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DEFENSE D D D De-fense Tighten Up Defensive Line – Hold That Line

OFFENSE All the Way Go Cougars Go Fight Win (clap) (1-2-1-2-3-miss it, snap, clap)

SPIRIT Let’s Get Fired Up XX XX G-O Let Me Hear You Say GO, GO R-O-W-D- Y (claps up-down-up-up) We’ve Got spirit Yeah, Yeah! Cougars in the Front (Back,Middle,Fans) Raise Your Hands Don’t Mess , Don’t Mess

[ H-O-L-D Hold That Line
Let’s Go Defense XX Let’s Go XX (Elbows back, claps) T-A-K-E take that Ball Away

[ We’re Ready to GO, G-G-O
Let’s Go, Black White and Gold XX XX Let’s Go Offense XX Let’s Go XX (offense – elbows back, claps) Touchdown XX touchdown XX Score Six More X

[ Tighten the D tighten the D [ Get Tough Big D Fight for Victory
D E F E N S E tighten up that line big D Defense Get Mean X Get the Ball X Come Clean X

[ Touch- down , Move it In Let’s Score [ S-C-O-R-E Score, Cougars Score
We, We Want, a Touchdown XX

[ We are the Cougars, we Couldn’t
be Prouder Come on Crowd, Put Your hands Up, Hands Up, Come on Cougars, Let’s Go!

[ Block- that Kick, Cougars!
Block that Kick

[ Cou [1

gars – Cou gars Move the Ball and Score and ten - 1st and ten, GO Cougars Go!

[ Explode, Ignite
that Cougar Team is Dynamite!

1 We Are The Cougars
Cougar Clap (C-C-COU) HELLO

[= with poms
Kick Off

[ K-I-C

K-O-F-F , Kick Off, Kick Off, Kick Off, Kick Off, Hey !

X H-E-L-L-O that’s the way we say Hello, Hello ! he, he, He-llo! Hit it ! (say names with kick and repeat)

DEFENSIVE CHEERS D-D-D-D-Fense D-D-D-D-Fense D-D-D-D-Fense -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tighten up defensive line Hold That Line <clap> <clap> <clap> {3rd time no claps, hold line position at end}

{with Pom Poms} H-O-L-D Hold That Line {3 times}

Let’s Go De fense <clap> <clap> Let’s Go <clap> <clap> {elbows alternating back} {Build/Shout Out last time to end}

T-A-K-E Take that ball away {3 times}

{with Pom Poms} Tighten the D Tighten the D Defense tighten the D {3 times}

{with Pom Poms} Get tough big D Get tough big D Fight for Victory {3 times}

<clap> {claps to start first time only} D-E-F-E-N-S-E Tighten up <clap> <clap> That line big D {3 times}

Defense get mean <clap> Get the ball <clap> Come clean <clap>

{3 times}

{with Pom Poms} Block{PAUSE} that kick Cougars block that kick {stop when they kick the ball}

OFFENSIVE CHEERS All the way All the way {PAUSE} Go Cougars! {3 times}

Let’s go offense <clap> <clap> Let’s go <clap> <clap> {alternating elbows back} {build and shout out last line}

Touch down <clap> <clap> Touch down <clap> <clap> Score six more {3 times}

{with Pom Poms} Touch {PAUSE} Down Move it in Let’s score {3 times}

{with Pom Poms} S-C-O-R-E Score Cougars Score! {3 times}

{with Pom Poms} We’re ready to GO G G-O {3 times}

Let’s go Black, White and Gold <clap> <clap> -- <clap> <clap> {3 times—3rd time has the turn}

{with Pom Poms} First and Ten First and Ten GO—Cougars—GO {3 times}

We We Want a Touch Down <clap> <clap> {build and shout last time}

{with Pom Poms} Cou—gars Cou—gars Move the ball and score {3 times}

SPIRIT CHEERS {with Pom Poms} We are the Cougars We couldn’t be prouder If you can’t hear us We’ll yell a little louder! {3 times, get louder each time!}

Come on crowd Put your hands up Hands up Come on Cougars let’s GO {shout out last time}

{with Pom Poms} Ex-plode Ig-nite That Cougar team Is dynamite {PAUSE}
{3 times}

Let’s get fired up <clap> <clap> ---- <clap> <clap> {build/shout out last time to end}

G-O Let me hear you say go—GO That’s right unite Let me hear you say fight—FIGHT W-I-N Let me hear you say win—WIN Together again Let me hear you say GO, FIGHT, WIN! {3 times—do Cougars GRRR and claws at end of 3rd}

We Got Spirit Yeah, yeah We Got Spirit Yeah, Yeah We got The what—the what—the what—the what The what, what, what, what, what, what, what {3 times 3rd time end on “Spirit” with a punch) We Got Spirit!

Cougars in the Front Let me hear you grunt [front row “UNGH”] Cougars in the back Show us where it’s at [back row “Right Here”] Cougars in the middle Show us how you wiggle [middle row “Wiggle”] Cougar fans stand up and clap your hands Saying Go Cougars , Go Cougars , Go Cougars {lots of clapping while tapping right foot} [1st time: “One more time” 2nd time: “One last time” 3rd time: “Go, Fight, Win!”]

Raise your hands <clap><clap><clap> Stomp your feet GO-BIG-GOLD! Tierrasanta Cougars Can’t be beat NO-WAY! {3 times}

Don’t mess Don’t mess Don’t mess with the best ‘cause the best don’t mess Don’t fool Don’t fool Don’t fool with the cool ‘cause the cool don’t fool Beat’em Bust’em That’s our custom Goooooooo----Cougars! {shout out last time}

One, we are the Cougars Two a little bit louder Three, we still can’t hear you We are num-ber ONE ! {3 times}

{note: for this cheer, claps are made along with the words. ^ clap^ indicates a clap that is chest high, v clap v indicates a chap that is at your knees—knees are bent for the clap} LET’S ^ clap^ GET clap v A ^ clap^ LITTLE BIT ^ clap^ ROW clap v DY clap v




^ clap^ {touch left elbow} ^ clap^{touch right elbow}

clap v

^ clap^

{on “W” do the clap on “dubba”, touch elbow on “u”---3rd time the “D” is said “uhhhhhhh-D”}






<clap><clap><clap>{miss the clap, SNAP and face left then look forward}<clap>


{first time} {second time} {third time} {fourth time}

K-I-C K--O-F-F Kick off, kick off Kick off, kick off hey!

<clap> H-E-L-L-O That’s the way we say hello hello he-he-he-llo hit it {say your name as you kick} {3rd time do NOT say “hit it” and do not do kick and name} -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C---C---C-O-U <clap><clap> G---G---G-A-R-S <clap><clap> C-O-U <clap><clap><clap> G-A-R-S <clap><clap> Let’s go {PAUSE} COUGARS <clap> <clap><clap><clap> <clap><clap><clap>