow onwards. tuning you is more important.You're saying exactly the same thing as Shirayuki. good idea." *whisper* Aria. ".Mmm-. "Kinji.why can't you just say training in front of other people?" "Shut up..

or a star. whose hands are on her waist. The creator was Moron Muto). and I could see Aria's creamy white skin through it.緋弾のアリア . really... "Th. who had dropped down on her heels with a thump. as expected of the Butei High uniform.that outfit. On the sleeveless blouse.. it was bullet shaped." Volume 2 Aria. Butei High's cheerleading outfit had a rarely seen black design. You're full of openings. what is it?" 23 . this opening would be a heart. I didn't expect that you'd be caught so easily. Normally. I carefully looked down at her skirt.HIDAN NO ARIA "Aah.. It was so short that it would definitely show off Gunchira (the moment where one can see the guns hidden beneath the skirt. However. there was a hole at the chest area. Was in a cheerleading outfit.

HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 24 .緋弾のアリア .

Then. There has to be a limit to your stupidity. is a 'Key' to unlock your abilities. she decided to solve the matter of her own training at the same time. we won't waste as much time. "An S rank in Assault also carries the connotation that." "Only in your heart.. and you're able to use them sometimes." Aria said with the air of a teacher. 'Why are you dressed up like that?'" "Then why didn't you just come out and say that. However. 25 ." Seeing Aria reach for her guns. what am I going to do?" "Ahem. ".HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "Isn't it obvious? It's a cheerleading outfit of course. but it also annoys me a little. and cleared her throat. looking around the room otherwise devoid of people. idiot? This was for the cheerleading practice that I'll be doing while tuning you. you are an S rank Butei.'" How is that possible? "You have those skills. an exchange student. "In my heart. for the sake of my continued existence. you know?" "You have no right to tell me that. would find a deserted place like this to train me so quickly. I didn't think that Aria. Also. I was asking you. Though really.緋弾のアリア . This is--a place in one of the corners of the artificial island where Butei High lies. If I do both at the same time." "Don't just interrupt me. right?" Aria said. So what we need. with a satisfied expression. It's a narrow piece of land between the back of Rainbow Bridge's huge signpost and the stadium. I shut up." ChiAria[3] postured gracefully. you don't have a way to draw out your latent power. she's exactly like a child. you 'as one person. She may be extremely cute.. called "Signposts". have the same abilities as a person in special forces.

that got me thinking. you have but a spoonful of brains." "That's right." Oh Aria. Hey." "So that's what it is. However. I knew that even in her dreams. "I learned about this on the internet and in books. Hysteria Mode isn't something like a psychogenic effect. is that key. according to my investigation after the plane-jacking--you have schizophrenia. at most. don't worry. Rather. I've got to do things in order. you guessed wrong.緋弾のアリア . Which means that it's completely different from schizophrenia." "That isn't it! If you slash me with that I'll be cut into pieces!" "Anyways. she drew the wakizashi hidden in her back with a *CHI!* "--Ah. deciding to let her continue on this line of thought." Schizophrenia." "You changed during the bike-jacking and plane-jacking incident. So. in your head." "So--the first stage of our special training is to constantly put you in a situation where you feel the pressure of battle!" Aria finished speaking. "So.. and although she was dressed like this. Please continue to investigate in the completely wrong direction. it's one that affects the nervous system. and you can only change into that during the heat of battle. huh? Hehe. "Isn't that right? You should be able to understand now. wait!" "What? I'll use my guns on you later. right?" 26 . you probably received some trauma when you were young that caused you to create another personality. Though. after all. It's pretty interesting. Aria couldn't possibly guess that she herself..I pretended to be listening to her intently.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Although.

HIDAN NO ARIA Aria said those infuriating words casually. "1: You. using a speed which I couldn't follow. who is in Idiot Kinji Mode right now. they've got to be insane." So. Fu. who is in Idiot Kinji Mode right now.then I'm sure that the English government would investigate her DNA for the sake of the country's reputation.. until you wake up and fight back.緋弾のアリア . "So." "Fight back.. counter skills. sliced down towards my shoulder with her wakizashi..'" Aria's voice had just faded when she held up her wakizashi." "Counter skills?. 27 . That's what I think. "Wai--" She swung faster than I could shout "Wait!" Kich! The sound of the blade slicing through wind brushed past my ear. Volume 2 "This training involves putting pressure on you. What's that?" "First up is 'Edge Catching.?" "You still don't understand? You're hopeless. A methodical training.. Really. so just stand there and listen to what I'm saying. Now. she withdrew the blade before it touched me. This is the plan that allows you to be so patronizing? Your naivete is at the level of mental retardation. that's how it is. Then I'll explain this step by step. If she declares herself as the descendant of the world famous detective. what you should learn is. --However. OK?" If somebody really cries and cleans out their ears at the same time.. while crying and cleaning out your ears. and is the ideal order of events. Aria.. 2: will awaken in combat. Sherlock Holmes the 4th. 3: and then fight back. I didn't see it at all.

Kinji is much nicer when he's obedient. I started to imagine catching Aria's sword.. You can move your hands in reality.Imagine?" "That's right. I'm starting the countdown: 9 minutes and 59 seconds.I'll do as you say.. "So." 28 .. observing me. As punishment. I got it. I'm decreasing your time by 30 seconds!" . ". EU..Are these Aria's rules? You're exactly like a dictator." Aria looked up with those camellia eyes. returned the blades to the sheath on her back. "Alright. smiling like an older sister. who was speechless. OK?" Aria said. You have 10 minutes." Fyuu.. well. Good boy.. and without any other options. and imagine catching it in your hands. wafted towards me. Edge Catching is a basic skill for Butei. "Alright.Anyways. Aria. if you like. imagine the scene just now 500 times. You have to master it... who got my mother arrested.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 That light Gardenia scent. "Alright. looks like I'm really hopeless.it's just like image training?" "What did you think? Did you think it would be imagining pimples appearing on your face?" "I got it.. 58. Aria." "You're banned from saying anything unnecessary.. Think of the slashing movement just now. at me. It's like image training for boxing.Being treated like a child. finally satisfied. nodded.緋弾のアリア . following the wind that Aria's movements created. I won't be able to do it anyways. with a sophisticated flowing movement. apparently has an expert swordsman in their ranks. . ". Kich." "I'm doing it. anyways.." I sighed heavily.. I'm doing it. First up.

all alone. I turned to look. I'm not doing it because she's cute. Now that I think about it. Aria took an iPod out of her skirt.HIDAN NO ARIA I lightly sighed. There's no way that I'll become an Ally of Justice. While slowly.. She started dancing.) Volume 2 However this seems like I'm just urging myself on. becoming fierce. but with her strawberry-blond hair shaking.. Although I'm not interested in cheerleading routines.on the touchscreen of the iPod. the movements turn into Martial Arts' [Kata]. a video was playing. After all. with a normal life--I haven't given that up. and signed up for the band. who followed Aria's instructions. I. Tap." Therefore.. and walked a little away from me. This dance starts off the same as a normal routine--Tap. and living as a normal person.. That was a video of a demonstration of Aru=Kata.. or because I like her. she turned around. I don't care about the key to Hysteria Mode. I've made this decision before. tap tap.." Aria said to herself. the other thing I decided on--changing to a normal school. Aria's movements made even an amateur like me think that she was an awesome cheerleader. It's only because "Great men keep their promises.. 29 .that's cute. While I was thinking this and doing image training...緋弾のアリア . Ooh! She's pretty good. Tap tap. (I'll just do what Aria wants.. also received a video from the Adseard Preparation Committee. "Mmm. nor do I understand them.

Aria raised her Pom Poms. "If you look at the principles..緋弾のアリア . "Then why are you looking?" "Wh-why do you care?" 30 . Pui pui pui. her twin tails swishing in the air as she stared back at me. If I just look at her appearance. practicing her cheerleading. she really is amazing at whatever she does. Even if I'm not sure what exactly it's affecting. I don't really want to look at you dancing. On the other hand.she's pretty attractive. to fix it. Aria. It seemed as if she wasn't embarrassed. They would just think she's slightly willful. "I'm not juggling. since she was wearing bloomers. "Why were you staring at me so intently just now? How filthy. on her waist.Kinji?" Aria suddenly stopped." Actually.. "Hey. Pui pui pui. so she continued with her movements casually.. and those camellia eyes bore into me. It really makes me think that she's just a normal girl.. still holding Pom Poms." Hmph! Aria put her hands. kicked one leg towards the sky. after having been staring at Aria so long.. forming a POSE. I thought that even if she were practicing in a normal high school. and flashed a [☆] smile. However. but her cheeks started reddening. yet full of energy. still holding Pom Poms.. she noticed that her skirt was a little uplifted. a cheerleading routine is like juggling. I felt a little bad and turned my head away. you know?" I'm not sure why she became embarrassed. the effect was twice as that of normal. not panties.. continuing to switch from swords to guns. and even though she's just smiling as part of the performance.. However.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Since that's the case. nobody would think she's abnormal.Aria. Those Eichornia eyes which are always flared in anger. letting the cute Aria dance while wearing a cheerleader's uniform. and she used her hands. right? And anyways.

HIDAN NO ARIA ". "Kinji. I still have some subjectrelated work to do." ". after all." 31 . Aria.. It's like being hit with an iron bar. Aria said. I'm going to stay in Inquesta and continue my peaceful life.. "We'll start slowly. did you do your image training properly? There's only 5 minutes left before I start the reverse edge training. "I'll say this in advance." "Reverse edge?" It would still hurt a lot. but I won't be training with you after school. If you force me to go back to that suicide squad.." "I didn't say anything yet." AhWhat's with this atmosphere? Volume 2 "Let's forget about that for now. and exited the Inquesta school building...This is also. I won't return to Assault.." Aria came running out of the sunset.." "Also. I think that a lot of English words and History dates were knocked loose by her. while smirking sinisterly. But. Damn it.緋弾のアリア . which were still painful even after school." I massaged my muscles.. Even if she used reverse edge. I won't be your partner anymore. It appears that she was lying in ambush at the Inquesta entrance again. she still beat me up so mercilessly. that sadist. we will slowly get faster-" Hehe. "Ouch. don't get scared. Before I switch schools next year.

she really looked all over the planet." ." "What is it?" "Ahh. Also. I'm fine if you say things like that. today. "But. you know. if I refuse her three times.. who was pouring an endless stream of chatter about dangerous objects which I had no desire to hear about in my ears. Assault had a practice session against throwing knives--" Aria. looked everywhere. recently." "Ah Kinji. never~mind. And. she flashed a brilliant smile at me.HIDAN NO ARIA "I still haven't said anything... After all. seemed to be quite happy.this Aria who was always alone." Volume 2 Aria pretended to not hear my cutting remarks. saying.緋弾のアリア ." 32 . turning her head. but I'm the only one able to be her partner. Plus this isn't an exaggeration. Sherlock Holmes.. Just like that famous detective. and turning around. Kinji. Aria's bloodline--the Holmes family--all thought that they could only draw out their full power with a partner by their side. The reason was very clear. "Hey.Well. Although.. then she'll definitely "make me some holes. this girl who was called an [Aria]. she went to the bus stop. we're going to train tomorrow too. I'm your partner. Probably because I'm acting more and more like her partner. --The me in Hysteria Mode-Although I can't always activate that power. she finally found one in Tokyo's Butei High. who had John H Watson by his side.." "You're annoying. Therefore.

as we walked up the road.? Wouldn't it be better to find at least two." Damn it. that can only be bought from Ameyoko. you know. "Look at this. would turn around to check whether I was still there. Aria. I'll be satisfied.. I. I'm going to hit you tomorrow too. Then go drink some. I should've known that she wouldn't listen to what I was saying.." "Drinking that kind of thing. I'm fine with just you.. a common herb of the Ephedra family. Going there is extremely troublesome too." "You'll be fine if you take an aspirin. it's very far from either railway station. as long as I have a partner that can keep up with me." "I'm out. was driving me crazy." Aria suddenly called out to me. "I don't need any companions. ". shouldn't you start looking for another companion. Also. I'm fine. "Anyways. you're exactly like an old man. maybe three people and form a squad?" Moreover.." 33 . I was originally able to fight alone. Also.. I was hoping she would find someone able to protect this girl. I'm going to have to take care of this girl forever? Faced with this unavoidable fate. She stopped in front of Masters." "Kinji. The pharmacy is right between Ueno and Okachimachi.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 The sailor uniform's skirt would flutter from time to time." That I know too well.head hurts. Doesn't that mean.緋弾のアリア .. I got hit by you so many times.. They add Pueraria." "The only thing that can cure my headaches and colds is the Yamato product 'Special Pueraria Syrup'. "Also. I'm not good at getting along with others. once I finish with your tuning.." "Special? What does that mean?" "It means they concentrate the original ingredients. So. who like just now.

. and she said. had a completely and utterly perfect life. I didn't expect that the averaging above 75-honors student. arts and crafts club president. "I wouldn't do something low like complaining to the teachers about my own problems.. Di-did you report the assault from Shirayuki to the masters?" "--I'm nobility.Are you serious?" Huh? 34 . "Aria. Aria.緋弾のアリア . student council president.." Ah--...That's certainly rare. Even if she's the one who provoked me. who other than from the event where she assaulted Aria.no.. and find her weakness!" You. used her slender finger to press her mouth. the Shirayuki..HIDAN NO ARIA "." Aria's camellia eyes stared at me.." Placing her own craziness on the shelf.would be summoned.didn't you just say that nobility wouldn't stoop this low? "Weakness.. Volume 2 "Calling a student 2nd year SSR B Group Hotogi Shirayuki" The Masters want Shirayuki to drop by? .. she turned towards me. on the roof.what are you thinking of doing? Shirayuki hasn't approached you since. Like Aria said.. "--We have to investigate this matter. this is a good opportunity to get away from that crazy girl.What?" I looked at the public notice that Aria was pointing at. Don't underestimate me... that really is worthy of praise.... gardening club president." ". by my side. "Kinji. As I was feeling a little surprised.

. the most horrifying thing yet. I can feel something from a different door.. "I received a letter with 'VIXEN!' on it.. and then I noticed that there was a device set up with piano wire! And also. and my phone calls are broken off as if somebody is listening in--" . every time I'm alone.." Facing Aria. you and I are. and there's even traps!" .Good? "Not long ago..... I opened a drawer on my wardrobe. "At the bottom of normal stairs. I can feel somebody hiding there. not noticing this at all. frowning at me-Ordered me to do something.--I wouldn't be able to get my clothes without reaching inside. knowing that--well. but inside there are the terrifying "3 danger zones. 35 . they put the trap exactly where my head would be!" That.. a dart will come out of nowhere. If the small Aria didn't notice.. water will suddenly start pouring down...." They are.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "Recently.isn't a joke anymore.. who was in a rage. That kind of dangerous device is only learned by those in Assault year 3 or Lezzad.. as well as a picture of a fox drawn on it!" I still think that that's a little cute. because of my height. and reached her head in then with a "KCH!".. "Kinji." .. While Shirayuki is summoned by the Masters. "--Anyways! That woman hates me to the very soul! And Kinji.. "Going to infiltrate Masters together!" Tokyo Butei High is dangerous no matter where you go...." "That's still the good part.Hey.緋弾のアリア ...you're way too slow! You piece of trash!" "So that's how it is.

A little farther-higher. I had already resigned myself to this horrible fate. We were currently trying to sneak into Masters' corridor. departments like Inquesta and Connect have more normal teachers. ". I can't reach it. Looking from that perspective... be so dangerous? The answer is simple. you might ask. The underground warehouse. but that's a horribly small minority. even if they would sooner kill me than look at me. Masters. Now. and mercenary forces." The person who whispered this is Aria-sama.. her slave. "Alright.. And. people that could be teachers at this crazy place could not possibly be normal themselves. Volume 2 Well.. Lift me up." 36 . if I were to refuse. we've already entered the tiger's den . in a method reminiscent of holding a child. she'll probably say I'm molesting her again.dangerous. who certainly won't listen to reason. Well. you'd probably expect that that is the case. From what I know.." Well. as rumored assassins. "Kinji. At any rate. so I.Masters.HIDAN NO ARIA Assault. helped Aria reach the vents on the ceiling. maybe it would be better to risk the teachers. so I was helping Aria into the vents leading up into the ceiling. why would Masters. If I hold her properly. Aria would probably beat me to a pulp before starting to make some holes in me. it could be said that this is the gathering place for dangerous people. After all.OK. the mafia. OK. the teacher's department. the teachers here were in the special forces. The teachers at Butei High are all.緋弾のアリア . Of course. towards me.

. I was lingering behind my twin-tailed master's skirt. since I felt that there would be some danger of going into Hysteria Mode..HIDAN NO ARIA My resigned voice whispered.. covered in her black knee-socks. ". I looked forward. however--I was saved by the fact that the vent was so dark.. the completely revealed section of the thigh) flashed before my eyes." "What?" "You're crawling really fast. Only at a corner. The part between her skirt and knee-socks.!" She ignored my moaning. I can't see her Zettai Ryouiki. Kch Kch. then continued to crawl forward." "That's to be expected.Uu. and pulled her body up into the vent.. Afterward. Only to see Aria crawling forward at an abnormal speed. when.緋弾のアリア .." "Why?" 37 . At least 10 centimeters in. let alone her skirt. this is what Muto said was "Zettai Ryouiki".Ku... climbing into the vent. she stepped on my head. Aria turned around and helped pull me up." "I'm good at this. I'm the fastest among the girls in Assault. Kch Kch Kch Kch. exerting myself. could I catch up to her. drove deep into my chest.. and with a *tap*..Oh... (I remember now. "I'll make a hole in you!" Bang! Volume 2 Aria's knee. "Aria. CHIIIIIIIII..

. I pushed my head away. outfitted with boots. At least 10 centimeters in." Bang! Aria. Not only does she have a refinement akin to a doll's. an attractiveness similar to the stars in Hollywood.緋弾のアリア ..." "What're you talking about?" "Breasts.. She had been summoned to one of the teacher's rooms. The homeroom teacher of 2B as well as the head of department of Dagula--Tsuduri-sensei was sitting on a black leather seat while crossing her legs. She's breathtakingly cute. and like her focus now. This left Aria and I with no other choice than to stick our heads together.. she can be hurt. She can smile. but she also is full of emotions.and Aria starts raging. --Urgh. and glanced to the side." The woman inside the room softly called Shirayuki's name.that's cheating.. I'll be the one that suffers. Damn it.. they all grip your heart.. who had already spun around.HIDAN NO ARIA "There's nothing restricting your movement.. We peeked from inside the narrow vent. planted a foot on my temple. If this is misconstrued as physical contact. Having expressions like that. Volume 2 Shirayuki--found her. "Hotogi.watching Aria. who was extremely close. Watching Aria. but Aria is really amazingly cute.. scan the scene down below through the vent entrance. So. 38 . Although acknowledging this makes me angry.

.." The fact that Tsuduri was able to forget such a simple word is extremely worrying." Hey. In one way. and it seems they start referring to her as Queen or Goddess. but no matter how firm the offender. In this art. is it really alright to freely smoke that in Japan? Tsuduri's black-gloved hand crushed the butt of her cigarette into the ashtray.. studies don't mat-ter any-ways.HIDAN NO ARIA Shirayuki was sitting opposite her. And that 'way' is.. 39 . I'm not sure how she does it. she's one of the elite Butei. It looks like she's always on drugs. but don't let her simple looks deceive you. your change. "Recently. Tsuduri--even among the teachers in Butei High.. Also.. always staring straight at you. It's your change that I want to know about...緋弾のアリア . First is that expression. after Tsuduri's interrogation.. interrogation.. they won't stay normal. dipping her head. reminiscent to the way Mad Scientists wear their coats in manga. should you be saying that? It's because of teachers like you that Butei High's average grades don't exceed 50. the smell of tobacco that is most definitely not available through legal means. your grades have been. was wearing a jet black coat.Well... a Glock 18." Volume 2 Fu. Tsuduri-sensei.right.hmm. You're a teacher.freely wafting over to you. she's particularly dangerous. she's one of the best five in Japan.. expelling a smoke-ring. The way she was wearing the coat was scruffy. The black leather holster between her thighs showed off her jet-black gun. even inside the classroom.slipping.. that smoke. "Ah.ah. "It's.

HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 40 .緋弾のアリア .

if someone is always by my side. "I haven't. right?" "But. Also. However.." "Is there a problem?" Tsuduri tore up some paper that looked like an English dictionary. but why don't you just have me assign you a bodyguard. he won't come find me. Volume 2 I remember. I've said this many times. Also. nobody really believes that he exists. "Hotogi.. right? Most people take this view. So now..." 41 . Hotogi. Durandal."Choutei"--for kidnapping. then. nobody's ever seen him. "I wish to take care of one of my childhood friends. and rolled up a mysterious herb.?" "Hotogi. he'll probably go after better Choutei. right.HIDAN NO ARIA "Hey-. You have to have more confidence in yourself.but I remembered the name... I only saw this on one of the notices. extremely embarrassed. have you come into contact with that guy?" "Do you mean.. looked downwards. for those Choutei that have been kidnapped.. I'll just ask you directly.even if Durandal really exists. So... well. And the SSR also said something similar.. turning that offender into something of an urban legend. right-?" "Ho-how is that possible?" Shirayuki. putting it in her mouth.that. they've actually gone missing for other reasons. news of Durandal's existence has been spread around for a long time already..a bodyguard. Durandal?" Hearing Shirayuki's words-Aria's eyebrows shot up... Lezzad has sent a report saying that there's a high chance that you've been targeted by Durandal.緋弾のアリア . he only targeted those Butei with special abilities . You're the ace of Butei High..

Masters ordered Shirayuki to obtain a bodyguard. as a teacher. a lot of outsiders will be inside the school. (. if I have to say it for the third time. finally nodded. find an exceptional Butei to be your bodyguard. there are a lot of students that receive such warnings. I'll say this twice.. Since in Butei High.. things will get scary-" Tsuduri lit her cigarette. Furthermore the enemy. Because the Choutei Shirayuki. .. Because this is an extremely important case. That's an order-" ". Lezzad makes a lot of mistakes too. However.and also she seemed to have received a warning from the school. ke.But. Hey." "This is an order-. the Masters are worried about you. If only for that period of time.. could be targeted by "Durandal". and with a *fuu* she blew a mouthful of smoke into Shirayuki's face. is possibly the non-existent offender. but what happens if Shirayuki does something stupid again? "Ke.That kind of thing. 42 .HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "Hotogi.. Although most of them have never been attacked." Shirayuki. I understand.. It'll be Adseard soon. The honor student Shirayuki is one of the hopes of the Masters.. Therefore. And also. I don't care about you. the SSR's predictions are extremely suspicious.. recently.緋弾のアリア . Ah.. So they'll react so heavily to such unconfirmed reports. isn't Durandal a non-existent offender. teary eyed from the smoke. Which also means-This is just Masters' over-protectiveness...OK. Durandal.) Hearing their conversation. Tsuduri. issuing an order to make her acquire a bodyguard.. so they can't let anything happen to her. it's not like I couldn't do it. I finally understand why Shirayuki was called in.

making me extend too far in shockRumble..緋弾のアリア . Tsuduri. her skirt fluttering as she descended into the room.I don't actually know what was exposed.. rumble.!" Aria kicked me away. who was directly beneath me... "Uu. right? No. "Uwaah!?" "Uwaah!?" Aria. the view under her skirt must have been fully exposed. will be her bodyguard!" Aria shouted out as she hit the floor. Volume 2 Crash! Aria. "Wa. recovered and pushed me to one side. Shirayuki.. Aria. although I was unable to see it from my current position.. whose back buckled from the impact.! You.HIDAN NO ARIA Poor Shirayuki.uwaahh!" Thud. it must be horrible. "--I. Kanzaki H. who was trying to hold her back by pulling on her clothes--and dived down! She rushed out of the vent. and I opened our eyes in shock. but in that movement just now. She kicked open the grate of the vent. I fell onto Aria.. While my mouth was shaped into the [へ] character.. "Ki-Ki-Kin-Kinji! Don't stick your idiotic face into weird places!" 43 .. Now that I think about it. Being played around with by those adults.

and blew it out with a "Fu.緋弾のアリア . *thud*. 44 . Woah. "Oh? Isn't it the couple from the plane-jacking. Because you have no coordination at all." "Uwaah--!" The thing Tsuduri was about to say led Aria to start screaming to block out her voice. you did that way too hard. your weakness. I'm glad I'm just a commoner. "This one is Kanzaki H. now that I think about it. Together with Aria. a weird smile on her face. bared her canines while replying. I won't deny it!" Aria." Tsuduri picked up one of Aria's twin-tails.scary. so that's how it is.what? "Tha-tha-that isn't a weakness! I'm fine as long as I have a life ring!" Oooh. waving her hands violently. from the reports. she took a deep drag of her cigarette. shouting while blushing. was picked up by the scruff of my neck. Such a pointless position.. "Le-let go of me. A noble does not show off her accomplishments." She looked up. Tsuduri.. An S rank Butei stationed in Europe. He-hey. Can't sw. *rattle*. Even if others claim the accomplishments as their own... I was thrown against the wall. don't call us a couple. Also.. "Ah-. was captured by Tsuduri. her throat working.she's really. she was so agitated she started blushing. you can't sw. examining her while spouting out her record.HIDAN NO ARIA Aria. Also. seems to have been solo missions from the London Butei Section. her mouth opening and closing repeatedly." Volume 2 Shi-. "Hmm-?--What are you two?" Tsuduri stuck her face in front of Aria and I.. I'm not an idiot. You really are an idiot. it hurts. standing up--Ku. Her title is 'Quadra'. However--everything you've done up till now. Anyways. holding her like a cat. And I... Aria--she uses a pair of Colt M911s and 2 kodachi... Also. who wasn't afraid of Tsuduri at all.

I was forced by Aria. who was at her wit's end. right?" Bullseye. who was lovingly fantasizing about Aria drowning in a kiddy pool." "Your weapon is. I've learned something good today." "He's antisocial. GOOD JOB! "Mm--" Tsuduri released Aria. you've exposed yourself.. but I understood very well. aren't those two things too far apart?" "Please don't ask me that.. right?" "Ah-.it was broken during the plane-jacking incident. It's completely legitimate. Haha. "Uwaah.. The missions you have solved. that burns!" 45 . You've already made an appointment to get it modified by Amdo.緋弾のアリア .I remember. Right now I'm using an American gun as a make-shift replacement. you nicknamed it Kinji Model..this wasn't my idea. a lot of the people in Assault look up to you. Volume 2 Shirayuki seemed to be taken aback by what had been happening... Hey." "Ah-." Tsuduri. so you're respected as someone with a lot of potential. you went to Omi to find a cat. and looked towards me.HIDAN NO ARIA Aria." Panic... You--can't swim. Tsuduri. "However. A sort of charisma.. appeared to have remembered the statistics of all her students. "It can fire in bursts of three or full auto. I guess. that. and the flight ANA600 plane-jacking incident. who was trying to remember while speaking. He has the tendency to distance himself from others.. Tohyama Kinji-kun. an illegally modified Beretta M92F. "And this one is.." "Hehe.. so she didn't really understand.

