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the annotated catalogue.

this is a selection of material from my research which is most relevant to my investigation. investigation into how the role of villians is portrayed, by looking at a diverse range of horror films. films: 1. focus film:the ring (gore verbinski, ehren kruger, dreamworks skg 2002) because i have decided to investigate the representation of villians and how they differ in different horror films, i chose the ring because it's a film i am very familiar with and one which again has an villian who is a bit different. i chose one villian who has a psychological element, and then this villian who has a supernatural element. the girl, samara, is also portrayed as having an understandable motive for what she does, which again blurs the line between good and evil. i have the dvd and have always wanted to go in depth with this fantastic remake. 2. supporting film: identity (james mangold, michael cooney 2003. columbia pictures coorporation) this is my first supporting film, because as far as my question goes, it provides an interesting villian to analyse. it is far from conventional in it's representation of the 'baddie'. because there is a large psychological element to this horror film, and there is no true hero for there to be an anti-hero, lines are certainly more blurry than with your average slasher film. i watched this film in the cinema upon it's release in 2003 and have watched the dvd countless times. 3. supporting film 2: scream (wes craven, kevin williamson, dimension films, 1996) scream was my other supporting film. it is widely seen as having set the standard for late 90searly 00s slasher films and is somewhat iconic. it is a horror film in the most straightforward sense. whereas i chose a psychological and supernatural villian for the other two films, this time the villian represented in a black-and-white, no nonsense bad guy. i did not have this dvd so i rented it from my local video store, despite having seen in a few times in the past. 4. books: the horror film, by stephen prince, rutgers university press, 2004 this book, as well as being very up to date and inclusive in it's subject matter (it was published after all my films were released), was generally helpful because of the depth and quality of the writing. a few passages focused specifically on what i was studying and even some other passages helped me get a much more rounded feel of the horror genre myself. i obtained it on interlibrary loan. it is a collection of essays and the one i found most helpful was 'developmental differences in responses to horror' by joanne cantor and mary beth oliver.

5. books: the great book of movie villians, (by jan stacy, ryder syvertsen published 1984 contemporary books, incorporated) this book was published long before my focus or support films were made. however, i did find it helpful in that it detailed many movie villians from an earlier era, who are undoubtedly mirrored and sampled from in many modern films. personally i found the introduction chapter by agguire, appleyard, and ursua to be the most helpful to my investigation. i found a copy of this in a library not far from me. 6: books: movies & the mind: theories of the great psycoanalysts applied to film (william idnick, mcfarland publishers, 2004) although this book did not focus on horror films, it has a great chapter 3, 'heroes and villains' which really detailed how and why villains are set up and portrayed the way they are. i obtained this on interlibrary loan, once again. i used this for some quotes in my argument. 7: books: horror films & american culture: (kendall r phillips, 2005, praeger/greenwood) this was a good book as chapter 8 was dedicated to one of my supporting films, scream. this was available from my local library. 8. internet: (interview with ring director , circa 2002) this interview helped me with a few quotes from the director of my focus film himself and his intentions whilst making the film, also general background information. 9. internet: 'reflections' by ed beeson, from the heraldn news. (article/essay on asian horror movies and their heroes and villians, 2005) this site was obviously a random choice but my searching on the internet lead me to it's very relevant and interesting article which examines how asian horror movies, and now their hollywood remakes, including the ring represent their villains. again it gave me more substance for my presentation. 10. internet: 'the greatest movie villians of all time' (by luke buckmaster, article for the website) this countdown list was actually more helpful to me that it sounds - it went into quite some depth about each villian, why they worked and such like. although it didn't contain any of my films' villains, it did give me some insight into representation. 11. magasines & newspapers: empire magazine, feb 2002 issue - 'ring the changes' this article provided me with information on my focus film and the way the makers were setting up the horror aspect and the villian. 12. dvd extras: the ring 'making the ring' this was useful for obvious reasons. probably the most informative part of my catalogue. sort of a documentary about how the movie was put together and especially interesting was how

they were trying to portray samara to the audience.

the items above will inform the basis of my presentation. whilst searching on this topic i also looked at some other items: 13. film: house of wax, (2005, warner bros) although this is a great film (again, a remake) i decided not to focus on it because the villians were numerous (two or three) and if you try and deconstruct them, they just don't make much sense. although this is unimportant when enjoying the film as a whole it was not right for my study. 14. the internet: i tried searching in the sight and sound magazine archives for anything relevant but unfortunately nothing relevant to my particular topic was available. 15. books: monsters & mad scientists: a cultural history of the horror movie. by mr andrew tutor. (1989, blackwell publishing) i got this out from my college library. although it detailed how and why horror movies worked, it did not focus on villians and was not particularly relevant to my study.

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