11 written questions: common to all -10 points each 42 infinite bounce – clockwise – 10 points each 42 infinite bounce – anticlockwise – 10 points each 5 pounces per team

Addressing the Oireachtas in 1963,the Taoiseach ,John A Costello said ‘for many years we were obsessed with the miserable trivialities of our tourist advertising. Sometimes it descended to the lowest depths, to the caubeen and the shillelagh, not to speak of the ___________’.

Male creatures were popularized as widgets & females as finfinellas. What creatures? 4 .This term originates from RAF slang from the 1920 among British Pilots stationed in Malta. Middle East & India describing creatures that sabotage aircrafts.

Harold Wilson speech to House of Commons: ‘Traders and Financiers all over the world had listened to the Chancellor. and all the financiers and all the little ____ in _____ and other financial centers had begun to make their dispensation in regard to sterling’. On Sep 5th when the TUC unanimously rejected the wage restraint it was the end of an era. 5 .1956.

even if the person had died far away and news of their death had not yet come.Q4 Usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld. ________ begins to wail if someone is about to die. For five great Gaelic families — the O'Gradys. the O'Neills. so that the wailing of the ______ was the first warning the household had of the death. 6 . and the Kavanaghs — the lament would be sung when a family member died. the O'Briens. the O'Connors.

and may be a late reflection of the god Thor's role in fighting such beings. the lack of _____ in modern Scandinavia is explained as a result of the "accuracy and efficiency of the lightning strokes. In connection. 7 .Q5 A Scandinavian folk belief that lightning frightens away _____ appears in numerous Scandinavian folktales.

Some of the common ones are called hidebehind. Some like flittericks or the goofus appear to be ordinary animals that just behaved out of the ordinary.while tripodero and snoligoster were clearly mechanical contraptions. teakettler. What 2 word term? 8 .Q6 Origins in North American lumber camp tall tales -used to haze newcomers. squidgicum-squee & hangdown.

9 .Q7 Two word connect please.

Q8 10 .

Q9 Ad from 1890 for? 11 .

Q10 Word origin question.What poison? 12 .A brew made by Alaskan natives called as Tlingit Hutsnuwu. "grizzly bear fort" was a favorite with miners in the 1898 Klondike gold rush. lit.

2 miles! Brag for the rest of your life" 13 .The message from its first advertisement is trademarked “_ 2.4 miles! _ 112 miles! _ 26.Q11 X started at the Y Rough Water in picture (LHS) and ended at the Aloha tower(RHS): Naval commander John Collins and his colleagues in the US Navy started this in 1978.

et une branche d'industrie française. qu'il en inonde notre marché national à un prix fabuleusement réduit. à ce qu'il paraît. est tout à coup frappée de la stagnation la plus complète. nous fait une guerre si acharnée. Ce rival.Q12 Nous subissons l'intolérable concurrence d'un rival étranger placé. dans des conditions tellement supérieures aux nôtres.. car. que nous soupçonnons qu'il nous est suscité par la perfide Albion (bonne diplomatie par le temps qui court!). notre vente cesse. tous les consommateurs s'adressent à lui. dont les ramifications sont innombrables. aussitôt qu'il se montre. pour la production de la lumière. qui n'est autre que le soleil. d'autant qu'il a pour cette île orgueilleuse des ménagements dont il se14 dispense envers nous>>>. .

Identify the Indian word and its meaning.is a loan word from Dutch/afrikaans. 15 .Q13 A familiar household term in Sinhalese and more than one south Indian language.

Z. ID:X. Pierre Savorgnan de _____ after whom the city X was named.The largest city Y in the country is just across the Z river from X and has 10 million+ inhabitants. 16 .Y.Q14 The city was founded on 10 September 1880 on the site of a Bateke village named Nkuna by a Franco-Italian explorer member of Société de Géographie de Paris.

