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John Galsworhty

Authors Background: John Galsworthy (August 14, 1867— January 31, 1933), English novelist and dramatist. Winner of the 1932 Nobel Prize in Literature. He was born at Kingston Hill in Surrey, England into an established wealthy family, the son of John and Blanche Bailey (nee Bartleet) Galsworthy. He attended Harrow and New College, Oxford, training as a barrister and was called to the bar in 1890. However, he was not keen to begin practising law and instead travelled abroad to look after the family's shipping business interests. During these travels he met Joseph Conrad, then the first mate of a sailing-ship moored in the harbour of Adelaide, Australia, and the two future novelists became close friends. In 1895 Galsworthy began an affair with Ada Nemesis Pearson, the wife of one of his cousins. After her divorce the pair eventually married on 23 September 1905 and stayed together until his death in 1933. As a novelist Galsworthy is chiefly known for his roman fleuve, The Forsyte Saga. The first novel of this vast work appeared in 1906. The Man of Property was a harsh criticism of the upper middle classes, Galsworthy's own background. Galsworthy did not immediately continue it; fifteen years and with them the First World War intervened until he resumed work on the history of the Forsytes with In Chancery (1920) and To Let (1921). Meanwhile he had written a considerable number of novels, short stories, and plays. About the Place: The place was taken in London, in the most develop town were there is industries and competition of business. Summary: A not so famous shoe maker in England had been making shoes for quite long as their business, they had their small shop in a small street in London, they are known as the Gessler Brother’s. Not so many went to their shop to order a shoes, but for some who have known them would rather prefer the Gessler’s than the other shoe shops. Competition was always and in every years past the Gessler’s shop are becoming more neglected, but they still continue to make some good shoes of their own old fashion way with better quality and standards compared to others. A youngster, had always been amazed by their shoes, because they are very long lasting and his father has always been a loyal customer also. He went their to order for a pair of boots until he too becomes a regular customers to the Gessler’s, he always comeback their to order for another pair of boots and always been amazed. Years had past, one of the Gessler’s have died, so only the other continued the business, but of all the competitions they still would not go into advertisements and that makes their shop less known and neglected. Not long the shop was soon closed and owned by another show maker because the younger brother had also died, the boy was shocked of the sudden news for he was not been able to visit the shop in a while. But for him only the Gessler Brother’s had made the best boots in London with the highest quality compared to the other shops for they made it with much pain and sacrifice and in every boots made they made it from the heart putting everything on it to satisfy their customers.

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