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SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Mar 03 2011

Sector LBS/Mobile

Company Ntro (nProgress) foursquare

Description Service for meeting new people based on location and interests Location-based mobile app with gaming elements

Founder(s) Josh Resnick

City LA

Other Investors Initial Capital, Baroda Ventures, WGI, Jarl Mohn, Angels Andreessen Horowitz,Union Square Ventures, OATV Accel Partners, Morgenthaler, Gideon Yu, Alex Zubillaga Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, Sequoia Capital Founder Collective, Keith Rabois, Ben Ling, Alex Zubillaga CRV, True Ventures, General Catalyst, Keith Rabois Angels Deep Nishar, Paul Buchheit, XG Ventures First Round Capital, Redpoint Ventures, Dave Morin, Shawn Fanning, Joshua Schachter, Lowercase Capital, Kevin Rose DraperRichards, BetaWorks, SK Ventures, Georges Harik, Paul Bucheit Softtech, Founders Collective, Keith Rabois


Dennis Crowley, Naveen Selvadurai Dalton Caldwell


Sep 29 2009


Mobile photo sharing platform


Feb 03 2010


Jawbone *via Advisor Lovely

High-end bluetooth audio accessories

Alexander Asseily, Hosain Rahman Blake Pierson



Marketplace/search for real estate renters


Apr 29 2010



Mobile LBS app to connect with people around you based Cory Levy, Michael on common interests Callahan Intuitive word search dialing, engaging mobile users in dynamic phone call interactions Short form party planning allowing users to share plans with friends Geo and alternate reality platform for apps


Mar 17 2011

LBS/Mobile LBS/Mobile LBS/Mobile

PhoneTell RollCall SimpleGeo

Wendell Brown, SF Steve Larson Chuck Lam, Ibrahim SF Okuyucu Joe Stump, Matt SF Galligan

Nov 19 2009 Jun 10 2010 Nov 25 2009



Simple file sharing service

Adam Bouhenguel, Josh Wilson


May 08 2008



Service that allows travel brands to reward customers for Geoff Lewis checking in at their favorite spots


Jun 24 2010

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

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SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Mar 02 2011

Sector LBS/Mobile

Company Twilio

Description API for developers to build SMS and voice applications

Founder(s) Jeff Lawson

City SF

Other Investors Union Square, Founders Fund, Bessemer Ventures, Lowercase Capital, Mitch Kapor, Dave McClure, Jeff Fluhr, Angels Intel Capital Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, Felicis Ventures, Sherpalo Ventures, Angels Battery Ventures, Accel Partners, First Round Capital, Founder Collective Greylock, Guarav Garg, Jim Greer, Angels

LBS/Mobile LBS/Mobile

Swrve Bump Technologies

HTML5 gaming platform Interface for device-to-device communication

Steven Collins, Hugh SF, EU Feb 02 2011 Reynolds David Lieb, Andy SV Sep 11 2009 Huibers, Jake Mintz


Hotel Tonight

Mobile-only hotel online travel agency

Sam Shenk


LBS/Mobile LBS/Mobile LBS/Mobile

Instart Noteleaf

CDN-like technology for mobile devices Time management tool for meetings and business graph

Manav Mital Jake Klamka


Jan 31 2011 Jan 20 2011 Jun 10 2010

Placeholderna Location based marketing and advertising allowing SMB's Michael La Guardia me to establish connections with valued customers Pulse Reader (Alphonso Labs) Content platform for mobile devices. Akshay Kothari, Ankit Gupta

Webb Investment Network, Jerry Yang NEA, Redpoint Ventures, Greycroft Partners, Mayfield Fund, Lightspeed Venture Partners, BV Capital Kleiner Perkins, Greylock Benchmark Capital Greylock, Shasta, Founders Fund, Lowercase Capital, Maples Investments, Kevin Rose, Jason Calcanis, Shervin Pishevar



Feb 14 2011

LBS/Mobile LBS/Mobile LBS/Mobile

Shopkick Stitcher Gowalla

Web service that connects online and offline shopping Media service that allows audio content to be easily aggregated, organized and shared on mobile devices Location based service/game to track your activities and experiences

Cyriac Roeding Noah Shanok Josh Williams


Jun 30 2010 Mar 22 2010 Dec 08 2009

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

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SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date May 04 2011 Jun 30 2011 Mar 09 2011

Sector Local Local Local

Company Groupon Hackruiter

Description Deal-of-the-day website that features discounted gift certificates usable at local or national companies. A website that offers daily design inspirations and sales of up to 70% off retail. Recruiting platform for engineers that helps them find jobs at startups.

Founder(s) Andrew Mason Jason Goldberg David Albert, Nicholas BergsonShilcock Howard Lerman Ricky Yean


Other Investors Andreessen Horowitz, DST, Accel, NEA First Round Capital, Ashton Kutcher Founder Collective

Local Local Local


Online directory for local businesses utilizing pay per action technology. Crowdbooster Social media dashboard designed to help businesses effectively grow and manage their presence online Milk Inc. a mobile development lab


Oct 08 2010 Oct 03 2011 May 05 2011

Sutter Hill, IVP Nils Johnson, Y Combinator Ashton Kutcher, First Round Capital, True Ventures, Greylock, Floodgate, Tony Hsieh, Chamath Palihapitiya, Angels Lerer Ventures Sequoia Sierra Ventures, Johan van Marle, Andy Klein, Angels Baroda Ventures Founder Collective, IA Ventures, Jerry Neumann, Josh Stylman Betaworks, First Round Capital, Index Ventures First Round Capital, Khosla Ventures, Venrock Softbank, Peter Thiel, IVP, Greycroft Founder Collective, Hearst, Lerer Ventures, RRE, Softbank
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Kevin Rose, Daniel SF Burka, Jeff Hodsdon

Local Local Ad Technologies

Newsle Melt Spotzer

A series of apps that tracks people in the news Soup and grilled cheese stores Global low-cost multi-media video ad technology

Jonah Varon, Axel Hansen Jonathan Kaplan Andrew Klein


Sep 16 2011 Mar 25 2011 Aug 26 2010

Ad Technologies Ad Technologies

Steelhouse The Trade Desk UberSocial (PostUp) AppNexus

Ad re-targeting platform Media buying platform for buyers to purchase and measure advertising across different networks Social media ad platform Next generation ad exchange and platform

Mark Douglas Jeff Green


Mar 01 2010 Mar 31 2010

Ad Technologies Ad Technologies

Bill Gross Brian O'Kelley


Apr 09 2010 Aug 01 2007

Ad Technologies Ad Technologies

Buddy Media Buzzfeed

Ad system that helps brands and agencies manage, control Michael Lazerow and measure social media campaigns Web service that identifies and measures viral content Jonah Peretti allowing creators to serve highly targeted advertising


