Breaking Free of the Restless Mind

By Paul Bauer

Breaking Free Of The Restless Mind - By Paul Bauer


Did you ever have a challenge that was so hard to solve that no
matter what you tried - nothing seem to solve it? When problems present themselves, our busy mind (what I call the "Restless Mind") goes to work and does its best to come up with solutions, fixes and possibilities to "get rid of" the problem - or hopefully solve it. But here's where it gets a bit challenging... When the "mind" goes to work (which it loves to do), it seeks only the answers it already knows. In other words, it looks into whatever experiences we've previously had - and tries to come up with what it "thinks" is a solution.

By seeking from memory only, our minds unconsciously limit us only to what is known.
Many of our thoughts are habitual. Due to the way the mind works, we often think we're "awake" but often we're really in a trance - without even knowing it. And while we’re in these "trances", we're running on autopilot - and from memory. Part of the problem is the mind itself - because it relies typically on what is familiar (memories). But by seeking from memory only, our minds unconsciously limit us only to what is known. But the true solutions lie outside our conscious awareness... And unless the mind is somehow relaxed or calmed in some way, it will keep searching for what it thinks are "new" answers - but these answers typically come from the same place where the problems came from to begin with (memory).

Breaking Free Of The Restless Mind - By Paul Bauer


"The Restless Mind"
Because of our familial and societal conditioning, most of our day, we're thinking the same thoughts as the day before... Thoughts like: How do I get more...? How do I get rid of this? How do I get them to do this for me? How do get her/him to like me more? Why does this always happen to me? Why do others seem to get what they want but not me? Why can't I figure this out...? Why can’t I ____________? and hundreds of other possibilities... But because many of us weren't trained to step back and "watch" our thoughts, (and the resulting feelings) seldom do we ever question the nature or the truth of those thoughts.

...seldom do we ever question the nature or the truth of our thoughts
Let's do a little experiment... In your minds eye, picture a copy machine for a moment... Now imagine that you're about to make a copy... You place the sheet of paper on the glass and you're ready to press the "Copy" button... Now, tune into how you're feeling right now - and then imagine that very thought or feeling is placed on the copy machine and automatically copied... (without you even noticing) Thought after thought... feeling after feeling…

Breaking Free Of The Restless Mind - By Paul Bauer


in exact detail... a carbon copy of the original thought - copied each time we habitually (and unconsciously) think and feel...

"The Skipping Record Effect"
Since every thought and feeling is picked up by the "Field" (Universe) just like that copying machine, the good news is we can interrupt the flow of the seemingly endless series of thoughts...

...every thought and feeling is picked up by the "Field"
and what seemed like a skipping record, now begins to sound different... The moment we step back and notice that the same song was being played over and over again - just like a skipping record, we become clearer, and can detach from the memory... But one of our greatest challenges is that these thoughts are virtual copies of the same thoughts from the day before... And each day we think between 50 - 60,000 thoughts. Let's go over that one more time... 50 - 60,000 thoughts a day! and the respective feelings that go with them anxiety frustration boredom anger sadness

Breaking Free Of The Restless Mind - By Paul Bauer


If you consciously tried to keep track of that many thoughts, you'd go crazy... right? What's hidden from our normal conscious awareness are a series of filters that automatically (habitually) process the vast amounts of inner and outer data and information we receive daily.

"90+ percent of all our thoughts and feelings are the same as the day before"
And according to current research, 90+ percent of all our thoughts and feelings are the same as the day before.

The Mind and Its "Filter Systems"
When we perceive something, the vast majority of the time, we're seeing through what are called "Unconscious Filters". In other words instead of seeing the actual thing, person, or event, we see a "colored" (or distorted) version of the original. These "Unconscious Filters" are made up of a series of beliefs, assumptions, agreements and perceptions that are based on the total of all our life experiences. Whether they're accurate or not... These "filters" are stored in complete detail in your subconscious ready to be "activated" by thoughts or feelings that are similar to the nature of the original thought, feeling or experience from our past. So, in the vast majority of our day, we're perceiving a "facsimile" of what is really happening.

"Do we see things clearly, or through a filtered version of what really happened?"

