Having A Happy Hydroponics Marijuana Thanksgiving

As we look forward to travel, feasting, and enjoying friends and family during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, hydroponics marijuana growers can claim a special connection to Thanksgiving…and some very special reasons to be thankful. Thanksgiving history is most accurately understood as Native Americans generously providing lifesaving assistance to the immigrant pilgrims who came to the “North American” continent from England in the 1600s. Without Native American help, the pilgims would have frozen, starved and died off. Ironically, those early British settlers did one good thing for the North American continent…they brought with them cannabis hemp seeds, and were commanded by the King to plant hemp in the “new world.” The first “Thanksgiving” (in 1621) was a rare moment of respect and appreciation when English settlers extended thanks to the Native Americans. Genocide followed, leaving not thanks, but a trail of tears. More than 200 years after the first Thanksgiving, President Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving an official American holiday; similar holidays are celebrated in other countries. What many people don’t know is that Thanksgiving coincides with harvest festivals. Hydroponics marijuana growers know all about giving thanks for harvests…. After tending our cannabis girls week after week, protecting them from insects, diseases and other predators, sweating it out watching our buds get bigger and the resin gland more gooey with THC, finally comes that sweet moment when you’re ready to cut, dry, cure and smoke those buds! Talk about being thankful, hydroponics marijuana growers have more to be thankful for than most people.☺ For one thing, we grow our own medicine. Instead of relying on profit-driven pharmaceutical companies, and doctors who blithely hand you a prescription for something that can kill you without knowing how the drug will actually affect you, you work with your hydroponics marijuana plants to craft unique strains of cannabis that perfectly suit your needs. We’re also thankful for the recent sharp increase in professional hydroponics marijuana cultivation data. Only in the last two years have hydroponics store shoppers had access to hydroponics magazines that are intelligent and useful. And it’s not bragging to say that until Big Buds came on the scene this year, you didn’t have a webzine that provided the professional, well-presented range of marijuana cultivation and use information that Big Buds gives you. What else can we marijuana growers be grateful for? Think about how in the past decade a group of new, more creative and more passionate hydroponics entrepreneurs and researchers have dragged

the old school hydroponics industry out if its dinosaur days’ funk, creating super-effective hydroponics nutrients, low frequency square wave digital ballasts, hydroponics lighting, deep water culture irrigation systems, aeroponics cloners, and so much more that pumps your marijuana growth rates, THC percentages and yields. Props also go out to marijuana breeders like Big Buds writer/photographer Subcool, whose TGA Genetics have finally put North American cannabis breeders on the map. Not to forget our marijuana breeder friends in Holland, Spain and elsewhere- such as Dutch Passion, DNA Genetics, Sensi Seeds, Sagarmatha, Serious Seeds, Mandala Seeds, and Delta-9 Genetics. We’re seeing more and better strains of marijuana, including auto-flowering strains that go from seed to harvest in 70 days or less. And finally, we're thankful for Mother Nature, Mother Earth, and the marijuana plant itself. You’ve got to feel awe and gratefulness to the processes that brought our solar system into existence, creating our one of a kind planet with all its animals and plants that exist nowhere else in the universe. Among earth's living jewels is Mary Jane, a plant that gives us food, fuel, fiber, oil, building materials, paper…and a beautiful medicine that enriches our lives. As you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, count your blessings. You’re growing a healing herb using tools and techniques that didn’t exist ten years ago, and you

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