Mar 10 2010 May 03 2010

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Jun 03 2008

Sector Ad Technologies

Company Collective Media Datalot Magnetic (Domdex) AdReady Sharethrough TapSense TellApart Vizu 140 proof Adara Media (formerly Opinmind) Aggregate Knowledge AppRedeem Attributor Inadco

Ad Technologies Ad Technologies

Description Media and technology solutions provider for display advertising *via acquisition of Personifi Online marketing technology research and solutions Ad re-targeting platform

Founder(s) Joe Apprendi

City NY

Other Investors Greycroft, iNovia Partners, Accel Partners Founder Collective, Baseline Ventures CRV, Founder Collective, IA Ventures Bain Capital, Madrona, Khosla Ventures Floodgate Fund, Ariel Poler WIN, Deep Nishar Greylock, Baseline Ventures WRHambrecht, DFJ, Greycroft, iNovia Blue Run Ventures, Founders Fund Jim Pitkow, Aydin Senkut, Morganthaler, Onset Kleiner Perkins, First Round Capital, Floodgate Fund, OVP, DAG Blue Run Ventures Selby Ventures, Sigma Partners, Jafco Redpoint Ventures, WGI Group, Matt Coffin, Twin Capital LLC, GC&H Investments August Capital, First Round Capital, Focus Ventures, Maveron, WPP

Josh Reznick Josh ShatkinMargolis, Mike Peralta Aaron Finn Brett Keintz, Dan Greenberg Ash Kumar, Amit Manjhi Josh McFarland Dan Beltramo Jon Elvekrog James Kim

NY NY Feb 01 2010

Ad Technologies Ad Technologies Ad Technologies Ad Technologies Ad Technologies Ad Technologies Ad Technologies

Ad technology focused on improving display advertising Social video marketing platform Helps mobile app developers acquire users at costeffective and profitable rates. Platform for valuing lead quality for publishers and etailers Online brand advertising metrics platform Social media ad technology via adviser Online advertising ecosystem; brings together loyalty program audience partners with brand advertisers Behavioral targeting / recommendation engine


Nov 15 2007 Apr 01 2007 Sep 28 2011 Jul 17 2009 Mar 01 2006 Feb 09 2010 Feb 20 2006

Ad Technologies

Paul Martino


Jun 05 2006

Ad Technologies Ad Technologies Ad Technologies

Platform for advertising mobile apps with pay-per-install Sheffield Nolan service Content tracking for online publishers Jim Brock, Jim Pitkow Technology for optimizing and measuring lead gen James Walker advertising


Jan 10 2011 Mar 01 2006 Aug 12 2009

Ad Technologies

SAY Media (VideoEgg)

Performance-based ad offering designed specifically for brand advertisers - via acquisition of Rojo/SixApart

Matt Sanchez


Nov 15 2010

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

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SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date May 04 2010

Sector Company Social Media & Airbnb Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Beautylish

Description Online marketplace enabling private residents or commercial property owners to rent their extra space

Founder(s) Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, Nate Blecharczyk Nils Johnson, Vu Nguyen Adam Levin

City SF

Other Investors Andreessen Horowitz, DST, Greylock, Sequoia Capital, Ashton Kutcher, Jeff Bezos Angels

Community around make-up/style


Jul 28 2010


Sharing platform for teenagers


Dec 03 2010

Michael Birch (original Bebo founder) RRE, Lerer Ventures


Incubator/Co. around real-time data ecosystem

John Borthwick, Andy Weissman


Bloom Studio

Service for connecting systems modular data visualization Ben Cerveny views SMS community for framing and sharing conversations Lauren Leto


Mar 28 2011




Aug 23 2010

Highline Ventures, Founder Collective Union Square Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Founder Collective, Lerer Ventures, Joshua Schacter

Topic-based social forums allowing users to asynchronously contribute their ideas via photos

Chris Poole


May 04 2010

Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s



A real-time behavior management tool being used by teachers to improve bad behavior, using real-time feedback loops and some game dynamics. Social distribution network

Sam Chaudhary, Liam Don Hooman Radfar, Austin Fath Kevin Rose, Jay Adelson Jordy MontReynaud


Oct 06 2011


Jun 01 2007

Novak Biddle, Steve Case, Miles Gilbourn, Mark Jung Greylock, Omidyar Network, Spark Capital, Highland Capital Michael Birch, Ignition Partners, Keith Rabois, Joe Lonsdale, Jed Stremel, Barney Pell, Angels

User-based rating and tagging of news


Mar 01 2006


Social game to achieve real-life goals


Feb 01 2011

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

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SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Feb 15 2007

Sector Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s

Company Experience Project Facebook

Description Online community based on sharing human experiences

Founder(s) Armen Berjikly

City SF

Social network via Adviser

Mark Zuckerberg


Mar 01 2006


Community for users to crowdsource different 'looks'

Brooke Mooreland


Nov 16 2010

Other Investors Floodgate Fund, Steve Blank, Katherine Gould, DE Shaw DST, Accel Partners, Greylock, Meritech, Founders Fund, MSFT Highline Ventures, Ashton Kutcher Baseline, Maples Investments, Freestyle, TerraFlex, Esplanade Founder Collective, Greylock, Felicis Ventures, Keith Rabois, Ben Ling, Vast Ventures Y Combinator, Webb Investment Network First Round Capital, Charles River Ventures Andreessen Horowitz, Matrix, CRV, Ashton Kutcher, Keith Rabois, Angels Angels, Tugboat, Shasta Ventures Marc Andreessen, Lightspeed, Angels Highline, FirstMark, Angels

Formspring.m Social Q&A site e Gobble Marketplace for individual cooks to connect with consumers

Ade Olonoh


Feb 16 2010

Ooshma Garg


Nov 23 2010


Platform that brings people together over group meals

Eddy Lu, Daishin Sugano Jason Heidema


Mar 22 2011

Semi-anonymous review and reputation service for individuals. Anonymous flirting for college students


May 21 2010

Like A Little (Hawthorne Labs) MamaPedia

Evan Reas, Prasanna SV S, Shubham Mittal

Jan 09 2011

Free, local online community for mothers

Artie Wu


Jun 01 2007


User generated apps for social networking/tagging for groups Virtual pinboard to create collections of things you love and "follow" user-generated collections Simple web publishing

Marc Andreessen, Gina Bianchini Ben Silbermann


Mar 01 2006



Apr 12 2011


Garry Tan, Sachin Agarwal


Jan 29 2010

Redpoint Ventures,YCombinator, XG Ventures, Mitch Kapor (KC), Felicis Ventures

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CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Sep 23 2009