Kin-chan!" Ah! Shirayuki covered her mouth with both hands in shock.Hotogi. exhibiting the reaction I had predicted.. stood up... 46 .. Aria-sama! "Kin. Why does she know everything? "Then? What do you mean by 'being her bodyguard?'" Aria. you know?" Seeing Tsuduri's jet black coat turn towards herself. Shirayuki-"I. but an S rank Butei has volunteered to be your bodyguard. after all. "Exactly what I said. Although it was only for a moment.. faced by the short.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Exhibiting the art of smiling while extremely angry. and 24-hour duty as well!" "Ah. I'm not sure why. ". And just like I thought--on Aria's face was an evil smirk. but as a teacher she's burning her students.. but Aria seemed to be set on doing it. "--if you don't let me be your bodyguard." Wh-why did you declare yourself to be Shirayuki's bodyguard? You were attacked by Shirayuki. and I didn't get burned. I'll shoot him!" Whoosh! Aria suddenly reached beneath her red skirt and drew her silver M911. Hey. aiming at my temple.. unafraid. Damn it. Tsuduri's cigarette touched my hand! Th-this is too weird. black-haired Tsuduri. I tried to ask her through my eyes.... I volunteer to be Shirayuki's bodyguard. hey Aria.緋弾のアリア .don't want her! Staying together with Aria all the time. hey! Butei Law article 9! Article 9! Butei can't kill people. that's horrible!" The eyebrows under her fringe shot up.

47 . Should you really be doing this? At least remove the gun from my head. smiling while observing the situation. powerless..so that's how it is! That's what you're going to do-. She yelled.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "Uu~. Italian word for weapon is Arma. her tear-filled eyes closed.. Well? Hotogi? What are you going to do?" Tsuduri seemed to be having a lot of fun. "Kin-chan has to be my bodyguard too! And on 24-hour duty as well!" From inside me. NOTES 2. Something carrying my soul suddenly flew out of my listless body. 3. Pun meaning cheerleading Aria and chibi(tiny) Aria.. Arma written in katakana is Aruma.緋弾のアリア .. Therefore. Hyuu. Aru=Kata.. "I-I-I have a condition!" Shirayuki's hands hung downwards.. Japanese word for form is Kata.

all the while a great question mark emerging above his head. or VIP company officials who need themselves or their children protected..? At least let me pay for the gas. what is she thinking? “Muto-kun. in other words Shirayuki. looked at Shirayuki. famous people.... so this might be a good thing." “Ah.. jumped off the Logi department van that Shirayuki was sitting in.” “Don‟t worry about it! That is only a trivial thing. “Kin-ch... please come find me! What I mean is.Tohyama?” 48 .this place. . So. being a bodyguard is one of the most common types of work.. who for some reason was using such polite language for somebody in the same grade.緋弾のアリア . if I remember correctly.Was Muto-kun always so hard-working? “About that. this kind of work usually involves staying at the client‟s home. who seemed like he was about to say something else.. and using movements so quick that they would make people watching nauseous.. are you sure I can ride for free. and back at Shirayuki.. I was extremely reluctant to live in a place full of chances to go into Hysteria Mode like a girl‟s dormitory anyway. Wanting to move in on the second day of my commission.yeah. but. Muto-kun..or something? If that‟s the case...” “Are you trying to convert one of the empty rooms into a warehouse. he started offloading all the luggage. Sometimes though... isn‟t this the 3rd all-boys dormitory?” “Ah.. you know!” Muto-kun. really wants to stay in my room.. when you‟re returning to the girl‟s dormitory. or maybe for tea. Kin-chan!” Seeing me walking out of the dormitory lobby. then at me. after this. however.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 3RD AMMO: CAGED BIRD For a Butei.the client this time.. people who are targeted by other Butei request protection. The people that Butei normally protect are government officials... Shirayuki‟s troubled face turned into a bright smile. if you want to do something like going out to get something to eat..

.. “What are you doing?” “Can‟t you see? I‟m turning this room into a fortress. about that. from the main entrance—— 49 .HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 “Ah." “You can't just do what you want!” “Why're you so surprised. she knocked off some of the metal pots hanging above. right? We have to install surveillance devices all over this room. next up is the skylight.42 meter body obviously couldn't do it.” “Kin. when the enemy approaches our client. This is all Aria's idea anyway.. I stumbled upon Aria installing something inside the room.. the mere 1..” “Alright. Aria stretched out her hand to place the device onto the window.Kinji‟s place?” “Don‟t misunderstand. At that moment. that way. Aria started jumping up and down in an attempt to reach the window. Groaning.. Muto-kun.but couldn‟t find anything to say. Muto opened his mouth wide.. which now seems like the remnants of a battlefield..” “You‟re the one who broke them. Thankfully. you're a Butei right? This kind of preparation is the basics of fundamental protection. we will notice him immediately. However. Serves her right. Returning to my house. so don‟t start spreading rumors about this. there are a lot of broken places around the room. got it?” After listening to my explanation... I‟m the one that doesn't have anything to say. Looking closer.What kind of reaction is that? Right now. and they fell heavily onto her head. After all.Tohyama-kun‟s room.緋弾のアリア .” Ignoring my protests. I'm living with these two demonic girls. . this is work. I‟m Shirayuki‟s bodyguard for now. I realized that she was installing some infrared surveillance devices that she had bought from the commissary. who could explode and cause massive destruction at any moment. However. so it‟s easy to find a place to install these. From today onwards. I am staying at Kin-chan.

. so I quickly warned Shirayuki. After putting away the standard issue Butei High shoes. .緋弾のアリア .” Says Shirayuki. why don‟t you let me clean up the house? After all. striding in. 50 . “I-I‟m still very inexperienced. I will be in your care.No comment. I was the one who destroyed this place. so please take care of me!” “Uh..” Aha. I.... “Af-after this. Shirayuki turned her head.. and said those words with a voice like silver bells. Shirayuki flashes an embarrassed smile. what‟re you so nervous for?” “Ah. just no more of the piano wire. My name is Hotogi Shirayuki... Nervous? Didn‟t you barge in here brandishing a Japanese sword around two days ago? “About that. But that reminds me. with her long black hair that seemed to form a scarf around her neck... Plus.. *Glare* And glared at Aria who‟s installing an anti-theft probe in the kitchen window...Shirayuki. okay?” I still remembered the death trap in the wardrobe that Aria mentioned. she bowed a deep 90 degrees towards me.. you know.I suddenly become really nervous.. since I just moved in.” Volume 2 Shirayuki came in nervously.” Wearing the same smile as ever.once I think about entering Kin.HIDAN NO ARIA “E-excuse me.” I already know... “...Kin-chan‟s room then.. “Kufufu..... there is disposable trash that needs to be disposed of too... once..I‟ve known you for a long time already.

she used a vacuum to clean up what was left. I'll make sure to make a hole in you later.. However. and then she used putty to fill in the bullet holes in the walls and floor. Aria quickly darted over to my side.So she‟s going to act stupid." "But somebody could have put something onto it while it was being moved.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Although. she made the room look as good as new. She's completely different from a spoiled rich girl who grew up completely devoid of any need to do household chores. you know. and placed it in the room. when I had finished talking." "Butei Charter 7. When I wanted to help her clean up." 51 ..." "Dangerous? This is Shirayuki's personal property. she also put a greenhouse grown Japanese Dianthus in a vase..' I'm going to the balcony to set up a tripwire now.. Shirayuki's skill in household chores is on a divine level. I don't want to get involved with their personal war. You have to investigate that wardrobe properly.緋弾のアリア . But whatever. I value my own life. if you don't investigate for me.. right?" "You know. . Kin-chan?” . “Piano wire? What are you talking about... as I placed the Paulownia wardrobe that Shirayuki brought over next to the wall... Shirayuki immediately said "I can't let Kin-chan do something like this!" and took my only job away." I watched in amazement. her big eyes. Act with optimism. got it? It could be something dangerous..Just that moment. so I won't be able to do it myself. while also changing the carpet.Awesome. with those long eyelashes...within a mere 3 hours. opened wide. ".. Lastly.this. 'Be ready with pessimism. so the only thing I can do is menial labor like this. Seeing Shirayuki entering the kitchen. this is called paranoia. after all.. "Kinji. She threw all the garbage out of the room that I didn't think was possible to clean.

[-----!] Bang! I hurriedly returned the black cloth into the wardrobe. I saw various cosmetics inside. there's no way it could be holding something dangerous. this is some sort of equipment? With that thought in mind. while [Victory] was a deep black. I reached inside to pick up a piece of the suspicious cloth.緋弾のアリア .. the edge was embroidered with beautiful wavy lace flowers. I roughly investigated the surroundings of the wardrobe. Dangerous.. alright. But still. I opened another one-". when I opened the drawer. against my will. Each piece of cloth was stacked on top of each other neatly. 52 . and slammed the drawer shut. From the luster of it...?" The cloth inside was separated by white wooden tags with [Normal] and [Victory] written on them. and it was as fine as string. there was a lot of mysterious cloth...... .?" Inside. ".. the black cloth was 100% silk.HIDAN NO ARIA "..Of course..Alright." "Only say 'Alright' once!" Volume 2 My pathetic struggle sent Aria fuming to the balcony along with her mobile toolbox.. On the widest part of the triangle shaped cloth. Each one also had a little bow. like bamboo steamers for Dim Sum. [Victory]? So you mean. Click. I lightly opened up the cloth that was so thin that one could almost see through it. [Normal] was a brilliant white..

this apron and skirt---The perfect feminine curve on her waist was so alluring..This isn't good. Shirayuki was taking off her white gloves excitedly. Kin-chan..then wouldn't I act like a pervert!? "Ah. Shirayuki's divine physical features are famed among the students. no problem.. you know.. Unbeknown to me. she was wearing this sort of underwear? Now that I think about it. 53 . I spun around furiously.. she was wearing something like this. You had to bring the wardrobe up for me.. Because the cloth inside the drawer.. Kinji.. She normally acts so dignified and refined. no.HIDAN NO ARIA Looks like there really was something dangerous.. "Ah. As expected of a boy.. it appeared as if Shirayuki hadn't noticed my previous behavior.. This.that girl." "Thank you.. when I was aiming at her chest. it was. You have to calm down.. it falls under the category of sexy underwear! Tha. This... Kin-chan. If I go into Hysteria mode now.. At least let me help you do some menial tasks.. I had no choice but to stare at it." Narrowing her eyes with joy.. it seemed as if she was putting on a flower-patterned lacy apron to go cook right after she had finished cleaning. this.it was all. Along with high shorts. the sight of Shirayuki in a swimming suit rivaled the appearance of magazine models. sorry. This is my part of the luggage.A G-string. seemed as if.... Shirayuki.underwear! Volume 2 And I'm afraid that that was--something that my brother taught me about when he was alive-." Hearing the sound coming from my back. Shirayuki had approached me some time before. Although.. This was different from the undeveloped Aria. this isn't good. According to people from the senior class who peeked at her during swimming lessons.緋弾のアリア .but secretly. You're pretty strong.Kin-chan.

It doesn't matter where. I immediately-". When we were in the commissary. Aria took out a pair of handcuffs from under her skirt..right. she went ahead and bought this kind of thing as well? "I'm a deserter? What about your own guarding job?" 54 .." "Ah.have a reason for this... "What the hell are you doing here. thank God she's so gentle. I'm sorry.HIDAN NO ARIA I nearly imagined Shirayuki wearing [Victory] in front of me. However.Ah. Rather than that. only to see Aria towering over me. I took off my earphones and looked up. While I was listening to the song Aru=Kata.. Ah. why did you come out?" "I'm busy catching a deserter. If only she was like this all the time. right now. Rokishii (?) to pass the time.緋弾のアリア . Volume 2 If I had fantasized about that. Shirayuki quickly apologized.. Because I had nowhere else to go. That's my reason!" Chink. even if she's my childhood friend." "Huh. I'm being so inquisitive.about that. they're for special use against ability users. Latin incantations are carefully engraved on the surface of the silver handcuffs. where are you going?" "I-I'm just going out. I remembered it because of the extremely high price. A fist came out of nowhere and smacked me on the head." Listening to the words of the person who wanted to escape from this place quickly. I would be finished. Thinking about this. Kinji!" "I. I need to go out.. that would be used for the Adseard closing ceremony on my cellphone. Aria will be guarding you for a while... I went to the only family restaurant in Academy Island..

but she also spent a whole day exercising on top of the school roof. of course I was listening. Reki. PataPatata." "Be more serious. anyways?" In my anger. Volume 2 This point by itself is weird enough. . Patata. and she has no emotion or expression.there shouldn't be anyone that wants to hurt Shirayuki. Kinji! This is a real mission. she's been chosen as the representative of Snipe for Japan at Adseard. Hey-! Are-youlistening-to-me?" "Do-don't pull my ear! I was just thinking about Reki.. and she always wears those large headphones. After all.緋弾のアリア . Hey. Aria sat herself down on the opposite side of the table. Anyways. Her real name is unclear.. --It's a flash signal." "Why did you suddenly want to be Shirayuki's bodyguard. and Aria--Pata.. So we can only engage her services for a short time.. but not only that.. She's a genius that was ranked at S-level during her first year. Also. we're paying her for her time.HIDAN NO ARIA "I let Reki handle it. She's a girl that is even harder to understand than Aria.So Aria involved Reki as well." "Reki?" "I entrusted it to her. I blurted out the question that I had been thinking about since yesterday. 55 . Letting her be a bodyguard. Don't go randomly hiring people. it won't do if you and I don't protect Shirayuki properly. my brain is filled with the image of a cross-hair constantly aiming at Shirayuki. She will be standing guard from a distant building. "However.. listening to I don't know what. started to blink each eye separately." Thud. That robot-like girl missing those three things----she was the member of Snipe that we solved the bus-jacking incident with. so she's very busy. she doesn't speak.

It's decoded in the same manner as Morse code. as if someone was really eavesdropping.緋弾のアリア . ". If all goes well.Hello. Dinner will be ready soon... it was Shirayuki after all." "Is that so? I got it." "Kin-chan. when she heard the name Durandal during class. danger? What does that mean? Aria beckoned towards me lightly.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Flash signal code is a signaling system used when Butei need to communicate with each other without disclosing information to others. eavesdropping... --Dyurandaru no Toukyu Kiken Durandal is.ah. If we can successfully capture him.. Damn it." Ah. She started talking discreetly.. I discreetly leaned towards her bringing my ear closer--until I reached the point where I could feel her breath on my ear. we might even be able to get the Supreme Court to withdraw the charges.. I tried making Chinese food today.I didn't think that even her breath would have that bittersweet smell. "?" I looked at the phone with the lion-leopard phone strap-So.." 56 . "Durandal is one of the enemies that framed my mother. So that's the reason for this? So that's why she seemed to turn into a different person. I'll be right back. You remember the skilled swordsman that I was talking about in the morning? There's a very high chance that it's this guy. So that's how it is... Scarcely after I understood-My cell phone started ringing.. my mother's sentence would probably be reduced to 635 years. It smells really good.

Aria is so insensitive..HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "Un. Judging by the quantity... she brought her heel down on my head in retaliation.緋弾のアリア . fried shrimp. But well. I'm here as well. "--Why are you lying to me?" Thi-this voice makes me feel like I'm watching a horror movie! "Ah-All right. the table was already completely covered with Chinese food." "Ah-. I'll wait for you.Kin-chan? Just now. "Ah. Aria just passed by. all right! I'll head back immediately!" I shut my cell phone with a clicking noise and viciously pulled on one of Aria's twin braids. Are you an idiot?" "Kin-chan.. But if you're with a friend.." "What are you talking about? I was talking with you just now.. but not only that." Following the wake of Shirayuki's scary voice. dumplings and mini noodles with abalone oyster sauce. then she'll get upset. My anger was slightly curbed from hearing Aria emit such a feminine scream. was that Aria's voice?" Kuh. When we got back. 57 .. this was already a feast.. "No.. I'm alone. There was prawn fried rice. just a few seconds later." "Hey. I'll be right back." I'm afraid that if I tell her that I'm with Aria right now.." "Kin. it's fine if you come back a little later. these were all my favorite dishes too. sweet and sour pork. -ChopCame the sound of a kitchen knife slicing up white radish.

.. she neatly said. Also.. "Hey... you know.. she wanted to make fried egg rolls earlier.. "Come on Shirayuki." "Tha-that's. yet only managed to make the eggs into some sort of paste and in the end. as she murmured ". Crispy yet not greasy.is it good?" "It's delicious. "Is. No.." Even though it was that kind of a generic answer. The difference in skill between them is like the distance between the ground and the sky. this mild mellow taste that seems to envelope the tongue goes extremely well with the sweet vinegar. whether by intuition or something else. which begged me to eat.. Once she saw me turn around.. it's more like the distance between the stratosphere and the bottom of the Japan Trench.緋弾のアリア . with somebody watching me eat like this. "Please eat. Sitting next to her." "What kind of answer is that?" ".HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Shirayuki brought out Jasmine tea on a tray.I'm very happy.because you... with her temples twitching.. she couldn't make anything at all. I made this all for you. She was still wearing her uniform and that apron.are. This is really good. daintily standing by my side at the table." Shirayuki says while sitting down.Kin-chan. I can't really eat properly.. Kin-chan. why don't you eat as well? You don't have to worry about me all the time. my husband.. Although the food is delicious.. you know." Looking at her expression. why don't I have any food?" 58 . I picked up a piece of sweet and sour pork. As for Aria..Alright then...Aria was crossing her arms. mmm. Shirayuki covered the bottom part of her face out of joy and embarrassment. with an embarrassed smile. Shirayuki is really an expert when it comes to cooking." I wonder who she's talking about? Anyways. And she also seemed to be fantasizing about something.

. so why don't you let me divine it for you?" "Ah~.. but she wanted to watch some 2 hour animal space fantasy special.. I wanted to go to the theater to watch a foreign movie. she gingerly picked up the rice. Volume 2 Shirayuki's voice dropped to absolute zero. Biologically.. Aria is a girl as well. these. .緋弾のアリア . After she had finished. or even your future romance?" ". "What is this supposed to mean!" "If you have something to say. Kin-chan seems to be curious about the future." "Miko divi. "Kin-chan. Aria and I were butting heads over what to do....HIDAN NO ARIA "This is for you. your future romance. maybe whether I go to a university or an office job?" 59 . your wealth. let's try it out.." Her predictions seemed to be quite accurate.these are Miko divination cards.If you could record it in the first place. In the end.." Thud. so she seemed to be quite interested in the divination as well. why did you feel the need to fight with me? "Kin-chan..." Aria started grinding her teeth and glaring at Shirayuki. as she placed a bowl of rice in front of Aria. Stuck inside the bowl was a pair of chopsticks which hadn't even been separated yet. what would you like me to divine? Do you want me to predict your future romance.Can you predict what's going to happen many years later. While we were doing so.divination cards?" "Yeah.Then. your health. who turned away with a huff.. Shirayuki came into the living room holding what seemed to be a deck of cards. she also scurried up to us. "What are you guys doing?" she said while setting up the HDD Recorder to record the animal show... then I guess I'll relieve you of being my bodyguard.

my divination session was thoroughly over.just kidding." Looking at Shirayuki's expression. What is it? What did she find out? I'm really curious now. .they were dimming.. and work for a normal office or a normal civil servant? With this thought in mind. how unexpected. Shirayuki's eyes seemed like..HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 After hearing my request. turning over a few of the cards.nothing. ah." Those words nearly sent Aria in a rage. Shirayuki picked up the cards unwillingly. right? I'm a Virgo." "Ah~.. Shirayuki appeared to sigh for just a moment. is that it? Can't you divine anything more solid?" "A-ah well. "What is it?" "Ku. I was willing to even use divination as a mean to get an answer.緋弾のアリア .. waiting for a result. As far as I can see. she began to place the cards in a star formation.Will I ever achieve a normal life? Will I be able to transfer to a normal high school.. but she held it in and neatly sat at the table. "If I could describe your fate in one word. "Then it's my turn next!" Aria lost her patience. and flipped some of the cards over. "It's all right if I don't tell you my date of birth. you'll marry a black haired girl. it would be [Meaningless]." 60 .. That's great. so with those movements.. Kinji. you will be blessed. and stretched out onto the desk.. and answering "yes"." "Hey. her happiness seemed rather artificial. "So? What do you see?" Hearing Aria's question. but immediately flashed an angelic smile.

"Ku!" Aria pulled down her eyelids to make a face. "Well. and with that sentence she packed up her cards.. stuck out her tongue. I have two!" "I have three. not only one. right!" "So you don't trust my prediction. I will oblige you. pacifism should be the attitude adopted by everyone. "Wait! Do it for me properly! You're a Miko. 61 . She obviously didn't bother to do it properly. and with a few "Hmphs"." Seeing that Shirayuki was looking down on her from under her fringe. since you want to fight so badly Aria.緋弾のアリア . Ku.! I can't forgive you for that!" "Do-you-want-to-fight!?" *Crackle crackle crackle* I could feel the killing intent as they locked eyes.. "I also have a trump card." "Then I have four!" "Five. and pulled them apart." "Infinite!" "Shut up already! Why can't you guys even keep the peace over divination!" Sure enough. I intervened before the situation escalated to one where I wouldn't be able to do anything.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Superficial----that was the mood Shirayuki gave off. slammed the door to her room... Although I am unable to use the Hotogi secret arts. I still have a trump card. Thi-this isn't good. Aria immediately stood up.

This was the first time I had ever heard Shirayuki speak ill of others.... I. So.hate Aria?" "--Huh?" "Um.the boys may think that Aria is cute. but the fact that you argue so much means that you two share some common sides. is much closer to the real you than the one you show to everybody else.. but she is way too noisy. right?" By principle. the Shirayuki that Aria sees. 62 .HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Afterwards.. she doesn't understand Kin-chan at all.Although I don't wish to speak ill of others.she seems to want me to criticize Aria as well.. "Aria.. you've never expressed yourself like this before. ". Besides that." ".how do I say this. eh?" Actually... scratched my head. she appeared to have started checking the house for any suspicious electronic activity using the wireless device that she had borrowed from Connect. but I should at least investigate a little.but I think. I'm not sure whether I should mention it... Shirayuki has always been a very obedient girl.and turned to face Shirayuki.緋弾のアリア . I don't wish for you two to fight. from the *ZiZiZiZiZi* noise.. who was left behind.." "I think. Of course." She continued to pack up her cards"Aria is a very cute girl. .... -While saying all this.hate her. "Do you really.. Shirayuki... I---Noticed something. She was acting so rudely towards Kin-chan just now.. Also.. but I.. with a "Fu". relaxed. Don't you understand Aria pretty well? It's hard to believe that you two have only been with each other for a short time. Shirayuki looked up at me.... between Aria and Shirayuki....although I may be wrong..

.she rudely intruded on Kin-chan's and my world.. those eyes with long eyelashes were also closed.. lowering her head." Did such a world ever exist? "Not only that. Shirayuki softly said that. "You really understand the real me." Shirayuki's voice was very gentle. precisely because of that.. At least.HIDAN NO ARIA Because the world has always viewed such people as good.About that. when Shirayuki is provoking Aria....I won't allow her to steal Kin-chan away. she dared face me while I was using full power. Volume 2 So everybody thinks very highly of Shirayuki.. that kind of personality leaves no room for what Shirayuki truly thinks... everybody depends on her. you." "I think that you understand me more than I understand myself. and even among the students.... although I wholly hate her.she is so lovely. Under her fringe. that's what I think." After a brief silence.. Because.緋弾のアリア . she also harbors some other complex feelings towards her.. "Aria. Looking at me. Although I say that..she's an amazing girl. we grew up together after all. Shirayuki doesn't just hate Aria.Kin-chan. Just like a bullet. Those teachers that don't know that she is an armed Miko. and still she refused to back down one step. As a result.she approached as if nothing had happened... As I thought." ".. "But.. that is when I really feel her true personality surfacing. But this meek personality has its flaws." 63 ." Woah.. I do think. However... will of course like her. some parts are a blank... but in some ways.and she slowly started to move. ". It's just as you say Kin-chan.well...

And on the outskirts of that forest. That soft. there was a time like that.. I stayed in a forest for a while because of my brother's job. we were severely reprimanded by the adults... I got to know Shirayuki. For that. ever since you were my childhood friend." Shirayuki." Her frowning face suddenly shone again.. At that time. Kin-chan got so excited because the fireworks in the city were so big. long time ago.. who had finally managed to rest her head onto my shoulder.and he brought me out of the shrine to see the fireworks with him.after that. we will say farewell. it emitted a mild ebony fragrance... we soon warmed up to each other.. Shirayuki subtly tilted her head towards me. they're already touching! "Kin-chan has always understood me since a long.This has nothing to do with stealing me away. However. our shoulders are going to touch! No. Ever since the time when I was still prohibited to leave the Hotogi shrine. That was the first time I had ever left the shrine since I became self-aware.Now that I think about it.I was so happy. and she obediently followed that law. Didn't I tell you that Aria and I are only a Butei squadron? Once we finish the task we agreed upon.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 ". because of some reason.." "Childhood friend--I am your childhood friend... she became extremely afraid of strangers.. Also. silky hair lay lightly on my arm. continued to reminisce. but she had moved to my side soundlessly.that. "Ah--." I remember. hey.." Saying these things as if in a trance. I didn't think you would remember that kind of thing so clearly... Because of that." "Ah-. I feel very fortunate." When I was around 4 or 5 years old. I'm not sure what kind of special techniques she used while sitting. Hey. This isn't like you used to be. and she let me join in the games of all the other little Hotogi Miko. and Shirayuki was sealed inside a storehouse. I remember all the kind things you had done for me. "At that time. and when she first met me she was really scared. 64 . "And when I was able to see the fireworks with Kin-chan. Shirayuki was forbidden from leaving the Hotogi shrine..緋弾のアリア .

you'll definitely make a good impression on the media. The reason is that there was a time when the student council was made up of boys." What did we play back then again? I remember that when I suggested football. It will definitely increase the prestige of Butei High. I still remember that childish chant. If there's any sort of disturbance at night. you ask? Of course it's because Aria ordered me to guard Shirayuki. right?" 65 . right? At least join the closing ceremony's Aru=Kata. I'm sitting at the end of the Adseard preparatory committee. Though." "It's because of my brother's work that I went there. origami. Although as per school rules. daydreaming about Aria.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "Although you were punished so severely. We already reserved a spot for you too. she would always get into a bad mood. or “Kagome Kagome. Recently she's been working hard to gather information about Durandal." Butei High is a high school after all. so it has a student council. And also brother. of all Butei!" "Also. As a result. Why would I come to this boring and dangerous---All of them are girls---meeting." "Yeah. There's no hope for this school. There were no other kids my age around there. she will immediately jump up and draw her twin-guns. you still came to Hotogi to play with me. there was a war over the student council finances. "Hotogi-chan is so pretty. you know. all the other Miko firmly declined. "Hotogi-chan. So you wouldn't have any trouble performing Aru=Kata. No." "That's right. and so we would do things like playing house. and she's been running around everywhere. and due to the pressure of living with Shirayuki like an in-law.緋弾のアリア . the bird in the cage. while looking around everywhere. In the end.. the Adseard Preparatory Committee is made up entirely from people from the student council. all the positions in the student council are held by girls. you're the person who came up with the choreography. you're going to participate. because she couldn't even detect the presence of any enemies.. who nicknamed Shirayuki and the other Mikos "Caged Birds" out of pity.” Kagome kagome.

