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Department of Political Science, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The National University of Singapore Tel.,084-3334491, 081-560-9820 email:,

Fields of Interests




Political Theory and Political Theory Globalization and International Political Economy Political History and Comparative Politics National Security, International Law and International Organization Research Methodology Ph.D Student, the National University of Singapore (2004-present) Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University (2001-2004) • Graduate Committee, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University (2003-2004) • Research and Foreign Relations Committee, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University (2003-2004) • External Academic Committee, Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences, North College, Chiang Mai (2003-2004) • Introduction to Political Science • Introduction to International Relations • Introduction to International Law • International Political Economy • Thailand in International Poltics • Research Methodology • Theories in International Relations • Seminar in Research Methodology • Global Politics and Economic Policy in Southeast Asia • Advanced International Law Books (Published) • Introduction to International Law,(2003) • Political Science (2004,2005,) • Balance of Power and Nationalism: The International Politics Since 1815-the End of the Cold War (2004) Articles • Globalization and the New Public Policy, (2002) • American’s role as the empire nation, (2003) Text Books and Student’s Manual • Theories in International Relations • Theories and Issues in International Political Economy • A Manual for a Young Researcher Researches • Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and the Public Health According to the Problems of the Ping River, 2003 • The Evaluation of the Local Administrative Organization, 2003 • Graduate’s Reflections Towards the Teaching and Studying in the Department of Political Science. • The Satisfaction of the People According to the Service of the Labor and Social Security Ministry, 2003 • People’s evaluation of the local administration, 2004 (Done). Paper Presentation • The problem of independent variable (presented at the Political Science Annual Conference-2004) • The Symbolic Uses of Politics in Thailand (presented at The Asian Politics and

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International Studies Association in Hong Kong –2005) What’s the point of asking (National Political Science Conference, Bangkok, Thailand-2005) Politics and Power in Modernity: An Analysis of Symbolic and Linguistic Power in Thai Modernity, 1932-2006 (Graduate Student Seminar Series, National University of Singapore-2006)


2004-Present The National University of Singapore Ph.D Student (Political Science) 1998-1999 The National University of Singapore Master of Arts (Southeast Asian Studies) 1994-1998 Chulalongkorn University Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) First Class Honor