It had no innate fear of human beings. The Knowledge Master Open.Q15 The scientific journal of the American Ornithologists' Union is named The Y in honor of this bird . a quiz for US school students has a pun loving " X Y" as its mascot.its flightlessness and awkwardness on land led to its extinction by mid 19th century due to human hunting for its 'down'. 17 .

Q16 When encountered by the Dutch . the GE campus was assigned 12345 ID X 18 . Thomas Edison moved his Edison Machine Works to X and in 1892. but the meaning was reversed. Postal Service in the 1960s. became the headquarters of the General Electric Company.S. NY) " ~X"." Eventually. when 5-digit ZIP codes were introduced by the U. In 1887. meaning "over the pine plains. and the name referred to the bend in the Mohawk River where the city lies today. Interestingly. this word entered the lexicon of the Dutch settlers.the area that is now X was the land of the Mohawk who called the Dutch settlement at Fort Orange (now Albany.

but still holds rights to a huge collection of "uncool" music like Smooth Jazz.Romantic pop and other types of mall-music. went into chapter 11 in 2009. The co.Q17 A company based in South Carolina. and adhered to precise limitations in tempo and dynamics. The style of music used was deliberately bland so as not intrude on foreground tasks. ID this irritatingly eponymous company? 19 .X are the founders(since 1934) of piped music and the science of how music affects the behavior of customers.

he snatched victory from defeat 20 . In reality. published in 1625. the protaganist of the Essay did not bow to the inevitable. The picture below is the object of interest.Q18 The earliest appearance of the phrase which relates to "bowing to the inevitable"is from Chapter 12 of the Essays of Francis Bacon.

Name him. Y is my father's name. So I'm X.Q19 His own explanation of his unusual name. so we were named X and Y after great people." Y X is RHB who debuted for TN against Kerala in a Ranji ODI match in Feb 2007. He wrote a letter to X and even got a reply from him. "My grandfather was a scientist. Other people are named Krishna and Ram after Gods. 21 . My mother teaches Physics in one of the schools." " In our family. we're rationalists.

lime juice. white onion. ID X and Y X is pictured here 22 .this fertility fruit X is traditionally mashed when ripe with a molcajete (mortar and pestle) along with with sea salt.Q20 Derived from the local word for scrotum . Some recipes call for limited tomato. and/or additional seasonings. Y results. spicy minced chile such as jalapeno.

Formed by the combination of Tamil word for Ruby and Sanskrit for Coral.Q21 X was a literary style used in medieval (14th century) liturgical texts in South India. ID X. 23 . letters from the Grantha script were used to represent them. which used an admixture of Tamil (early Malayalam of Kerala) and Sanskrit. Since Tamil Vatteluttu did not have characters to represent some Sanskrit sounds. The modern Malayalam script evolved from this fact -combination of Vatteluttu and Granta scripts.

Q22 WaYao was born in 1820 on the border of Tanzania and Mozambique. When Stanley went in search of David Livingstone. he participated in expeditions by Speke . Full name: X Mubarak Y.he was sailed on a dhow to Gujarat by his owner who called him ‘Mubarak’. X tells us Indians his ethnicity 24 . Between 1856 and 1876. and returned to Africa. Captured and enslaved by Arab traders. he was appointed chief of the caravan. Henry Morton Stanley etc. He was freed after his owner died. Richard Burton. He lived as a slave in India in Y for many years and learned Hindi.

X derived from Y. It is sometimes pronounced "~X" and is considered an insult in Marathi and Gujarati. is held to be derived from the common name for the captains of the Ethiopian/Abyssinian ships that also first delivered Siddi slaves to the subcontinent. 25 . In time. it came to be used to refer to their descendants as well.Q23 bonus question: wrt Siddis Another term for Siddis.The term eventually came to be applied to other Africans and not only to emancipated Siddis. the Arabic term for Abyssinia.