Even though the meeting had just ended." Shirayuki announced to the class in a clear voice. and it really gives a feeling of reliability. you carry guns.. The reason you girls have no relationships with men is that under your skirts.緋弾のアリア ." I'm not sure if it was telepathy but.. I noticed. I really can't stand this kind of thing.. exactly! Although. If Aria was a Seiyuu. "--Hey. That's right. everything after this is just a formality.HIDAN NO ARIA Hearing what these girls were saying. 66 . so this should be all. "Ah. At these moments Shirayuki's voice is really melodious." Volume 2 Shirayuki caught my eyes. then Shirayuki would be a female announcer. which were trying to convey the message: "Wrap things up.. but.. good idea!" "I'll go too! I heard that Marui was newly renovated.. the only thing more important than attractiveness for you is appetite! As expected of a Butei who has no relation with men!" Ahaha. they're all wearing such innocent and cute smiles. . While I was thinking about these things idly. you've already taken care of the main things." "Great! I was thinking of getting a new summer miniskirt!" "Once you mentioned Odaiba I remembered something! Estella's sugar pine is going on offer today!" "Haha. "--I don't have much time left. I yawned and stood up. want to go to Odaiba after this?" "Ah.please just let me work backstage... I looked up at Shirayuki. all the girls had started being noisy again.

" "She's like a superwoman. But-At the same time..I-I was. ". and I have to make the guidebook for Adseard. she'd definitely pepper my body with holes... They weren't being sarcastic at all. her expression seemed to show that in her heart she was really happy that we could walk home together. I am her bodyguard.. Shirayuki and I walked home in the sunset-The committee was extremely close to the boy's dormitory.緋弾のアリア .Although I normally don't like to walk home with girls. Shirayuki's face blushed a color reminiscent of a scarlet Hakama. How. I felt that there was an uncrossable chasm between Shirayuki and them... "I-I was really nervous today. 67 . seemed very embarrassed.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "Hotogi-chan. "I think that everyone really trusts you. so we went there and back on foot. Also. . why don't you come with us? Want to come browse the new summer designs?" Shirayuki..Kin-chan... and they spoke out of real respect for Shirayuki. I have to go home. who was holding her bag in front of her with both hands.." Hearing what Shirayuki said." She said to herself." -Complimented Shirayuki. and dipped her head.... "Ah well. so I can't really do anything about it.. the girls hung their heads and"As expected of the President.pra-praised by. with Kin-chan watching me the whole time. looked blankly at her. if Aria were to hear that I let Shirayuki walk home by herself. I still have some SSR work to do.did I do?" Shirayuki. this time is an exception... However. After all.. isn't that good?" Hearing my indirect answer." "Hotogi-chan really doesn't know what it means to be tired. who was invited by a first year.. She's so hardworking.

. You just need to pretend to be lively while on stage.. The Hotogi shrine places several restrictions on Shirayuki in return for letting her attend a Tokyo high school..." Shirayuki said stubbornly.. You won't be attacked by it. How could I? Being a performer.doesn't exist. Just trust in yourself. you know... aren't you going to be one of the performers for Aru=Kata? Everyone wants you to.." "But.." "Could it be that--you're afraid of Durandal? That kind of thing doesn't exist. An unremarkable girl like me would only stain Butei High's reputation.緋弾のアリア . "Why would they get angry over this kind of thing?" I've heard her make this excuse several times. right? You might even become really happy while you're on stage. 68 . and she just continued to refuse. you just walked into a telephone pole.HIDAN NO ARIA Hey. Look." "Why?" "The Hotogi will get angry..the role should go to a more cute and lively girl. and let everybody see the real you. so I have an inkling of an idea. but in truth. you know. it's really just a set of annoying restrictions. Durandal... They say that these measures are put into place to help preserve etiquette. She didn't give a reason. It's a bad habit. Volume 2 "Anyways.but I still can't do it. "I--can't show myself in front of too many people." The Hotogi." "I-I can't." "You.I got it..shouldn't look down on yourself like this." "Yeah.. you should look forward when walking. What Shirayuki means is the Hotogi shrine-Which is also her clan. you know.

. and we will also receive modern education." "It-it's fine.. Volume 2 "." Hey." Shirayuki's line of sight dropped down. Of course.... I only went to Miko academy." "Hey now. I'm not allowed to leave the shrine or the school..to the point of violating human rights." "It's fine if you don't make dinner for us tonight.." "If--I don't have permission. 69 ... "Scary? Marui? Isn't that just a normal clothing store?" "But I. Even if it's your clan.. I noticed something about Shirayuki-"The Hotogi Mikos are armed Mikos.when that first year at the committee invited you to Odaiba. how can you just accept their reprimands like a good little girl?" ".緋弾のアリア ... Also." "But haven't you already left? There's no need to observe those old customs anymore.HIDAN NO ARIA From her reaction. While I was about to say so. it looks like it's impossible to get her to perform." Miko academy..I've always thought that. You've already entered high school... as if talking to herself. if we are needed... did you also refuse because of the Hotogi?" "Yes. The Hotogi were firmly opposed to something as simple as going to Butei High." she said simply... This has been set in stone..but only the lowest level.it was very scary outside....what is this. You should meet up with the girls at Odaiba.. From the time we are born to the time we die.. we will go to other shrines.is to be Mikos for the Hotogi. our body and soul belongs to the Hotogi.throughout elementary and middle school. "The reason for the existence of our generation. right? This is way over the top.... they can't forbid you to go out.

but I was being stubborn about it..." and she would really launch a surprise attack from time to time. It seems as if Aria hadn't returned yet. While I was thinking about this and drying my head-70 . since I have Kin-chan by my side." ". Karaoke." "But it's OK..HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 It's a sort of theological college. or even gone out to eat. So that's all I need. then put on my pants and turned off the light. just like back then.. You're the only one that can fully accept the real me." Shirayuki. I'm going to sneak attack you as training..緋弾のアリア . Aren't you. That night... Are just a.Confidence?" "They know things that I have no idea about. I was still unable to perfect Edge Catching.. I left my shirt off. She left a note in the afternoon saying that she was going to Lezzad.caged bird.....won't understand.. You. an all-girls boarding school that affluent Miko go to. I'm satisfied with this. They. Kin-chan is the only one who can understand me. Even though I no longer needed to do any morning exercise because of my duty as Shirayuki's bodyguard." "Shirayuki. TV Series. Shirayuki. If it isn't school related. Aria announced "From now on.ever gone out to shop. you still. I guess she was still looking for news about Durandal.don't have the confidence to go out with everybody in public.. It was already 10:00PM. "So I haven't. I took a shower and dried myself...... there's no way I could participate in the conversation.and glanced at my watch. I..exactly like back then? You've already left the Hotogi so far behind--and yet. Snacks.I don't know anything about what's popular.

was Shirayuki in her Miko outfit. although it was a blank number--but you said 'I'm in the shower!'" No way.緋弾のアリア .. huh!?" ." "--phone call?" "You to-told me to come immediately. Normally--actually. those footsteps sound panicked. I have no idea what's normal anymore-. bu-but.About this. shouldn't our positions be switched? "Wh-what's going on?' "Uh.. quick footsteps from the corridor. 71 . For some reason. For some reason. she had a panicked expression. Kin-chan you. "?" What's going on? I automatically turned towards the curtains of the changing room-"--Kin-chan! What's wrong!?" Volume 2 *rattle* The curtains of the changing room--opened completely! And the person who opened it. "Huh.. This situation.HIDAN NO ARIA *patter patter patter* I heard soft. and her eyes were opened like big circles." "I didn't call you!" "It could have been Kin-chan. and then it suddenly disconnected.ph-phone call..As a male and female.

"I-I-I-I'm sorry. and with a "Fu" her face became flaming red.. I'm sorry. to my navel. it seemed as if she had jerked her head up too furiously.. She seemed to adopt a stance in the middle of the air. *Stare*. seeing as how red her face was. but I'm actually a bad girl that fantasizes about things that she shouldn't! I'm a girl that has to put on 10 layers of cat skin![5]! But my heart is still so dirty. and it seemed like steam was about to come out of her ears. and her gaze traveled from my face.... I wa-was practicing my Kidoujutsu[4]. Also. However.--the whole way down. once I imagined it. her face seemed to be going pale from the bottom up. I'm sorry!" She was curled up into a ball. and her eyes were swirling. as if she had exceeded some sort of capacity limit. deep breaths. because of her long.緋弾のアリア .@#%!" This isn't good.. "Go!" Go? "I'm sorry!!" *Ching!* And with an unimaginably strange jump. she bounded backwards at an oblique angle.. "Kin-chan was showering! So I imagined Kin-chan naked!. Volume 2 "How could I shower and make a phone call at the same time! Why would I do something weird like that!" "Bu-but. to my chest.kneeling.. 72 . to my collarbone. the ph-ph-pho--!" It appeared that Shirayuki had only now realized that I was half naked. it seemed as if she was hyperventilating.. and she landed on the ground with a *Thud!* . and I completely forgot that you were in the shower. as she flung out her hakama and sleeves. I started hyperventilating! Pl-please forgive me! Shirayuki is a bad girl! I was pretending to be good.HIDAN NO ARIA She's got to be imagining this. that's the truth!" "I-I didn't ask you that!" "But..

I saw that it was completely red." Although I did that in an attempt to calm her down... It's just somebody getting the wrong number. After Shirayuki removed her hands from her face.緋弾のアリア . Shirayuki--*smack* Subconsciously used her hands to cover her eyes..HIDAN NO ARIA "Ah.. Shirayuki exhibited the actions she would take when her brain short-circuits. But what's going on? It does feel like it's getting hotter. And. It appears that approaching her half naked was extremely stupid.. *Rustle!* Her left hand pulled off the obi holding her hakama... Thinking this way. hey. all right. "If Kin-chan sees me change as well. 73 . Are you a stove? "A draw? What draw?" Hearing my question.. There's no need to apologize like this. "All right.. it'll be fair!" "Huh?" *Rustle!* Her right hand already grasped hold of the collar of her white outfit..But it seemed as if she was peeking at my chest from between her fingers.. It's OK.. as if she had a fever. "It's a draw!" She suddenly shouted randomly. ." Volume 2 If I continue to let her rampage like this. I knelt on one knee in front of her.. the slightly abnormal Shirayuki will become really abnormal.

... "Stop struggling!" I said.Aria. . 74 .. Kin-chan! Let go of me!" Shirayuki said...... I have to strip--! It's OK! It's OK if it's Kin-chan-sama! I don't mind at all! So don't worry!" Ho-how could I let you strip! If I see [Victory] again.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Shirayuki. as if she couldn't stand the feeling of her clothes any longer--began taking off all her Miko garments! "Wa-wait wait wait! This isn't fair at all! Don't strip!" I hurriedly said while tugging on her clothes..? Oh. "I'm back-" Aria said.. I'll definitely enter Hysteria Mode! So I used all my strength to pull at her outfit and her hakama..... "I have to strip.... . "Stop it. I have to strip.... Crap. ..緋弾のアリア ..

HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 75 .緋弾のアリア .

with my upper body still naked. One Matsumoto peach bun.. Shirayuki immediately screamed "Ahhhhh!" and fixed up the bottom part of her Miko garments. and hit Shirayuki's white sock. and all the clothes on her torso were in a mess.you you you you. "Stupid Kinji--------!!" Bang Bang!! Without any warning. --Her black eyes were teary.You.rumble rumble rumble rumble*. the pitch black and silver-white M1911 fired .HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Falling from the hands of Aria. tumbled out of it. Wait! Wait. ----And the finishing touch was the words we spoke earlier. Click. -Seeing the appearance of Aria. who returned to this horrible situation of utmost despair. 76 . ---Added to this. was a paper bag. while she was still entangled with me." *rumble... I was still holding on to her clothes.. She thrust her dainty hands into the sides of her skirt... suddenly ricocheted towards me. you! Obscene pervert! Die!" Bang! Bang! Bang Bang! Bang! Along with Aria's furious voice came bullets.緋弾のアリア . Aria's voice suddenly became the voice of a lion. "Stop it. and this is what happens? You.45ACP bullets! "Woah?" The bullets that were aimed besides my foot.. wait! I'm not wearing a bulletproof vest right now. Kin-chan! Let go of me!" "Stop struggling!" ". continuously pounding into the ground by my feet.. I'm naked! "---I-I-I leave you alone for a little while.

. "That wasn't Kin-chan assaulting me! We both consented!" "Yo-you both what--?" "That's right! I was the one who wanted to strip! So Kin-chan is not in the wrong!" "Yo-you wanted to strip! Wh-wh-wh-what were you two doing!?" With a "Heh!". showing her canines. "You bastard! You-really-are-a be-beast! Insect! Germ!" Bang! Bang! Bang Bang! Volume 2 Aria's dual guns continually fired towards me.but whatever. I-I can't escape anywhere anymore! Behind me is Tokyo Bay! "You.緋弾のアリア . I was cornered on the balcony. after molesting me. Shirayuki answered. well done Shirayuki! Keep going! 77 . Aria! Don't deny it anymore!" Hearing Shirayuki's strange words. Wh-what do I do. and hit the ground beneath my feet with a Thud! Thud! noise. Kinji!? Even if I hide in one of the cabinets. "De-deny what?" Said Aria. you go after Shirayuki!? You. Finally. Aria wrinkled her eyebrows and turned her head. you-you-you. she'll definitely throw me out the window! "Th-that isn't it.HIDAN NO ARIA "Wait! Wait a moment! Let me explain!" I continued to dodge backwards. Al-although what Shirayuki was saying was a little. you. Shirayuki snatched the guns from the confused Aria's grip. as Aria's bullets peppered the floor in front of me. you big pervert!" Click Click! Aria's dual guns are finally pointed towards me..

literally. 78 .. "Ah!" "Kinji! Tha-that's forbidden for a bodyguard!" Aria shouted that while showing her canines. I had just thought this when. "Go cool down your hot head! I'm not throwing you a buoy!" Bang! Snap! The cable tying me to the balcony was snapped by a bullet from the screaming Aria. I'm hanging from a thread of fate. it would be OK! Bu-but doing this kind of thing with your client. and leaped over Shirayuki to me. *Thud!* *Thud!* They both tumbled backwards to the floor.緋弾のアリア . "I'm going to make some holes in you!" Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang! The guns in her hands unfeelingly spit tongues of fire towards me! "--!" I jumped off the Boy's dormitory balcony. it still isn't OK!!" Volume 2 *Fu Fu Fu* Breathing in and out.you fail as a Butei! You fail! You completely fail--!" Aria shouted in a voice shrill enough to break glass. I had already dropped into the sloping Tokyo Bay. *bounce* *Splash!* When I came to. and used the cable in the obi to hang in the air like a spider. the blushing Aria charged into Shirayuki's arms.. "If-if you were just in a relationship..HIDAN NO ARIA "Bu-but--ev-ev-even if both of you consented.. and I fell straight into the safety net.

Somebody came inside. After the incident with Shirayuki after the shower. Shirayuki was extremely worried and wanted to take care of me. and my consciousness slowly blurred. for better or worse. if a bodyguard gets too comfortable with his/her client. I thought that there was no need to go to such extreme measures. right now I could hardly endure the pain. and. It appears that increasing my temperature was my body's last defense against the viruses. But Aria.so.. the only thing I could do was lie on my bed. It seemed as if they wanted to check my condition.4° Fahrenheit) Although at times I didn't feel too bad. who was already tired. and is more like 'playing Bodyguard'." when she saw that I was so unsteady. this job was only taken because of the over-enthusiasm of the Masters. and even got angry when I didn't meet her expectations. I caught a cold.. I'm not sure how long I laid there. and in the case of an actual emergency. Therefore.緋弾のアリア . fell into Tokyo Bay. I.. rather than a real job. he will be too relaxed. And that morning. and told her to go to school. When they had all left. even if it meant that she had to skip school.. although Aria said "How useless.. My temperature had already risen to nearly 38° Celsius (100.. However. who got extremely agitated when she heard Durandal's name. made me take all this seriously..HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Bodyguards-Are not allowed to have a deep relationship with their clients. It really is troublesome. and is even written down in the Assault textbooks.she didn't attack me like usual. his decisions will be flawed. However. The reason being that. with a thermometer stuck in my mouth. It was probably around noon.. This is the basic of the basics. it was probably Shirayuki. 79 .

" Alone in the room. And on my burning forehead.. "?" I opened it cautiously. I stood up in search of water and I shakily.4° Fahrenheit).I've told her before. who cares. When I woke up.gentle hand...stumbled out of my bedroom. As expected of the "Special Pueraria Syrup". I was really thirsty.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 I was so weary that I couldn't even muster the effort to make a sound..... ". I slowly sat up.. Wrapped inside some ancient packaging for me.. --Shirayuki. huh? She really does.... The thermometer showed that my temperature was still 38° Celsius (100. whose body was largely unaffected by drugs. it was already 2:00 in the afternoon. as if checking my temperature... as I was a lot more comfortable. this medicine. this particular cold medicine had an amazing effect. Probably because I had sweat a lot..I continued to lie down. and noticed that inside was the Yamato Pharmaceutical's "Special Pueraria Syrup". right? Whatever.hmm? I suddenly felt some bags that had been hung up on the outside of the door. but when I wanted to close the door. But. Someone's hand.. Because of its amazing effects. understand me. It was a very.lay on it.. but it appeared that I had adapted slightly. and so.緋弾のアリア . when I woke up again.. my temperature had returned to normal.. 80 .

un" -and with that. who was forced by Aria to join the Aru=Kata performance. and I was about to leave my bedroom.. In the Assault facilities.*sniff*.as if.she was thinking about something". but I bumped into Shirayuki who had just come in. and immediately flashed her bright smile again. I was just part of the chorus of performers. 81 ....." (This is in English.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 It was already evening.) I wasn't the lead singer." "Don't cry just because of a little thing like this. and my head doesn't hurt anymore." Shirayuki's snow white fingertips were covering her mouth. "I'd like to thank the person... The fever has receded.thought that Kin-chan didn't like medicine. so I was going to make some medicinal food for you. so I. and now I'm fine again. I was carrying an electric guitar that clashed with me completely. That syrup can only be bought in some messy pharmacy deep in Ameyoko.. It must have been scary for a girl to go there alone..." "That's great. Today was the rehearsal of the Adseard closing ceremony..that's great.. Is your cold all right now?" "Yeah.... I drank some and slept.." Shirayuki wiped away her tears. which seemed like a gymnasium..." "Yes.... she fled from my sight.緋弾のアリア ..Uu." "Huh." "What? You're the one who bought that right? I'm sorry about that.This is all because of the "Special Pueraria Syrup" you bought. ". Thanks for that. was playing a borrowed DC59... "Ah..Waaa." "Huh? I. Kin-chan...ah.

and climbed the stairs to the roof.. Shiranui was there. While I was appreciating the Spring sun.The wind in May really is the best. The sunlight was really warm.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 I snuck into the Butei High affiliated Middle School. for me this was a terrifying sight. I will definitely enter Hysteria Mode. Although I was greatly relieved. practicing their cheerleading. . I didn't want to hang around in a place full of the scent of women. *Pa Pa Pa* *Pa Pa Pa* Their short skirts fluttered along with their quick dance movements. Opposite of Muto. and had practiced a little there.. this should be enough for today. was Aria and the other girls with Pom Poms. and his skills were excellent. I'll just concentrate on my own hands then..but I still didn't feel comfortable. which was kind of sad. Why do they all have to wear this kind of thing? Even though Muto said that this was an annual chance to feast one's eyes.. so the rehearsal wasn't very difficult. Thinking this way. Thanks for the hard work.so I immediately packed up my guitar. just like a teacher. the Assault facilities were being used for peaceful purposes." Shirayuki announced. everyone. "Alright. Because if I'm not careful...this is really comfortable. The weather really is amazing. reminiscent of Gardenia. who wished to show off his skills on the drums. I deeply inhaled the fresh spring breeze.. Added to this.緋弾のアリア . 82 . --The weather was nice and sunny.. I laid down on my back. Ahh. and the girls dispersed. Damn it. The wind seemed to take on a sweet smell. Surprisingly. plus the song was only around 2 minutes.

stretched her right foot all the way up. holding Pom Poms.緋弾のアリア . A white sneaker found its way onto my face. "Huh!?" Bang! Smack! Volume 2 This time. Her hands. The sun's glare hid that foot in shadow. and sat up-"--Hmm?" Woah. Aria stood above me in her cheerleader outfit. Thud! 83 . that small sneaker wound up for a kick. Aria. "Ar-Aria?" I never thought that she'd chase me up here. *Smack!* My heaven became hell.HIDAN NO ARIA "?" I automatically opened my eyes and. but I managed to dodge by spinning my head. very unlike her previous cheerleading movements. I prepared myself to block her heel crush. --Hah. were at her waist. I looked at her in protest. until it touched her head. She's using her feet to teach me Edge Catching! Understanding this. and she was really angry. I understand. Thud! "Stop slacking off! Go protect Shirayuki. you piece of trash!" With one foot thudding by my ear.

Thump.. "Th. After all it became all better after Shirayuki gave me the "Special Pueraria Syrup".... it makes me.. if you really want to be my partner. and descended onto my head. I myself think that I went way over the top.HIDAN NO ARIA But my hands only managed to clap together above Aria's calf... and stood back up." "Huh?" Hearing my words. Would it be so bad to let me rest for a while? I just got better. I can't take this. "Well.. then please think about my condition as well. What's with that reaction? 84 . "Th....緋弾のアリア . Although I'm already used to being heel crushed from our sparring in Assault. instinctively want to help her.. Aria straightened out her own flat chest... Aria's head immediately snapped back into position.. I fell down to the floor again. but if I'm to fight back now I'd definitely be killed. you know!?" *Glare!* She extended her canines while glaring at me.that. Edge Catching... "..." I rubbed my head with one hand. .... and her eyes were opened wide in surprise. and looked to one side.. And the reason for me getting sick in the first place was because some idiot pushed me into the cold.Aria-sama..at least succeed once! I'm not here to play with you.... Aria said.. let's not talk about my cold anymore. Volume 2 That 21 centimeter foot continued on its inexorable path. filthy.You.." Those red eyes turned. Next to me. spare me.I apologize for that.. "How useless. Tokyo Bay at night!" Hearing my angry voice... That cute expression.

Did Shirayuki tell you that?" she asked me. But Aria shut her mouth.What is it? Only that kind of medicine will have any effect on me.. Even if her efforts are taken by someone else. then I won't!" Bah!-Aria stuck her tongue out at me. as if asking her to clarify...." "?" What I said just now. "..HIDAN NO ARIA What I said just now wasn't surprising at all. Didn't I tell you this before? I'm not sure Shirayuki knew about it.." "What's that supposed to mean? If you're going to explain.. as long as you're better.." ." ". I can tolerate this kind of thing.緋弾のアリア .... then explain more clearly.what would make Aria mad enough that she would need to hold it in? I really don't understand this at all. and I wrinkled my eyebrows and put on a "?" expression.. Aria's. Because that's extremely unsightly.." "'What's that supposed to mean?'! It has nothing to do with you! If I don't want to explain. 85 .... What's going on? Why isn't she saying anything? "Wh-whatever. and it seemed as if she would not utter another word. This isn't like you at all." Volume 2 She started muttering something. I'm nobility... "A noble does not show off her efforts..mouth opened.I. but she bought it for me.." With my rough explanation. right? "Th-that.. "... "Hm? Yeah..

I'll say this directly! The enemy.緋弾のアリア . which were almost touching. really makes me angry as well! It makes me remember everything she's done to anger me. Why is she so angry all of a sudden? Although it's obviously something I said that made her so angry. you're the one who is angry!" Our faces. I will stay with you as your partner--but. every time someone does something nice for you. brought Shirayuki over. She reduced my home to ruins. then you'd realize--" "If? I've been protecting Shirayuki these past few days. it won't be of any use! So right now. and I was dipping my head to glare at her. who refuses to explain why she's angry. locked eyes with a crackling noise. I have no idea what it was. and blasted me above her normal 30% capacity voice. learning how to Edge Catch is a must! If Shirayuki was attacked. 86 . even if you have a knife or a shield.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "It's great isn't it. Aria opened her eyes wide. "Ah. but there hasn't even been a sign of danger! Since we're already arguing like this. and now she keeps on doing this sort of thing! "Then let me use this opportunity to say something. Durandal. But mostly because I was around 30 centimeters taller. Shirayuki that. it was more like she was glaring up at me. it's Shirayuki! Why don't you just marry Shirayuki and be done with it!" Aria gritted her canines. *Crackle Crackle Crackle Crackle* Aria. doesn't exist!" Hearing my words. having Shirayuki to take care of you! Shirayuki this. hey! Why are you so angry!" "Shut up! I'm not angry!" "Yes you are!" "No. I'm never going to do anymore Edge Catching training anymore! Only geniuses would know that sort of thing! It can't be that easy to learn!" "No way! You have to continue! There's a rumor that Durandal carries a sword that can cut through anything! That way.

unlike the Aria I knew.. was far stronger than her normal one-- 87 ... you've already completely lost your cool! Just hearing that "Durandal" could appear is already enough to make you think "I hope that he appears. "You're.also like that.." Aria..backed away from me a step.... she retreated. Aria's face became red and roared. you're deluding yourself into thinking that the "enemy" is here!" "You're wrong!" Glare! Aria pointed one Pom Pom at me while extending her canines! "Durandal definitely exists! My senses tell me that he's already very near!" "Those are delusions! Shirayuki is definitely not in danger..didn't retort. She. you still dare to strip each other. She. a paranoid! Despite that you two are a bodyguard and client! Ye-ye-yet... But that soft voice." And without knowing it. And weakly. softly muttering those words. Three steps.she was more hurt by my words than I thought. Two steps. You also say those sorts of things. Not only that.緋弾のアリア .HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "I know that you want to save your mother--Kanae-san immediately! But.. you can go do whatever you want! Before Adseard's closing ceremony finishes.that also! It's only because you had your own preconceptions that you made the situation even worse! Just because you were born in a better family doesn't give you the right to think of me as a piece of trash! You may be a genius.how shameless!" "Tha. enraged-Aria.. you can let me be her bodyguard by myself!" "What's that supposed to mean!? You're pissing me off!" Under me.. but the world counts on ordinary people like me to turn! You're the one that's out of the ordinary!" I shouted. "You're right! I'm just an idiot after all.. was trembling.. softly sobbed.

"You.HIDAN NO ARIA --it was able to truly express. right? But.. I was already agitated from arguing with Aria. and started wailing like a child.緋弾のアリア . So I said. then give me some proof! If you can't.That's right. "I understand perfectly! The enemy is approaching Shirayuki! Bu-but. .!" 88 .Bu-but. those words weren't directed to anybody.They said that I was unworthy of being in the house of Sherlock Holmes. but why! Why won't you believe me!" Aria. my instinct has never been wrong! I've already explained it so clearly. who was able to explain these situations so that anyone could understand! So nobody is willing to believe me--I've always been an "Aria"-. then I'll say this as many as times as I need to! The enemy doesn't exist!" And-as if I wanted to hurt Aria again-I uttered those words. and I was unused to being blunt with her. who's eyes were brimming with tears. girl that only knows how to rush forward-. ". solitary.. why don't you show me some proof! If you're a Butei. the rage she felt inside..At times like this. Aria flew into a true rage-Her face became flushed with blood.. They all say I'm a reckless. I can't explain it! I can't be like my ancestor. I don't understand! An enemy that doesn't exist is approaching! Who would believe that? Since you say that.. I didn't think you were this way too!" Aria lowered her face and said to me--no. I should say something gentle to comfort her. idiot! Idiot Idiot Idiot Idiot Idiot----!!" Since my reaction was completely unexpected. Volume 2 "Nobody understands me. you.. and she drew her dual guns! "Wa. Sherlock Holmes. It was as if she was shouting this out to the whole world. threw her Pom Poms to the ground.

