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Roots of Terrorism


By Mohan Krishnamurthy                             © Mohan Krishnamurthy, 2006. Printing and Publishing without author’s explicit  permission is prohibited by law.    
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Looking at the roots of terrorism
By Mohan Krishnamurthy
Day starts with news of people getting killed, terror attacks, suicide bombers, war and violence. World has seen enough of wars and the loss of the most valuable of God’s creations – Men. Whether it’s the war for an ideology, religion or for rescuing the mother land, war for any cause has left us only with losses. Nothing significant has ever been gained by a war. We are talking about young men joining terror groups drawn by great speeches, well written articles or by watching repeatedly the videos of the killing of their own men. What is the reason for such a potential energy – the youth getting attracted to these philosophies that leave us with mere negative balance sheet? Is there anyway this huge youth potential can be used for the betterment of the world? What stops them from converting their raw energy to a great invention, discovery or for a good cause of the mankind? Hero worship is carried out for the people who are behind the killings of people. Posters, banners, and statutes are made to glorify these heroes whose contribution to the society is mere death. Of course, every terror group has a goal, no doubt. Whether it’s an explicit goal or a hidden agenda, the dying soldier in the war front never comes to know till his death. And after his death, it does not make any sense at all. Men psychologically want to be associated with a group, a sect, a religion or an ideology. You may find it difficult to see a person with a neutral view. This strong view of an individual is capitalized by anti-humanity groups and hence a potential young man turns out to become a terrorist. He is called a martyr, a hero or a soldier. He is taught various mechanisms of war. He learns how to fight bare handed, use of machine guns, missiles and swords. He learns to make bombs and often he is prepared to become a human-bomb to sacrifice his life for the goal or ideology he is associated with. If you look at the roots, a child from a family that believes in strong relationship, bonding among the family members, backed by a good education, contributions from his teachers and peer groups, becomes a great citizen, serving his society and country in a positive way. Where the family values are not sound, differences among the parents leaving gaps for the children to look out for support, inspiration and guidance, when teachers work for the salaries they get; not keen to convert the young children into law-abiding citizen and the peer-groups merely misguide the child, he grows up to become a terrorist. A deep analysis of wars of the past and the present, it is evident that only few men are controlling this youth power. A future scientist, a doctor, an engineer, may be a computer professional or a lawyer is lost when every young man becomes a terrorist.

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People may argue what about those educated youth, who have become terrorist and are fighting for a cause they think is right? Yes, there are academic toppers who ended-up as terrorists. But where is the flaw? What is the cause? If you look at the family or academic background we may get some startling revelations. When a son comes late, his father is keen to know where he was. Was he spending his time among right company, was he at the university, is he getting into drugs, and the long list of worries. While a stick may not control or change his son’s attitude, a nonintrusive close watch on his son’s behavior, habits will definitely stop him from getting into wrong company. Father has to play a role of a good friend and then the son starts sharing anything and everything that happens in his life. Generation gap and its barriers are broken. Son never feels his father as a gate-crasher into his privacy. The same is applicable for the schools, colleges and universities. Let the education system be designed in a way that triggers the interest among the children, makes learning a fun. Let the child grow up with what he likes to do. Let it be like those sweet pills that has medicine inside, but child loves to eat them. Let the kids not be stunned with volume of studies, huge home work and strict attitude of the teachers. Let the teachers treat teaching as a service to the society and not merely a salaried job. Let them work towards making these young plants to grow into law-biding, socially aware, humanity-filled trees. If this happens, a day will come, when children love to go to school, spend time with their teachers and happy to be back home early to spend their evenings with their loving parents. The root cause of terrorism is the erosion of family values and commercialization of education. Let’s change it today, so that we can see a beautiful tomorrow. ***

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