It is made from aged stockfish (air-dried whitefish) or dried/salted whitefish and lye . has an extremely strong. Q24 26 . 3 Soak for 3 days in this solution. It is gelatinous in texture. 2 Add 2 tbsp lye into a gallon of water. 4 Then soak for 4 days in clear water daily. pungent odor and is regularly featured amongst world's "nastiest dishes" .It is served with mashed peas and Gjetost cheese.Prep for what? 1 Soak the fish in clear water for 3 days. .

In 1981 Americans Perry and Whipple named Y in his honor. early IUD. It was the first IUD used by a significant number of women..ID X and Y. It was an . later versions of which were wrapped in silver wire. The ring was introduced by a German called Ernst X . Q25 27 . a birth control device. X's ring is a flexible ring of silk suture.

125°C Y = brown sugar heated to hard crack stage 150°C .160°C Z = white sugar heated to the point it browns.y and z X = heating brown sugar 115°C . 28 . which starts 170°C.Q26 Id x.

X .who had a record for armed robbery.Q27 Ernesto Arturo X of Phoenix. assault and burglary -.signed a written confession to the armed robbery. Arizona was arrested in 1963 for the armed robbery of a bank worker. attempted rape. While in custody of police. What landmark judgment from 1966 resulted? 29 . He also confessed to kidnapping and raping an 18-year-old girl 11 days prior to the robbery.

was a French Capuchin friar. He was the original "X" called so because of the color of the cloak he wore over his habit. 30 . confidant and agent of Cardinal Richelieu. François Leclerc du Tremblay (4 November 1577 – 17 December 1638). also known as Père Joseph.Q28 The term is today used for a powerful adviser or decision-maker who operates secretly or unofficially.

especially one who refuses to cooperate with health authorities to minimize the risk of infection. She was forcibly quarantined twice by public health authorities and died after nearly 30 yrs in quarantine. three of whom died. . X Y is a generic term for a healthy carrier of a noted pathogen. Y Mallon (1869 – 1938). over the course of her career as a cook. She infected some 53 people. 31 .Q29 Today. was the first person in the United States identified as a healthy carrier of the pathogen associated with X fever.

" He is often noted for his book Rules for Radicals. What is X the pioneer of : 2 word term. President Barack Obama was influenced by X." and conservative author William F.S. Buckley said he was "very close to being an organizational genius Biographer Sanford Horwitt has claimed that U.Q30 He has been compared in Playboy magazine to Thomas Paine as being "one of the great American leaders of the nonsocialist left. 32 . Time magazine once wrote that "American democracy is being altered by X's ideas.

and Pop.Q31 If Jolt is the 3rd. What are 1st and 2nd ? 33 .5th and 6th are Snap. and 4th . Crackle.

? 34 . a college curriculum comprised a set of mandatory courses without departmental or subject headings.Q32 then-president of Harvard.a result of the above migrated out of academic institutional jargon and into popular slang. Until that point. departmental offerings. Charles W. Eliot. Somewhere along the line. other universities followed Harvard's lead and began to divide up their catalogs into numbered. started The the trend when he introduced the elective system and redesigned the university's catalog in 1870-71. As research areas became more specialized.

Bronze medals: 9hrs 00min to sub 11hrs 00min. 35 .The 90km race alternates between an UP race and a DOWN race every other year. Vic Clapham medals (copper): 11hrs 00min to sub 12hrs 00min. Wally Hayward medals : 11th position to sub 6hrs 00min Silver medals: 6hrs 00min 01sec to sub 7hrs 30min. The Z was run for the first time on 24 May 1921 and is the world's oldest and largest ultra marathon and is run between X and Y. Bill Rowan medals 7hrs 30min to sub 9hrs 00min.Q33 Gold medals: The first 10 men and women.

Hint cartoon B.Tuscaloosa .Q34 From Independent Monitor. 36 .Alabama 1868 What is being depicted in cartoon A.

the region of Arabicspeaking countries to the “east” of Egypt and north of the Arabian Peninsula . bounded between the Mediterranean Sea and Iran. It is therefore the companion term to Maghreb meaning "west”.is generally speaking.It refers to a large area in the Middle East. 37 .Q35 The X .

