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Mnemonic Sentences

Word provincial buttress ornate pretentious debilitate penchant malevolence deprecate undermine refute savory alienate dour tumult ungainly enervate terse rupture ameliorate assail discursive hamper predilection callous acrid adherent innovative

Part of Speech adjective verb or noun adjective adjective verb noun noun verb verb verb adjective verb adjective noun adjective verb adjective verb verb verb adjective verb noun adjective adjective noun adjective

Definition narrow-minded due to inexperience to support highly decorated phony to weaken or disable a liking or tendency; proclivity ill will; malice to express disapproval of someone to weaken by destroying the foundation to disprove tasty; delicious to cause a feeling of separation or isolation unhappy; morose uproar; fuss; commotion large and awkward to tire; to sap energy from; to exhaust succinct, using few words to break to improve to attack rambling; unfocused to get in the way of; impede preference; inclination showing lack of feeling or sympathy bitter or nasty a believer in something new and inventive

Mnemonic Sentence/Break it down I think just like everyone in my Province. the butt rest buttressed the old butlers bum the ornate tree was filled with ornaments A pretentious person pretends to be someone they're not to take away someone's abilities. the monk has a penchant for chanting mal = bad in spanish. Malign, malpractice, malignant, malfeasance the opposite of appreciate To put a mine under something would undermine it refuse sumptuous, scrumptious The alien felt alienated from the other kids. No one wanted to play with him. dour = sour too mult, too much drinking at this tumultuous party The ungainly child was not gaining any points with the ladies by picking his nose The opposite of energize Frankenstein speaks tersely my basketball rupppppptttttttuuuuurrreeeed after falling in the thorns My friend Amelia always makes me feel better. The navy set sail to assail the enemy the cursive writing was discursive and unfocused the hamper hampered my laundry doing efforts pred-I-like-tion he is so rough and insensitive, a personality like callous skin I had to get rid of the acrid taste of the bitter parsley. He is such an adherent to his religion that he glued a bible to his forehead novelty, innovation, novice


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abstain contract ethics inclination servile convivial garrulous paucity ascertain stymie odious infallible benign supplant acuity rancor immutable opulence penury eloquent hoard estranged abridge exemplary gravity fervent deference sanguine buoyant ostracize peripheral ostentatious efface dilatory accord accessible precarious ambiguous esteem quixotic impede deleterious

verb verb noun adjective adjective adjective adjective noun verb verb adjective adjective adjective verb noun noun adjective noun noun adjective verb adjective verb adjective noun adjective noun adjective adjective verb adjective adjective verb adjective noun adjective adjective adjective verb adjective verb adjective

to not do something; refrain from abstinence means not having sex. v: to shorten or shrink n: An agreement between two or more parties, especially one that is written and enforceable by law the principles of proper behavior morals liking or preference I have an inclination for (leaning towards) ice cream excessively obedient the servile servant served us sociable; friendly Convivial Vivian is friendly talkative garrulous girls talk more than boys lack of something; dearth there is a paucity of people in paw city, the city of dogs to make sure of something; to verify Mrs. Smith had to make certain that her baby's ass was clean to get in the way of; impede I fell into the pig sty, which stymied my from getting to school hateful; despised Garfield made odious remarks at Odi incapable of error cannot fail harmless ben = good: benevolent, benefit, benefactor to replace I supplanted the old plant with the new one. sensory sharpness; keenness Adam was as sharp as an acute angle bitterness; harsh feelings the is rancorrrrrrrr between the two dogs unchangeable it cannot mutate in to something else visible wealth; luxury the rich woman showed opulence by wearing a bunch of opals extreme poverty I have not a penny and so I am in penury well-spoken; persuasive eloquent = well spoken, loquacious = talkative, colloquial = slang to secretly gather large amounts of something; stockpile a pimp hoards his whores alienated; separated; rejected The stranger felt estranged to shorten building a bridge shortens the distance between to places outstanding He is the example for the rest of them seriousness figuratively heavy feeling very strong emotion; zealous he was so fervent he had a fever, so much fervor respect I defer to you because I respect you optimistic he was so happy he sang and drank wine cheerful I'm happy and buoyant like a buoy to banish from the company of others the ostrich was ostracized for being so weird. beyond the basic boundaries of something; not essentia it's in your peripheral vision, not your major focus. flashy or showy flashy Austin Powers is ostentatious to erase to take the face off something habitually late; tardy Dilatory Dylan was always late. agreement Owners of Honda Accords are in accord that their cars are reliable easily understood you can access it with your mind i.e. understand it unstable; shaky take care with precariously placed things unclear ambi = two meanings, ambidextrose to admire greatly Low self-esteem means you don't value yourself enough unrealistic; foolishly romantic Don Quixote is quixotic to get in the way; hinder you cannot go "im (not) ped (foot) harmful the delete button is deleterious to your essay