Sector Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s

Company Project Campfire Rentcycle

Description Service around generating and collecting relevant conversations Online rental marketplace

Founder(s) Naveen Koorakula

City SF

Other Investors Harrison Metal, Gideon Yu, Angels Andreesen Horowitz, Founder Collective, Collaborative Fund, Amicus Capital, Max Levchin, Farhat Mohit Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, First Round Capital, Angels Atomico, SoftTech, Ariel Poler Union Square Ventures, Spark Capital, Founder Collective Mohr Davidow Ventures, Mission Ventures Jarr Capital, Don McLagan, Andrew Blachman, Ben Littauer Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, WIN True Ventures, Founder Collective, Bullpen Capital, Lowercase Capital, Felicis Ventures, Angels Founders Fund, Menlo Ventures, Tomorrow Ventures

Tim Hyer


Jul 25 2011

Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s Social Media & Networking/Platform s


Social browser

Eric Vishria


Oct 02 2009


Service to manage your lifestream from Facebook & multiple Twitter accounts Crowdsourced learning platform

Loic Le Meur


Jan 01 2007


Soda Head

Collective intelligence via wisdom of crowds / social network Stock exchange for athletes

Michael Karnjanaprakorn, Malcolm Ong Jason Feffer


Jan 20 2011


Oct 15 2006


Jeremy Levine


Jan 31 2011

Tasty Labs

Social software applicator

Joshua Schachter


Nov 23 2010


Web service enabling customers to leave reviews for any customer service agent at any company allowing companies to better understand their quality of service

Joe Beninato


Jun 03 2010

Social Media & The Backplane Building a network of highly engaging communities on a Networking/Platform powerful platform. s

Matthew Michelsen, PA Joey Primiani, Alex Moore, Troy Carter

Jun 27 2011

Social Media & topProspect Networking/Platform s

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

Website for hiring with gaming mechanics

Rotem Perelmuter


Mar 12 2010

Social + Capital Partnership, Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital

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SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Oct 11 2011

Sector Company Social Media & Networking/Platform s

Description A web app for social travel recommendations

Founder(s) J.R. Johnson

City SF

Other Investors Sequoia, True Ventures, Gil Elbaz, Rob Solomon, Brian Lee, Brandee Barker, Randi Zuckerberg Sequoia, Paul Bucheit, Adam D'Angelo, Geoff Ralston CRV, Spark Capital, Union Square Ventures, Benchmark Capital, IVP Betaworks, Founders Collective, Thrive Capital, Lerer Ventures, Joel Spolsky, Vivi Nevo, Freestyle Capital, Angels Founders Fund, Founder Collective, Keith Rabois

Social Media & Tutorspree Networking/Platform s Social Media & Twitter Networking/Platform s Social Media & Veri Networking/Platform s

Marketplace for high quality tutoring

Microblog and status messaging platform

Aaron Harris, Ryan Bednar, Josh Abrams Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone


Apr 14 2011


Jul 25 2007

Social learning platform focused on user-generated games Lee Hoffman, Brian NY and quizes Tobal

May 17 2011

Social Media & Votizen Networking/Platform s Content Platforms Content Platforms

Network for registered voters that makes civic participation simple and meaningful

David Binetti, Jason SV Putorti

Jul 27 2010

1000Memories Site that allows users to create memorials online 20x200 Online art market

Jonathan Good Jen Bekman


Aug 30 2010 Nov 10 2009

Content Platforms Content Platforms Content Platforms Content Platforms

CitizenNet Clipboard Course Hero Daylife

Embedded social streams curated around a brand or topic Mike McGinley, Dan LA Benyamin Allows users to save clips from around the web Gary Flake SEA Online homework help site that provides a platform for tutors Media curation and aggregation platform Andrew Grauer Upendra Shardanand Reeve Thompson, Jeremy Gordon Josh James SV NY

Dec 14 2009

Jul 07 2010 Apr 01 2006

Content Platforms Content Platforms


A cross-platform web based App development tool.


Apr 07 2011 Feb 08 2011

Domo (Corda Interactive data visualization software and solutions for Technologies) businesses

Greylock, Paul Bucheit, Keith Rabois True Ventures, Founder Collective, Zach Klein, Angels Jim Ramo, Alison Lam, Angels Andreessen Horowitz, Fritz Lanman Maveron, Nils Johnson, Tuna Investments Getty Images, NY Times, Balderton Capital, Arts Alliance, Angels First Round Capital, Lerer Ventures, Angels Benchmark, WPP

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

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SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Jul 30 2010 Dec 13 2010

Sector Content Platforms Content Platforms

Company Embedly Factual

Description A service that transforms every link into embeddable rich media Technology that creates and updates structured data

Founder(s) Art Gibson, Sean Creeley Gil Elbaz, Timothy Chklovski


Other Investors Betaworks, Lowercase Capital Andreessen Horowitz, Founder Collective, Index Ventures, Broadbeach Ventures, Felicis Ventures, Richard Rosenblatt, Esther Dyson, Scott Kurnit Index Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Jack Dorsey, Dustin Moskovitz, Peter Currie, The Chernin Group, Ashton Kutcher, Quincy Smith Ignition Partners, Banexi (France), Digital Garage (Japan), Angels AOL Ventures, Betaworks, Lerer Ventures, Spark, True Ventures Lerer Ventures Khosla Ventures, Jawed Karim Accel, First Round Capital, Reid Hoffman, Shana Fisher, Jonathan Glick, Peter Stern, Chris Dixon, Tom Pinkney Andreessen Horowitz, Floodgate Fund, Baseline Ventures, First Round Capital, TriplePoint Capital Y Combinator, Baroda Ventures
page 9/24

Content Platforms


iPad app that creates a personalized magazine based off your social graph

Mike McCue, Evan Doll


Apr 14 2010

Content Platforms


The first collaborative photo encyclopedia

Jean-Marie Hullot


Apr 01 2008

Content Platforms


Website where users can follow their friends and share tips on their favorite gadgets

Peter Rojas, Ryan Block


Mar 10 2010

Content Platforms Content Platforms

Hyperpublic (JumpPost) Interview Street Knewton

Service connecting people, places & things by location Coding tests that help companies hire the best programmers Adaptive learning engine that customizes educational content to meet the individual needs of each student

Content Platforms

Jordan Cooper, Doug NY Petkanics Vivek Ravisankar, SV Harishankaran Karunanidhi Jose Ferreira NY

Aug 31 2010 Jul 18 2011

Aug 01 2008

Content Platforms


eTextbooks for tablets

Osman Rashid, Babur Habib


Dec 11 2009

Content Platforms


Large screen dashboards to monitor critical metrics in real-time.