38 . was one a grand jury could write on a bill when it considered the prosecution's evidence insufficient.Q36 Of Anglo-Fr origins. this legal term. Modern sense of "buddhu" came from the title role of George Ruggle's 1615 play satirizing the shallowness of common lawyers.

The complex was built in 1929 and inaugurated by Johnny Weissmuller. Known for its Art Deco designs and the popular introduction of the bikini by Louis Réard on July 5, 1946 -modeled by Micheline Bernardini. Classified as a French monument historique on March 27, 1990, after having fallen into disuse and closing in 1989. Id the place.


In July 1857, Disraeli in his speech to the House of Commons dismissed the significance of the greased cartridges and argued that the uprising was: “…the consequence of a conspiracy long matured, deeply laid, and extensively ramified.” Secret oaths, rumours and the enigmatic distribution of X between villagers and Y between soldiers suggested hidden forces at work and various individuals and groups were pointed out as the true ‘ringleaders’, most notably the Indian Muslims with the aging Mughal emperor at the head..


Who at whose funeral in ,2006?


Q40 ID.put fundae. 42 .

mostly tractors. 43 . By the 1880s there were many vehicles using either steam or gasoline. Europe in the late 1700s. The person who stoked the steam engine – kept it hot.though steam engines are long gone.was called X. were invented in . The word is still used. developed mainly in France and Germany.Q42 The first self-propelled vehicles.

Click here for Video 44 .Q43 Discovered in 1875 by Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran.

it is not the nation's Independence day. it was significant because since the Battle of Puebla. Q44 45 . Second.Contrary to widespread popular belief.000 soldiers were greatly outnumbered by the well-equipped French army of 8. 1862. no country in the Americas has been invaded by any other European power. It commemorates the local army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on X. under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín.000 that had not been defeated for almost 50 years."This battle was significant in that the 4.

" "Bah! booby. Captain. having heard you tell the tale these twenty-seven times. A wag wrote this apt joke .." reiterates Pablo. a X. "I should know as well as you.Q45 o the early Christians. Until the introduction of the potato. whole forest-dwelling communities which had scarce access to wheat flour relied on it as their main source of carbohydrates. “When suddenly from the thick boughs of a cork-tree --" "A X. I say a cork-tree!" X.” 46 . X symbolized chastity.

eg.Q46 ID this Golden Greek.he holds every men's outdoor road world record from 100 to 1. 14Kmph for races over 100km! video 47 .000 miles and every road and track record from 12 hours to 6 days.The true successor of Pheidipiddes. His speeds are surprisingly high given the distances involved.

such as fishermen and other Mappilas causing much controversy.they follow a matrilineal system of family and claim superior status over patrilineal Muslims. They claim their descent from upper caste Hindus of Kerala such as Nairs as well as from the Arabs. 48 . of Kerala belonged to this community and shares this surname.M. The 10th C. Unlike all other Muslims.Q47 A subdivision of Malabar Muslims they are mainly resident in Calicut and make up 50% of the Lakshwadeep island population.

Need an exact answer.Q48 What has been blanked out?. 49 .

Known as Ofira during Israeli occupation between 1967 and 1982. referring to the large number of international peace conferences that have been held there. In news during the Lotus/Youth/Rage/White revolution of Jan-Feb 2011. 50 .Q49 It is sometimes called the "City of Peace".X is on a promontory overlooking the Straits of Tiran at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba.

. 51 .Q50 3 word connect.