Breaking Free Of The Restless Mind - By Paul Bauer


Example: Think of the last time you had a difference of opinion with a friend, colleague or loved one... As you recall the details of your experience, ask yourself this question: "Was I seeing things clearly, or through a filtered version of what really happened?" Breathe for a moment and really ponder this question... As you step back and notice things from different perspective, you begin to see things in a different way. Let's consider some questions that may help us see more clearly... Questions like: Was that what really happened? Was I really listening? Was I really present? What was I telling myself during this event? And other wonderful possibilities... The KEY is to allow ourselves to step back and really notice - in other words - to become the "Observer". The moment you step back and begin to question if what you're thinking or feeling is even true (or accurate), you begin to awaken the wisdom of your Higher Self and Divine Intelligence. And you become the Observer - the Witness of your thoughts... And clarity begins to come to in ways that your mind couldn't imagine or expect.

Memory or Inspiration?
There are two essential places where our thoughts and feelings

Breaking Free Of The Restless Mind - By Paul Bauer


originate from. Either Memory or Inspiration.

All our thoughts derive from either Memory or Inspiration

Thoughts from Memory Thoughts that come from memory are made up of NRM's and PRM's. >NRM's NRM's are "Negative Reinforced Memories". NRM's are those thoughts that whenever you think them, make you feel down, sad, depressed anxious, etc. The key word in NRM is reinforced. Because an original event may have had its own kind of trauma or "bad" feeling, but the key is the more we think of that event or thought without any new perspective, we begin to re-inforce (strengthen) that original event over and over again... Just like adding layers of paint on an old dresser...

>PRM's PRM's are "Positive Reinforced Memories". You know you're experiencing a PRM because it makes you feel good. The very nature of PRM's strengthen your body and energy system. For a moment, close your eyes and think of a song that you just love and take a deep breath... What do you notice? How are you feeling? Did your breathing change? Are you sitting differently? What else do you notice...?

When you're inspired, you're unstoppable...

Breaking Free Of The Restless Mind - By Paul Bauer


Thoughts from Inspiration When you're connected and feel that state of "flow" whether it be in business or relationships or just how you feel about yourself, you're connected to the true Source of all things. This is what we mean by the word "Inspiration". As we perceive ourselves, other people, events, and opportunities throughout our day, we're being driven by either old memories or the Present Moment (Inspiration). When you're inspired, you feel energized, you smile to yourself, you talk differently (to yourself as well as others), your creativity seems like it comes out of "nowhere" and other countless ways of describing that feeling of connectedness and "flow". When you're inspired, you're unstoppable...

"The Unquestioned Assumption"
Often, the "Restless Mind" prevents us from having the very clarity and inspiration that would solve most of our problems and challenges. If you can imagine layers upon layers of "NRM's", we often don't even question the conditions of our lives: "I don't have enough (money, love, time, freedom, etc)" "I don't have the friends. experience, training, etc." "Other people seem to "get it", but not me" They'll never listen... They're And here's a big one... That's the way things always have been... and that's just the way things are going to be... But, by not questioning these assumptions, we actually allow them to remain the "status quo", and they end up never changing. They KEY is to step back, take a deep breath and begin to ask new and more empowering questions... How can we solve this?

Breaking Free Of The Restless Mind - By Paul Bauer


Who can I find to help me break through this perceived barrier? Who has suffered thought this problem that already knows the solution? And by doing so, you step back into the Present and begin to see new possibilities and opportunities.

By rising above your mind, you tap into a higher level of consciousness...

Beyond the Mind
The mind is nowhere near as powerful as most people have been led to believe. If you really want to be free and have the clarity and focus and peace of mind that you've seen others have, you need to rise above the mind... By rising above your mind, you tap into a higher level of consciousness... You begin to sense your connection to the Field of All That Is... You realize that as you step out of your own individual needs, and ask yourself "How may I serve and add value to others and this planet", you transcend your own needs and those needs either diminish in their original importance, or they easily become accomplished. Heart Consciousness Living beyond your mind really means tapping into the power of your Heart Consciousness. Heart Consciousness is the feeling of Present Moment, of unconditional love, and of feeling your Divine connection to all life - no matter the form. How do you rise above the mind and tap into this Heart Consciousness? Take a deep breath and place your fingertips on your "HeartPoint" (in the center of your chest).

Breaking Free Of The Restless Mind - By Paul Bauer


close your eyes and breathe... and let yourself remember how you felt when your mind was calm like when you're in your favorite place... And breathe... So my friend, today, begin to rise above your "Restless Mind", by stepping back and noticing your thoughts and feelings and begin to question the beliefs, the assumptions and what appear to be "problems"... And as you do, you'll be freer than you've felt in years... Blessings,

Paul Bauer

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Breaking Free Of The Restless Mind - By Paul Bauer


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