Lionel Jingles, Rajiv SF Ghanta

Nov 17 2010

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date

Sector Content Platforms

Company Luminate

Description Revenue tool for monetizing images through crowdsourcing Service that automatically generates full length articles based on statistical information Publishing platform for mobile devices Q&A tool for education Photo sharing service *via advisor A content platform disrupting educational publishing market

Founder(s) James Everingham, Bob Lisbonne Stuart Frankel Andres Barreto, Jason Baptiste Pooja Nath Mike Herman Ariel Diaz

City SV

Other Investors CMEA, August, Google Ventures, Shasta Ventures David Rosenblatt Spark Capital, Betaworks, Waikit Lau, Canaan Partners, Anthem Venture Partners Founder Collective, Next View Ventures

Content Platforms Content Platforms Content Platforms Content Platforms Content Platforms

Narrative Science OnSwipe Piazza Plixi Savvy Textbooks (Boundless Learning) SB Nation


Apr 09 2010 Jan 25 2011 Apr 07 2011

May 04 2011

Content Platforms

Network of fan-centric online sports communities

Jim Bankoff


Dec 13 2010

Content Platforms


Open learning community and teaching platform

San Kim, Karen Bdoyan Michael Johnston, Fred Cheng


Jul 28 2011

Content Platforms


Simple note taking application


Aug 30 2010

Accel Partners, Allen & Co, Ted Leonsis, Comcast Interactive Capital, Khosla Ventures Lerer Ventures, Betaworks, DreamIt Ventures, Naval Ravikant YCombinator, Geoff Ralston, Kal Vepuri (Trisiras Group), David Tisch, Alex Payne, David Sloo First Round Capital, Spark Capital, CRV, Chamath Palihapitiya, Adam Smith, Paul Bucheit, Ariel Poler, Angels Union Square Ventures, Founder Collective, Spark, Index, Naval Ravikant, Joshua Schacter, Angels

Content Platforms


Easily print and send postcards from photos

Matt Brezina


Mar 04 2011

Content Platforms

Stack Exchange

Verticalized community driven Q&A sites

Jeff Atwood, Joel Spolsky


May 05 2010

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

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SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Jun 08 2010

Sector Content Platforms

Company Sugar, Inc.

Content Platforms


Description Lifestyle, entertainment, fashion and shopping network for trendsetting women *via acquisition of BookFresh Platform to organize and monetize bundles of streams

Founder(s) Krista Moatz, Brian Sugar, Lisa Sugar Jonathan Glick

City SF

Other Investors Sequoia Capital, NBC Universal IA Capital Partners, Founder Collective, Village Ventures, Mark Gerson, Angels True Ventures, Freestyle Capital, Lowercase Capital, Founder Collective, Ev Williams, Matt Mullenweg Lerer Ventures, Kima Ventures Brad Inman, Floodgate Fund, Baseline Ventures, Felicis Ventures, Greenhill, Vantage Point Mitch Kapor, Max Levchin, Keith Rabois Baseline, Floodgate Fund, Felicis Ventures, Paul Bucheit CAA, MLB, FirstMark Capital Bessemer Ventures, Angels, Amazon Mohr Davidow Ventures, Floodgate Fund, Baseline Ventures, Angels Phil Schlein, Adams Street Partners Madrona Ventures, Adam Dell


Sep 22 2009

Content Platforms


Cloud-based font subscription service

Jeff Veen, Bryan Mason


Jun 24 2009

Content Platforms

Content Platforms

Visual Revenue Provides a predictive analytics solution that helps online Dennis R. Inc. media organizations automatically position their content. Mortensen, Charlie Holbech Vook Online publishing platform for e-books Brad Inman, Jack Saley


Jul 06 2011


Jan 22 2010

Content Platforms Content Platforms

Wavii Weebly

Content aggregator based on advanced NLP Technologies Adrian Aoun Simple, drag and drop website creation


Jun 28 2010 Apr 01 2007

David Rusenko, Dan SF Veltri, Chris Fanini Steve Hansen NY

Content Platforms Content Platforms Content Platforms

Weplay Wikia Wordnik

Glam for sports fans Wikipedia like app. for vertical markets Next generation online dictionary

Nov 15 2007 Mar 01 2006 Jun 19 2009

Gil Penchina, Jimmy SF Wales Erin McKean SV

EArroweye Commerce/Payments Solutions EAvelle (Bag Commerce/Shopping Borrow or Steal)

Greeting card insertion online and offline and gift cards

Doron Friedman


Jun 18 2006

Netflix model for purses and jewelry

Mike Smith


May 01 2006

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

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SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Aug 02 2011

Sector Company EBabbaCo Commerce/Shopping Commerce/Shopping

Description Products that make parenting easier

Founder(s) Jessica Kim

City CHI

Other Investors Lightbank, Excelerate, Gary Vaynerchuk, Angels Monashees Capital, Chamath Palihapitiya, Felicis Ventures, Intel Capital, Thrive Capital, David Gilboa First Round Capital, IA Ventures, Village Ventures, Shasta Ventures Felicis Ventures, The Washington Post Company, Aditya Agarwal, Naval Ravikant, Rick Dalzell, Josh McFarland, Transcosmos, TPG for Brazil

Davis Smith, Kimball NY Thomas

Apr 26 2011

E-Commerce/Finance BankSimple

Simplified online banking solution targeted to retail bank Alex Payne, Joshua customers Reich, Shamir Karkal Mobile app where users can scan product barcodes on their phone and see related products harnessed by community Blake Scholl, Jason Crawford


Sep 30 2010

EBarcode Hero Commerce/Shopping


Apr 20 2010

EBecome Commerce/Shopping EBestVendor Commerce/Shopping E-Commerce/Finance BillFloat

Shopping comparison search engine

Michael Yang


Mar 01 2006

Social recommendations for faster, smarter business purchasing Short term micro loans for recurring bills

Jeff Giesea, Ben Zhuk, Magnus von Koeller Ryan Gilbert


Jun 13 2011

Softbank, Lerer Ventures, Peter Thiel Baseline Ventures, First Round Capital, Paypal, Venrock Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Bessemer Ventures, Founder Collective, IA Ventures CRV, Sequoia Capital, Philip Kaplan, Jason Calcanis, Ev Williams, James Hong Kevin Hartz, Keith Rabois, Jawed Karim, Joe Greenstein


Jun 25 2010

E-Commerce/Finance BillGuard

Crowdsourced "collective vigilance" to help users easily spot, understand and take action against unwanted charges on their bills