O'Tar Norwood in the 1970s. What dreaded 3 words ? 52 . Males measuring I to III on the scale have nothing to worry. A similar one for women is called as Ludwig and Savin scale. Those at VI and VII are probably irreversibly damaged. James Hamilton in the 1950s and later revised and updated by Dr.Q51 A measurement scale for XYZ was first introduced by Dr.

crike y.shucks.cripes.shoot.fug.heck What 2 word term? 53 .gee. Commonly found in literature. and often include X Y instead of profanity in their writing so that they will not offend audiences or incur censorship.zounds.writers sometimes face the problem of portraying characters who swear.blooming.freaking.ruddy. examples:darn.Q52 They are interjections: X Y (also pseudo-profanity) is an expression based on a profanity that has been altered to reduce the objectionable .

-from which springs a word at the core of our hearts.Q53 X is the word that means a Bishop's tall hat.Id X 54 .

55 .The Dancy was known as the zipper-skin X for its loose. X was named so because it was originally imported into Britain from northern Morocco .Q54 A popular alternative to X are an accidental hybrid discovered by Father Clément Rodier in Algeria in 1842. Sunbursts and honey are the most commonly grown X. pliable peel. One of the oldest and formerly most popular varieties is the Dancy X .

Q55 OED makes nebulous reference to "alleged incidents in Italian theatrical history." Klein suggests Venetian glass-crafters tossing aside imperfect pieces to be made later into common Xs. fare il X used to mean "to play a game so that the one that loses will pay the X". What word associated with dismal failure? 56 . But according to an Italian dictionary.

pops its head into the shop. coming up the street. “What! No soap?” So he died. and the Garyulies. and she very imprudently married the barber. and the Joblillies. with the little round button at top. and the grand X himself. and at the same time a great she-bear. and there were present the Picninnies. and they all fell to playing the game of catch as catch can till the gunpowder ran out at the heels of their boots” Samuel Foote extemporized this piece of nonsense prose to test Charles Macklin's(owner of an oratory academy) assertion that he could memorise any text at a single reading.Q56 “So she went into the garden to cut a cabbage-leaf to make an apple-pie.. 57 .

please. In Belize.Q57 X is also found in Indonesia and Malaysia. In the South Indian state of Kerala and coastal Karnataka especially on the sides of Mangalore. where it is called 'sukun'. 58 . it is known as Kada chakka or Seema chakka and Gujje respectively. the Mayan people call it 'masapan'. English name associated with certain Explorer stories. where it is widely grown and cooked.

Click here for Video 59 .Q58 ID type of music/orchestra and place of origin.

whose name meant "claw". X is a city in Winnebago County. is said to have heard the phrase Y in a vaudeville skit while he was on a New York buying trip.Q59 Named for Menominee Chief X. 60 . Pollock. a maker of "hickory-striped" bib overalls worn by railroad workers and farmers.Owner. Children's clothing made up 15% of the company's sales in 1979. by 1993 that number was 95 % and is now known as a children's apparel company. The company started labeling its bibs "XY " . The company is now the largest maker of overalls on the world. William L. Wisconsin. XY was founded in 1895 as Grove Manufacturing Company.

He guided Indian historians at the School of Oriental and African Studies. Sharma and Romila Thapar received their doctoral blessings . London in the 1950s. Amazon. it has remained a classic interpretation. Although first published in 1954.com book description reads "most widely used introduction to Indian civilization.1960s ID Y his most famous book which by 2001 was in its 37th edition.S. historian and indologist and author from whom Professors R.Q60 X (1914 – 1986) ." 61 .

He was the longest serving president of the Royal Society from 1778-1820 . Approximately 80 species of plants bear his name. 62 . mimosa. and the genus X named after him. a British organization dedicated to the exploration of Africa.Name X. which helped to establish the Royal Academy.Q61 He took part in Captain James Cook's first great voyage (1768–1771) and is credited with the introduction to the Western world of eucalyptus. acacia. and a member of the Society of Dilettanti. He was also the leading founder of the African Association.

in that the fibres lie parallel to each other.the essential feature of a which was its straightness of fibre. Place and type of yarn/cloth? 63 . Famous for its weaving heritage.Q62 The village X in Norfolk UK became very prosperous from the twelfth century when weavers from Flanders arrived in the area.

