ROALD DAHL Illustrations by Quentin Blake

Level 3 Retold by Caroline laidlaw Series Editors: Annie Hughes and Melanie Williams




, The Bucke Farnny, 3


2 Ch rue's House. 5
3 Th 5 Th 7 Th 8 Chocolate Factory, 6 ,7 8 10 Stand Golden Ticket, 4 The Firs Golden Tick

14 Happy Workers, 18 15 Augustus Falls In the River, 19
16 Down the Chocolate Riv r, 20
17 The Magic Room. 21

6 Cherne' Birthday. 9
Third Golden Ticket, icket, he Fourth Golden

18 The Great Gum Machine. 22 19 Goodbye Viole. 23
20 The
22 The

NUL Room,



21 The Greal

Glass Lift.. 25

9 Cnerllo Finds Some Money, 12 10 A Bal or Chocolate, Plea e!. 13

elcvision Chocolate Room. 26


23 Mil(, I~ That You?, 27


F fth Gold n Tlckel. Mr Willy Wonka,



Where next? 28


The Big Day. 15 11

13 Me

25 The Other Children Go Home, 29 26 A Big Surprise. 30
Acuvittes 31

There were six people in his family. 3 . So who were they? First. Mr and Mrs Bucket. Charlie's mother and father. but none of them were Charlie's brothers or sisters.he CHAPTER 0 c t ra1l1ily E This is a story about a boy called Charlie Bucket.

4 . Grandpa [o and Grandma josephine at one end. Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina at the other. They were so old they stayed in bed all day and never got up. But they didn't have much room because they slept in the SAME bed.The other four people were Charlie's grandparents.

Most of all. or potatoes. Charlie dreamed of eating something else. they were so poor. or more cabbage. His mother tried hard to make nice meals. It wasn't easy for them. But it was always cabbage. he dreamed of CHOCOLATE! s . or bread.Charlie's family lived In a very small house.

'If 1had just ONE wish. there was a chocolate factory.' Charlie thought factory.In Charlie's town. near his house. All day long. It was the biggest and most famous chocolate factory in the world. he could smell that most deliclous chocolate smell.' 'I would go inside that 6 .

Augustus found the first ticket. 7 . Here is Augustus with his mother. listen. Grandpa Jo was reading the newspaper. He was a greedy boy. Five Golden Tickets.AYrER OU e ir t 0 den -ric t One day. and visit the chocolate factory! The next day. Find one. and nobody liked him.CH. 'Charlie. each in a bar of Wonka chocolate.

Her parents bought her thousands of Wonka bars. 8 . She just lay on the floor. kicked her legs and shouted.CHAPTE e eco 01 IVE en 1C • e The next lucky child was Veruca. Veruca couldn't wait to open them. 'Where's my Golden Ticket! I want my Golden Ticket!' When at last someone found one. she was happy.

Perhapsthis year it would have a Golden Ticket inside. Every year on his birthday. How happy Charlie would be! Did he find a Golden Ticket? What do you think? . his family gave him a delicious bar of Wonka CHAP Ie Three tickets left! Charlie hoped he would be lucky.

If anyone found a piece of gum on their clothes. She always had some in her mouth. who found the third ticket. It was Violet.h hlrd CHAPTER SEVEN Go dn icket Poor Charlie! But someone else was much happier. This girl loved chewing gum. 10 . Grandma Georgina thought she was a horrible child. she just laughed.

Grandma Josephine was reading the newspaper. He watched it 311 the time. he would shout.CHAPT R EIGHT 'r e ourth ao 'en c et Soon after Charlie's birthday. 'Listen a horrible boy called Mike has found a Golden Ticket!' Mike was crazy about television. 'Go away! Can't you see I'm watching television?' II . If anyone tried to talk to him.

It was some money. he saw something in the snow. Suddenly.. 'I must give it to my mum. • Il l~ . he thought.. FOOD. perhaps I'll . It was a ery cold day.CHAPTER Nt E arlie In So e few days later Charlie was walking home from school. To Charlie this meant only one thing . 'But first...

In no time at all. he was inside a shop.f CHAPTER T N h_o 01 t . as- The kind of food Charlie was thinking about was chocolate. . He couldn't believe his eyes. After buying a bar of Wonka chocolate he quickly pulled off the paper. What a delicious sme I' Then Charlie saw something yellow under the chocolate.

forgetting where he was. . 'Found what?' asked his grandparents. . 'Hooray!' shouted Grandpa Jo 'Hooray!' Then. 'A Golden Ticket!' answered Charlie. His soup went all over Grandma Josephine! ~~ . I've found It!' he shouted. Charlie arrived back home. A few minutes later. he jumped high in the air. 'I've found it..PTER ELEVE Go den ac et .