Yaron Samid


May 28 2010

EBlippy Commerce/Payments

Online commerce platform for artisanal products

Ashvin Kumar, Chris SV Estreich, Philip Kaplan Song Kim SF

Dec 08 2009

EBluBet Commerce/Shopping

Group buying

Dec 07 2008

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

page 12/24

SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Oct 01 2008

Sector Company EBoku (Mobill Commerce/Payments Cash) E-Commerce/Finance Credit Karma ECruiseWise Commerce/Shopping EDealbase Commerce/Shopping EE la Carte Commerce/Payments EEdition01 Commerce/Shopping EEggCartel Commerce/Shopping EEventbrite Commerce/Payments

Description Mobile payments for online merchants

Founder(s) Mark Britto

City SV

Other Investors Khosla Ventures, Index Ventures QED Fund, FF Angel, Felicis Ventures NEA, Index Ventures

Credit score tracking solution Comparison shopping for cruises online

Kenneth Lin Amit Aharoni, Nicolas Meunier, Steve Davis Sam Shenk


Jul 31 2009 Apr 12 2011

Hotel deal company


Dec 24 2009

Bob Zipp, Russ Siegelman, Buddy Arnheim Paul Buchheit, Tomorrow Ventures Highline Captial, Lerer Ventures, Kal Valpuri, IA Ventures, Angels Blue Run Ventures, CRV, Trinity Ventures, Angels Sequoia Capital, Michael Birch, Softtech, Jawed Karim, Keith Rabois, David Sacks, Tenaya Capital, Peter Jackson, DAG Ventures Kleiner Perkins, Keith Rabois, Brian Sugar, Dave Morin, Karl Jacob Montagu Newhall Associates, Battery Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, TCV Redpoint, Baseline Ventures, Travis Kalanick

Touchscreen mobile devices on restaurant tables and sports bars for guests to order, pay and play games from their seats new concept brand that sells curated, exclusive capsule collections of luxury fashion and lifestyle products from top designers Mobile app for easily selling anything

Rajat Suri


Jul 02 2010

Jessica Kamel, Estafania Lacayo Dan Zheng, Brian Lynch Kevin Hartz

Jun 23 2011


Dec 07 2010

Event management web service to promote, manage and monetize events


Nov 18 2009

EEverlane Commerce/Shopping EExactTarget Commerce/Shopping

Product discovery service for online shopping

Michael Preysman, Jesse Farmer Scott Dorsey


Mar 29 2011

Provider of on-demand email marketing software solutions *via acquisition of CoTweet Automated expense report service


Mar 10 2010

E-Commerce/Finance Expensify

David Barrett


Apr 01 2009

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

page 13/24

SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Oct 17 2011

Sector Company EGumroad Commerce/Payments

Description Founder(s) Allows anyone with digital content to sell directly to their Sahil Lavingia fanbase

City SV

Other Investors Collaborative Fund, First Round Capital, Lowercase, David Tisch, Seth Goldstein, Naval Ravikant Sequoia, Paul Buchheit, Angels Andreessen Horowitz, Alex Zubillaga, Max Levchin, The Hit Forge, Founder Collective, Highline Ventures, Vivi Nevo Naval Ravikant, Angels

EHumble Commerce/Shopping Bundle EListia Commerce/Shopping

Pay-what-you-want plus charity paradigm for online distribution Marketplace for goods using virtual points

John Graham


Apr 01 2011

Gee Chuang


Jan 25 2011

ELux Delux Commerce/Shopping EOffermatic Commerce/Shopping E-Commerce/Finance On Deck EOpenBucks Commerce/Payments EOpenSky Commerce/Shopping EPoshmark Commerce/Shopping (GoshPosh)

Gilt-like shopping service

Andy Hsieh


Sep 15 2010

Coupon service based on buying pattern

Faisal Qureshi


Feb 25 2011

Small biz micro-loans with credit card receipts as collateral Payment system using gift cards

Mitch Jacobs


May 15 2006 Apr 13 2011

Itamar Kandel, Marc SV Rochman John Caplan, Kevin Ambrosini NY

Kleiner Perkins, Russ Siegelman, Omar Hamoui, Angels First Round Capital, Khosla Ventures, RRE Greycroft

Distributed e-commerce and fulfillment solution

May 15 2009

Highland Capital, Canaan Partners, F&W Investments

Marketplace for fashion focused on mobile phones

Manish Chandra, SV Keiron McCammon, Tracy Sun David Rochon BOS

Feb 10 2011

ESavingStar Commerce/Shopping (SaveWave) ESquare Commerce/Payments

Platform that connects online grocery coupons to offline grocery loyalty cards Mobile app/credit card terminal/POS

Sep 08 2010

First Round Capital

Jack Dorsey, Jim McKelvey


Jan 14 2010

Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, Angels

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

page 14/24

SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Nov 17 2010

Sector Company EStripe Commerce/Payments EStyle for Hire Commerce/Shopping ESvpply Commerce/Shopping

Description EC2 for financial transactions

Founder(s) Patrick Collison, John Collison Cindy McLaughlin

City SV

Other Investors General Catalyst, Sequoia, YC Angels

Online style / shopping show *via adviser Retail bookmarking and recommendation service


Jan 21 2011

Ben Pieratt


Oct 22 2010

Spark Capital, Founder Collective, Dennis Crowley, Jason Hirschhorn Michael Birch, Ron Bouganim, Frederik Fleck First Round Capital, Greylock, Index Ventures, Alfred Lina, Keith Rabois, Chris Sacca Battery Ventures, Index, Bob Pittman Index Ventures, Bernard Arnault, Herbert Kloiber, Jacob Rothschild, Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf Lerer Ventures, First Round Capital

ESwipeGood Commerce/Payments ESwipely Commerce/Shopping

Online service that lets users donate to charities easily using credit card transactions A secure platform for consumers to save money, earn rewards and have more fun shopping

Steli Efti, Anthony Nemitz, Thomas Steinacher Angus Davis


Mar 23 2011


Apr 29 2010

ETrialPay Commerce/Payments EViagogo Commerce/Payments

Transactional advertising platform

Alex Rampell


Sep 15 2006

Online ticket services and exchange

Erik Baker


Mar 01 2006

EWarby Parker Online store for prescription eyeglasses Commerce/Shopping

E-Commerce/Finance Weatherbill

Weather insurance platform

Neil Blumenthal, NY Andrew Hunt, Jeffrey Raider, David Gilboa David Friedberg SF

May 18 2011

Dec 09 2010

EWePay Commerce/Payments EYipit Commerce/Shopping

Easy solution for groups to collect and manage money online Personalized digest of discount offers based on personal preferences and location.