Kerala. Put fundae LHS =Old file pic.Q63 Cherman Perumal mosque -Kodungaloor.RHS=newer pic (name atleast 2 unique things abt it) 64 .

Q64 1 X = 0. 1 rehoboam = 6 X 1 methuselah = 8 X. 1 salmanazar = 8 X. 1 balthazar = 16 X 1 nebuchadnezzar=20 X 65 .75 litre. 2 X = 1 Y 1 jeroboam = 4 X.

Q65 ID language of song and its specialty Click here for Video 66 .

Q66 ID author whose book about the Tarahumara Indians created a big buzz in 2009-10 Click here for Video 67 .

Q67 One word connect in Australian.Non exhaustive list 68 .

William Gilpin a Cumbria man and Headmaster at Cheam. 69 .Surrey.Thus he invented the X-the word.Q68 Rev.boated down the river Wye in Herefordshire in 1770 and was so struck by its loveliness that he published a book setting out laws on how landscape should be observed.cult and the cliché.

the term X entered the English language. Joad during a game of tennis in which Joad and Potter were struggling against two fit young students. M. Joad politely requested that the students clearly state whether the ball landed in or out (when in truth it was quite obviously in). This remark nonplussed the students.Q69 The Theory and Practice of X: Or the Art of Winning Games Without Actually Cheating. by Stephen Potter. and became so edgy that they lost the match" 70 . and sold prodigiously. was published in 1947. It was the first of his series of books purporting to teach ploys for manipulating one's associates. E. who wondered if their honesty was in question. Potter said that he was introduced to the technique by C. From this book. making them feel inferior and thus gaining the status of being one-up on them.

you've got to let it go. So people used to say to me. 'You're like a X.' And that's where the name came from."The traditionally German/Jewish surname Y was adopted because her mother felt the original surname was not "Jewish enough" to make her a star" 71 .Q70 "If you get a little gassy.

'I 've suffered much). The Dutch Fair trade org -the first ever such org. 72 .name the book published in 1860 which was about the protagonist X fighting the corrupt Dutch govt in Java.Written by Eduard Dekker aka Multatuli(Latin.Q71 “It was the book that killed Dutch colonialism-and paved the way for Indonesian Independence" says Indonesian novelist Pramoedya Ananta Toer. estd'1988 is also called X Stichting in its honor.

Q72 3 photos all on the same theme.but 3 distinct terms. 73 .name all 3.

she published the first study of homosexuality in India According to Subhash Chandra's review of Ana Garcia-Arroyo's book “The Construction of Queer Culture in India: Pioneers and Landmarks” For Garcia-Arroyo the beginning of the debate on homosexuality in the twentieth century is made with X's book The World of Homosexuals published in 1977. This book went almost unnoticed.Q73 In 1977. and did not contribute to queer discourse or movement because X was famous for her wizardry in some other field and nothing of substantial import in the field of homosexuality was expected from her 74 .

After India became Independent. the English company offered to disinvest its holdings. 75 . John H Aspinwall launched Aspinwall & Company.Q74 In 1863. offering a range of shipping services. Most of the earnings of X's family are from Aspinwall. spices and several other agro products. X's family acquired the controlling shares in the Group. in 1971.Aspinwall became a public limited company in 1956. When.if they were corrupt enough to do so according to rediff bulletin board comments!. though apparently they could have just lazed around and done nothing to earn money. besides carrying on business in timber. with financial participation from X's family.

Q75 ____ was a popular name of a type of bar in the United ____ ____ States which began to appear in the 19th century as an early expression of border economics. 76 . the term has been adopted to describe a situation beyond which hope or good fortune will greatly diminish. selling or drinking alcoholic drinks was prohibited. Those situated near areas where alcohol was not easily obtainable frequently took the name as a literal indication to customers that this was their final opportunity to imbibe before progressing to an area where obtaining. The phrase also has common British metaphorical use.

