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ORGANIZATION, CONTEXT, DATES, PLACE AND SCHEDULE 1. Exhibitions are organized by ECOREX, Exhibition Organization and Representation Ltd., also described in these regulations as ECOREX Ltd. 2. The conditions described in these regulations are an integral part of the contract between ECOREX Ltd. and the Exhibitors. 3. This regulation might be complemented, for each event, by its specific “Appendix" to the General Regulations of ECOREX, Ltd. and/or by the Exhibitor’s Technical Folder. Single & - Should any unexpected event outside the responsibility or competence of Ecorex, Ltd. prevent an exhibition from being held, delay its opening or force changes to be made in its regulation, there will not be grounds for demanding an indemnity or the refund of amounts already paid. 4. The context, dates, place and schedule for the exhibitions or other events will be announced at an appropriate time and in a specific document by ECOREX Ltd. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ADMISSION CONDITIONS 5. Industrial, trade or service businesses as well as their Portuguese or foreign agents or distributors connected with the context of the exhibition are allowed to participate in the exhibitions organized by ECOREX Ltd. 6. Collective participations are allowed – groups of exhibitors with particular affinities - as long as the names of the respective manufacturers of the displayed goods are mentioned. 7. Official collective participation organized by countries, Chambers of Commerce or other representative entities connected with the aims of the exhibition are also allowed. These must act in accordance with the above articles. 8. The exhibitors who wish to indicate companies they’re representing must present a letter from these same companies confirming the authorization and their right of representation. 9. The organizer reserves the right to require written proof confirming the fulfillment of any of the items mentioned above. 10. If the exhibited products or services at any exhibition should be object of complaints by others, arising from the invocation of the non-observance of the legal provisions or regulations, ECOREX Ltd., must act according to the orders of the competent authorities, explicit judicial pronouncement about the matter or the proper regulations. Single & - These complaints must be presented at least within 24 hours maximum after the fact that originated them. Single & - The penalties applied by ECOREX Ltd. may include the closure of the stand without recourse to any request for indemnity or the refund of amounts already paid. 11. The exhibitor cannot transmit the right of occupation nor promote or permit the promotion of articles or activities which are not included on the outlined in article 5, unless with written authorization from ECOREX Ltd. The non-observance of this principle may lead to the cancellation of participation and carry with it sanctions which may include the closure of the stand. ___________________________________________________________________________________ PARTICIPATION CONDITIONS AND ADMISSION REQUEST 12. The basic characteristics of the spaces to be used consist in modules of 9 sqm (3 x 3). Each stand may occupy one module or multiples of the former. Other forms of participation are allowed, depending on special conditions of agreement Single & - Only the floor space is considered on the spaces allocated and exclude all structures and equipment. 13. In some exhibitions and depending on decisions taken by ECOREX Ltd., "Standard Shell Scheme" stands may be used. Beyond the base module of 9 sqm (3 x 3), these include equipment, structures, as well as, the complementary services which are indicated by ECOREX Ltd., in the “Appendix” to the Regulations or in the costs of participation. 14. The prices to be practiced in the exhibitions or other events are those which are registered in the respective tables or participation costs. 15. Registrations must be undertaken using the forms which ECOREX Ltd., distributes which must be completely and correctly filled out. Only the articles and activities listed in the registration form are allowed to be exhibited. 16. Registration forms will be received until the date announced by ECOREX Ltd., hereafter they may not be accepted and added costs may be involved. ____________________________________________________________________________ REGISTRATION ACCEPTANCE, ALLOCATION OF STANDS AND CANCELLATIONS 17. Once registration has taken place, the exhibitor is committed (in their own name or in the name of the company they represent) to rigorously comply with the rules stated in these regulations. Single & - Participation will only be confirmed after written communication from ECOREX Ltd. 18. The location of the various participations is the exclusive right of ECOREX Ltd. and it is based on the following: - placement according to activity sectors - number of modules or requested area - date of reception and registration of participation form by ECOREX Ltd. services - antiquity of the exhibitor - economic or technical considerations - harmony between the various contracted spaces 19. When determining placements, ECOREX Ltd. reserves the right to apportion the space among the exhibitors. 