Bill Clerico, Rich Aberman Vin Vacanti, Jim Moran


Dec 08 2009


Jun 24 2010

Atomico Ventures, Index Ventures, Allen & Co., NEA, First Round Capital, Khosla Ventures, Google Ventures, CODE Advisors August Capital, YCombinator, Angels, Highland Capital Partners Highland, DFJ Gotham, IA Ventures, RRE

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

page 15/24

SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Mar 24 2011

Sector Company EZaarly Commerce/Shopping

Description A location based want ad mobile platform.

Founder(s) Bo Fishback

City LA

Other Investors Lightbank, Ashton Kutcher



Service for SMBs to provide benefits

Paige Craig, George LA Ishii, Zao Yang Jon Vein Mark Gerson LA NY

Nov 23 2010

Redpoint, Keith Rabois, Jim Pallotta, Angels Elevation Partners Bessemer, Silverlake

Enterprise/SaaS Enterprise/SaaS

Enterprise/SaaS Enterprise/SaaS

Market Share Took to improve marketing programs Partners Gerson High-end market research Lehrman Group SocialFlow Inc. SaaS bridge between social media and direct marketing ThinkFuse Smart tools provider for team collaboration

Jun 01 2006 Mar 01 2006

Enterprise/SaaS Enterprise/SaaS Enterprise/SaaS Enterprise/SaaS

Asana Buzz Logic ccLoop

Software to speed up communication, collaboration and knowledge Online discussion service and PR targeting Posterous-like collaboration for the enterprise

Frank Speiser, Mike NY Perrone Steve Krenzel, SEA Brandon Bloom, Aydin Ghajar Dustin Moskovitz SF Rob Crumpler Michael Wolfe SF SF

Apr 01 2011 Mar 21 2011

Softbank, Betaworks Ali & Hadi Partovi, Scott Banister, Founders Co-op Benchmark Capital, Andreessen Horowitz Adam Street Benchmark, Floodgate, Felicis, Ariel Poler Sequoia, NEA, Felicis Ventures, Nils Johnson, Michael Abbott, Dave Morin, Aaron Sittig, David Lawee First Round, Dave McClure, .406 Ventures, Cisco, Formative Ventures Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock, Khosla Ventures YCombinator, Baseline, Harrison Metal Capital Founders Fund, Atomico
page 16/24

Sep 01 2008 Mar 01 2006 Oct 08 2010 Feb 23 2010

Hearsay Social Social Media Marketing automation and fan management tools

Steve Garrity, Clara SF Shih



Platform for mashups using APIs

Oren Michaels


Oct 15 2006



Appstore for enterprise apps

Todd McKinnon, Frederic Kerrest Alex Solomon Bob Goodson


Feb 12 2010

Enterprise/SaaS Enterprise/SaaS

PagerDuty Quid

Phone & SMS alerting and on-call scheduling for IT monitoring tools Business intelligence analytics service


Sep 29 2010 Mar 02 2011

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Feb 16 2011

Sector Enterprise/SaaS


Description Cause-based resources and marketplace

Founder(s) City Tom Serres, Jonas SF Lamis, Naveed Lalani, Brian Upton Richard White Tim Weingarten SF SF

Other Investors Floodgate

Enterprise/SaaS Enterprise/SaaS Enterprise/SaaS


SaaS-based user feedback

May 01 2009 Oct 23 2007 Aug 01 2011

Visage Mobile Enterprise mobility management *via acquisition of Agistics WebMynd Framework for HTML5 mobile apps w/native Corp functionality

Baseline Ventures, Betaworks, FF Angel Shelby, Qualcomm Ventures, Emergence



Email analytics and productivity application

Sahil Jain, Patrick SF Buckley, Amir Nathoo, James Brady Matt Brezina, Adam SF Smith, Jeff Bonforte

Feb 15 2007

RRE, Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, Cisco, Blackberry Partners Fund Emergence Capital, Founders Fund, CRV (George Zachary), Goldcrest Investments, Angels Angels WIN Andreessen Horowitz Andreesen Horowitz, Ignition Capital, Salesforce, Karl Jacob, Paul Buchheit Sigma Ventures, Benchmark, Globespan Capital Partners, DAG



Tool for making companies and organizations more productive

David Sacks


Jan 22 2010

Enterprise/SaaS Enterprise/SaaS Enterprise/SaaS Enterprise/SaaS

Kingfish Group Private experts network Mailgun Nicira NowJS (Flotype) Email Interface for your App. Send, receive, store and forward emails using Mailgun APIs Router software based on OpenFlow standard Real time communications architecture.

Christian Dubiel


Mar 01 2006 Mar 02 2011 Jul 30 2010 Jun 27 2011

Ev Kontsevoy, SV Taylor Wakefield Martin Casado, Scott SV Shenker Darshan Shankar, SV Eric Zhang, Sridatta



Off shore outsourcing and monitoring

Gary Swart


Mar 01 2006

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

page 17/24

SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Aug 09 2010

Sector Enterprise/SaaS

Company Opzi

Description Enterprise Q&A service

Founder(s) Euwyn Poon

City SV

Other Investors Softtech, First Round Capital, Naval Ravikant, Hadi Partovi, Ali Partovi, Paul Buchheit, Fritz Lanman, Raymond Tonsing Mohr Davidow Ventures, Chris Yeh Sigma Partners, Bud Cooligan, DFJ, Selby Angels, Portage (DFJ) Peggy Taylor, Angels Andreessen Horowitz, Betaworks, Founder Collective, Lerer Ventures, Joshua Schachter Betaworks, Spark Capital, Bessemer Connector Ventures, Shawn Fanning, Richard Kain Polaris, Ariel Poler Andreesen Horowitz, General Catalyst, Yuri Milner Angels, Bay Partners Accel Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Bradley Horowitz, Jeff Weiner Andreesen Horowitz, Keith Rabois, Anthony Castellana, Ari Emmanuel

Enterprise/SaaS Enterprise/SaaS Enterprise/SaaS

PBworks RelateIQ Sugarsync

Group collaboration and publication CRM with relationship intelligence File back-up software

David Weekly Steve Loughlin Gibu Thomas


Apr 01 2006 Aug 23 2011 Feb 20 2006

Gaming Gaming Gaming

Seven Lights Extreme Reality

Gaming collectables virtual economies for MMOG SW only 3D Human Machine Interface for gaming and Virtual Remote using single standard webcam Social game where players give each other virtual "gold stars" based on social capital

Tim Harris Dor Givon Ze Frank


May 15 2006 Mar 01 2006 Jun 15 2010

Gaming Gaming

OMGPop Beatlab

Social casual real time gaming site Social platform for music creation and competition