Name this downmarket Mumbai commuter suburb. 77 .Q76 Capital of Aparanta . The people of X brought this myth to Kerala . with a heavy discharge of mud and silt from the Vaitarna and Ulhas as well as from the Tungar and Kamandurg hills lead to its shutting down slowly.This gave rise to the myth of Parashurama.In April 1882. reclaiming the land from the sea. an archaeologist. excavated at the Burud Rajache Kote mound to discover this site. Bhagvanlal Indraji. Over the centuries.the Puranas state that the X was reclaimed from the sea for the dwelling place of Parashurama and it became a tirtha .

"threading the money". Tai-Chi pattern.Q77 The patterns of the ________ dance are choreographed according to the skills and experiences acquired by the performers. Some of the patterns of the dance are "Cloud Cave". and "X encircling the pillar". The movement "______ chasing the pearl" shows that it is continually in the pursuit of wisdom. "Whirlpool". 78 . "looking for pearl".

(wikipedia).Died in a car accident in 1987. NRI Malayalees in US organize a X volleyball tournament in his honor.78 and 86.Q78 He was the first Indian volleyball player to become a professional and played club volleyball in Italy.At age 21. 79 .He is considered to be one of the ten best volleyball players of all times. X was the youngest volleyball player to win the Arjuna Award. He helped India win bronze medals in Asian games 1974.

Q79 Connect photos below.and also an australian cricketer who possibly does not enjoy the modern day method of celebrating a fallen wicket :-) 80 .

It was thereabouts that X. without ever shedding blood” Name the Thugee chief from Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours 81 . and the famous Aurungabad. the Thuggee chief. Not far off rose Ellora. with its graceful pagodas. held his sway. the fatal country so often stained with blood by the sectaries of the goddess Kali. united by a secret bond. strangled victims of every age in honour of the goddess Death. capital of the ferocious Aureng-Zeb. king of the stranglers. now the chief town of one of the detached provinces of the kingdom of the Nizam. beyond Milligaum. These ruffians.Q80 “The travellers crossed.

His two articles in the national daily. 82 . thus far to have been awarded the Padma Vibhushan.Q81 Khusro Faramurz X is the only police officer . The Indian Express resulted in Y . and set up of the National Police Commission . He was founder father of the Border Security Force. In 1978 he visited the jails in Bihar and wrote about the conditions of the undertrials languishing in the jails for long periods without a trial.

X was generally considered the greatest player who had ever lived In Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita "Ned Litam" appears as a has-been tennis champion with "a harem of ball boys". from about 1920 to the mid-1950s. For approximately 35 years. knowing that he will not try to seduce her due to his homosexuality.It is probably. 83 .X.Q82 He single-handedly changed the image of tennis from that of a "sissy" country-club sport played only by rich white people in long white pants or ankle-length skirts to that of a major sport played by robust. world-class athletes. whom Humbert hires to coach Lolita.

Connect following pics: 2 word term.Q83 X wrote "The Song of the ___ ___" in March 1901 . 84 .put fundae.The poem was later referred to as "the battle anthem of the revolution" and the epithet Burevestnik Revolyutsii" was conferred on X.

Q84 Bonus question :Storm petrels are also called as X's chickens. She was a similar character to Y (who may be her husband) 85 . In John Masefield's Salt Water Ballads" (1902). X and Y are a fearsome couple responsible for storms and ship-wrecks X was a supernatural figure personifying the cruel and threatening sea in the imagination of 19th-century English-speaking sailors.

Some time during the winter of 1940 to 1941. H. they enter financial difficulty due to taxes. What horrible idea came into being? 86 . The idea initially faced serious opposition because it required an one-time forgiveness as the system switched from one to another. he came up with an idea for a system which on 1 Jul 1943.Q85 Beardsley Ruml who became the chairman of R. Macy & Company noticed that when Macy's employees retired and began living on their pensions. entered into American law.