. when Aria came back I would apologize. It's you that's the gold medalist. The water tank had multiple holes in it from the barrage just now. isn't it? If you entered Adseard.. *Thud!* "Kinji you idiot! Idiocy gold medalist! You win a Nobel Prize for idiocy!" Aria stamped her foot where she had stepped on my face just now. Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang! Countless bullets grazed me as they flew towards my body..no. Looking closer.. Once again I was lying on the ground like a cross. When night fell.. I noticed that the bullet holes formed a straight line.. I explained the rough situation to Shirayuki-"So. But really. and stormed back down the stairs. Hey.It appears as if Shirayuki was extremely happy about that.. no matter how long I waited. She probably did as I said.. 89 .I felt that the water tank behind me was leaking. her marksmanship is amazing. There's no way I'm going to be able to fix this.. I returned to my room. But.. and went off to do her own things... you'd definitely take home the gold medal for Marksmanship and Idiocy.calmed down a bit.緋弾のアリア ..HIDAN NO ARIA Without even letting me say "Wait!".. does that mean that Kin-chan will be my only bodyguard from now on?" .. I waited for her return.. loaded her guns. and looked back at it. fired in a random direction. Volume 2 This sudden surprise attack left me only one choice.. With that.. and she still hadn't returned.and decided that no matter what. she didn't come back. After that incident. they formed words" I d i o t K i n j i" -those two words were written on the surface of the tank.... taking cover on the ground.

I have faith in you. so ever since the day of the entrance exam.feel uneasy? Having an E rank Butei like me protecting you. I continued to say: "Don't you." Seeing Shirayuki say that as if savoring the aftertaste. "Kin-chan is. although I don't think that Durandal exists.. if he actually does exist. who merely wished to confirm her words... she violently shook her head.. let me ask you again. You won't lose to anyone.. That's right. Although this task was just something that the Masters and Aria insisted I do. even with this gun. Kin-chan is really strong.. I will be your bodyguard.. I was the one who got rid of the guys who were bullying Shirayuki. With that.." Hearing Shirayuki use such polite language in what seemed to be a playful manner. Well... But Shirayuki's voice was not playful at all." "Ah. nor was it flattery. but. when he launches his attack--" When Shirayuki heard me. probably." Shirayuki became excited. a promise is a promise.please protect me. Aria isn't here anymore. the person she trusts isn't the normal me..protecting me." "Because I have Kin-chan by my side. "Before the Adseard closing ceremony..right.HIDAN NO ARIA "Yeah. So. I felt powerless.緋弾のアリア .. "I've never felt uneasy. and took apart my Amdo-modified Beretta M92F so I could maintain it. after which she dipped her head and said "I'm very happy.. it was what she really felt from the bottom of her heart." Volume 2 I sat down on the newly-bought sofa.".. Shirayuki has always put 100% of her trust in me. Well. Rather. Kin-chan." Hearing me say "promise. it is the me in Hysteria Mode.. I accepted by reflex...well." ". Although.promise... 90 .

." As if she was waiting for me to finish my maintenance.Shirayuki used that strange name again.. Volume 2 if Lezzad and the S rank Buteis were right. I don't need to worry. what I mean is. I've been constantly taking note of everything that happens around Shirayuki.. Will I. Shirayuki was targeted by him. These few days.. right? Yeah. 91 . "Ki-Kin-chan-sama. No.and like Aria said.... Do you want to go somewhere?" "N-no.... placing my maintained Beretta onto the table.HIDAN NO ARIA If-the one in a thousand chance.." said Shirayuki..be able to protect Shirayuki? Am I able to answer her words of trust that allow her to be at ease? .But..緋弾のアリア . I'll be taking it easy and studying at home..she probably won't. that Durandal. I thought. right?" "Yeah.I probably won't be able to. and slowly turned towards me. The one in a trillion chance.. . hurriedly waving her hands..Aria won't be here during Golden Week either. that something actually happens. The one in a million chance. but there isn't even a trace of danger around her? There shouldn't be a problem. "What is it?" "Th-the obstacle during Golden Week.. really exists. There definitely won't be a problem...well....

" Looking at Shirayuki's dejected expression.. But I didn't say anything to her.'" "Bu-but.. What is this.looking for something on Tokyo Travel Guide-Bing-Hearing the printer rattle to life.. and walked back towards me.Kin-chan. "This is for. She reversed her direction. just like a. I.Isn't that just sitting at home? You're always studying. led me to stand up in anger.. "Is it because of the Hotogi?" ". I'm sorry. my irritation from having argued with Aria earlier. all of a sudden?" "This isn't for me. became agitated because of such a small thing. Shirayuki started. she apologized to me by reflex. it would've been better had I played more when I was young. And with a *thump*. Unable to leave the shrine or the school.... if you don't relax once in a while. on whom I had turned my back." Not knowing why I'm angry.. and added to this. "Ki-Kin-chan. won't you regret it? When you're older you might say something like 'Ahh.緋弾のアリア .. I remembered something. But." Shirayuki didn't deny it. Shirayuki. I'm sorry. 92 .. This thought appeared in my brain. Caged bird..... and continued to type away. but immediately went to retrieve what I had printed. I sat down in front of the computer. This is for you." "?" Shirayuki turned the paper towards herself in surprise.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 ".

going out with Kin-chan. Shirayuki--nodded.." I stood up.." "Ah!" "Is this really so surprising?" "I-I can't. Literally Demon Path Arts.May 5.. And it's only one day. NOTES 4.緋弾のアリア . and come with you. and rested back on her head." "Go... was extremely reluctant...?" After reading the contents. in that kind of crowded place. I refused to let Shirayuki.change into your kimonos and with the stars enjoy the bright mirages..." Although training to be able to go outside is kind of weird. "You should go. you can see the fireworks from Kasai Rinkai Park. refuse. so this is unavoidable.I. After all. Putting on cat skin: Acting cute in front of others.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 ". who's eyes were shining for some reason." Saying this. 5.?" "Yeah.. That neat fringe shook. she's not normal in the first place. just think of it as training so you can go outside.. who as I thought... You don't need to go into Disneyland. ". Shirayuki turned towards me with a face full of doubt.." "Don't worry.. 93 ...I'll be your bodyguard. this is before Adseard's closing ceremony. Tokyo Disneyland Fireworks show. "Bu-but.. Something a girl might do in front of her boyfriend. and with a *thud* I placed my hand onto Shirayuki's shoulder.I...

No.. and glanced at the clock mounted on the wall. and Reki nodded. I was going to tell Reki that I'd be Shirayuki's bodyguard throughout Golden Week." "." It's going to be 8:00 PM soon.. But she still remained silent. continued to sit down.. exactly like the robot that she looked like.. When I had finished explaining the events that had transpired. Oh crap. Therefore. which took a pretty long time. She continued to stare forward. like I thought she would. Shouldering the dazzling sniper rifle. However. I'll take my leave first. which she hadn't touched... looking at nobody. silent and expressionless. just nodding.. watching me. And.I-am-taking-my-leave.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 4TH AMMO: MAN-MADE BEACH Ever since we fought at Assault. ". just like a doll. I had to--make sure she understood me. "Tonight. with Shira.." I stood up without explaining myself.. Today is the day I promised Shirayuki that I would go see the fireworks with her. She just sat staring at her iced tea. Aria hasn't appeared before me-However. we promised to meet each other at 7:00. and Reki didn't say anything either.緋弾のアリア . So. and told her to come to the family restaurant.. I mean I have to go. "Ah. she went to Reki's dormitory.. Reki. I repeated myself. Reki was the same as ever. Understand?" To confirm that she heard me. She didn't even turn her gaze.. I didn't even know whether she was listening to what I was saying. looking exactly like a statue. 94 .

how do I get out of it? After all. Well... If Shirayuki is angry. but there are some boys that are her die-hard fans.was wearing a yukata. was--I'm afraid that she actually put it on herself[6]--extremely beautiful. On the pure white cloth of the yukata. it would be "Cute".but. Shirayuki. and worshipped her as a Goddess. It doesn't really matter if she's a robot.緋弾のアリア . is there something?" "Please be careful. and left Reki there. could you use human language? Goddess-sama? "Our student body is really evil. as I was turning around"Are you going out to do something?" I heard Reki's monotonous voice. Like she isn't a real human. but she has a sort of ethereal feeling. I was the one who set this up. and I. stealthily peeked into the living room. If I had to use one word to describe Aria. I heard that those people called her Reki-sama. Also. Reki may not have any friends.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Now that I think about it. and left the family restaurant. I'm not sure where she got it from. were embroidered flakes of Japanese Dianthus. "That's right. I was thinking of calling Shirayuki. who's been late for so long.but the Shirayuki I saw was sitting there with her eyes wide open in excitement. the wind--appears to be hiding something evil. I payed the bill.. Her black hair was tied up.. or a Goddess. 95 .." What is that supposed to mean? I pray to you. who had put on her earphones again. That pink obi.... However. These few days. right?" I tossed that sentence down. in terms of height or form. something that I had rarely seen. I thought that it would be better if I just returned immediately. and there was even a hairpin with a picture of Japanese Dianthus on it.

when she had clad these garments. she would without a doubt win. and from the corridor. And afterward. I still need half an hour. This makes me feel really embarrassed. who was creeping in from the door. shouldn't you be a little angry. it could only be--"Beautiful".緋弾のアリア ... don't worry. "I'm sorry. The me in Dark Mode who had fired off the first blow. was something that the whole of Butei High knew. didn't really notice. holding it in front of her eyes with both hands... "..." I took out my cellphone.. Because if Shirayuki were to attend a beauty pageant for the whole of Japan. with a tap tap noise. --This. 96 . I'll keep on waiting." And at the end. Beep Beep.. facing the charger which her phone was in.right? My shadow was on the window. Volume 2 No.. what I had just understood. The white cellphone lit up.? Thinking this way. snatched up the phone. I. smack! Shirayuki. Shirayuki was sitting down neatly.. she replied..HIDAN NO ARIA But." Send. But only now.could I once again appreciate her beauty.. She's probably waiting for my call.really makes me want to play around with her. I'm serious. as a childhood friend. Hey. there was even a smiley emoticon.but it seems that she hasn't noticed me. However..stealthily wrote her a SMS.. her back towards me. with a speed that was hard to trace with one's eyes.. read her reply. if I were to describe Shirayuki. "OK.. She was that beautiful.

I'll be late by 3 hours. whatever you'd like to call it. the End of Days. that smooth fringe shaking slightly-She walked towards me hurriedly. stood up." After receiving this SMS. don't you know? "Come on. Shirayuki blinked." 97 . Ah.HIDAN NO ARIA "Actually. but she managed to fall on flat ground. Ehehe." so I called out towards her. "Hey.. Volume 2 And Shirayuki once again took out the phone she had just replaced. you're too much! Have you been watching me from there this whole time!?" Shirayuki. "Kyaa!" "What're you screaming for. Remote controlling Shirayuki. Direct hit. Well. don't look like it's the end of the world. in surprise. and I'm not sure if it was because she was excited or something. chuckling. How did she do that? "Ki-Ki-Kin-chan!? Really. I'm sorry that I was late. Armageddon. let's go. had just arrived. not quite understanding. because I felt that continuing to do this was a bit evil. I'm over here.. and she read it again. "Kyaa!" Shirayuki jumped around 20 centimeters off the mat. her face completely red. Is really fun. Ragnarok. Want to cancel it?" I tried sending that out.緋弾のアリア . Her face suddenly looked like.

smoothing her yukata with her hands.." "Th-that's great. then. Every move she makes is refined. yeah..." But she hurriedly directed her gaze downwardsI wasn't staring at you.. so everyday.ah. "Ah." and strode to the door. she hurriedly averted her eyes. I would wander the empty nighttime streets.." and walked over elegantly to wear her new wooden slippers. I wore my shoes and looked back. feeling a little ticklish. became relaxed.HIDAN NO ARIA "No. Going out at night-I don't hate it at all. you know.. "Ki-Kin-chan. ". said: "Let's go.." Shirayuki's face." I turned my head. My heart. upon hearing my response.It's a little cold. How do I look? I ordered it online...i-is it ugly?" "Not at all. our eyes just met as we turned around. Well.I had the hollow feeling of not knowing what to do. making me feel embarrassed. a perfect example of a Yamato Nadeshiko.... laughing while waving her hands around.how does my hair look? I just had this done at Academy Island's beauty parlor. when dinner arrived. Once Shirayuki noticed that I was looking at her. Volume 2 I'm obviously late. whatever.. then I'll accept it. no! Don't worry! You're not late at all!" Said Shirayuki. Shirayuki responded with a "Yes. since the person that was waiting says so.緋弾のアリア . 98 .it isn't ugly. is it?" "It isn't. who was walking behind me daintily. looking at Shirayuki. When I had just arrived at Inquesta from Assault..

" Thankfully..HIDAN NO ARIA -As if trying to explain that." "Is that so. I'll be finished... or Germany's newest blades. do you walk at night often?" "I don't...we're on a date. "Shirayuki. Volume 2 Since I've never really had any reason to talk to a girl. "Th-this.. as if they were making fun of us.... it's because Aria is always talking about America's standard-issue flashbangs. if we ever get into a situation where I'm in Hysteria Mode. That's all.I can't understand it at all.. If I'm not together with Kinji. "It's like.....like.right?" "A date?" I was wondering what she was going to say..緋弾のアリア ... so I can't really talk to Shirayuki normally.. I definitely have to say no. it doesn't..so I now have the habit of not really listening while others are talking. Because if she takes this wrongly.... "This isn't a date. protecting my client.. but I never thought she'd say something like this.." Butei Law article 5." "What?" What are you saying? That kind of Japanese is too weird.. The vending machines at the sides of the street were flashing. ... Butei must win in one blow. I don't normally come out this late. .. "Ab-about that.a. right.also. I feel like I can't keep up a conversation. while we were alone together. I'm just acting as a bodyguard.th-this ki-ki-kind of feels.. Be as fast as a gust of wind. 99 ... Shirayuki started talking to me..no.of course.date." .. no it doesn't.

and took Shirayuki from the station towards the seashore.I'm sorry. I saw the streetlights continuing down the seashore. a little embarrassed. Volume 2 Because I was late. Even if she's still in another's fist.緋弾のアリア .. we got on the Keiyo Line. You're protecting me." She pretended to smile.. ." "How could I let Kin-chan treat me? I'll buy it myself.. I have succeeded--in opening the door for the caged bird.. Like a nighttime park. this is the first time she's ever taken a train. and apologized. We took the subway to Odaiba. besides taking the Hotogi's cars. From there took the Sea Line to Shinkiba. With only that. Will we make it? I was looking at Shirayuki buying the metro tickets--while she was still hesitating about leaving Butei High. exactly? But. I said "Then I'll buy your ticket too. From what I've heard. 100 .it makes me a little." Shirayuki's neat eyebrows drooped. when I reached the Butei metro stop--the sound of fireworks already started to reach us from the distance. which was a little like a forest. "Th-that's right.." I let her buy the tickets... After that.. as if sad. Saying that kind of thing. We continued to switch trains like that until we reached Kasai Rinkai Park. At last. Shirayuki has never left the school.. To be respected for this kind of thing. I scratched my head..How strict was her upbringing. More like from what I remember.. no matter what anyone says. Arriving at Kasai Rinkai Park..HIDAN NO ARIA "Bodyguard. Shirayuki looked at me with respect. And then from Yurikamome to Ariake.

she gave off a more relaxing aura. and I laughed at how weird she was.you don't. who had turned towards me..I'm sorry. there were still some street shops open.. Also. We continued to walk towards the seashore.." I looked at Shirayuki.have never really talked with boys. Since it was already night. Shirayuki dipped her head a little.... I checked the surroundings." "Yeah.." We hadn't seen the fireworks yet." "I-I'm sorry." "Yeah. but compared to how she was when we had just left my house. Although there were some delinquents looking to mess around with couples.I'm. That's a bad habit..Shirayuki." "Kin-chan. ". 101 .. and we continued up the park path down the shore. and people moving around in small groups. At the end of the road was a breathtakingly beautiful man-made beach. they probably aren't stupid enough to attack gun-wielding Butei. ". feel bored or anything. seeming to feel a little embarrassed.It's really beautiful.um..." "Ah. and her features relaxed.... "I'm not.. as normal. was dipping her head." "Didn't I just say not to do that?" "Ah.. It shouldn't be dangerous. and I don't know anything about what boys find interesting. I.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Not forgetting about my role as a bodyguard. There may not be anything to talk about. don't just apologize about everything.緋弾のアリア . do you?" I shook my head at Shirayuki." "Don't be sorry for something like that.The moon is really beautiful. who was about to fire off another "Sorry".. yet a little happy. her eyes full of uneasiness.

" Shirayuki smiled at me gently. we could only see the smoke left behind by the fading fireworks." Looking at the air above the Disneyland. "And also. Now that I think about it.. but.. Kin-chan isn't in the wrong. ". or barbecue.I'm sorry.." Volume 2 She muttered.How embarrassing.and the one where we got reprimanded severely. We arrived at the man-made beach. Bringing her all the way here.. at the shore of Tokyo Bay. fish.. but because it's forbidden to swim.. the Aomori fireworks festival. afterward..HIDAN NO ARIA "It's like I'm dreaming... I'm fine with just hearing the sound. It's all because I was late.. as if she was comforting me.." "No. ". I could see the fireworks. But in those eyes. as the name suggests. this place was empty.. I was walking too slowly. an artificial beach. as if she couldn't have found something that made her more happy than this.I think it ended already." That was when we were five. not blaming me at all. This is. Did I do the same thing without realizing it? 102 . nobody comes.. The one I brought you to. so it's fine." "Ah.." Shirayuki was using her normal Shirayuki method of speaking.. were a trace of disappointment.. I thought that this would be a nice place to watch the Disney fireworks show. As I expected. I also used a fireworks festival as an excuse to bring her out. that.. only to see this.緋弾のアリア . no..past?" "That's right.the time I forced Shirayuki to come with me..I was reminiscing of our past. while I was walking. in my heart.. "Our.

Even though she's on sand. Shirayuki walked over.Kin-chan also brought me out of the Hotogi. or even at home. "Shirayuki. Kin-chan is by my side. which is hard to walk on. her gait is still so beautiful... even if there are no fireworks.." Shirayuki said. Not only was I late. Also." "Yes?" Hearing me call her name. Yet.I had some expectations too.At that time. Can't be a Butei.. but I also started playing around with you. I couldn't even let you see one firework.. Instead.. You're not angry at all.HIDAN NO ARIA ". walking towards the sea.. Volume 2 "I still remember the fireworks from that night. this just makes me want to do more for you. and forgive me. For someone like me. This.. you don't even have one complaint to give. she stepped on the sand. "Because. I.yet you can wholeheartedly smile for me.. *Chi*.. Shirayuki. and can't be a normal person. was completely genuine. Today.but. it's fine. 103 ." That smile was genuine.. That smile. Shirayuki turned her back to the stars... That's the kind of guy I am.. The night breeze-Lightly brushed through her tied up hair.. How compassionate could you be... made while thinking of me.緋弾のアリア . Whether we're at this sea under the moonlight.. just a screw-up." Saying this. so don't worry. it's fine.

. calmly waiting. seemed to be afraid of something. Only then did Shirayuki awaken. It's very cold. not really understanding.. Sorry for the wait.. Alright. the enemy doesn't exist anyways. holding up the sleeve of my coat." Before Shirayuki. could speak one word-I ran towards the station. to be more accurate.. As I thought--this place was very safe. When I had run back. and patted her shoulder. isn't it. "Kin-chan? Won't you be cold. .hmm? Shirayuki didn't respond. Kin-chan?" "I've already prepared myself to be hot... Shirayuki was holding my school uniform. but well. There's nothing. sitting on a bench by the beach. "Hey..What happened? "What is it? Why are you frightened?" "No-nothing. It should be fine." I called to her. who seemed to be hugging my uniform to herself. "This jacket has Kin-chan's scent on it.. Leaving my client in the middle of such an empty.緋弾のアリア . kicking up the sand." I took off my jacket. There was no need for words. and wait for me. I'm going to run a bit." I reached over to Shirayuki. and placed it on Shirayuki's shoulders.there's nothing wrong. with an "Ah-!" Those eyes.it makes me feel like Kin-chan is by my side. Don't worry. so reminiscent of obsidian. "Shirayuki. Wear this. wide space may not be too wise." Shirayuki seemed to be hiding something.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "Aren't you cold? It's cold. don't worry. With this by my side." 104 .

. these Japanese incense fireworks would be fine. and I held it in front of her.緋弾のアリア . mm? What is it?" "These fireworks.so beautiful...HIDAN NO ARIA I laughed. Doesn't the gunpowder smell bad?" "No. from the bottom of her heart. shining in the midst of the darkness. it was more obvious than ever. 105 . It wasn't festive at all.. Even if these are 1000 times smaller. She was watching the light that these tiny fireworks gave off with delight..." I said. ". I bought incense fireworks.?" "Let's set off some fireworks.normal.they're beautiful. it was too." Chcch. Shirayuki seemed to be happy. seemed to be like stars. reaching out. Those beautiful. "Kin-chan. we ignited our fireworks." Chch... under the light of the fireworks.. here. The things I bought for Shirayuki-- Volume 2 At one of the street shops.. long-eyelashed. embarrassed.Chcch.. But in reality. "It's my jacket. Looking at her this way... It smells very good." "You really are weird. I thought that if it was Shirayuki. Even though that was the case. about to close.." "Hm. let's not think about that. gentle eyes. of course it will. She is. Crouching down on the beach. Well.Mm.." "..

Because my hands shook.Looks like it's over.HIDAN NO ARIA Chch... Our eyes met.started nodding. I want to bring it back. shaking her head fiercely.that's true. ".do you like fireworks?" What an obscure question.. the ember fell off." --Pata." "Why?" "Kin-chan gave this to me. it's human instinct.. From the incense firework in Shirayuki's hand." Although. embarrassed.. I'd probably be a little bit scared. You light it. and glanced at Shirayuki. right?" "But. 106 . After all." "Th... "No..." As I was about to offer her the 100 yen lighter I had bought-Shirayuki hugged the plastic bag with the fireworks inside to her chest.. "Kin-chan.. --Pata. I chuckled.." "Since when were these meant to be kept? Fireworks are meant to be lit. If I light it. I want to keep this.. it'll be a shame.. hearing my careless words. Ah. The ember on my firework fell off too..緋弾のアリア . Shirayuki." "Just keep it in your memory. who was looking at me. Volume 2 "Not if it's as small as this.. But if it's huge fireworks." "There's still one.

緋弾のアリア .HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 107 .

. She. say this." Hearing Shirayuki. so I just watched her. How could I forget about this simple method? Now I don't even know how I came up with counting. could be clearly seen. I'll be too happy to. Three. that the yukata was the easiest piece of clothing to take off in the world... but she was wearing something black again. Two.) Just now.HIDAN NO ARIA She took out the last firework. Also.really.Thank you. Shirayuki. So. This. I can talk to her. [Victory]. Tonight.and lit it..now that I think about.. Volume 2 I don't know why. I looked up." If I look at it like this.Hey. The light from the incense firework made her skin seem like it was shining as well. Think of something else to calm down.. If you go into Hysteria Mode now.. Don't think about this kind of thing..Chchh.. I could see it. Chchh. That's right. Shirayuki's chest. Five-"Kin-chan. ". who knows what will happen.緋弾のアリア .. Chchh.Ah. It seemed as if she really meant to keep it in her memory. You. Ah--Hey..Chchh. Muto said something like this once... I won't be able to sleep. (. now I recalled that lace underwear. still staring at the firework. as she stared at it intently.. I started counting in my head. Kinji. crouching down like this.. from inside the drawer.... There was nothing I could do. 108 ..... yukata are really attractive. I remember him saying once.

A walk.. you saved me from those horrible people. slowly. during Butei High...and so. under our gaze." ".Pata.wanted to pay that debt back to you. slowly.brought me out to see the world.. Almost like a miracle.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 As long as I concentrate on keeping up a conversation. "Kin-chan is always doing miracles for me.. Shirayuki..緋弾のアリア . We just took a train to the park for a stroll... This is extremely special to me. and tonight.ah. 109 ... The last ember." "That isn't a debt. It wasn't anything great.But. and Shirayuki turned to look at me. though." Chch. So. The light coming from the incense firework had already become extremely weak...? Don't exaggerate. a little uncertain. Bu-but we did set off fireworks.... "Kin-chan really is Kin-chan." I started stammering at the wrong of choice of words." "What does that mean?" . "You won't be able to sleep. Afterwards..." "Wa-wasn't that just a brawl?" "And when I was small." My careless words made Shirayuki--once again flash that joyful smile. closed her eyes.... Chch. Chch. she stood up in that refined manner.. I. Even on the day of the entrance exam. no. fell down. as if trying to imprint this onto her soul.. leaving all that saw her breathless.. I probably won't notice that black lace underwear. "Bra?[7]" "Ah.. it went out on the sand. you.. there's no need to pay me back..

The noise of the waves washing up on the sand seemed to echo through the beach-"Before...changed Kin-chan. rushing to the waves.... At that time she insincerely said. you've been happier..." "..... you will disappear--and it's within a few years. 110 . as if she was being chained down by something.. Ever since Kin-chan met Aria. Shh..." My denial was a lot softer than I thought....... "As far as I can see. I stood up as well. when I used the Miko cards to predict for Kin-chan.. It's that feeling. my heart thought that this was possible." "Hah.... "Because Aria has. It looks like this wish of mine will be fulfilled the coming year.Disap..pear?" "From the place you are right now. was still frail." "..I predicted that." Volume 2 "That's probably talking about me switching schools.Kin-chan would 'Disappear'..this could be Aria bringing you someplace else. Shhhhh.? "... in some ways.That's not it.has changed..HIDAN NO ARIA Mirroring her movements. suddenly softly said this to me.." "Me?" How unexpected--but now that I think about it.. you will be blessed..緋弾のアリア ..I think that. However.." Shirayuki. I chuckled.... Shirayuki's mood.me." Hearing Shirayuki's words. Aria." "Actually.I remembered it.that I think is unexpected.

but it seemed that her eyes were full of tears.Don't say these weird things.as long as I could repay the debt I owe Kin-chan. ".. "No." Shirayuki. but knowing Shirayuki's personality. Before I said that Aria and I are just partners. Could it be that Shirayuki is agitated because she couldn't help me during the "Butei Killer" mission last month? After all..." "What?" Volume 2 "As long as Kin-chan could be happy.. I've been doing my best at everything.......... The Shirayuki I was seeing now was very different from the normal her.... clubs. It's as if---the heart she's always hiding. so I could improve myself... suddenly spinning around. Thud..HIDAN NO ARIA ". hey. and said that..but in the end.I couldn't see too well because it was dark. And then. What are you saying--" "So up until now. It'd be OK if you were together with Aria. Studies. Even if the one that Kin-chan liked was Aria. Even if I remained in the background.It's OK.. "Kin-chan--" "Ah. student council." "Hey.." Shirayuki. she's pouring it all out to me. as long as I could support Kin-chan. the person who was with me then--was the person that Shirayuki hated with all her heart..interrupted me....that you're talking about the 'Butei Killer' mission from last month?" I shouldn't ask her directly. 111 .. hey.緋弾のアリア . Aria. Then I'd be fine.I've been working hard. Could it be.." She rushed into my arms. And you've been using past tense this whole time. these things didn't help Kin-chan at all.