Charles Forman, Dan Porter Jon Baudanza


Apr 23 2007 May 05 2010

Gaming Gaming

Lolapps Media Social games and user generated FB apps

Kavin Stewart


Aug 01 2008 Apr 04 2011

MinoMonsters Social game where players collect and battle pet monsters Josh Buckley, TJ Inc. Murphy, Tyler Diaz PurePlay Tiny Speck Online poker destination using virtual goods model MMO flash games

Gaming Gaming

Jason Kellerman SF Stewart Butterfield, SF Daniel Burka

Mar 01 2006 Mar 22 2010



Mobile social games company

Suleman Ali, Ian Spivey


Feb 18 2011

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

page 18/24

SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Jun 05 2010

Sector Gaming

Company Zynga

Description Social gaming *via acquisition of Challenge Games

Founder(s) Mark Pinkus

City SF

Other Investors Reid Hoffman, Union Square Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Foundry Group, Avalon, Andreessen Horowitz Founder Collective, Lerer Ventures, Angels YCombinator Angels Floodgate Fund, Softbank Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed, Partech, Doll Capital

Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming

A Bit Lucky Addmired Multiverse Rivet Games RockYou

Online social games Gaming platform for iPhone MMPG Game authoring Platform 3D realistic virtual pets Facebook ad platform via social applications

Frederic Descamps Gabe Leydon Bill Turpin Ron Hornbaker Jia Shen, Lance Tokuda


Jan 18 2010 Apr 01 2009 Mar 01 2006 Nov 15 2007 May 01 2006



Task and decision engine that gives recommendations on Chris Dixon any topic


Mar 12 2010

Bessemer Venture Partners, Khosla Ventures, General Catalyst Vulcan Capital Angels Blue Run Ventures, Felicis Ventures Keith Rabois, Joe Lonsdale, Steve Chen, Hank Vigil, Fritz Lanman, Nils Johnson Sequoia, Founder Collective, Lerer, SK Telecom, Bret Taylor, Paul Buchheit Accel Partners, August, Sherpalo Ventures Scott Banister, BlueRun, Founders Fund Founder Collective, Betaworks, Baseline Ventures, Floodgate Fund, Angels
page 19/24

Search/Discovery Search/Discovery Search/Discovery Search/Discovery

Evri ApexMD Chomp ContextLogic

Stream-based system for content discovery - via acquisition of Radar Networks Medical search company focused on doctors Mobile application for discovery and purchase of apps Content discovery & distribution platform based on state of the art machine learning and natural language processing technology Search across personalized cloud services

Will Hunsinger Spencer Punter Ben Keighran Peter Szulczewski


Mar 10 2010 Apr 01 2008 Sep 28 2009



Daniel Gross, Robby SF Walker

Aug 11 2010

Search/Discovery Search/Discovery Search/Discovery

StumbleUpon Topsy Trazzler

Discover interesting web pages, photos and videos recommended by friends and like-minded people Search engine via influencer links Crowdsourced travel info and discovery

Garrett Camp Vipul Ved Prakash Adam Rugel


Apr 30 2009 May 25 2009 Oct 21 2009

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Jun 01 2005 Sep 01 2007 Aug 28 2009

Sector Search/Discovery Search/Discovery Search/Discovery

Company Trulia Blekko Factery

Description Real Estate search and marketing site Next-generation search engine Real-time search engine

Founder(s) Pete Flint, Sami Inkinen Rich Skrenta, Mike Markson Paul Pederson, Sean Gaddis


Other Investors Accel Partners, Sequoia Capital, Deep Fork Capital CMEA, USVP, Marc Andreessen USVP, Paul Pederson, Frank Caufield Jr., Felicis Ventures, Maurice Werdegar Maynard Webb, Paul Buchheit, Tuna Investments (Steve Chen), Ashton Kutcher, Ignition Partners, Michael Mullenweg, Raymond Tonsing, General Catalyst Partners, AOL, Accel, Sequoia Capital, GoldHill, Oak, Trident Foundation Capital, Fox Interactive Angels General Catalyst Index Ventures, Accel Marissa Mayer, Marc Andreessen Sequoia Capital, Mark Kvamme, Reid Hoffman, CAA Betaworks, OATV, Mitch Kapor



Redefined interface for travel search

Steve Huffman, Adam Goldstein


Aug 09 2010



Online travel planning *via acquisition of SideStep/TravelPost

Steve Hafner


Dec 01 2007

Search/Discovery Search/Discovery Media/Video Media/Video Media/Video Media/Video

Simply Hired Viewsi Vitrue Lightbox, Inc. EQAL Funny or Die

Website for job seekers Personal search/ *via adviser Social media management platform for brands Mobile application for viewing and sharing photos. Platform for content producers for distribution and monetization Comedic ugc or exclusive original video content

Anil Godhwani Brandon Cotter Reggie Bradford Thai Tran Greg Goodfried, Miles Beckett Dick Glover


Mar 01 2006 Dec 01 2006 Oct 28 2006 Feb 16 2011 Nov 15 2007 Aug 01 2007


URL shortener and analytics platform


Platform and destination for episodic web content

Todd Levy, Nate Folkman, Jay Ridgeway, John Borthwick Dina Kaplan, Mike Hudack, Justin Day


May 01 2009


Mar 01 2006

Ambient Sound Investments, Bain Capital, Canaan Partners, Mark Gerson, Atomico

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

page 20/24

SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Mar 01 2006

Sector Media/Video

Company Description Tremor Media Video ad technology

Founder(s) Waikit Lau

City NY

Other Investors First Round Capital, General Catalyst, Time Warner Greycroft Paul Buchheit, Aydin Senkut, Mike Maples, Georges Harik Greycroft Paul Buchheit, Charles River Partners, Jeff Clavier, Ashton Kutcher, XG Ventures Angels, Greylock Steve Chen, David King, Nils Johnson, Saar Gur Hearst, Khosla Ventures, NY Times, Mayfield, Greycroft Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, Founder Collective, Ignition Ventures, Lowercase, Y Combinator, James Lindenbaum

Media/Video Media/Video

WorldWide Biggies

Programmed video content for the web Live video broadcast platform / *via adviser

Albie Hecht Justin Kan


Jun 01 2007 Mar 01 2010

Media/Video Media/Video

LicenseStream Licensing automation platform for media / video Nowbox Personalized video channel for tablet devices

Iain Scholnick


Feb 15 2007 Mar 30 2010

Thomas Pun, James SF Black

Media/Video Media/Video Media/Video

Revision 3 Spool WideOrbit

Internet video/podcast production and distribution Instapaper for video Ad infrastructure and technology for video