Stand back! Stand back!' said a policeman as a line of people walked past. Hundreds of people were standing outside the famous factory. It was a lovely sunny morning. They were waiting to see the children who were going inside for the day.At last the day arrived. .

who was last in the line.Veruca came first. wearing an expensive skirt and jacket. dressed like someone in a TV film. . But not Charlie. All these children had their parents with them. Then carne Augustus and Violet. Next came Mike. He had Grandpa [o.

... But where was Mr Willy Wonka? Then someone shouted. 'How do you do? And these are your parents? How nice! Come in" . 'My deaf children · he said.t Ten o'clock. . Time to begin. 'That's him!' And so it was! All eyes turned towards the funny little man with his pointed beard.

dancing and singing.' said Mr Wonka. yes they are. Famous for working._CHAPTE FOU TEEN or er What an amazing place! Inside the factory there were beautiful green fields trees. and a brown river. Look! Near the waterfall!' said Veruca.' 18 . 'Lots of little dolls! Are they people?' ·Why. 'They're OompaLoompas. flowers.

CAPER FIFTEE u 11 t alls ill the 1 • er While the Oompa-Loompas sang. SPLASH! Too late. 'It must be full of chocolate. 10 . Delicious! 'Be careful! You'll fall in!' shouted Mr Wonka. He lay on his stomach to taste it. he was gone. Then suddenly. Augustus walked down to the river. Augustus was in the river.' he thought.

. Charlie looked around. Everything in this amazing world was made of sugar. The pink boat was sugar. you will.o Il the CHAPTER SIXT E oco 1 • er ~ugustus! Where's Augustus? I'll never see him again!' cried his mother. 'Yes. 'But not now. What a bad boy!' It was time to sail down the chocolate river.' answered Mr Wonka.

They stopped opposite a door in the wall.The Oompa-Loompas rowed the boat down a long tunnel.' said Mr Wonka. . 'This is the most important room in the factory. 'Come inside!' What a place! Magic sweets of every kind! like green Gobstoppers that never got any smaller in your mouth.

he a ea CHAP ER EIGHTEE q 111 ae 111 • In the middle of the room was a great big metal machine. BANG! Suddenly. 'That's right. CLONK. 'The most amazing gum in the world!' . It moved up and down. out came something small. said Mr Wonka. making a very loud noise. CLATTER. 'It's chewing gum!' Violet shouted. and flat.

' said Mr Wonka. 'Like a blueberry! Oompa-Loompas.Round. and blueberry pie. take her away! Get the juice out!' 23 .. Mmm! Delicious..CHAP ER GOO b I e 'It's magic gum you see. 'She's turning purple and.. ' - '.' Violet put the gum in her mouth. 'Help!' cried her mother..' said Mr Wonka. 'This piece tastes of soup meat.

And what happened to her father? 24 . But the animals caught her and pushed her down with the rubbish. OOJll The next stop was the Nut Room where hundreds of little I want a little animal.lWENTY t animal wer open\ng nuts. trying hard to catch one.' shouted Veruca. Then down went Veruca 5 mother.

It was crazy! 25 . They were a1lfeeling tired.' said Mike. 'I want to watch television.' said Mr Wonka.CHAP ER TWE 't e r t alas Lift -0 E There were only five visitors left now. It could go up and down and round comers.' The machine was as fast as a rocket. 'We'll take the lift. 'Fine.

It goes by television. with a 1V camera we send it to another place.' 26 . Chocolate 00 The visitors stepped out of the lift Into a brilliant white room. What do you mean?' asked Mike.CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO 'the 't Ie 8101). Then they put on dark glasses. 'Well. 'This is where we test our Television Chocolate.' said Mr Wonka.

'The Oompa-Loompas will make him big again.. 'He's so small. .' cried Mike's mum. Watch this!' Six Oompa-Loompas put a BIG piece of chocolate under the camera.. 'It's all right. Suddenly it was in the 1V! Mike went under the camera..' .CHAPTER lWE eis h TY-THREE o? 'It arrives much smaller.' said Mr Wonka.

. Here we go!' Charlie was very surprised.CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR here e t? Then Mr Wonka turned to Charlie and said. 'What have J won? he thought.. . 'My dear boy you are the only boy left. Well done! You've won! Step into the lift. 'Where are we going?' / • .

29 . r G il r 11 Go The lift flew up into the sky. something else!' The 11ftwas right above Charlie's house. But for you. 'Look!' said Mr Wonka. 'The other children! Augustus at the front. Mike at the back. The people below looked very small. Charlie. I'm gOing to give them sweets to take home.CHAPTER TWE TY-FIVE 'the Oth.

'We're going to live in Charlie's chocolate factory. The lift was falling. 'HELP!' cried Grandma Josephine. 'We'll never be hungry again!' 30 . 'you've won my factory! It's YOURS: Charlie couldn't think. C RA S H.' said Mr Wonka. 'The end of the world!' But it was just the beginning.Charlie.' said Grandpa Joe.

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