. being together was like quenching our thirst. those beautiful eyes-They shut. --Creating a sweetness that drove people crazy. I'm sorry.. Wh-what's going on? "Kin-chan.. full of tears...HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Before. even if it's just once. please look at me. That yukata.me.. We were as important as water to each other... please fulfill it.. really sorry.. and I didn't dare say anything. had an indescribable expression..." . "Kin-chan.my only dream.From when we were little. it perfectly fits this Yamato Nadeshiko. Childhood friends-.. It was full of. looking up at me. charged into my embrace. suddenly and unexpectedly. I've been scared that you'd hate me.suddenly doing this.. she would die.full of the sort of feeling. I've known this from the beginning.. had let honey ooze in. that hair. please only look at me. if it's only now.. I'm sorry. and mix together. it's so indescribably beautiful. We would never allow anything to ever come between us. her lips trembling with her words. that relationship like water.. That face. Shirayuki..right? Her voice may have been extremely soft. 112 . but it was at such a close distance. that if she spoke one more word.. who took several minutes to get close to me even sitting down. was apologizing for-But those eyes. ". "Even if it's only now. I'm really. But yet I understood..I didn't hear wrong.. rendered me speechless." I didn't know what Shirayuki... But.. under her fringe." Shirayuki.. illuminated by the moonlight.but please.. although it's the wrong season. we were always together. tied up like this.until now." As the refreshing yet chilling night breeze washed over us-Those quiet eyes. really.Kiss.緋弾のアリア . creating something that people would give anything to partake of. Aah...

my hand. so shocked that she curled up.. Over Disneyland came: Bang. --Bang. Volume 2 In the moment that my heart started hammering uncontrollably. My hand.. did you suddenly. ". "?" But... The words. felt the Beretta strapped to her thigh. This isn't the feeling I get when I'm about to enter Hysteria Mode. it really can't be helped.It's a little different.I can't explain it. Just now we had thought it was over.I'm not sure if it was to stop Shirayuki.. the sound of an explosion came over. At a distance....this feeling is a little different." Getting used to this kind of thing. from the usual trigger-arousal-. 113 .緋弾のアリア . In that moment just now. Gigantic fireworks continued to blossom in the sky. instinctively.. but it appears that it was just an interlude. Bang Bang. make me. overshadowing everything else. Why.. looked towards the sound..... came back to her senses and with me.. or what.This is all because of the training I received in Assault.... also trying to shield her body. However.... This is. I felt my blood start flowing.but it was about to touch her back.. already slipping from the control of my mind. I had unknowingly stuck my right shoulder in front of my client--and Shirayuki's left breast.. . Before I realized it... was an instinct to protect her.HIDAN NO ARIA Why.. Shirayuki..

--I didn't think that. would misunderstand what I did. seeing the floating. 7. But that expression was so hollow." Shirayuki. just now.I'm sorry. seeing what I was like just now.. Obi are amazingly hard to put on by yourself. we continued to stare. but I felt that it would be hard to get that close again. appearing to have given up on something. it was as if she wasn't really here.. I turned around. early summer fireworks. 114 . not knowing what to do. not daring to face her.緋弾のアリア . ". Bura Bura (ブラブラ) is a stroll.HIDAN NO ARIA Even the noise of fireworks makes me automatically shield my client. raised her head to look at the fireworks. Looking at the night sky above Tokyo Bay. NOTES 6. blossoming into many different colors. Bura (ブラ) is a bra. But because of the actions I had taken just now. I. As if we had lost our souls. which were like magic. Amazingly hard. We might have only been 40 centimeters apart.this would be our farewell.. also-Raised my head to take a look at the fireworks. Our feet were just about touching. Volume 2 Since I was scared and embarrassed that Shirayuki... we were only half a step away from each other..

because of this. Masters will get angry. for some reason.. so I'll be staying over here for today." To be honest. she sent me an SMS. and went to sleep. 115 . and still. But I don't know why I was so uneasy. And before long. is during the closing ceremony.And so.she said she had forgotten something. alright? Also. so recently I've just been passing the time doing random things. Tomorrow. So I couldn't skip even if I wanted to. However. This auditorium may have many doors. but also. after Shirayuki went back to Academy Island. last night. so I'll continue with it. I couldn't sleep at all. after you're finished with your committee work. And really. if I stop being your bodyguard in the middle of the assignment. Aru=Kata. and she went back to her own dormitory. I left her completely unguarded at night.I was extremely uneasy.. call me.. I've had enough of continuously guarding her against a non-existent entity.. There's no need to worry about it anymore. I didn't get enough sleep at all.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 5TH AMMO: BLAZING DIAMOND DUST After Golden Week. I can't face you right now.. You must be angry. which had already been converted into the stage for the Adseard opening ceremony. Right now. since the classes are shortened. I was holding back my drowsiness and punching tickets with Muto at the auditorium doors.. so"I'm not angry. I don't need to act as security at the same time. alone.緋弾のアリア . . I'm sorry about tonight.. Yesterday. in which I have to perform. Adseard will start. nothing happened. It was partially because I was feeling regret about the incident at the artificial beach. And the door we were responsible for was the only exit to the media lounge. Let's just count that as over and done with. "Kin-chan." -I sent her that message.. but because it's located deep within Butei High.

the lyrics were replaced.." "Is that so-" Muto suddenly started dragging his words. bored out of his mind from the work. ". did Hotogi-san.緋弾のアリア .Then.. she's one of those people that people would give anything to protect." I struggled to hold in my yawn. is a cover version. in the period before the opening ceremony.. she didn't.. today. 'Who Shot the Flash'... right? Changing it to that degree is just a joke.Kinji. complaining. people will." "I don't really think she needs to be protected. ".. in the end... asked him.. Who is it?" "What?" "I'm asking. several camera-carrying and headsetwearing journalists had hurriedly passed through. now that I think about it." "Hotogi-san.. "Anyways." "Ha.. Added to this.. "Why did they choose that song?" I. who had nothing to do as well. "You know how the 'Bang Ba-Ba-Ba-Bang' lyrics were the only ones that weren't changed? It's because they thought it sounded like gunshots. was sitting on a folding chair. right?" "That's right. After all.as expected of Butei High.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Even though." She's able to fight on equal terms with Aria. doesn't feel strange at all. and looked up towards the sky. Along with Aria. "Kinji. after all. and it's also a copied version. as for Shirayuki and Aria..you're a bodyguard for Hotogi-san right now." Muto.The song we're performing. which was also clear.join the cheerleaders for Aru=Kata?" "Shirayuki? No. even while protected. Which one is your type?" "Huh?" 116 .. as if he was feeling a profound regret..

Muto.. I was thinking that you get along better with girls that looked younger. 1 minute.Do you want to have a relationship with Hotogi-san.. you know?" "Before." "Who would be able to get along with that lion cub.HIDAN NO ARIA My eyebrows shot up.." I used a manner of speaking akin to those in Assault. I'll get a 4 ton truck and squash you to death. and slumped down on the desk." "Ooh. "Hmph.. Even with this." "Th-then.. Muto didn't give up. well.緋弾のアリア . right?" "Impossible.. not willing to answer anymore questions.Aren't Butei supposed to be infinitely curious?" ". Volume 2 "Neither of them". then?" ".." I tossed those words down. I'm a human. before I could say that.. "It's Aria. with a clatter. you know? You guys are lovers.. he continued to stare at me. and entered my Ignore Muto Mode.. there? "About that. Even that is written on the Butei textbooks.You know something? Why does even Muto have to guess about these sort of things?" Thinking back to what happened with Shirayuki last night. Well.. why don't you try it out? I'll meet you with my Kinji Model Beretta.Curiosity killed the cat. "Come-on-and-tell-me-already" expression...Why did I pause. when Aria was talking with normal girls during school. answer me. Kinji. turned his folding chair to face me. With a.. right?" "Why would it be Aria?" ..all she could talk about was you. "Come on. I automatically became angry.. 117 . If you don't... 2 minutes.

in front of the unused door.. . It was only me left. . "--?" This isn't good. like that.緋弾のアリア . slowly whittling away the time.. I was sitting on the folding chair.. At 4:00. and I hadn't gotten enough sleep.. I had nothing to do. When she had accidentally fallen inside the water. I wasn't willing to return to those topics.. Kinji--!!" Thud! With Muto grabbing me by the shoulder. Muto's class had ended. so I just sat there.HIDAN NO ARIA When the third minute had elapsed...I don't get it." "I. I woke up. "--I'm sorry!" "What's this." Muto. and Muto seemed to feel the same way. 118 . rolling down a ramp...Finally. I had completely fallen asleep. movies. The clock on the wall had advanced steadily while I was asleep. Also. folded his arms and looked up resolutely.. and motorcycles.I was totally burned out from my continuous guarding.. willing the time to pass. so we started talking about music. In my dream I saw Aria crying while chasing a peach bun.. In the sunlight. I don't get any of them. finishing his sentence.. "Hey..Nod.Nod.I was praying that you could get along well with the girl you like. I descended into a haze. nearly became a bastard!" "?" Volume 2 "Because I tried to get you to like Aria. all of a sudden? You're too loud. Muto's spiky head bowed down towards me...

I took out my cellphone.It's a code especially for Adseard. Muto whispered into my ear.緋弾のアリア . saying. do not let this get out. we have a Situation D7. And the contents -froze the blood running through my body. "Kin-chan. to protect the target's safety. We haven't been able to reach her since noon." "-. What on Earth has happened? Not even leaving me time to read the message. And.a situation like that. I'm sorry. Also. Farewell. only the people receiving this message can act.HIDAN NO ARIA It was already 5:00.Disappeared?" I hurriedly confirmed the contents of Butei High's message -and noticed that Shirayuki had sent me one new message.With a start." -. The incident must be solved secretly. it means: "The current events are not clear." -. "Hotogi-san seems to have disappeared. Volume 2 Situation D -. What happened? "What is it?" I wrinkled my eyebrows-Muto pointed at the cellphone in my pocket. for it to reach D7.That doesn't seem to be it." 119 . Butei High will continue on with Adseard as planned. and noticed that I really did receive a message from Butei High while I was asleep. I woke up. "Situation D7. one that means something has happened within Butei High. Did Muto run back here? It looks like he's out of breath. Is he angry because I fell asleep? -.

I understand completely. And even Aria. Something dangerous must have happened to her -. If I say it's over. She won't ever speak about that again. For me. but she's always been absolutely obedient to me. are all just excuses. you're deluding yourself into thinking that the "enemy" is here!" 120 . She would definitely put her work -. I never could have imagined that Shirayuki was in danger.! Letting things become the way they are now -. But even though that was the case -I was too stupid. I understood. then it means it's over.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 -. I was too careless. because she suddenly disappeared. Butei High felt the need to give the order for a Situation D. and leaving home.whatever I say. it's impossible that she would do this. gave up on the assignment. Also. And so. This is not an ordinary disappearance. Because even if she was brooding about the events of yesterday. She'll pretend it never happened. I thought back to what I had screamed at Aria only 2 days earlier. These words were too strange. Shirayuki might really have been targeted. "Just hearing that "Durandal" could appear is already enough to make you think "I hope that he appears. What had happened at the man-made beach should have been resolved by the SMS I had sent yesterday.緋弾のアリア .This is too weird. who was so alert in the beginning. her childhood friend.her work for Adseard first. she would definitely wait until the closing ceremony is finished." And without knowing it. I wasn't really sure what Shirayuki was thinking. Shirayuki's sense of responsibility is very strong.

. clearly. it didn't connect.because I didn't trust her. (Aria... When I called Shirayuki. piece of trash!) Shirayuki -. But time continued to pass. Volume 2 I was the one that was thinking "I hope he doesn't exist.said she "trusted" me. so I called Aria.!) If I had done what we should have been doing from the very beginning.aren't I the most retarded. I betrayed her trust--! Like a dog.緋弾のアリア . I had split up with Muto to look for her. the reason she's gone is me. I might be putting Shirayuki in danger. idiotic. From the night I started to protect her. However. I had treated him as "Non-existent". I. Her phone should be ringing. this wouldn't have happened. so I could only search this one.. didn't pick up..".. where on Earth do I start? The me as of right now doesn't have a clue. I trust you. every corner.and without knowing it.. But this is Situation D7.Maybe I had gotten it the wrong way around. She said that. However. and now.. these were the consequences -(I...Can I not do anything? The me right now -- 121 .. but. and been protecting Shirayuki. If I start asking random people. while I hadn't found anything.. she. for whatever reason.. I rushed through the road leading up to Butei High -I knew nothing about where she might be. I didn't take her at her word.. But. small road.HIDAN NO ARIA That. I searched every road.

am I -.Reki! 122 . I'm a scumbag that lies sleeping while you're in danger." -. I'm not a hero like you said I was. This is Reki. even if I'm a scumbag. "Kinji-san. Shirayuki. That's all I can do. In one movement. the trust that you put in me.. I have to repay it! -.緋弾のアリア . I'm watching you right now. I have to continue to look for her.so useless! (But. I took it out and pressed the answer key.Even if I am useless.HIDAN NO ARIA I can't even protect one girl? Why -. Volume 2 However. I'm not worth of even being a scumbag! While I was running around the southern corner of Butei High -. even if I can't change that. Only that. Search.my phone rang.. I still have to do something!) Even if I have to turn this island upside down.If I can't even do that.

緋弾のアリア .HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 123 .

" "Snipe--" Hearing that. Reki is the Japanese representative at Adseard. Reki!" "You could've gotten a world record!" Whatever Reki was saying was overshadowed by those voices. Snipe is next to the underground sniper range and is situated at the northern reaches of the island. so I was disqualified. Everybody is extremely angry now. please calm down. Reki--!? When I was about to call out her name. I didn't hear what you said just now. those voices from just now flared up again. And I could hear through the phone. I heard a *thud* from a window being opened. *crack*! A fragment splintered off the lamppost next to me. where are you right now? It's too noisy over there. a large building." "I am on the seventh floor of Snipe. I looked at my phone during a break in the Snipe competition." "What? What's going on over there!" "I left the field in the middle of the competition.緋弾のアリア . That had nothing to do with Shirayuki." 124 . Woah." "Ah. "Kinji-san." Now that I think about it. "I'm sorry about the noise. don't worry. their effectiveness is decreased by half. yeah. I turned northwards. And a Bang! A gunshot rang out. "Reki. When people become upset." From the phone. faint voices shouting: "What are you doing.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "A Situation D7 seems to have occurred.

I didn't notice anything out of ordinary with the flow in the gutters.What's going on? Reki was using the SVD's semi-auto to write something on the road. On the asphalt a little away from my foot.but the currents don't feel right... Crack." --it was an arrow sign that would fit exactly within a circle with a diameter of 30 centimeters.. was that something that Reki shot? From the Snipe building to here. created by a sniper rifle. Yeah. there are 28 gutters..just now.緋弾のアリア . Crack. When it was finished -"Please go investigate in that direction... Wha.. It has to be at least 2 kilometers. a deep mark appeared.HIDAN NO ARIA Ju. "Wh-which way?" I had just asked. right? "That's exactly what you are right now. when "I am." On the outskirts of this artificial island." Kch. I will continue to look out for Shirayuki-san from here.a single bullet.." The only response was Reki's habit when concentrating. Talking on the phone-- Volume 2 and shooting with such an outdated SVD sniper rifle. 125 . How can she still be so accurate? "I don't know where Shirayuki is -. I could hear her loading another bullet. They're used to control the water levels on the island. those mantra-like words. Check gutter 9... Crack. holes that water can be pumped out of. Have you calmed down?" "Ah.. Crack Crack..

. That place is actually-the armory. this isn't the time to be stunned by Reki's superhuman sight. From the second floor below ground and onwards. It was a cold sweat. I flipped open the Butei handbook I always kept with me.. she was able to see such minute changes within the currents. I know that much. the rooms are multi-layered. This isn't normal. disregarding the forbidden access sign. "The underground warehouse--!?" My own words caused me to start sweating. rushed towards the elevator. and punched in the emergency code-But. like cabins in a ship. I may not be Aria. Hey.緋弾のアリア . This wasn't because I was running. This is horrible.. That's weird. From that distance. Something is going to happen.the underground warehouse. and checked to see where this gutter led to. the elevator didn't move. The underground warehouse is just a pretty name we use for outsiders' benefit. I stepped into the Pressure Room. And Shirayuki has been sucked into the middle of it-- Under Butei High. along with Assault and Masters was recognized as the third danger zone. it's all below water.. While Butei High remains ignorant. I ran down the stairs... already. and pulled the cover of the circuit box for the elevator. I found signs that someone had removed it and put it back on. but even I get a bad feeling about this. This isn't good. this. 126 . In the extremely dangerous Tokyo Butei High.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 But next to the grating of gutter 9.

this isn't a place one can enter just by going through the gutter. continuously going down. and that way. The place that gutter 9 links to. Shirayuki. I have to continue going down! For her sake. and ran the stairs down to the floor below--! I also used the emergency stairs for the boiler room below. leading into the floor like a manhole. The stairs were already rusty.. This is the deepest part of Butei High. the 4th floor.but if one tries. I don't have time for this right now! If there's even a 1% chance that Shirayuki is here. an unused records room.I noticed something. --Darkness. and used the magnetic IC inside the Butei handbook to open the door. it is possible. inserted my keycard. but everything was still pitch black. the students regularly say that Butei High. who trusts me implicitly -. because it's such a big place..HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 The emergency stairs. The electricity's been cut.緋弾のアリア .. and I fell while hurrying down.Ouch. But. planning to call Muto and Reki -. peering out into the corridor. doesn't have good security against intruders.. probably because the signal transmitter inside the room was broken. Of course. the 5th floor. And also. Everyone just assumes that nobody is stupid enough to try and enter an island filled to the brim with hundreds of Butei.But for some reason. was meant to be used in case of flooding. It hurts. I opened the door noiselessly. 127 .. . I reached the 3rd floor. so the walls were made of three metal plates. After reaching one of the corners of the underground warehouse.. I had no signal. I entered in the confirmation password. I took out my cellphone. I received many scratches and bruises while sliding down. I finally reached the 7th floor-The underground warehouse.I have to save her--! Thinking this way.

It's the storage place for the underground warehouse's most dangerous armaments.緋弾のアリア . I may not be able to hear what they're saying..HIDAN NO ARIA Damn it. but there are definitely people there. But. I was angry because I couldn't even predict this happening. All because I was so stupid. Shirayuki might be hurt right now. The only thing I can do is save her immediately! Anything else is unimportant! I tried to lessen the noise of my footsteps as I walked through the halls. I used the light of my cellphone to take a look at my Butei handbook. There are people arguing. I reached for my Beretta-I brushed the handle.. I could see warnings like "KEEP OUT" or "DANGER" written all around. than light. The room called the big warehouse. going up to the surface to call for back up is a waste of time. I don't know whether this decision is correct. In the red light illuminating the darkness. Volume 2 But even if that's the case. The corridors were very wide. and on each side were rows and rows of ammunition racks. This isn't like a game. This is an ammunition dump. is time. From there. looking for a trace of Shirayuki. More important than communication.." I could sense somebody. ". flashlights or walkie-talkies won't appear out of nowhere. 128 . much like a hall. In front of me should be an empty space.. and then frowned.

If an incident like several hundred Butei getting blown to pieces actually occurs.the elite Butei from all over the world -. and it explodes -. alumni. and opened it. I cannot use my gun.. There are armaments in here easily able to cause that level of destruction.Butei High would be blown away.will be slaughtered.. Thinking this way. Illuminated under the red light. someone like me. next to the carelessly stacked. "Why do you want me...HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 If a bullet accidentally hits something dangerous. Also. but I quelled the impulse. I wanted to charge in. I felt for the butterfly knife concealed among my clothes.緋弾のアリア .. or I'll have to keep it. and using the knife edge as a mirror to look around corners. Under the red light. I stuck my body as close to the corner as it would go. A lot of journalists and the like are here to report on Adseard. That isn't an exaggeration.. they will most definitely get the news out. Durandal." Shirayuki's voice was full of fear.. Why do you need. soundlessly.In short. I can't wave it around. the knife edge was glowing. next to a mountain of ammunition-stood Shirayuki in her Miko garments. then Butei High's faculty.or maybe moved....stack of ammunition. 129 . and listened calmly. If an explosion sets off any secondary explosions.a person without any special traits of any kind. around 50 meters away from me.I took in a sharp intake of breath. but that unknown person might be pointing a gun at Shirayuki as we speak. Shirayuki was talking to someone. and every competitor in Adseard -. Academy Island would become just like a ship that got hit by a torpedo. . And I can't be sure. the armaments in here are stored messily. That isn't it. so it didn't fit a situation like this. The structure of the butterfly knife makes it easy for it to make a lot of noise. I have to understand the situation first.

? Who are you talking about?" From within Shirayuki's voice came a hint of anger. he was unable to protect you..but as I predicted.. he really does. she was part of the light. And so." It was a strange voice.. But in a battle.Butei. And so.those diamonds in the rough -. I-I just didn't want to trouble him. and the wording was ancient.So. huh... you know?" "Me. is something completely natural. But Shirayuki. "There are those who fade into the darkness. they don't know the darkness within the darkness.that isn't it! Kin-chan didn't lose to someone like you. then what is he?" "Kin-chan -.. ready to attack. is she mimicking my voice!? 130 . You also played in my plan.緋弾のアリア .exist.. we.. have to train stronger ability users -. training ability users. And the girl she was facing adopted a mocking tone." "What are you saying.?" "You remember that phone call.. my ancestor was tricked by the darkness..HIDAN NO ARIA --Durandal--! So.it was a girl's voice. "The Holmes girl was extremely troublesome -.. This isn't strange at all.Kin-chan is not defective!" "But in reality.... My great ancestor was facing that darkness -. Shirayuki. right?" The voice that came out of the darkness nearly made my heart stop." "Th.! Volume 2 "There are some people who keep themselves hidden in the shadows.which also means.so I didn't call out to him!" "You didn't want to trouble him.. If that guy isn't a defective product.?" "The enemy is already in the darkness. yet -. unbeknownst to our enemies." "Defective. those that hide themselves deepest are the victors. the fact that we we reach our hands out towards the gemstones that that defective Butei are protecting. It was masculine. the person who finally chased that girl away is Tohyama Kinji. Right now. And as for the people on the surface..

Also. And then she waited for me to show an opening. She got rid of Aria. "Right now.her target.! "Come with me. Volume 2 That girl seemed to think her reaction was very amusing.. Shirayuki.. Shirayuki! Come! I'm in the shower!" "--!" I realized that Shirayuki was so stunned. She was at our side... side.and Aria and Kin-chan's relationship. I'm going to bring you to -.was watching us? Has she.. How could I have left such a perfect opportunity alone.Aria's mother. Shirayuki's. And now..but the person observing your room. But. Within the space of a few days. she wants to take Shirayuki away..." EU... as well as -. was me. Kanzaki Aria had just arrived. carry 864 years worth of crime.. knowing your personality?" "It was you who pretended to be Kin-chan and goaded me into action -. the main protective force.you destroyed it.EU." She.before you can become one of us..緋弾のアリア . and so she continued to speak. you should first let go of Tohyama. 131 . I saw that you were in the living room." Her next words rendered my mind a complete blank. The organization that made Kanzaki Kanae -.HIDAN NO ARIA "Come quickly. At Aria's and mine. and that the light had gone off in Tohyama's shower.. The person that deserves your devotion is someone else.. Aria had left you two. the people behind Mine Riko Lupin the 4th.?" "Things just went downhill from there. the "Butei Killer"-- Who killed my brother--! Nii-san. she couldn't speak a word.always been hiding around us? --Durandal. "Holmes set up several traps and probes -.

Well.' -. I was only half mad. I want to try and force the enemy into submission with one move. "There's one more thing." ". I had gone mad.What is that supposed to mean..Nii-san. run!" —shouted.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Ever since I was little I respected the person who was stronger than anyone. 132 . I thought that you had a very obedient character. "In this matter. I made one miscalculation. you secretly -.?" "'I will hand myself in to you without struggling. Clearly. This is the ammunition dump.! I understood. changed their target.." The girl's voice became slightly clearer.I know the enemy's rough location. especially Tohyama Kinji. I read your personality wrong." Her last words... and who could still be so compassionate -. I— "Shirayuki. Click.is what you agreed. do not hurt any Butei High students. after all. And I kept to your conditions.. by those bastards. the butterfly knife that my brother had given me was trembling. she was speaking directly with me. But in exchange. Clenched in my fist. and charged towards Shirayuki. However. Click. --So I've been noticed already-This thought flashing into my mind. But Nii-san.called him. Judging from her voice -. who was smarter than anyone.. if I had gone mad. I hadn't charged in without thinking at all. I understood that my blood was going into a frenzy.緋弾のアリア ...

I've seen this in the Assault textbooks -. it firmly stuck my calf to the ground. preventing me from standing up.HIDAN NO ARIA I may not be in Hysteria Mode. Volume 2 She only has 7 seconds to grasp what weapons I have.how could anyone do that? "Kin-chan!?" Shirayuki's scared voice echoed throughout the warehouse. I knew nothing about it besides that it was white. Butei.*crackle*." In the wake of her voice. It was in the section for ancient weaponry. moving at a speed my eyes could not possibly perceive. Next to my foot was a beautifully curved. from within the blade. I can cross that in 7 seconds. a French blade.. prepare her weapons. more like a wailNext to my foot-Kch! Something. don't come! Run away! Butei cannot beat Choutei!" Following that cry. "--Wha-!?" That white stuff started to reach up my thigh.緋弾のアリア . 133 .!? It's cold. but the enemy can't use guns.. some sort of white stuff was leaking out. but with a *crackle*. decide whether to run or fight.I'll make you taste the shame of those who are shackled. "'l'anse de la Pucelle' -. "Woah!?" The *Thud!* from my fall echoed around the warehouse. silver blade. a blade meant for fencing. There was about 50 meters between us. "--No.. and assume a defensive stance -.. hooked my foot. I-I can't move.It's called a Yataghan. What is this.