Jim Louderback SF Avichal Garg, Curtis SF Spencer Eric Mathewson SF

Jun 10 2006 Oct 22 2010 Nov 15 2007



Video transcoding platform

Jon Dahl, Brandon Arbini, Steve Heffernan


Apr 27 2011

Media/Video Media/Video Media/Video

Camino Real Ooyala Tokbox

Super simple online video chats Comprehensive online video platform Browser-based multi-party video conferencing

David King Bismarck Lepe, Jay Fulcher Nick Triantos, Ian Small Brad Inman, Bud Rosenthal Jayant Kadambi Michael Mathieu


Feb 08 2011 May 01 2007 Oct 15 2007

Sierra Ventures, RVP Sequoia Capital, Youniversity Ventures, Bain Capital Angels, Will Hearst, Venrock Khosla Ventures, Accel Partners, BV Capital

Media/Video Media/Video

TurnHere YuMe

Local video content production Video ad insertion/distribution

SV SV Aug 01 2006

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

page 21/24

SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Aug 31 2010

Sector Cloud Computing

Company ChartBeat

Description Real-time website analytics and uptime monitoring

Founder(s) Tony Haile, Billy Chasen, John Borthwick

City NY

Other Investors Betaworks, Lowercase Capital, Founder Collective, Lerer Ventures, OATV, Freestyle Capital, Softtech, Index Ventures First Round Capital, General Catalyst Highline Ventures, Techstars Founders Fund, Fritz Lanman Benchmark, Ignition Capital, Trinity Ventures, Lowercase Capital, Jerry Yang, Raymond Tonsing, Ash Patel, Kenny Van Zant, Angels Y Combinator, Paul Buchheit, Steve Chen, Founder Collective, Felicis Ventures, Sherpalo Ventures, Nils Johnson Peggy Taylor, Angels WIN Accel Partners, Greylock Partners, Diane Greene, Angels NEA, First Round Capital, Y Combinator, Paul Bucheit DFJ, Founders Fund First Round Capital, Menlo Ventures, USVP

Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Cloud Computing

Nodejitsu Shuttlecloud Lumier DotCloud

Platform-as-a-Service and marketplace for Node.js applications. Simple tool to migrate data to the cloud and sync across cloud services More intuitive Windows interface

Charlie Robbins, NY Marak Squires Eduardo Fernandez NY Cullen Dudas SEA SF

Jun 06 2011 Aug 23 2011 Jan 21 2011 Jan 21 2011

Platform-as-a-Service to build and deploy any application Solomon Hykes, to the cloud and manage it all in one place Sebastien Pahl

Cloud Computing


Easy-to-use visual interface for website optimization - no engineering required

Pete Kooman, Dan Siroker


Mar 17 2010

Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Cloud Computing

PogoPlug AeroFS Cloudera

Consumer hardware device that allows remote access to external hard drives Software to connect the computing power and memory of multiple devices Enterprise-level support to users of Apache Hadoop/* via adviser Database accelerator

Jed Putterman


Dec 15 2006 Aug 09 2010 Oct 01 2008

Yuri Sagalov, SV Weihan Wang Christophe Bisilligca SV

Cloud Computing


Eric Frenkiel, Nikita SV Shamgunov SV SV

Feb 16 2011

Cloud Computing Cloud Computing

Ooma ReadyForce

Free VOIP calling via telephone hardware Andrew Frame Web service creating a virtual marketplace for on-demand Bill Trenchard labor

Mar 01 2007 Mar 24 2010

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

page 22/24

SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Feb 19 2010

Sector Cloud Computing

Company ReThinkDB

Description MySQL storage engine for solid-state drives

Founder(s) Slava Akhmechet

City SV

Other Investors Highland Capital Partners, Avalon Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Russ Siegelman, CRV, Amicus Capital, Angels Highland Capital Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, WIN, Avalon Ventures, Russ Siegelman, CRV, Amicus Capital, Angels Rajeev Motwani, Sand Hill Group Sigma, Foundation, Angels

Cloud Computing


MySQL storage engine for solid-state drives

Slava Akhmechet


Sep 08 2011

Cloud Computing Cloud Computing

VYSR Zetta

Voice/text IM on websites Enterprise storage solution

Guda Venkatesh Jeff Treuhaft


May 15 2006 Aug 01 2008

Life FitOrbit Sciences/Healthcare Life ZocDoc Sciences/Healthcare Life Comprehend Sciences/Healthcare Clinical

Online personal training and weight loss solutions delivered through interactive content and one-to-one interactions OpenTable and service for doctor appointments

Jake Steinfeld, Nick Desai Cyrus Massoumi


Apr 01 2008

Angels, Polar Ventures, Jake Steinfeld, Tim Armstrong DST Global, Founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, Jeff Bezos, Marc Benioff Y Combinator, Paul Buchheit, Yuri Milner Morgenthaler, Founders Fund, Felicis Ventures First Round Capital, Mark Horowitz, Felicis Ventures, Mark Goines, SoftTech Early Facebook employees


Mar 01 2010

A next-generation review tool to review, report, visualize, Rick Morrison, Jud and analyze clinical data Gardner Ryan Howard


Mar 22 2011

Life Practice Fusion Electronic health records; provides a free, web-based Sciences/Healthcare Electronic Medical Record / EMR system to physicians Life DNAnexus Sciences/Healthcare


Aug 11 2011

Platform for analyzing and managing DNA sequences on a Andreas Sundquist scalable cloud-computing infrastructure


Jun 19 2009

Life Elation Sciences/Healthcare

Point of care web software for physicians

Kyna Fong, Conan Fong


Jun 25 2010

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

page 23/24

SV Angel - RC Current Investments as of 11/22/2011

Investment Date Apr 01 2006

Sector Security

Company 41st Parameter Mocana

Description Anti phishing anti spyware

Founder(s) Ori Eisen

City AZ


Security for nternet-scale applications and services for connected devices Website certification for having good privacy practices Consumer authentication Enterprise security for confidential docs

Adrian Turner


Apr 01 2006

Other Investors Kleiner Perkins, Norwest Venture Partners, Peggy Taylor Shasta Ventures, Southern Cross Venture Partners Accel Partners Peggy Taylor, First Round Capital Bay Partners, Sierra Ventures WIN Rustic Canyon, CMEA Capital

Security Security Security

TRUSTe Authernative Code Green Networks LockPath Untangle

Fran Maier Max Berman


Feb 01 2009 Mar 01 2006 Mar 01 2006

Security Security

Sreekanth Ravi, Daniel Udoutch (current CEO) GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) applications Chris Goodwin, Chris Caldwell Network security/web content filtering software into SMB Dirk Morris, Bob and educational institutions Walters


Aug 05 2010 Mar 01 2006

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

page 24/24

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