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Please find enclosed a file containing the layout for our compatible laser payslips, suitable for Laser & Inkjet printers. There are 2 files :1. LPAY0603.SFM - which may prove more suitable for laser printers 2. IJET0603.SFM - more suitable for inkjets - specifically H.P. printers Version 5 onwards This file(s) should be copied into the USERDEF folder within the REPORTS folder of your Sage payroll program using Windows Explorer
(When copying the files for the first time you may get a warning message from Windows stating that these files require a program named SGREPDES.EXE and requesting the location - The location is C:\PAYROLL )

Run the payroll in the normal way, select employees ( say minimum of 5), print payslips (Pre-update Reports) after selecting either of the files shown above and subject to the type of printer you have, it may be necessary to amend the parameters. Note remember to select our layout from the User Defined folder

PLEASE NOTE THE FIRST PAYSLIP ON PAGE 1 OF YOUR OUTPUT WILL REMAIN EMPTY, ALL SUBSEQUENT PAGES WILL HAVE 3 PAYSLIPS PER PAGE The layout files sent to you should have printed onto our compatible laser payslip within certain parameters, however if you have experienced problems the following may be of assistance :Load the Payroll program Go to Pre-update Reports

Select Filename (LPAY0603.SFM or IJET0603.SFM) Click on OPEN (at top of screen) Report Designer screen will appear

Click on FILE then PAGE SETUP - Page Setup window appears (you require MARGINS screen) By amending the Vertical Print Adjustment measurement by just +/- 0.5 this should cure most problems.

You may find it useful to print out onto our forms and then fax over 1 or 2 sheets to your Dealer and we may then be able to suggest changes if you are experiencing problems. You may need to adjust horizontal positioning on a few fields, do this as follows :At the reports window where you select the filename - select the relevant file Click on OPEN at the top of the screen - This will load the Report Designer Program Amend the horizontal position of the particular fields that are causing a problem by clicking on the field and then dragging it left/right Save the file – FILE & SAVE and then exit the program by clicking FILE & EXIT

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ADDITIONAL NOTES Some Customers have run the payslips with this new version and encountered a message after selecting the payslip layout, to the effect :Preset Criteria for Payment Sort - Please choose a value from Format, Criteria If you select our layout prior to printing and then EDIT it, your screen will change to the Report Designer from which you select the FORMAT menu and then CRITERIA

A table will appear in a window on the screen, find PAYMENT SORT which may show as being DISABLED, you have 3 options (Disabled, Enabled and Preset) Choose ENABLED - close the window and save the layout - This should allow you to print in the normal way ! PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU GET SOFTWARE UPDATES FROM SAGE –THE UPDATE MAY ERASE ANY EXISTING PAYSLIP LAYOUTS – PLEASE KEEP THIS FLOPPY DISC IN A SAFE PLACE.

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