I'm not saving Shirayuki. What happened? What happened to her? I was extremely anxious. Shirayuki -. ".!" Clink Clank. *Pa* -The emergency lights inside the room went out.I am a much more proficient tactician than any counselor.. Volume 2 "My bloodline has always walked in the light... but -Stuck to the floor by ice. How did she do it? I can't stand up anymore.Ice." After this enemy..N-no! Stop it! What are you doing! --Uu.. but that substance belongs in the darkness within the darkness -. Th-This isn't the first time. I heard the noise of iron. who I had never seen before until now.didn't answer. And so.!? I didn't see anything on the blade. I could do nothing. spoke. --I was firmly stuck to the floor by the ice. that was all I'd been doing. From the time I started being Shirayuki's bodyguard. And the floor by my feet was ordinary cement. the thing I hate most in this world is 'Miscalculation'. "--Shirayuki!" But even with my call.. I'm just making things worse.. And from the start. I haven't been able to do anything yet. 134 . The enemy is moving..! From Shirayuki.緋弾のアリア .HIDAN NO ARIA . I was completely wreathed in darkness...

was replaced by blazing light. What happened? Just now.Clank! And in the air.緋弾のアリア .HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 I had no way of assessing the situation. looking at Shirayuki in danger. I understood. as big as a sporthall.. That light -.*pa. That is the blade that is meant to kill me--! Fyuu . The warehouse became slightly brighter.. am still alive. lights continually flared up. papa..I. Even in the darkness." As if cutting the darkness and despair in my soul. not even allowing me to see my own hands. it burst into sparks. papapapapap* As if trying to surround this warehouse. I. The darkness from just now. I could do nothing. "You're there. and just whittled my time away. what happened--? "It's time to switch out. Chh. I could only spectate as the situation grew worse and worse--! Kch! The sound of another blade cutting through the air reached me. But when something really happens. Even with my eyes wide open.The sound of the other blade came from behind me -. a voice rang out. I'm taking you into custody!" 135 . still unable to think of anything. just causing her more trouble. I made no preparations. came here.. aren't you 'Durandal' --! For the crime of abducting minors.

The sound of a door closing reached us from somewhere.. .." Aria turned her head. Kich Kich! Two of the blades flew through the air. And if you are an idiot. "Looks like she ran away.. be brave. just be an idiot -. Aria. "Aria!?" "Holmes.. watch out! She immediately spun her own wakizashi around like a whirlwind. If you are pretty. If you are noble. towards Aria.I didn't think that she'd be able to say idiot five times after just appearing.. she crouched down by my head. And afterward. 136 .." .was someone wearing Butei High's sailor school uniform. And any sign of Shirayuki. deflecting the two blades." "Wh-what does that mean?" "If you are brave.had disappeared.there's a saying like that. there was still silence. "How many more are you going to throw at me? You're like one of those baseball machines. it looks like Idiot Kinji has some uses after all.After a while. right? So the best thing for Idiot Kinji to do is go into Idiot Kinji Mode.緋弾のアリア . "Well. The empty space in that stack of ammunition." Aria raised her blade in a batting position -Clatter. act pretty... act noble.. stepping on my back and head while striding forward -.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 *Click*. and threw aside the blade that was stuck into the ground next to me. hmm?" That unseen girl's voice came out of the shadows. It looks like she was forced into another part of the warehouse..

The sound of her sneakers suddenly stopped.. --And. And used the edge of her blade to scrape away the ice holding me to the floor.. She picked up the blade that she had thrown aside just now.. full of confidence. To be more precise.I didn't think she would manage to bring Shirayuki away while setting these traps up. and turned to one side." said Aria. "Aria. Only to see Aria take a step back hurriedly.?" I raised my head to look over." "Sh-she's really cunning.. And she sliced something that I couldn't see. "How is Shirayuki?" "She isn't hurt. swung her blade again. your carotid artery would have been cut. Scrape. We're going to help her. I moved the only thing I could. ". don't crouch down in front of my face. and raise her blade towards the air. "And this one is at your height. finishing what she was saying. Exactly where my head was.. my neck. you come as well. turning to look around. ". and walked towards Shirayuki's. and she started running over to the pile of ammunition.. it's a TNK steel wire." "But. She was probably planning to kill you with this if the throwing knife didn't hit. placed her knee onto my body.緋弾のアリア .. But she's tied up. checking on Shirayuki -Squeak." Whoosh. Scrape. If you had run towards her.What is it?" "It's a steel wire... Aria." Aria. what happened?" 137 . It cannot escape my eyes.HIDAN NO ARIA Also.. all this is useless. Volume 2 To avoid looking up her skirt. Aria stood up.After you disappeared. she immediately returned to crouch by my side.

Aria chipped off the ice by my elbow as well. was restrained by manacles.." Aria finished speaking and stood up. Shirayuki.She continued to selflessly worry about me. she will keep her distance.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "'Durandal' was watching Shirayuki from somewhere we couldn't see. there should have been no way to move to any other floors from this room. really made me angry. I could sense that she was getting closer and closer. and think of a way to split up the opponents---and take she will take them one by one. by the wall of the warehouse. So. she did save me.leaving. continued to emit sounds like "MMPH. was that planned as well?" "Butei Charter 2. Also." "After the fight with me in Assault. Looks like she ran. That is how Durandal fights. we have to get Shirayuki to safety. I will never give up.Then. she might come back to kill Shirayuki. she definitely wouldn't attack.. Her mouth.. You look unsatisfied. You. are you alright!? You aren't hurt. she won't pay any attention to me." Crack..." I took the gag out of her mouth. "'Durandal' is one of the few spies in EU. who had basically been calling me an idiot the whole time. are you!?" ." According to the map I saw on the handbook. but I thought that it was a good opportunity. Is there a problem?" Finally regaining my freedom of movement. As long as you are the only one carelessly guarding Shirayuki. she will be inclined to reduce everything to 'nothingness'. But.. bound by a piece of cloth. sleeping on the roof.. pulling my sleeve towards where Shirayuki lay. "The enemy--seems to have disappeared. First. So I gave up on being a bodyguard on purpose. I faced Aria. if Reki and I were there. when a tactician's plan is broken. "If there is more than one enemy.. 138 .I'll hold off on my sarcastic comments for now. "Kin-chan.緋弾のアリア ." I see. You must fulfill the contract in the commission. After all. were Shirayuki and I separated according to her plans as well? "The only thing is.

.. 139 . But anyways. It's very rarely seen. I--without me even knowing.... she pulled at the chains binding Shirayuki.. Volume 2 From every angle. and we couldn't even open one of them.. a setup some called a "Drum Lock". and kill Kin-chan. And my real goal is only the capture of Durandal.Well. and it was binding her extremely tightly...I'm sorry.. and we tried to pick the lock-However. the lock looked like a giant. I was treated as a hostage? "When did she say this to you?" "Yesterday." and her cheeks reddened a little.there's no way I'm going to be able to open this lock.. heavy hamburger. You should be more worried about yourself. moaning.. lifting up the lock around Shirayuki's chest. If Shirayuki was using her inhuman swordsmanship. There's no need to thank me..I was scared that Kin-chan would be hurt.... Don't cry. feelings of agony once again surfaced in my heart." I said. "Kin-chan..when Kin-chan went to buy the fireworks...緋弾のアリア . right now. What you're saying and what you're doing is really contradictory.." So. I've been treating Aria so badly. then maybe--but Shirayuki is the one that is bound. that was when--huh. the structure of the locks were too complex. she sent me a message threatening me.yet you came to save me.HIDAN NO ARIA "I'm fine. and her katana has been taken.If I didn't hide it from everyone." "It's fine now.was only protecting you because of the contract.Uuu. "I-I... "Aria.... And there were 3 successive locks... that isn't important.. I accepted.." Hearing Shirayuki's words..uu." Saying this.. Aria went "Hmph.. Aria and I took out our lockpicking tools from the Butei toolkit...and so. No wonder Shirayuki was acting so strange when I returned.I'm sorry." Hearing this..she said she would blow up Academy Island. and come here dressed like this.

" The ice that held me to the floor. I couldn't see what she looked like. it appears that she already knows a lot about Durandal from all her research.If we measure her by governmental standards. Just now...it was a completely different method." she said straightforwardly... Durandal would never let anybody see her appearance. Aria-"She has an ability. I used liquid nitrogen to freeze time bombs. "Aria.緋弾のアリア . right?" 140 .. that ice.That's to be expected. leading up the roof. And even when she escaped out that door." Shirayuki's in depth explanation made me frown. However.. Recently. but that can't be it..she was always hiding inside the shadow of the mountain of ammunition. but it would be impossible to move that without heavy machinery. When I was in Assault.." Shirayuki's eyes motioned towards a door.. the elite Butei have been getting used to these kinds of situations. At the beginning..." "It's completely possible. a magician. she's a type III ability user-She could possibly be called. "Did you see Durandal's face?" "No. I suspected that she had used liquid nitrogen." From what Aria said.. Aria investigated the links in the chain to see whether there were any weaknesses.huh? "Impossible. Magician. and she asked Shirayuki.... giving me the answer I least wanted to hear. and Aria put on an expression that said "As I thought. about that. Our school has the SSR too.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 I'd like to cut the chains connecting her to the wall. I asked something that I had been curious about the entire time." ". And so.. "Yeah.

ability investigation etc... and within a minute." As if refuting Aria's words. But. 141 . She might even have an attack that we don't know about. so you can sit this one out. I haven't taught you how to 'awaken' by yourself yet. The power of ability users. who I thought only appeared in games. I just wanted to clarify. We looked around. "There's nothing frightening about it.. twitching her nose like a rodent. Many methods of abnormal investigation are researched there..I understand. There's probably a malfunction in the water pumps. Kinji. But the SSR is the one class about which every piece of information is highly classified. who wanted to become a normal person. hurriedly-Gurgle. Even in rumours.. it had already turned into a fountain. I had never heard of anything like magicians. Rumble--! A deep noise echoed through the underground warehouse.It's seawater. so all those with no relation to it only know the basic details.. "Yeah.Well. she has a special ability. Water was not draining out the holes in the floor--it was rising up through them. The amount of water flowing out continued to increase.to our ankles. I.緋弾のアリア . I hate it when Kinji is like this.. They're no match for bullets. The SSR. Gurgle. And obviously. undergoing extremely strict training in areas like divination. I can take care of her by myself. relax." Aria said. from my experience--is only at the level of street magicians.. "..HIDAN NO ARIA This. to our calves. tried my best to stay away from that most abnormal of worlds." "You're really cowardly. And from our ankles." The water went from our feet. Volume 2 Shirayuki was in that department...." "But. The rising water started to creep around our feet.

Why would that sort of thing be here? Aria. you won't be able to open this lock." "Th-that's not it.... only you can do this! . Tactician.. as if saying. It's been discovered. "Discovered. I made my decision.That girl really is a tactician... Quickly. slowly panicking. go up first.Quick! Every second counts!" Thinking back to the basics of Assault.. she gave her own lockpicking tools to me.what are you talking about." "I. Aria can't swim. call me.. even inside this warehouse." "Only you. You should know that by now. Aria looked at Shirayuki again..緋弾のアリア .. already at her thighs--finally. This isn't good. which is as big as any sporthall--within 10 minutes.HIDAN NO ARIA It continued to rise. I can still..I can't! Leaving you alone and running by myself.. I won't do it!" "That's not it.. "." Aria didn't answer.. "Tsuduri said this before. this isn't running away.huh..seeing the current situation.." But. and she continued to look at the water. ". it's attacking first.I understand. and then she took another look at the water. Although that's more than enough time for Aria and I to get out through the stairs to the roof. the whole place will be submerged. can take care of that girl quickly! I don't have any experience fighting against Choutei. She raised her head and glared at me. whose battle ability is high. Aria's face turned bright red.. if you can't take it anymore.. Aria.. But. worried.. go up.. Forgive me.Bu-but.?" Hearing Shirayuki's question.!" ". Steal the key back from Durandal--Even if you stay here.. Volume 2 At this rate.. we couldn't leave Shirayuki behind. I-if there's a life ring." ". "Don't you dare.. understand?" 142 .

"Don't worry.. It will only be 5 minutes before the entire warehouse is submerged." Shirayuki was now thrusting her face up just so she could breathe....Don't say that. looking up in order to breathe..! "Kin-chan.Fuah. even if I die.." Shirayuki said to me.. doing nothing.. she still worries about me-". The water had already risen to around my shoulders.don't exist--Fuah.. The lock on Shirayuki was still unpickable.. Just leave me behind.緋弾のアリア . What do I do. we still won't be able to open this lock-All three of us understood this.they don't like me. quickly. The teachers and students may praise me..smiled.HIDAN NO ARIA Even if I call you..but I couldn't find anything." "The Miko of the Hotogi are armed Miko..... and Shirayuki contorted her face.. nobody will be sad.Go." "How could I leave you here by yourself!" When Shirayuki was about to answer me. I answer Aria. but those that really like me. Alright. The water continued to rise. 143 .. she strongly. hoping to find some sort of tool. Even now. who was shouting-The water finally reached her mouth. Kin-chan. they just appreciate my powers as a Hotogi Miko... run away. who was turning around hesitantly. they all. who could only stand there. Volume 2 I searched through the water... What the hell do I do. And. furiously. They are destined to sacrifice their body and soul for people.

The reason things became this way.!" "Kin.緋弾のアリア . Fuck. All of it.. How could I not be in the wrong. "Shirayuki. "this isn't your fault.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 My feet finally lifted off the flow..!" "Shirayuki.. you still said.Shirayuki! Aria will bring the key back immediately! Even if it's 1 minute. She seemed to have resigned herself to her fate already.. Shirayuki-Closed her eyes. "Shira..chan. inside the water--floated around.." trying to protect me-"How could this not be my fault.. and I just sat around idly while things got worse-- 144 .the reason this happened... powerless.... "Shirayuki--!" Shirayuki's hair.. and she was dipping her head.! Aaah. all of it is my fault.!" Do you really want to die? You want to die just so I'll leave you and go? After dispelling the contract. not looking at me..it's all my fault. this isn't your fault!" With that final sentence. and submerged herself..!" Thump! I smashed my fist into the wall. This is my fault. you have to endure! Breathe in deeply! The client has to listen to the bodyguard! I'll think of a way to get rid of the lock--" "Your contract! It's void! Run away--live on. I didn't guard against the enemy. I didn't listen to the warnings. reaching the point where I had to swim to stay afloat....

1." I have--to protect you. Fine." At that time. This is the one you said just now. You said. "Protect me. the final trump card--the power. 145 . And afterward. You've always been very obedient to me. what you said back then was meant to be inconsequential. and continue to live. and all of Aria's other enemies. How could I die in this kind of place. I remember. --Shirayuki.緋弾のアリア . I will defeat Durandal. You said. everything I've said has been utterly selfish. I will return to my normal.. Decided something. --Also. You have three requests of me.I. You told me this. it's time for me to hear your words. I responded.. "Live on". we didn't know of the enemy's existence. I will live on. with a "Yeah. So. It was the night when I started being your only bodyguard.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Of course all of this is my fault! Things have already come this far. Your second request. and live on. However. I will live on. But now. peaceful life. Now that I think about it.

at the end. always. to escape the notice of the enemy. I dived. For the first time since my brother died. I have decided to use this power. at that time. I sealed Aria's lips. I breathed. Even if it would leave me with a lifetime of regret. deeply--! Splash. Something that I haven't even told you. More importantly.HIDAN NO ARIA Even if I have always. Aria said. I would not be breaking anything. At that time. it was only partially of my own will. I. been running away from that. you said "Your contract! It's void!" right? " Fuck that! " I roared. But. Until my lungs were about to burst. sucking in a deep. if I were to run away. I would die.I breathed in. my body still holds that final power. Until I could not breathe more in. the final trump card-- Hysteria Mode! Shirayuki. But ultimately. I continued until my face turned red. I breathed -. I could choose not to use this power.緋弾のアリア . in terms of responsibility. Shirayuki also said. if I didn't change. deep breath. the contract to protect her is void. my childhood friend. I have decided to use what is hidden in my body. I can sit this one out. Like that. now-The reason I choose to use this power now is not responsibility. So I. Volume 2 During the plane-jacking. But. 146 .

As expected of Shirayuki's thought patterns. using flash signal. Shirayuki. Volume 2 Shirayuki's big eyes were so shocked that they opened even wider. hanging in the water. But your wish--is my command! I only returned two words to Shirayuki. Shirayuki's lips-I deserve to burn in hell for comparing. It's -. You had three requests of me. she was shaking her head wildly inside the water. In the air that she sucked out of my mouth. "!" I locked my lips with hers. Don't make up for it like this. which were powerless." It seems that she thought I would prefer to have a lover's suicide with her. And her eyes were blinking. but compared to Aria's--it was even more gentle.HIDAN NO ARIA I grabbed hold of Shirayuki's arms. sweet. a little of Shirayuki's. 147 . you're wrong. "Don't die. There's still one more I haven't mentioned. giving me a flash signal. "Breathe in" After I did.緋弾のアリア .. You're wrong. peach aroma was mixed in." I'm sorry that I have to do it like this. I immediately-Embraced Shirayuki. Hss. But. ."Kiss me..

緋弾のアリア - HIDAN NO ARIA ...Ahh. I understand. I understand that Shirayuki is breathing. And-I understand, the Kathump, Kathump...This is. My heart, pounding.

Volume 2

My blood, aroused, used my lips as a starting point, and it rushed through my body--gathering at my core. I never thought that I would do this with her, my childhood friend. This action filled my body with excitement, gradually heating my body up. It's as if all the time I had spent with Shirayuki, from when we were kids, was compacted into a ball of scorching heat. In my core, in my core, it burned within me, a throbbing ache--! Aah... I'm changing. I'm entering, Hysteria Mode...! Gurgle. Gurgle...Gurgle. Air came out of Shirayuki's mouth. She can breathe. Our lips still together, I let her breathe once, twice--before I left. I dived down below Shirayuki's chest, and I reached my hand towards the drum lock. I concentrated, and re-inserted the lockpicks. If the water reaches the ceiling, I won't even be able to go up for another breath. From my calculations, there should be 3 minutes left--No, not even 3 minutes. In my normal mode, picking the lock would take 12 minutes.


緋弾のアリア - HIDAN NO ARIA

Volume 2

But, just through the feeling in my fingertips, I could understand all the workings inside the lock as if I were seeing them---Click-In just 10 seconds, this lock that Aria and I had so much trouble with, was opened by me. Number 2 was opened as well. After I had taken another breath--I gave Shirayuki some air as well, and took out the tools in the Butei Toolkit in the chest opening of her Miko outfit-Number 3. Click-Following this light click, the enormous drum lock binding Shirayuki came loose. That heavy lock slid down the wall with a rattle. Shirayuki and I headed upwards, --Fuah! We surfaced at the same time. It's a relief that I managed to do it. Although our heads were about to hit the ceiling, the warehouse hasn't been completely submerged yet. "Kin-chan!" Shirayuki, splashing through the water, tightly embraced me. "--Shirayuki. Just now, you said it. You said "It's void." Ah, I'm such an idiot. Why am I using such a deep, alluring voice. Also, don't look at her so directly. You poser! "Ah...Yeah." I used my wet hands to lightly touch her cheek by her ear. And at the same time, I used my thumb to brush away a strand of her black hair. 149

緋弾のアリア - HIDAN NO ARIA

Volume 2

"This has nothing to do with the contract. I want to protect Shirayuki. Because it's Shirayuki, I want to protect you--No matter what. I hope that my burning, burning feelings...that Shirayuki will accept them." My soft voice was like a whisper, but I was still able to say it so clearly. Shirayuki's grateful expression took on a look of surprise-She furiously Nodded. But that head, with a thud-Smacked the ceiling. Oh right. This isn't the time to say such sweet words. This is a bad habit of mine after entering Hysteria Mode. We have to go up a floor immediately. "Bu-but, Kin-chan. The opponent is a magician, I want to fight as well." "You're such a brave girl." Seeing Shirayuki's eyebrows shoot up, I chuckled. Although I don't wish to let Shirayuki get into any more danger, it isn't a good idea to go against a woman's determination. "I hope it doesn't happen--but, if I am really unable to handle it, you can help. Aria and I are fronts. Shirayuki is--support. We're counting on you to give us all you have."

Alright, I've played all my cards. Right now I have to meet up with Aria, assault, and-capture that unseen agent--Durandal. The opponent is a tactician, and also an ability user. A normal Butei can't match her. But, we are far from normal Butei. We have Quadra Aria, the me in Hysteria Mode, and Shirayuki in support.


緋弾のアリア - HIDAN NO ARIA

Volume 2

With these three cards--even if the opponent is Durandal, we definitely match her. No, we are above her in power. I was thinking this while pushing this on the emergency valve leading to the upper floor. The water had pretty much reached the ceiling by now. Clank. I opened the triple-layered steel valve, and to avoid being sneak attacked, I used my knife as a mirror to look at the situation above. It should be fine. When I had just thought this--the door appeared to have a device attached to it--Rumble. A muffled explosion tore through the entire underground warehouse. "...Kch!" The water suddenly rose. My submerged eyes scanned the extent of the roof to the floor. The raging torrent forced us onto the floor of the level above. "Kyaa--!" Shirayuki, forced onto level 6, slid on the slippery ground with a "Kyaa!" "--Be careful, Shirayuki! Take out your secondary sword!" "Ah...Yes." I wanted to go after Shirayuki, who had been flushed into the darkness--but right now, the most important thing is to stop the flow of water. Unable to let go of the valve, I tried to close it against that enormous amount of pressure. "Uu...NNGGHHH!" I used all my strength to push the door, and with a *Thump* It finally closed. Fu... I finally--sealed the water. If I were in Normal Mode, there's no way I'd be able to do this. "--Shirayuki." There was no answer.


Volume 2 I looked around the level. Two.. She appeared to have heard our voices. it formed a maze. but the ban on my gun had lifted. The supercomputer components were like a barrier. and ran. blowing out the water that had permeated the gun. keeping to the walls. Emergency lights were constantly flashing. But. the HPC server--it's known as the supercomputer room. all around me. She noticed the enemy's tracks. 152 .緋弾のアリア . Shirayuki's role now is support. I raised my gun as we were taught in interior-combat classes." I met up with Aria.. Basically. "--Kinji.. and now she's trying to avoid detection. and returned from within the elevator room. the water already around my feet--forming countless walls was a huge computer. "I'm glad you're alright. I was feeling a little sorry for Informa and Connect.." You can't mean that. After all. and put my gun to one side.. three-I stayed cautious while turning corners.. I can't be sure of the enemy's location. The current generation of guns won't become unable to fire just because a little water got in.HIDAN NO ARIA "." I lowered my gaze. and moved like soldiers in the special forces. I drew my Beretta and ejected the magazine... Although I don't need to be as cautious about things flying towards me around corners. In the corridor formed by wires and silicon--I lightened my footfalls.there were no signs with "Danger" or "Caution".

Congratulations on your new record.Wh-what's that supposed to mean?" Grr. The locks on all the doors leading up are broken. and you say that?" On my face was a smile worthy of Shiranui.Shirayuki was saved too.. and the elevator doors are sealed. Aria. Seeing Aria bare her canines as usual." "However. "Yes. However. by herself. "Once I thought that Aria might want to see me--I couldn't stop myself from coming.I haven't found her yet.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Aria.. "I'm not as irresponsible as to leave the cute maiden." "We-we-we're already in this kind of situation. "Nevermind that. If we split up. seeming to feel extremely guilty about leaving the warehouse first. She has such a heavy sense of responsibility. right? She isn't hurt. I heard her voice just now. she looked up at me with her Eichornia eyes. Also. I relaxed. concentrating again... I can confirm that she's hiding in this room." ". we got split up just now. so she confirmed the situation with me. But. That coward doesn't have the guts to face me. and her face relaxed.5 seconds. once she reached my side. saw that I was alright. Aria." "--Is that so. It looks like she really hasn't faced the enemy yet. She really is a good girl.. Aria. we'll be walking into the enemy's trap. and answered. explained the situation to me. right?" She softly rebuked me for going against her orders." 153 . making Aria breathe in and out.. her cheeks reddening as usual. where's Durandal?" ". The time from normal to full-blush was a mere 0. "--Why didn't you run. this was all done from inside. We have to rejoin Shirayuki.緋弾のアリア . "Oh right. I said you could 'sit this one out'. is she?" Looks like Aria really was worried about us." Aria.

and she was grasping her neck and coughing. Thump.. She was in the only clearing in the HPC server room.緋弾のアリア ..?" "We haven't found her yet... As I brushed past her." "Let's go.. I'll be your shield. who was bending down." Shirayuki raised her head..Ku. Shirayuki was lying on the floor like a mermaid-She probably ingested some seawater as she was carried by the current. I saw something out of the corner of my eye-Aria's camellia eyes opened wide. 154 .HIDAN NO ARIA I had just spoke. "Kin-chan. who seemed to have the senses of an animal. exposing those sensual curves that a highschooler should not have. Aria. the elevator lobby. Ku Ku —I heard a weak coughing noise.. Ku ku. Volume 2 It was a soft noise that even the me in Hysteria Mode could barely hear. nearly 3 meters tall. as if she had noticed something about me. half-happy gaze at me." I said. turned her head around. when— --Ku. going towards the noise. Shirayuki. But. ". Durandal might attack. but Aria. She's over there. and directed that half-weak. She had wandered into one of the roads by it.." Shirayuki nodded her head at Aria.Wh-where's the enemy. "It's Shirayuki. stepping in front of Aria. hiding in the shadow of one of the computers. don't leave us. We found Shirayuki immediately. Her soaked Miko garments were stuck to her body.

But. material. sweeping around Aria until she was at her back. the skin just broke a little. hitting the floor. color. Bang! Bang Bang Bang! The Beretta that I had switched to burst-fire roared. the bullets only hit the hem of her hakama. you didn't. ricocheted and hit one of the huge computers." --So that's it--! "Aria.緋弾のアリア .HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 The me in Hysteria Mode could remember the form. making Shirayuki nod heavily. raising a shower of sparks." I carelessly asked. 155 . quickly turning towards Aria. The bullet." "There's no need. But--today. "Kinji!?" Shirayuki moved with a speed that normal eyes couldn't follow. I fired at Shirayuki. Shirayuki--seemed to have predicted this. Shirayuki was not wearing that black underwear. isn't it. "It's bleeding. Let me see. did I?" "No. "Just now. dodging the first bullet. I didn't hurt your lips. and *Pa*--! "!" She used her wet sleeves to knock aside my hand. as well as every little decoration as if I had taken a photo of it with my mind. Shirayuki took advantage of this situation and she bent down. and instead she seemed to be wearing thin armor. run!" While shouting. It's not serious.

Volume 2 Appearing from within the scabbard she had dropped in the lobby. Patter.HIDAN NO ARIA And with a scraping noise. Because she was already using Aria as a body shield. having fallen. was the katana that Shirayuki normally carried around with her. And in her right hand was the drawn blade.. But this Shirayuki--I could no longer attack her. it will spurt out blood till the victim dies off blood loss. But her neck-"Uu!?" was grabbed by Shirayuki. And that fearsome M1911 dropped from her nerveless fingers. but it seems that her animal-like senses allowed her to sense the danger. "Shira. Aria was still unable to grasp the situation. All within a few seconds. just--below Aria's ear. preparing to turn around to face Shirayuki.. "Uwaah!" Aria convulsed as if she had been struck by a branding iron.緋弾のアリア . "--!?" Her hands drew her guns by reflex. The Carotid artery.yuki! What are you doing! What's going on!" Shirayuki facing Aria. she drew the sword she had hidden under the computer. It is one of the most vulnerable spots on the body.. The silver gun.. by her neck. her left arm snaking in from behind. 156 . who was still holding on to one of her guns in her right hand-Fu! And blew across her right shoulder.Clatter. If it's even cut a few millimeters. was quickly covered by water.

right?" wanting to see her reaction." And. her hands flying to her bosom. Forcing me to go to those lengths to confirm--this fake Shirayuki really look alike. How foolish. Yet. she sat there coughing non-stop..HIDAN NO ARIA "Aria! No!" I shouted. You could say they look exactly the same. to confirm it. holding nothing. I told her to draw her secondary sword. Using her ability! "--You're merely ordinary. I asked her "I didn't hurt your lips. there's no way she would have remained calm. jerked forwards once again.緋弾のアリア . And just now--if it was the real Shirayuki. who knew what had transpired underwater. saying "No you didn't.noticed that she was strange. Because Shirayuki didn't listen to me. This supernatural scene filled my body with an instinctive fear. 157 . "Kyaa!?" Volume 2 Aria. and that jet black M1911 was released at well. Just now--the person that did this. "Yet you dare challenge ability users." That voice was no longer that of Shirayuki's. was this Shirayuki. she said that they were.. So. "--That isn't Shirayuki!" --Fu! Shirayuki blew at Aria's left hand this time. but instead." My senses. Her hands--as if frosted. were covered by a layer of ice. Shirayuki's lips weren't hurt at all.