It is a Persian language derivation which literally means "far be the evil eye”. North India and Pakistan to ward-off the evil eye (which is called nazar in the region). another slogan appears in conjunction with it “ Buri nazar waale.Sometimes.Q86 __________ _________ is a slogan extensively used in Iran . 87 . tera munh kala” often seen on trucks .

”airblade” hand drier and sleek bladeless fans.Q87 Inventor-entrepeneur with his cool inventions. Photos of cyclonic vacuum cleaner. 88 . Name him.

ID X which is featured here in a British Airways ad. Puccini's Madama Butterfly also contains a number (Il Cannone Del Porto) often known as the X which is more famously from the opera Y. X and Y please. Video 89 .ads and popular music since the mid-1980s .Q88 Ubiquitous in its presence in films.

he conducted a survey of physicians and reported their recommendations that people eat hearty breakfasts. along with publicity touting X and Y as a hearty breakfast. To promote sales of X.Q89 The name "X and Y" was popularised in america by Z along with his uncle Freud in the 1920s.000 physicians. ID X. 90 .the father of PR. He was also involved in spinning the Woodrow Wilson propaganda to get the US into WW1 “Making the world safe for democracy” And pushing cigarettes for women as "freedom torches”. He sent the results of the survey to 5.Y and Z.

Eddie Cantor(comedian) coined the name of Y an organization started by FDR using a pun of the then-popular newsreel.Q90 “The __ of __” was a radio series. that was broadcast on CBS from 1931 to 1945 and shown in movie theaters from 1935 to 1951. He used the rationale that anyone could spare a dime. 91 . It was created by Time. and companion newsreel series. Inc.

----” which also refers to the tabloid name and is also used to refer to nosey parkers. A following voice-over would say. The tabloid (based in Lantana. 92 .–.Q91 This originated as a slogan used in TV ads in the 1980s by the Tabloid X.is trademarked by X.---.----. "--------. FL) is present in most US supermarket checkout lines. The stories ranged from amazing weight-loss diets based on the intake of broccoli and ice cream to the tragic story of Michael Jackson's unrequited love for Liz Taylor. The ads featured a series of "ear-catching" headlines from recent issues followed by actors miming surprise at the revelation.

Welch named the new organization after X . shortly after the conclusion of World War II.Q92 Founded in Indiana in1958 by a group of 12 led by Robert Welch. an American Baptist missionary and U. military intelligence officer who was killed by communist forces in China in August 1945. Play music 93 . Put fundae and connect to music playing. Jr. Connect with Pic B.Photo A refers to groups' goals .Welch called him the first American casualty of the cold war.S.


The __ _____ Society is an international organization estd 1947 composed of economists (including 8 winners of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences), philosophers, historians, intellectuals, business leaders, and others who favour classical liberalism. Its founders included Friedrich Hayek, Karl Popper, Ludwig von Mises, George Stigler, and Milton Friedman.Originally, it was to be named the ActonTocqueville Society. After Frank Knight protested against naming the group after two “Roman Catholic aristocrats” and Ludwig von Mises expressed concern that the mistakes made by Acton and Tocqueville would be connected with the society, the name of the Swiss resort where it convened was used instead.


Shit Piss Fuck Cunt Cocksucker Motherfucker Tits Connect to Pacifica WBAI-FM vs FCC 1978. Need exact connect to video


__ ___ _____ is an organization founded in 1987 by Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton that produces theatrical shows and recorded music and scores for films, television appearances for shows such as The Tonight Show, Las Vegas, Scrubs, Arrested Development, concerts featuring popular music, comedy and multimedia. All of the organization's appearances star a trio of performers called X Men, who all wear a X "skin". Cast members would stay in character at all times while in makeup, meaning after shows they would still not speak to audience members, and the only "autograph" they would sign would be a smudge of X paint. When shown a "new" piece of technology, such as a cell phone or even an old pair of binoculars, they will simply stare at it in wonder. Answer


That's all folks. Thank you! Answer 97 .

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