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espouse cacophony inscrutable repudiate disparity revere harbor dispassionate edifice advocate defiant aggravate judicious enunciate enmity dispel unprecedented animosity paltry sycophant insipid avarice introspective egalitarian debase pivotal untenable viable mercurial aberration elusive dolt enigmatic dormant dissuade appease esoteric concise amiable indelible harmonious copious

verb noun adjective verb noun verb verb adjective noun verb or noun adjective verb adjective verb noun verb adjective noun adjective noun adjective noun adjective adjective verb adjective adjective adjective adjective noun adjective noun adjective adjective verb verb adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective

to agree with a particular viewpoint an unpleasant sound difficult to understand; enigmatic to reject as unworthy difference; inequality to admire or respect greatly; venerate to provide shelter for fair; objective; impartial a large building to argue in favor of disobedient; not following orders to make worse; exacerbate wise; prudent to pronounce clearly hatred; the state of being enemies to get rid of never-before-seen hatred small; meager flatterer; brownnoser bland greed; cupidity thinking a lot about oneself; self-absorbed dedicated to the principle of equality to diminish the quality of something; to lower extremely important; critical unable to be maintained workable changing moods suddenly a deviation from what is normal; anomaly difficult to catch a stupid person puzzling; mysterious in a state of inactivity to talk someone out of doing something to pacify, especially to get someone to stop causing trouble understood only by a select few; arcane brief and to the point friendly; easygoing permanent; unable to be erased pleasant-sounding; agreeable plentiful

My spouse espouses everything I say the freshman symphony sounded like a kaka-phony cannot be scrutinized the teacher re-poo-diated the paper and said "this is poo" there is a disparity between fraternal twin pairs we revere Paul Revere the US does not like countries harbor terrorists dis the passion and make an unbiased decision edificio means building too She advocated herself; she made an ad was a vocal candidate a defiant person defies authority It is not wise to aggravate (grrrrrr) an uncaged lion. the judicious judge thought carefully about his decision say enunciate word really c-l-e-a-r-l-y You have enmity towards your enemy He had to dispel the rumor that his name was spelled Mhyk. "Dis is how you spell it: "M" nothing like it has preceded it; it was unprecedented The opponents treated each other with animosity, like animals I got really small chicken nuggets; paltry poultry. A sycophant is a sick fake. I don't want to take a sip of an insipid drink greedy ava ate all the rice looking inwards "equalitarian" the antiques that were put in da basement got damaged and debased It’s pivotal to keep your pivot foot down in basketball, or you will get called for trav the garden had so many weeds we were unable to tend to it we were able to go via the viable route. the mercury in a thermometer changes with your mood This freezing weather is an aberration (burrrr!) given its July The elusive eel tried to lose his predators by swerving fast A dolt is as dumb as a bolt A riddle inside a mystery wrapped in an enigma the bum was dormant on the doormat opposite of persuade to please Eric liked "Eso," a very esoteric band precise, incisive, direct My friend Amy is super friendly. cannot be deleted it has harmony I took copious notes, writing everything that was on the board


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quiescence indefatigable fetid recalcitrant engaging guile prevalent elicit anarchy initiate lurid gregarious amenable prudent adamant entity consolidate acquiesce dogmatic entail

noun adjective adjective adjective adjective noun adjective verb noun verb adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective noun verb verb adjective verb

inactivity; dormancy tireless; full of energy foul-smelling stubbornly disobedient interesting trickiness; deception widespread; common to bring forth lack of any government; chaos to begin overly explicit in describing unpleasant details sociable; group-oriented willing; open to the ideas of others wise; sensible insistent; unyielding something that exists as an independent unit to bring together into one to give in; surrender overly forceful in asserting one’s opinions to imply as a necessary result or consequence

To acquiesce is to say yes cannot fatigue fetid feet the recalcitrant calculator refused to work Getting engaged is engaging and new guilty people often use guile to achieve their goals The prevalent way will prevail. not illicit: illegal. When their symbolic arch came down, anarchy and chaos took over initial, initiation, He lured us in to the lurid details of his surgery Gregarious Greg is never alone, and always talking The founders fathers were amenable to constitutional amendments. Prudence is really smart Adam doesn't give a damn what your excuse is, he is adamant that you be on time! Any one thing is an entity to become one solid unit To acquiesce is to say yes the cult leader firmly believed in his dogmas Being a dog usually entails you have a tail


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