I also thought that. ally..!?) Even I know that name. Kanzaki Holmes Aria! Of the years that mother is charged with. "Anyways. but inside. my childhood friend. As expected. screaming. "--Don't call me by that name. putting her lips by Aria's ear.Did she say.. you're very similar to her." Just now.she said the name.. who was in her mercy.. your name--at most.緋弾のアリア . the history of the light. seemed to think Aria was laughable and she squinted.. Durandal sneered at Aria.. 107 of them--are yours! I'll have you carry that sentence yourself!" "Is that really something you should say in this situation?" Fu.. --That's Riko. this girl is--the Butei Killer's. Jeanne d'Arc. That name which others have given me. Lupin the 4th. they were ferocious and brave--" "Jeanne d'Arc. It's taught in History classes all around the world. without Riko's expertise.. it has 150 years of history. I don't like it. Mine Riko Lupin the 4th. this Shirayuki.. there's no way she could have disguised herself so perfectly..Durandal. My great ancestor--the first Jeanne d'Arc." "You. still assuming Shirayuki's appearance. ".HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 If I wasn't in Hysteria Mode. Both of you look so beautiful and cute.!?" Aria savored these words.. I would have died by her hands. shook her hands. "Aria.. "So that's how it is. that face. (. isn't it shameful to announce it like that? The history of my bloodline reaches much farther back than yours--It stretches 600 years. you're a Quadra. right! I am.. would have completely tricked me.. hmm?--It's as Lupin the 4th said.know my name." Afterward.!" Aria. where my senses are heightened several times above normal. finally noticing her real identity. 158 .

the ultimate fate of the Holy Maiden of Orleans was-"You're lying! Jeanne d'Arc was burned to death. You.緋弾のアリア . but in reality she was a Witch." Ku. she is Jeanne d'Arc. she has powers beyond our imagination! "Come with me. "Kyaa!" I could see a layer of ice on Aria's knee. who were able to wound Lupin the 4th.!" 159 . Aria. . She's different from us regular Butei. The "Durandal" before my eyes could not be a descendant of Jeanne d'Arc. my ancestor nearly died to the flames.Aria. I've already planned ahead.... the girl that led the French against the English during the Hundred Years War.. the Holy Maiden of France.she died before she had reached her twenties! It's impossible that she might have any descendants!" "That was a fake. Unless you'd like--to die? But in that event. There's no doubt about it. And also. I'm the thirtieth..... each generation has been testing this power.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 That was in the 15th century. "As you mentioned. Jeanne d'Arc--the thirtieth. We've always hidden the truth in the shadow of history.But. "My bloodline is that of tacticians." Jeanne's hand reached towards Aria's thigh like a poisonous snake--and Aria's body shook once more from the pain.." Durandal-If I believe what she says. She might have pretended to be a Holy Maiden." ". So from then on.. But her words just now implied that she was a descendant of that Jeanne. She laughed at Aria again. come with me. passing down the knowledge of that glorified name. Because no matter what one says.

the only thing that is exposed is her hand. The me as of right now could not possibly do it. Aria cannot move as well. Regardless of the situation. I will freeze Aria..! "You said something." Whoosh.. that's why she's standing like this. And after I opened fire. If you dare to move. a Butei cannot kill.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 I switched my Beretta to single-shot and aimed at Jeanne's head. this isn't the normal you. I'm sure we won't need this venomous tongue. Her Miko garments are bulletproof.but. fire. She's investigated that as well. there's no way I could open fire. my heart was anguished. your weakness right now is... without fail. Butei Law article 9. holding the knife. "Tohyama. "Kinji. If you do.. right?" As expected of--a self-proclaimed tactician. threatening her--But. I'll hit Aria in the head. if I fire at it.Quickly. the me in Hysteria Mode will place the safety of girls first and foremost. didn't you Aria? That means your mouth moved. What do I do? Facing my frowning face was Jeanne--still keeping Shirayuki's appearance. Jeanne firmly drew the hand holding the blade across Aria's jaw-And brought her own lips towards Aria's mouth. And apart from her head. That girl knows this. She's right...緋弾のアリア .!" Where would you like me to fire." Hearing her. I just now understood. smirking. I will freeze the part you move. --She's going to blow inside her mouth! 160 . However. 'female hostages'. Aria. "Being able to see through my disguise. I'm not able to fight with you evenly..

. she caught the knife. there's nothing I can. wrapping around--while pressing against Aria's jaw. "--!?" Jeanne. it had loosened--the hand that held the knife. If Aria is taken hostage. who can find a way to raise hell over divination.緋弾のアリア . "--Aria!" A voice that didn't belong to me echoed within the room. Butei Charter 1. the blade by Aria's neck was flung away.. actually start helping each other when a real situation arises-Aria. Both of you are excellent Butei! Your tolerance is legendary! The real Shirayuki descended-- 161 . And from the top of the computer. but I could do nothing. --Was now brave and full of power-- Volume 2 Kch! From behind Jeanne. save Aria!" Standing there was the real Shirayuki! Shirayuki. Just now. These two people. the 3 meter tall computer. Shirayuki. she snatched the knife from the hands of the impostor. Believe in your comrades and help each other. looking up towards the computer-"Kin-chan. chains started snaking outward. Aria saved Shirayuki--but now. it's Shirayuki saving Aria. That normally humble and weak voice. well done! Holding up the chains.HIDAN NO ARIA "Stop!" I shouted. With a *Pa!*. still holding Shirayuki's appearance frowned.

Kin-chan. she slashed downwards. bent forward. Whoosh. The automatic sprinklers on the ceiling detected the smoke. stepped backward quickly. in the second she was released." Saying this. trying to block the blade with her sleeve. Aria. meant to match Shirayuki's Miko hakama. blocking all vision. Shirayuki. Chi. Jeanne's balance was completely destroyed. --My eyes under Hysteria Mode took in this 1-second exchange. Shirayuki raised her sword gracefully.. pointing it towards the disguised Jeanne-"Shirayuki--I never thought that you'd risk your life like this just to save Aria. who was falling due to that maneuver. and she could only take a step back.I didn't think she'd be able to escape. are you alright?" 162 . as if trying to evade the smoke that was released. Shirayuki. and started pouring out water." "You did very well. But this movement was completely negated by Aria.. stood in front of her. using her uninjured leg to strike Jeanne in the kneecap. as expected of Shirayuki. as if protecting Aria. Hiss-----! The white smoke emitted by the canister permeated the room.HIDAN NO ARIA Clank! As if inserting herself between Aria and Jeanne. Volume 2 Jeanne reacted immediately. And I rushed forward to catch Aria. from Jeanne's garments. "I'm sorry. A canister releasing smoke--a smokescreen! Beep.緋弾のアリア . something like a canister fell out. Chi. Just now I thought I'd be able to finish her. Aria. She raised the resistant Miko garments.

but I felt the room become colder." Hearing Shirayuki's embarrassed answer.you. I didn't think that there would be two Shirayukis.. I met another Shirayuki. Volume 2 There's no way she can fight. And also. infiltrating Butei High.....changed again.. Aria. clutching her body. That's why she could observe us so closely--and break us apart..." Seeing me explain my reasoning so clearly--Aria's camellia eyes widened. "At the same time.? I definitely didn't do anything like that." "And one more thing.HIDAN NO ARIA "I. right?--I'm afraid that that was Jeanne's goal from the start. I couldn't help but wrinkle my eyebrows." Aria.... So it seems that that girl was dressed up as Shirayuki all along.緋弾のアリア . You remember the steel wires from below. I'm not sure whether Aria gained some confidence knowing this. The me as of now is in Hysteria Mode. "Kinji. but she suddenly bared her canines and shouted.. "Durandal! --You said that you're Jeanne d'Arc? You cheap scumbag! You're nothing like your ancestor!" 163 .it might just be me.. and placed a death trap. ah.I miscalculated this time. before.right?" --That's right. I'm afraid that the person who put that piano wire inside your wardrobe was Jeanne. yeah. Awakened Mode. I didn't answer." "Do you remember placing a piano wire in Aria's wardrobe?" "Wardrobe. were you seen by Shiranui while doing the flower divination?" "Hnh.. right? One can hide a tree in a forest--she used the hostility between you and Shirayuki. was trying to extend her hand.. "Shirayuki--can you remember two things for me?" "Un. confirming Aria's question. Which from your point of view is.. Shirayuki.

I can heal it..you saying this makes me very happy. Aria won't be able to fight for a while. a breathtakingly beautiful scene." "--What are you saying. floating like snowflakes. the water came down from the sprinklers. But now. It wasn't just me. and I stood in a position where I could protect the both of them.it would probably take at least 5 minutes. However. The only thing that can purify it is a priestess or--Miko. but to return to normal. "The witch's ice is like a poison. With my abilities. The place that was 'pretty far away'..." Shirayuki held her sword in front of her and backed up a few steps--then kneeled on the floor with one knee." Saying this. Kin-chan. an extremely high power ice. this revelation struck a chord of terror within us. It was as if jewels were floating through the air. But for us. How could I let you fight by yourself?" I continued to stay alert in case Jeanne attacked. Aria.. But. So during this time. a Choutei. this will. Her left hand was holding Aria's right hand. 164 . answering Aria's taunts. rushing towards it--when we suddenly noticed.. Shirayuki started reciting a mantra or incantation.HIDAN NO ARIA From another direction of the smoke. please leave it to me. We had just spun around. That girl is--A witch. I'll take the enemy by myself. was the elevator lobby. from some place pretty far away-"You're the same as me. of diamond dust-"Kin-chan. Volume 2 From the within the mist.. crystallizing in the air. She's probably concentrating. Shirayuki. this ice is ranked from G6-G8.. protect her.hurt a lot. with this you'll be healed. The temperature in this room was decreasing rapidly. "Kin-chan..緋弾のアリア . so please endure the pain. Holmes the 4th.you protect Aria." There was a voice. This phenomenon was that of ice crystallization.

endured the heavy pain. I hadn't noticed until now. not making a sound.. Was this also due to an ability? "Shirayuki. but our clothes were dried already. I didn't want to let Shirayuki fight alone.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 An unseen power transferred from Shirayuki's hands to Aria's. and I turned my head around. finishing Aria's healing.. Shirayuki quickly stood up.. moaning.. Under my discerning gaze.緋弾のアリア . not wanting to give our location to the enemy. She then placed it on one of the computers--and the surroundings warmed up." Seeing this scene. Looking closely.! Uu. biting on her sleeve. That was the scar that Aria received last month protecting me. "Uu!" Aria. it was a rectangular piece of Japanese paper. a charm with camellia Kanji and symbols covering its surface.. but Aria. tossed her head back in agony. I made my decision. --Pain shot through my chest. On a cute girl's face. To the side. it wafted away from her. ". The me in Hysteria Mode could not bear those moans any longer. it was a irremovable. and as if it was a demon being exorcised.!" It appears that accompanying Shirayuki's healing is agony. Shirayuki. And Shirayuki walked towards the frozen mist.Ahh.. eternal scar. 165 . retrieved something like a postcard from her sleeve. Her fringe was tossed up as well.. revealing the--X-shaped scar hiding below..

" Jeanne's voice seemed to be a little more panicked. Volume 2 There's no way I could leave Aria by herself. just like Jeanne.." "You're laughable. Seeing me back away a bit. --I'll leave this battle to Shirayuki. I don't wish to hurt anybody.surrender. but it appears that what Shirayuki said is earth-shattering for ability users. putting her body in front of Aria and me." "Jeanne--Finally." This time-We could hear a clear laugh coming from within the mist... towards Aria. "--Don't try and bluff me.Even if what you say is true. the number of G17 ability users in the world.. going "Heh. I can count on my fingers. an ability user." "You must have felt it too. the tactician will die in the midst of her own schemes.HIDAN NO ARIA But. but from within the mist we could hear a soft chuckle." "I am a G17 ability user. After all." Shirayuki clearly announced her intentions." Shirayuki's voice become stronger... I don't really understand. who has received EU's training." ". Even if it's someone like you. I'm sure you understand what that means. that is her own wish. Shirayuki-"Jeanne. "You. An uncut diamond like you could never hurt me. 166 .was released from this cloth. "There's no way you would betray the Hotogi. When the Hotogi seal." Stepped forward.緋弾のアリア .

was a shining silver reminiscent of ice. And now. It's you who doesn't know about the strength of my feelings." Her back still facing me.緋弾のアリア . I would break them all without a second thought--the only existence that can make me do that is standing by my side. having already removed the hakama and all the Miko garments--as expected--was Western armor." Shii.. The smoke released from the smokescreen has already dispersed. let's find out.don't look at me.. Those who rely on plans." Hearing Shirayuki's extraordinary words. starting now. Jeanne d'Arc was a foreigner with beauty akin to those stars in Hollywood. this is a different Shirayuki than the one before. as slender and sharp as a sword edge. seemingly having reached a decision. The face that appeared from beneath the thin layer of smoke-Those eyes. the victory will belong to me. covering sections of her body. were like beautiful sapphires. "Those restricting clothes that Lupin the 4th made for me are useless now.. find unexpected things extremely hard to react to. Totally contradictory to her ancient manner of speaking Japanese.. the faster her spiritual energy wanes. The higher G the Choutei is. and the sprinklers stopped.. And her hair. Shirayuki's voice trembled a little. the enemy's plan has one major flaw. The body." Jeanne. Finally. formed into two strands. one by one.. Because.. "Then. ". I've already predicted the possibility of a direct engagement. But the me as of now could not care less about any restrictions the Hotogi placed on me. "Kin-chan. Jeanne--fell silent.. she stepped out and revealed herself.Shirayuki. each a triple-braid. If I can hold on.?" 167 . the normal me.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "The person you're talking about is the one I've always been. was in another side of the dispersing smoke. The temperature has already returned to normal.

you'll definitely think.. While stepping back half a step. You'll think that. I stood in a position where I could protect Aria. I.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "Right now. "I'll start to hate you? This is the only thing that I could not possibly do." As if spurred onwards by my low voiceWhoosh. Those fingers were also trembling slightly." Saying this.. 168 . If Kin-chan sees me right now.." For the sake of guarding against the battle that would soon erupt between the two Choutei....緋弾のアリア . Shirayuki placed her hand on the white ribbon on top of her hair..I can't stand it. You'll. I'm going to use Hotogi's heavenly arts. There's only one thing that I cannot do..that I'm terrifying. "Shirayuki--don't worry.hate me.

緋弾のアリア .HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 169 .

Only her right hand was holding the hilt. But that stance--was different from her normal appearance. Lighting up the room. And as I watched. with a vibration. was an inferno--! With this. the sealed Kidoujutsu. like you. long. her wooden slippers moved forward. stunned for a moment by Shirayuki's display of her ability." "--?" "I'm about to show you that which is hidden within the Hotogi Mikos. Aria has 150 years. suddenly bent down.. I could not possibly think that the flame was caused by oil. You have 600 years. "Jeanne.." As she finished speaking. turned around to look at me.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Her face. "I'll be right back." And with a *Thud*. long years. As if showing it off. her special ability! "'Shirayuki' is merely a fake name meant to hide my real one. We. erupted into a camellia flame." Clack--I thought that Shirayuki had clenched her sword-The front of the sword. the flame flared up and covered the entire blade. forcing a smile. she raised the flat of her sword above her head. close to the guard.we have had 2000.緋弾のアリア . It was an extremely strange stance that belonged to no school of swordsmanship. And as for us. Jeanne.. and she released the white ribbon tied to her hair. have been continually carrying on the name of our ancestor. She raised her sword again. bursting towards Jeanne like a rocket. That--that was real.. I won't hold back anymore. Thud! Shirayuki kicked off the ground. Clank! 170 . My forbidden name. Shirayuki's trump card. or even a device releasing gas. my real name is--'Himiko'[8].

she cut it in half." Jeanne. And next. So that's how it is." Shirayuki once again brought that blazing blade to her head. is Hinokagutsuchi[10]--Your sword. Ching! The blades collided--Jewel-like ice crystals flew off where there should have been sparks. was most definitely because they were afraid. to deflect Shirayuki's full-force blow. seemed to be focusing all the courage in her body into the broadsword. "This is the end. I will shatter it. There's nothing that my Irokaneayame cannot cut.!" On that breathtakingly beautiful face. started researching their secret art. My holy sword Durandal can cut anything. this stance was created for the purpose of keeping Shirayuki's flames from hurting herself. Tap! Jeanne quickly put some distance between Shirayuki and herself. "That attack just now was one of the special arts of the Hotogi.. due to the fear they felt. facing off against Shirayuki. hidden behind her back. scattering while being melted in that ferocious heat-Shi--Shirayuki's deflected blade sheared through the computer beside her effortlessly. It was as if she was holding a sword made of flame. She's obviously retreating--! "Inferno. She's afraid of fire. And the reason they did so.. the bloodline of Jeanne started exploring their capabilities because their ancestor was nearly burned to death. Hinokagabi[9].HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 She used an exquisitely crafted Western blade. Each generation of that bloodline. ice.緋弾のアリア . Just now she said." "That's my line. an expression of filled with mixed fear and apprehension appeared. The me in Hysteria Mode was able to understand. 171 . and without so much as a sound.

able to cut everything they contacted.. 172 . the concrete floors. and even if I managed to remove it.a battle of elite Choutei. Durandal. "Let's make a plan. she was rushing for the win.. Aria. the bulletproof elevator doors. Volume 2 The sapphire embedded into the guard of the sword shined in the blazing light of Shirayuki's inferno.everything. sealed to the floor by the ice. Step! Shirayuki leaped forward once again-But from my point of view. it would be unusable. as well as the shelves holding them.I'm nearly fine. "This is. raising her head in shock. The gigantic computers.. raised her head--violently.. Those flashing blades. I won't be able to use it. My guns are not resistant to frost. "Aria." Hearing my words. But. Everything that Shirayuki's and Jeanne's blades touched were ripped apart like they were made of paper.." Aria regretfully dipped her head to look at the M1911." I bent down. walls. And then she nodded. there were still two things that had not been cut. raising an unimaginable clamor.!" By my side was Aria. who normally worked alone.. "Can you move?" "I should. yet awe-inspiring Western broadsword.HIDAN NO ARIA It's an ancient. were still completely unmarred. after numerous exchanges and clashes. and asked her softly. and Jeanne's holy sword. It was Shirayuki's blade. Ching! King! Their swords continued to clash.緋弾のアリア .. If I don't take it apart and maintain it. But my gun is frozen to the floor. Irokaneayame..

緋弾のアリア .. Therefore. 173 . this battle. Do you trust me?" Aria's voice seemed to be a little uneasy. most of it is just instinct. the faster their spiritual energy depletes.. but if we don't help at the right opportunity. At that time.HIDAN NO ARIA Looks like the me in Hysteria Mode is a trusted partner for her. right? Is there a way to exploit one of her weaknesses?" "Ability users as powerful as this.to be honest. we will only hinder her." "Are you able to recognize that moment?" "From my experience. However. we will strike. their spiritual energy should not last much longer. They use minimal amounts of energy when clashing with Butei.. Aria.I don't think they'll be able to sustain this for a long time.but when they meet one of their own kind. as demonstrated here. they will go all out." "Unsustainable for a long time?" "The more powerful an ability user is. you said that you've captured ability users like Jeanne before. Volume 2 "--We may wish to help Shirayuki. I've never met them before... I should be able to.. But.

緋弾のアリア .HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 174 .

idiot. let's-capture Durandal.. Aria's..." "A-as long as you live?" "There might not be anybody in the world that trusts you..HIDAN NO ARIA My heart full of shame.. I want to know what you really feel. I will stand beside you... "With that. Her face was already red.a little happy. then I'm happy as well. I hope that you can trust in yourself.!" "Tell me. you're still an idiot. Aria's heart seemed to have been shaken." I looked into her camellia eyes. like a child looking at an adult. I will trust you.....I-I'm. I've been a complete idiot.. Because her surprised face seemed to be pleased... Together.. but at that moment...緋弾のアリア . "Then. Aria's gaze... Un. cheeks turned a color akin to ripened strawberries. Bu-but only a little!" "If Aria is happy. we have faith in each other." Finally. and gently patted her pink hair. and she nodded furiously. ". pouring out my deepest feelings. I straightened my body.Uuu.Idiot Kinji. It seems that she already feels that way about the me in Hysteria Mode. and she blushed even deeper. will you trust me?" ". and tell me the time to strike. Volume 2 "Recently. and she brought her lightly closed hands to her chest." I asked her this... but as long as I live..even when you're in your Awakened Mode.. I"Are you happy?" ".! Yo-you.. Then Aria.... Can you forgive me? I swear--as long as I live. met mine. almost the same color as her twin-tails....." Hearing my decisive words." 175 .

In a flash. charging forward with the sword in her hands. with a *Thump*.. wreathed in flames. directed at no-one--Chi. Shirayuki tried to slash diagonally. and she gritted her teeth. Being hidden by that mist. but her blade. have. they are not good in extended battles.where Shirayuki had always had the advantage in the battle of flame against ice. "--!" Shirayuki's breathing seemed like it was just about to stop.!" Shirayuki was already extremely exhausted. losing its flame-Crashed into the wall with a "Kch.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 During the time when Aria and I had newly re-established our trust-Now. As if trying to prove that Shirayuki was nearly unable to breathe. "Throw your sword away.Hehe.. moving like a thin mist. But." Following Jeanne's chuckle. Under this blow.. she ducked under Shirayuki with a spinning movement. she seemed to be struggling with the opponent. The same goes for magic in RPGs. was getting dimmer and dimmer. Shirayuki has already used up all her energy--in these few minutes. was finally forced to the ground... Choutei are very strong. But. It was obvious.. lost. with the full weight of her body behind it. Haa. ice particles appeared around her. They have powers beyond a human's imagination. Jeanne--You.. Jeanne. Haa.緋弾のアリア .. falling against the wall. the blade. "Haa." "Heh. Aria was right. Those characters that are able to use devastating magic attacks--but once their mana runs out-176 ." and stopped. for the first time.

Durandal. Volume 2 Clank. Around Jeanne... and Shirayuki's left hand felt the ground next to her for the sheathe. Also. within the blink of an eye. has it not arrived? The moment where I can strike.and I think. Haa.! Shirayuki still has it in her for one final blow. and they continued to float around her. Shirayuki--! I couldn't take it any longer. ice crystals once again appeared. and she pointed the edge of Durandal towards Shirayuki.. started to accumulate a blinding white light.Haa" Shirayuki. She seemed to be as tired as somebody who had just finished running a marathon. seemed to be convincing herself with those words as well.. and only aiming for my sword. "Not yet. Kinji..! It takes time to use her abilities. grit her teeth. and for some reason. she sheathed the blade.... The blade still sticking into the wall.. Durandal--is absolutely impossible. and was about to rush in when Aria grasped my hand.... "How naive--you're as simpleminded as a rock. "Fleur de la glace d'Orleans[11]"--become diamond dust. That bitter cold once again decreased the temperature of the room below freezing point--! "Let's go. still grasping the hilt of the blade with her right hand. has it not arrived? "Ku.Chiiii.. fell to her knees. --Now--! 177 ." Jeanne appeared to have regained her composure. Breaking my holy sword. Has it not arrived. Not attacking my body. and dance--!" Behind the cloud of glittering ice crystals... whispering this to me.HIDAN NO ARIA "Haa...Aria. they swept over the room like a blizzard.!" I saw Shirayuki. who appeared to be hiding the sheathed blade behind her body. who was raising her sword.緋弾のアリア .. still in Jeanne's grasp. fell onto the ground.!" Aria.she's focusing her power right now.

This really is like a scene from an RPG. Jeanne didn't stop. She formed the glinting ice crystals into a vortex. caught the Miko garments--from above Aria's head--into its deathly embrace. The ceiling appeared to have sprouted a colossal ice flower." --2 seconds. Kch!! The flow of aquamarine light. turned her head with an "Ah. curling up. just like a bullet. Whoosh! She drew the two wakizashis from her back.緋弾のアリア . flying through the air. and she swung her sword diagonally. "A mere Butei dares to interfere!" Volume 2 Jeanne gave into the cold fury gripping her. seemingly with an Aikido technique. Still.HIDAN NO ARIA "Kinji. follow after 3 seconds!" shouted Aria. --1 second. focusing on battling Shirayuki. "--!" Shi--! Aria continued sliding down on the ground like a football. --3 seconds! "Kinji. now! Jeanne can't use her ability anymore!" 178 . Jeanne. and rushed forward. but quicker than that-Aria used the tip of her blade to hook the Miko garments that Jeanne had tossed aside just now-Pa! Those clothes. and it was completely frozen. predicted her enemy's movements and acted on it. blocked the enemy's line of sight. and she furiously fired it towards the ceiling. But Aria.

179 . "--!" That kind of superhuman move.緋弾のアリア . Contact gunfights--I had practiced this when I was in Assault. "You're just a Butei!" At that moment. deflecting the 3 bullets. Not only was she able to use the flat of her blade to deflect my bullets. as long as the enemy has a way to defend against bullets. but she also twisted the edge at an angle. Jeanne charged towards me.HIDAN NO ARIA I don't need to be reminded. coming directly at my head. Durandal's arc had nearly reached my head---at that moment.didn't you lose your magic already? And this slice was far faster than I thought. Jeanne immediately pulled Durandal back. having already predicted this. unexpectedly. overpowering the enemy. But I had predicted that already. speeding forward. towards Jeanne's center.. Because she's a master swordsman that's able to fight evenly with Shirayuki. We may have used riot shields during the practice--but. Bang Bang Bang! Volume 2 I fired my Beretta. It focuses on using a hail of bullets to cause multiple impacts. leaped over her attack. Aria's twin blades struck towards her feet. I slid on the frost on the floor. Pa! Jeanne. I--continued to pick up speed as I slid. this method is useful. rushing down at me furiously.. For the me in Hysteria Mode. preparing to enter close combat with Jeanne. Everything was moving in slow motion. which had been already switched to 3-burst fire.

and pointed my gun at her neck with my right hand. As the blade was speeding towards me. 180 . as well as the training that Aria had been giving me...How could there be. I managed to pull it off..as I thought. as if reprimanding a child-"Butei Law article 9. There's still one. Volume 2 If I were to compare this with chess. still holding on to Durandal. I kept holding her sword with my left hand. Durandal. ". still didn't lose her fighting spirit.. I-"----!" Caught the holy sword. So with my unrestricted left hand..HIDAN NO ARIA Methods of negating this danger. That technique requires use of both hands. This is thanks to Hysteria Mode. It would be a lot easier for all of us if you were obedient. Jeanne." I said. --I used Edge Catching---Single Hand Version.. someone like this. seeing that her beloved blade was caught between my forefinger and middle finger. "--!" Thud--! Jeanne. that gun in my right hand was the key piece of my entire strategy. fell to my side. "--This is over. But.. I can't let go of my gun in the right hand." Jeanne responded.. However.緋弾のアリア ." Jeanne. I found it extremely difficult.

