Fall 2011 Revised October 24, 2011 Instructor Prof. Ke ‘Max’ Zhang; 287 Grumman Hall; 254-5402; kz33@cornell.edu Lectures: MWF 9:05AM - 9:55 AM, HLS B14

Recitations: 201 Monday 1:25 to 2:15 PM, HLS 320 (led by Daniel Field) 202 Tuesday, 12:20 to 1:10 PM, OLH 218 (led by Tucker Browne) 203 Thursday 2:30 to 3:20 PM, PHL 203 (led by Samuel Smith) 204 Wednesday, 1:25 to 2:15 PM, HLS 320 (led by Pilgyu Kang) 205 Friday, 2:30 to 3:20 PM, HLS 314 (led by Jiang Wan) http://registrar.sas.cornell.edu/courses/roster/FA11/ENGRD/ Teaching Assistants: Tucker Browne (stb83) Daniel Field (dwf47) Pilgyu Kang (pk344) Andrew Rzeznik (ajr234) Samuel Smith (shs95) Jiang Wan (jw688) Textbook Moran, Shapiro, Boettner and Bailey: Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics. 7th Ed, Wiley Blackboard You are required to register for the class blackboard site. Course-ID: ENGRD221-ZHANG-FALL2011 Course Name: Thermodynamics Grading Homework: 20%; Prelim I: 20%; Prelim II: 25% Final: 30% Participation: 5% (at the discretion of Prof. Zhang)

Room TBD (http://registrar. no signature. 320 HLS.html) Final: 2:00 to 4:30 pm. Homework assignments are done and handed in groups. Submit the signed copy to the course HW box located in the small hallway leading to room Upson 123 (next to the Upson lounge). Dec15. 155 Olin and 165 Olin Prelim II: 7:30 to 9:30 pm. September 5 will move to the same time on September 6. TAs The evening office hours on Monday. Zhang 5-8 PM. normally every Monday. 155 Olin and 165 Olin (http://registrar. Oct 13. 287 Grumman. You may not use problem solutions from previous years or other sources.cornell. Homework assignments will be announced on the course Blackboard site. Solutions will be posted on the course web site one day after the HW due date. 287 Grumman. your homework grade will be zero for the semester. The attendance of the power plant tour in early November will be counted as the 13th homework assignment. For each prelim and . Prof. Please write down the names.sas. There will be approximately 12 homework assignments during the semester. NO late homework is accepted. The grading policy is subject to change if widespread plagiarism is discovered. 2011. Prof. no grade). The lowest one homework grade will be dropped from your average IF you submit your mid-term course evaluation (if there is one) and the course evaluation at the end of the course. HW will be returned approximately one week later after during recitations (or contact your TA if you need it back earlier). If you miss two or more sets of homework. signed ONLY by active participants (one group.edu/Sched/EXFA. NetID. TAs Wednesday: 10:00 –11:00 AM. You are asked to confirm your group members by the end of your first recitation. Prelims and Final Exam Prelim I: 7:30 to 9:30 pm.html).Office Hours Monday: 10:00 –11:00 AM. and your section number on your homework paper. Homework will be due by 10 PM the following Monday. Zhang Thursday: 5-8 PM. 2011. 320 HLS. TAs will guide you through at least one homework problem. During recitations.cornell. Each group is expected to abide by the Cornell University Code of Academic Integrity (http://cuinfo. one submission.sas.html) Homework You will team up with one other student in the same recitation section to form a homework group.edu/Academic/AIC. Nov 10. 2011.edu/Sched/PRELF.cornell.

All exams are in a closed-book format.1-8.4-3.12 8.1-5.Oct 31 Nov 7-11 Nov 10 Nov 14 Nov 14-18 Second Law. Reversibility.19 Sept 21 – Sept 26 Sept 28 . three pages for Prelim II.12 Oct 12 . Teaching assistants will keep attendance records in recitations.11-6. total worth 100 points. 5% of your overall grade will at the discretion of Prof.9. Internal combustion engine cycles 5. You CANNOT use a smart phone as your calculator.6 6.Oct 5 Oct 7 General Topics Basic definitions.14 Oct 17 .11.15. Reading Assignments Dates Aug 24 . But you can bring two pages of 8'x11' HAND-WRITTEN notes with you (you can write on both sides) for Prelim I.3-4.5-9.3 4.2-4. October 13 (evening) Sections to read from Moran and Shapiro Chapter 1 Chapter 2 3. Zhang based on the i>clicker record and recitation attendance records.26 Oct 28.14 Sept 16 .Aug 26 Aug 29 – Sept 7 Sept 9 . whose capability should not be more than a TI-89.5 9.1-3. Prelims and Final Exam • • • Each prelim contains 4-5 calculation problems. and four pages for the final. The final contains 4-5 short answer questions. 9. Entropy balances Isentropic processes and efficiencies Vapor power cycles.10. followed by ~4 calculation problems. Mass balances First Law for open systems First Law applications Review Prelim I. Carnot cycles.3 3. You will be provided with properties tables and unit conversion factors sheet if needed.1 4. 4. there will at least one problem closely adapted from the homework assignments.4 . • • Participation in Lectures i>clicker will be used to keep attendance and participation in lectures. November 10 (evening) Plant tour (during recitations) Gas turbine cycles. First Law for closed systems Thermodynamic properties Gases.13 6. 6.1-9. Even though attendance is not required. You can bring a calculator. Entropy Entropy as a property. Prelim II.the final.1-6. 9. Systems Energy.

1-13. Students are expected to give two weeks notice of the need for accommodations. If you need immediate accommodation.1-10. provide instructors with an accommodation letter from Student Disability Services.6 13.Nov 21 -23 Nov 28 – 30 Dec 2 Refrigeration and heat pump systems Combustion and reacting mixtures Review 10. . 10.3.4 Student Disability Services Note students with disabilities: If you have a disability-related need for reasonable academic adjustments in this course. please arrange to meet with instructors within the first two class meetings.

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