.緋弾のアリア . She's right. tore out of the scabbard with a ferocious scrape. I'm not a Butei!" she said." "Haha. unstoppable. while putting more pressure on the sword.HIDAN NO ARIA I glanced away for a moment. You really are an amazingly intelligent young lady[12]. Crimson light flashed from within the scabbard. "--Hihi No Hotogikami[13]--!" The blade. towards the ceiling-- Bang--------!! 181 . flared up. right where Durandal was. young lady.. "Bu.?" I'm not sure whether she was embarrassed by this name. Butei cannot kill people. still sheathed. I already told you. you might ask-Tap! Tap Tap Tap--! In the wake of the continuous footfalls of wooden slippers-"I'm not going to let you attack Kin-chan!!" Volume 2 Shirayuki yelled. This match has been decided. "I haven't forgotten.. it split Durandal. and brought along by the blade. "Why?". If I wish to keep Butei Law.. Stop it already.But. A vortex of flame." "Y-Young lady. looking like a gigantic flaming-tracer bullet. I cannot attack her head. chuckling. rushing towards us--inserting herself between Jeanne and I. but Jeanne's face reddened.

"Uu--!?" Jeanne looked at her own hand. Click! And clasped the handcuff over her left wrist as well.. that confidence led to her capture. as opposed to her behaviour--is like Aria. a well known young lady. as if it had been hit by a grenade launcher! Fuah. removing it from the sight of Jeanne. I shouldn't need to say this.. "Durandal[14]!" And suddenly. Jeanne's mouth fell open. It made Jeanne. And stand there. at the handcuffs made especially for ability users. But. "You're under arrest!!" Aria bounded over like a predator. widen those sapphire-like eyes. a shrill voice--Click! rang out. ". In the midst of the falling fragments.Fuah. handcuffing Jean's right hand.. I-"Didn't I say so? 'It would be a lot easier for all of us if you were obedient.'" I turned around and picked up the top half of the fragmented Durandal. who was in the process of getting her feet handcuffed by Aria... in a daze... completely stunned that Durandal had been broken. She. 182 .HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 The ice on the ceiling shattered into a thousand pieces. who had no idea how to react to the situation.!" This was the final scene that lay before us.. This was the silver handcuffs that Aria bought on her first day as Shirayuki's bodyguard.緋弾のアリア ..

And walked over to Shirayuki..HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Jeanne. as well as--Holmes the 4th in Partner Acquired Mode.. who had an expression saying "You don't hate me. Fu." That is the sole reason for your defeat.." "You. I exhaled lightly.Just now. meeting my gaze. Haha. Because the Butei here are me in Hysteria Mode...You.." Shirayuki said. It looks like she thinks that I'd be scared after seeing her ability. The only reason we could capture Durandal--is Shirayuki's hard work.. right?" ". said to Shirayuki...緋弾のアリア . Even as the end drew near. I.right?" 183 . I raised my forefinger. "Shirayuki. just Butei. So she's worried about this kind of thing..You aren't scared?" "Scared of what?" "Ju. Shirayuki..Thank you. that kind of thing. "Kin-Kin-chan. panicking a little... Quadra Aria.that. quickly sheathed the blade." It looks like the first thing she's going to do is apologize." Thank you? I'll count it as a pass. who was lying down... laughing gently. those smooth black eyes tearing up under her fringe. my... conveying "You shouldn't say that. exhausted. We are by no means.. in the middle of the debris.Thank.. You did really well. you still underestimated Aria and I--You underestimated us as just "Butei.

.. Like when we were kids. In that area. That's right. 184 . Scarlet Crusher 11. Used to refer to little girls or girls that are of superior social standing. strong enough to flap her own wings of flame." "Kin-chan. NOTES 8.. Lit." Shirayuki couldn't help but start crying.Uwaah. Strong enough to break out of the cage the Hotogi instilled on her own. seemed to be calming down-"After this. 9. Flower of the Ice of Orleans..hold you. sobbing while looking up at me. gently patting her back. It was far more beautiful than the fireworks we saw before. Lit. Scarlet Divide 10. The person.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 "How could I be scared. strong enough to fight for her own beliefs. while the sword is written in katakana. Our resident badass used "Ojou".. and she hugged me tightly-I returned the hug. This is clear in the Japanese raws because the name is written in Kanji. "young lady" would be the closest equivalent. That was an extremely beautiful. 13.Uu. Blazing Scarlet God of Hotogi 14. Shirayuki. Sorry... Either way is extremely polite. directly to her face. Lit. but it should be fairly clear on context. who was severely scolded for going out to see that fireworks festival. I can't clear this up. Shirayuki. But--she has become strong. extremely powerful flame. gently... I smiled. nothing about Shirayuki has changed. Until you calm down from being a crybaby.緋弾のアリア . No matter how long. I will always gently. Scarlet Miko. I will stay with you." And once again. Lit. 12.you can't disappear without a sound anymore.. I will comfort you.

With that." etc. would it really be so bad to have a professional band? 185 . but it was still too outstanding.I had an extremely strong urge to commit suicide.. And. Aria's feeling that I was driven into action whenever I was in a tight situation was confirmed. I. who had once again entered Hysteria Mode in front of Shirayuki and Aria. Once I thought about this. Aru=Kata..How could I say those words.. What was "You can't disappear without a sound anymore....." With the cool Shiranui's voice. you can do it!" "Kin-chan is amazing after all... it's definitely those tight situations with bullets flying everywhere.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 LAST AMMO: WHO PERFORMED THE LAST MOVE? "I'd like to thank the person.in her mind. After that incident. If it was just that. There was a very strong sense of abandonment in that sound..way too tightfisted with the budget. And with that. Before. I discovered Jeanne's disguise....緋弾のアリア . Shirayuki"? And to Aria.. figured out a way to counter with such alacrity.." (English) Really. I created another reason for Shirayuki and Aria to think that I'm amazing.It pains me just to think about it....But in front of Aria and Shirayuki. I was barraged with compliments like "If you try. had started. Butei High is. Ahhh. and swords clashing. . in the underground warehouse.. I'd at least be able to blame the circumstances. didn't I say something I would never be able to take back? How could I say 'for as long as I live'. the Adseard closing ceremony.. and I caught her sword with my bare hand. and my guitar's sound... noticed something about how I was playing the guitar. "Who shoot the flash.I might not have been that way from the start...

the cheerleaders. and I blasted the DC59's noise over the second field. ran onto stage. Cm7. Pom Poms in both hands. this is too. I had grown used to the guitar. Gm. Bb. "Who flash the shot like the bangbabangbang'a" (English) While the song suddenly sped up..HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Before this." 186 . but now. smiling. Damn it.. "A-as expected.緋弾のアリア . I had been pretty rusty with the guitar. the weather is too good.

HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 187 .緋弾のアリア .

Whoosh. not knowing whether she could perform well on her first time. was because I was unwilling to think about Hysteria Mode-188 .. I glanced to one side. but you're already a bird who can use her own wings to fly--that's right. Wearing those kinds of clothes in front of everybody made her face tense up. then you should just break as many as you want! She was encouraged this way by Aria.. she performed a perfect routine in front of the audience. this suggestion seemed to be taken on board fairly easily. as well as the person that Aria forcefully recommended. and I saw Shirayuki. was Aria. get out there!" As if being kicked onto the stage by Aria. You've already left the school with Kinji. really! You're already here and you're complaining! Alright. as expected of an honors student. who was chosen to be her partner at the last moment. a crane.one that's linked to a power plant. extremely embarrassed. Standing next to Shirayuki.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Hearing this voice. Shirayuki. having the courage to stand in front of others like this. and she burst through the dam. agreeing to take part in cheerleading. The reason I was thinking about this kind of thing. but I understand.緋弾のアリア . that's what I think. was all because of the battle. "Each time we‟re in frooooooooont of enemies! We never hide‟n sneak away!" (English. extremely embarrassed. If she ever gets stuck to you. but Shirayuki. At the start. defeating Durandal like that was a good experience for her--at least. and then you released your forbidden arts. blushing and raising her Pom Poms. You might only be able to fly close to the nest. Shirayuki ran in. it really is your horrible luck to be targeted by Aria. when she came onstage. I was a bit worried about Shirayuki. You've already transformed into a red-crowned crane. Since you've already broken the rules. This squad of cheerleaders were headed by the most athletic Aria.) For Shirayuki. She's like an electromagnet. Because the Preparatory Committee had Shirayuki in mind in the first place. Shirayuki. You're no longer a "Caged Bird". standing at the entrance to the stage-"Ah. However. mmm. you'll never get her off. But no matter what one says. Well. it might be cheerleading now. and in the center too.

I have to think of something else. There are volcanoes everywhere I look. and the atmosphere in the field heated up... I can't. I can't become careless. or whether they had gotten excited.. staying silent. Aahh. Volume 2 But. This place has risk as well. I'd like to hug the body. That kind of smile.. These mounds will stay stationary. "Who flash the shot like the bangbabangbabang'a" (English. the girls." (English. "Who was the person. Pa! threw their Pom Poms into the air. Because Aria was so tiny. The aim of this festival is to make Butei's reputation. In their hands were their guns. I'm right in front of the crowd.it's the first time I've seen it. Hmm. better.. don't have these kinds of festivals. in the eyes of the people. Jeanne d'Arc the 30th.teasable.were vigorously. I'm going to change. previously hidden underneath their skirts. Well.. And like the lyrics in their song. and we safely returned to the Adseard closing ceremony.that's why I said.. but it was far more than in rehearsals.. her clothes were a little loose. right? 189 . next to Shirayuki. I have to find a way! I turned my gaze towards Aria. --What a relief. And I'm not sure if it was on purpose. But. those things may have happened underground.hmm. Jeanne.. to Tsuduri.. As ordered by the police and the Tokyo Butei Section. she was first to be questioned by Tsuduri-sensei from Dagula. I'm finished. not moving at all.) In sync." with a smile that chilled me to the very bones. they fired blanks up into the air. In short.HIDAN NO ARIA That enormous pair of Mount Fujis.! Th-this isn't good. It's very possible that I could enter a situation far more dangerous than the one in the underground warehouse. but Butei High wasn't blown to pieces..緋弾のアリア .. I can't turn my eyes away like in practice. When we gave Jeanne.shaking...) That's right. Tsuduri said "She looks very. If I enter Hysteria Mode in a place crowded with girls like this.

緋弾のアリア - HIDAN NO ARIA I just hope that the cameramen will cut this out during editing. Finally--

Volume 2

The girls crowded around Aria and Shirayuki, and they formed a stance like in gymnastics. The confetti, stored in the top of the stage, was scattered all around the girls-"It makes my life change at all dramatic!" (English.) With that, Adseard was over. Because of the exertion during the Aru=Kata cheerleading routine, Shirayuki was breathing hard, flashing an unabashed smile at the crowd. Confetti was flying all around, as if congratulating her for starting a clean, white new life.

...Why is the congratulatory party being held in the family restaurant? The first congratulatory party for us guys in the band was held in here too. Weren't you going to the Estella Club in Odaiba? You two get out of here and go over there. However, my protests were in vain, as usual. Therefore, there was a second congratulatory party held, the participants being Shirayuki, Aria, and me. It was being held in the only family restaurant on Academy Island, Rokishi. Because we captured Durandal, the falsely charged mother of Aria--Kanzaki Kanae-san's sentence was reduced by a lot, so Aria was overjoyed, and she announced "Today is on me!" This was the only thing that could possibly be construed as good for me, but anyways, you're nobility. Couldn't you have chosen a better store than this? However, if I were to actually say that, she'd definitely blast a hole in me, so I just chose the most expensive steak set in order to express my dissatisfaction. When we had all ordered, and wiped our hands... I noticed that Aria and Shirayuki were a little weird. They were looking at each other, and they seemed to want to say something, but neither of them could open their mouths. ...What kind of atmosphere is this. "Ab-about that." "Ab-about that." Shirayuki and Aria opened their mouths at the same time. 190

緋弾のアリア - HIDAN NO ARIA "Ah, you go first." "No, you should." "...Do you want me to leave?"

Volume 2

I said to Shirayuki, sitting next to me. She violently shook her head, and then dipped it. "Umm, Th...this, I want Kin-chan to hear this too. I...no matter what, I have something I need to say to Aria." ...She wants me to hear something, and it's also something that she has to say to Aria? "About that...Before, when Kin-chan had a cold...I lied." "Lied?" "Yeah...um...the medicine that Kin-chan took...wasn't bought by me. That probably....was something that Aria had put there, right?" Huh? Just now, the medicine that was for me when I had a fever... The specially bought "Special Pueraria Syrup", the person that quietly put that on the door... "It was, Aria?" "..." Watching Aria, who was staying silent, Shirayuki seemed extremely apologetic. Aria, seeing Shirayuki in that state, turned her camellia eyes to one side, facing me. ...What is that supposed to mean? "Wh-what is that supposed to mean?" Aria seemed to put her hands behind her head on purpose, tilting back really far. And her face, blushing slightly now, glanced at me again. Ah. I remember now. When we were on the roof of Assault, Aria said...


緋弾のアリア - HIDAN NO ARIA

Volume 2

"A noble does not show off her efforts. Because that's extremely unsightly. Even if her efforts are taken by someone else." That... Is this what that was supposed to mean? "Hearing you say there's 'something' you have to say, I thought it was something important, you really made me worry over nothing." She didn't deny it, so I guess it really was Aria. Then that means, at that time, the person who checked my temperature so gently, was Aria as well? However, Aria placed her fingertips on Shirayuki's chin, pushing her back. "I didn't take notice of that. Alright, that's over and done with. Then, it's my turn." "Mm, mm." It looks like those two, before coming here, got ready to say 'something' to each other. "Ahem, ahem." Aria cleared her throat, and assumed a new stance.

"--Shirayuki. Be my slave as well!"

Whoosh! Her finger pointing towards Shirayuki, Aria's words-Made Shirayuki, I, and even the boys sitting in the booth next to us, freeze. Ah, hey. Don't look this way. "Thank you, Shirayuki." And you, Aria. You aren't even giving anybody enough time to scratch their head before you finish what you were saying? "In terms of the reason we were able to catch Durandal, 30% of the reason was you. 40% was me, and 20% was Reki."


緋弾のアリア - HIDAN NO ARIA ...What?

Volume 2

"After this battle, I understood. Fighting with that Durandal, Jeanne d'Arc--if we had split up and taken her one-on-one, we would have definitely failed. It's the combined powers of us three that finally defeated her. That, I recognize." I've wanted you to recognize this since so long ago...But, I was part of those three people, right? "The reason we could achieve victory was teamwork. From the beginning, I--no matter the enemy, I would engage them by myself, with the partner that allowed me to draw out my abilities. But in reality...there are still enemies that we can't defeat with just us two. Which also means, if we have somebody with a special ability, we should be fine. Especially you, Shirayuki, a companion who has a power I don't." Ooh. Companion, huh? It looks like this [Aria]-san has learned something of use in this school of ours. But Shirayuki, who she was pointing at, was whispering "Sl-slave...how could I...but, if Kinchan is a slave..."--things like that, and she didn't seem to be listening. "Your contract may be over now, but from now on, you should act together with Kinji! After this, we will do things together as a group, cultivating our team coordination! Here, this is the key to Kinji's room! After this, you can come whenever you like!" "Thank you Aria! Thank you Kinji!" "OOOOOOII!" Seeing Aria drop the key into Shirayuki's chest pocket with inhuman speed, I fell down off my chair with a thud. "No way, no way, that's impossible! That's a boy's dormitory!" "Is there something wrong, slave #1?" "You! Two! Never listen to me...If you listen to me, I'll be very happy...could you possibly rethink this?" The volume of my voice suddenly plummeted, reason being, Aria had drawn her guns in the middle of my sentence. At that moment, the waitress brought over what we had ordered, slightly scared.


緋弾のアリア - HIDAN NO ARIA

Volume 2

Mineral water, and a steak set. Oolong Tea and risotto. As well as Coca-Cola and peach-bundon...what is that? The person who made this menu, get out here. "Alright! To the birth of slave #2 Cheeeeeeers!" "Ganbai!...I'm so happy! I'm really so happy! This key...is the proof of Kin-chan's love!" I, slave #1, under the cheers of Aria, who was so happy that her eyes were closed, and Shirayuki, who was brought to tears from joy, had been completely taken advantage of. Aah, really... "Whatever!" As if trying to knock the liquid out of the cup, my cup collided with theirs.

Because of this, these two troublesome entities continued to come in and out of my house. Right after leaving the family restaurant, Shirayuki carried everything she would need back to my room, and Aria was watching the second episode of the animal space fantasy special, happily shouting "So~Cu~te~! Kinji, come look, come look! It's a pack of otters!" while jumping up and down on my sofa. Her shoes were messily thrown around the entrance. Her black stockings were left unattended on the floor as well. Hey, you didn't forget that this is my room, Aria-san? "Aria, about your calculations just now in the family restaurant." Unsatisfied, I sat down besides Aria, who was about to skip over the advertisement. "What is it?" "I'm talking about you splitting the reason of why Durandal was captured. You had 40%, Shirayuki had 30%, and Reki had 20%...which means, I had but 10%." I complained, "You were only useful at the end!" Aria continued to press on the controller, not even bothering to look at me while responding. "...Then I really feel like voiding our relationship as partners." "However, you were pretty cool then, you know?"


緋弾のアリア - HIDAN NO ARIA Aria, who was extremely happy about watching otters, turned her head...Pa. and winked. You, you...

Volume 2

Just turning around like that and winking at me so gently. That's breaking the rules. That's way too cute. I felt like my heart had been shot through by a mini-arrow. "Partner-san, I've stopped my recording for you, so you listen well, OK? You...are on the same level as Shirayuki. The situation was very different from last time, but you have, for me, a necessary power for all those of the Holmes bloodline. After the battle, I once again acknowledged this. That's why, making up for what I lack, you are--" Aria sat on the sofa, turning to face me. It looks like, before saying that final sentence, she wants to sit down on the same level as me. "--important to me." Those camellia eyes that belonged to Aria, staring straight at me--rendered me speechless. She...How self-centered is she, exactly? But, I, right now, felt that there was no way I could resist, because that small girl sitting in front of me...Damn it, it's because she's so cute, right? N-no, that's not it, Kinji. This is definitely because she just looks like a kid. This is because I can't deny a child. Yeah, that has to be it.


From behind us, a hysterical voice rang out. --Oh, oh shit! My face paled, and I looked back. Behind the sofa, 195

She stepped on thin air. which suddenly appeared in her hands.HIDAN NO ARIA "'-important to me'! What is that supposed to mean!" I don't need to say this. and she fell onto the ground. finally--Bang! Fired a warning shot. suddenly hearing about kissing again. Shi. "Ah.. you know! For my own safety! "I'm warning you! Aria!" "What is it! What's wrong!" Aria couldn't help but retreat under the face of the demonized Shirayuki. 196 . after this! As long as I'm one step ahead it'll be fine! That's what I mean!" Shirayuki yelled these random reasons. KCH! KACH! She once again obliterated all the new furniture we had bought. She made a hole in the ceiling with her pitch-black M1911. KACHAK! Aah. and yet you dare do this to your master! Quiet down!" Aria.緋弾のアリア . and started waving her blade around.. but it was a berserking Shirayuki. hey. I can't even tell what you're focusing on! What set you off! You could just tell me that. continuously evading Shirayuki's attacks. "Don't think that you've won! I-I-I ki-kissed Kin-chan too--!" Volume 2 Shirayuki raised her katana. blushed furiously. "Wh-what did you say!?" Aria. I-I said that this was really scary. jumping over the sofa. Shirayuki! Those eyes spinning like that. slicing down towards Aria. "A draw! I'm saying it's a draw! Us! In Kin-chan's heart! Our level is the same! I. the table is broken again. slave #2! You're just a slave. rolling to one-side. dodging Shirayuki's attack.

there won't be enough. I can't stop it anymore. in the end.HIDAN NO ARIA I'm sorry. This is a bulletproof cabinet. Then I will need to enter Hysteria Mode again. if I have to continuously evade them and not enter Hysteria Mode.緋弾のアリア .. were completely raised.. 197 . I'm going to get away from this Armed Miko.. "Kin-Kinji! How did you kiss Shirayuki! Yo-yo-you did this sort of thing with your client!? Yoyou shameless Butei! Think of something to take her out!" Oh. our neighbors. Anyways. Making that slave #2 go crazy was you.. "Yo-yo-you're just a concubine--You're still so shameless after stealing my man!" Shirayuki was completely unintimidated. Armed Miko Shirayuki. Volume 2 Her eyebrows. as well as continually doing missions with them. I'm really very sorry. If it involves these two. Aria. Thinking this way. for my own safety. only my hated Hysteria Mode could possibly defuse the situation. I stumbled. Through the living room. Anyways. But there's still a lot of problems. "The aftermath is up to you guys to take care of!" During these few days. before her rage turns towards me. I can't. onto the balcony. Aaah. it won't matter how many lives I have. If the situation really becomes this bad. Click. I've learned one thing. and she charged towards Aria. Quadra Aria. under her neat fringe.

Whatever. There are too many problems.I'll wait for the next time I enter Hysteria Mode to think about it.. Creak. a way to solve these problems.. I hope when tomorrow comes. the thing I need to do right now is-"I'll blast a hole in you!" I ignored Aria's shrill voice. And afterward.緋弾のアリア . and it will become a vicious circle. the arousal that is my trigger to Hysteria Mode. But the biggest problem is. And again. I'll still be alive. I should pray. I really don't know what to do. My brother could. I opened the door to the cabinet with that noise. no matter the cost... there will be problems as well.. really. just like in Middle School. Girls will like my new personality. 198 . I cannot expose that.. Aah.but that method is far too difficult for me. making me continually enter Hysteria Mode.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Hysteria Mode is something that can't be activated by yourself. "Kinji! Come help me! Or else--" Well.

After 7:00 PM.is he?) was feeling bored. I was thinking that if it was Aria was calling. unwillingly.really unwillingly. which still houses Aria. This situation led to me. Who could it be? "Hello. It wasn't from a cellphone.my cellphone rang. and I--were in the selfstudy room. (he's always this strong. She gives me no room to negotiate at all." Ah. Shirayuki.. making me extremely uneasy. but he isn't cheating though. they made everything extremely feminine... right? But my house.when I.. Please spare me." "Shut up! If I say come now..and noticed the door wasn't locked.. it's Aria. but refusing to come back from school.. I wouldn't answer it. I can't take it anymore. one's own home should be a place where one can be at peace. playing a round of self-study poker." "Kinji? Where are you. After school today... but the number that appeared had a 03 prefix. then come right now! Or I'll make a hole in you!" Click. us three representatives of laziness--Muto. went to the room 1011 of the girl's dormitory. Together. My master cut off the line. 199 . Girl's dormitory room 1011.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 EPILOGUE: GO FOR THE NEXT!! Normally. "It doesn't matter where I am. because Muto kept on winning.緋弾のアリア .." "I don't want to go to the girl's dormitory. Shiranui. not refusing to go to school. So I. and the person who just comes in whenever she likes. openly doing household chores. What is it?" "Come here quickly.

?" was stunned by the scene that lay before me. I'll forgive you today. There was a waitress uniform to some unknown restaurant. I could find nothing to say-Aria's Eichornia eyes squinted." 200 .. There were Miko garments. "Kinji.? What do you mean?" "Mmm. she started walking towards me.. wearing a sailor uniform. A large kindergarten uniform.. Ah. "Heh. --And the types of clothes were extremely inordinate.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 There was a higher ratio of single-person rooms in the girl's dormitory than the boy's dormitory. Under the illumination of pink candles. Is it because you've been constantly avoiding this kind of life that you're exactly like a log? I'm asking you. 2 steps. Aria. though. And she suddenly squeeze my hand.緋弾のアリア . and with 1 step. there were numerous amounts of clothes scattered around.. really." Being pulled into the living room. what is this?' "Come over here. hey. I guess it applies to this. I'm here." I had just entered when I noticed that Aria. Anyways. An accessory like cat ears and even a tail. is this Aria's room? "Hey. A pumpkin shaped." "You're late. which cosplay do you want me to wear?" Completely overwhelmed by the atmosphere here. Kinji.I'm afraid it was underwear. running out of the changing room. I-"Uu. akin to what Shirayuki wears. A red backpack with a clarinet sticking out of it.. which one is good?" "Which one. And others..

Saying this is extremely rude. but Aria's breasts could not be this full. Not even giving me time to compose myself. like that. She may be wearing a push-up bra. was the feeling of a another girl's body that I've experienced-It's got to be--! "--Riko--" I said. straddling my body like a little kid. a thought flashed into the forefront of my brain. And this. With a *Pa*. dazed-pomf. 201 . trod on my toes. Within a few seconds. so I'm very clear. Her clothes pressed against my face. Thud! and pushed me. suddenly. I was pushed onto the bed. "!" In that moment. wearing black knee-socks. Straddling my waist. could only be sustained for a moment.HIDAN NO ARIA Aria's feet. lying on my back. Volume 2 --I'm going to change--this uncomfortable feeling. And at the same time.緋弾のアリア . her torso straightened. feminine scent. "Bingo! I did it. came the feeling of extremely flexible thighs. but I've had them pressed into my face before. Thrust her torso into my face. I did it! Ki-kun went into Hysteria Mode! He's regained his power!" Aria's--appearance was still there. I suddenly changed. "Kinji?" Quickly. but the voice was Riko's. standing there. I was enveloped by that sweet. I entered Hysteria Mode. the blood froze in my veins. and the feeling of breasts as soft as cotton candy came with it. sharply and softly.

closed. She killed my brother.? "Riko has something that she needs Ki-kun to do. Riko obviously. save Riko please. and give my all. which is why she said that. "Ki-kun. And under that face. was as I thought-"It's Riko! Hehe! I'm back!" Riko. Riko spent a lot of effort going to two schools--but because of Aria and Ki-kun." Expelled from EU..HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Her haoru shook from under her uniform. and with a *Shh* she took her long honey-colored curly hair from under her wig. I've been expelled from EU. Shiiiii. she put her left on one of her twin-tails. you know? Hmm. If we meet any difficulty. and a girl in danger pleads for help. you're going to buy Riko's specialty for customers.the "Butei Killer" Mine Riko Lupin the 4th. and with putting her right hand below her face. pa. this is the first time I'm going to use the method that mother gave me to get boys to listen. "You know.緋弾のアリア . After this.. Why did she come back to Butei High--!? Riko. but she ran away-... So get ready. you know. we fought with her. and she placed a bomb on my bike and on the Butei High schoolbus-during the plane-jacking incident. My heart beat furiously.. a sweet. She tore the layer of special makeup off her face. got it?" 202 . and she removed her pink twin-tails.knows about this.. sweet reward. her eyes sparkling like stars. The me in Hysteria Mode-Will find it impossible to resist helping girls." --Thud. then I'll definitely do as she says.

shall we do H stuff?" What do you do... Kinji? 203 . what she'll say is really obvious. and she pulled off my tie. What do I do? Riko--that childish face approached my own. so much like that of an animal. had something hot mixed in.HIDAN NO ARIA Volume 2 Riko's excited breathing.緋弾のアリア . and she used those alluring lips--to say. In this situation. "Ki-kun.

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