20. ECOREX Ltd. may alter the placement, the area or the availability of the conceded space, should this be in the general interest of the exhibition. 21. When the organization reduces the attributed space of an exhibitor, according to the abovementioned article, the exhibitor has the right to receive the amount corresponding to the area which has been reduced. 22. If, for convenience of the general arrangements, the space attributed to an exhibitor is increased, the latter will only pay the difference if agree to do so. 23. The place attributed to an exhibitor in a certain exhibition or other event does not mean that the same space will be guaranteed in subsequent exhibitions or other events. 24. When the registration form is submitted, the exhibitor must pay 50% of the total cost of the space which they’re expected to occupy, unless an alteration is made in the price tables, costs of participation or “Appendix”. The remaining 50% or the remaining amount must be paid until the date indicated by ECOREX Ltd. on written communication to the exhibitor, confirming the participation and/or according to the “Appendix” to this regulation. Costs concerning Standard Stand and other technical services requested (electricity, telephone and fax, water and sewage, etc.) will be subject to an initial payment of 50% of their amount, being the remaining paid according to the stipulated Participation Costs, “Appendix” or Exhibitor’s Technical Folder. Certain expenses (i.e. telephone units) may be debited and charged to the exhibitor after the exhibition is over. Payment of charges concerning special stands is subject to particular rules, which is noted in the respective budget or invoices. 25. If the invoices emitted by ECOREX Ltd. give rise to any type of complaint, the exhibitor must be undertaken within seven working days starting from the date of reception of the invoices. 26. If the exhibitor cancels registration (or engages in the acts described in article 11), whether the space is subsequently occupied or not, the following will be charged: a) the initial payments indicated in article 24, if the cancellation takes place up to 30 days before the assembly of the exhibition (or other event) begins. b) the total amount of the participation, if cancellation occurs after that date. ___________________________________________________________________________________ EXHIBITED PRODUCTS 27. The presentation and distribution of products that may disturb other exhibitors, visitors and that deteriorate the pavement and/or existing constructions is not allowed. 28. The exhibited products may not carry their respective prices, unless in exceptional cases which must have explicit authorization from ECOREX Ltd. 29. The stand must remain open with the presence of the responsible staff designated by the exhibitor during the working hours of the exhibition. 30. The exhibited merchandise cannot be removed during the exhibition realization period, unless in exceptional cases, which must have written authorization from ECOREX Ltd. 31. During the exhibitions organized by ECOREX Ltd., direct sales to the public accompanied by the immediate delivery of the exhibited products are not allowed, although the exhibitors may accept orders or undertake contracts connected with the merchandise. Only a written authorization by ECOREX Ltd. may alter the provisions of this article. 32. Special permission from ECOREX Ltd. services is required to exhibit merchandise whose weighs exceeds 2.000 kgs/sqm (if the merchandise is to be exhibited on the ground floor) or over 200 kgs/sqm, (if the merchandise is to be exhibited on the first floor). ___________________________________________________________________________________ STAND CONSTRUCTION AND DECORATION 33. Construction and decoration may only proceed with the presentation of the assembly credential obtained from the services of ECOREX Ltd. 34. The exhibitors may only proceed with assembly after their respective project stands have been submitted for the previous approval of ECOREX Ltd. services. Without fulfillment of this provision, the initiation of all construction or assembly will not be allowed. 35. In cases of infraction of the norms about construction and decoration of the stands and/or of technical nature, ECOREX Ltd. considers itself authorized to take the necessary measures, which may include the closure of the stand. The respective costs will be debited and charged to the exhibitor. 36. ECOREX Ltd., reserves the right to place general indication panels or any elements that may improve the exhibition wherever it pleases. The exhibitors cannot remove or cover these indicators. 37. The assembly and decoration of stands must be completed within the time set by ECOREX Ltd. 38. The schedules for assembly and decoration will be set by ECOREX Ltd. Any work beyond these established times requires explicit authorization from ECOREX, Ltd. and involves payment of overtime fee. Single & - The exhibitors will be informed of the schedules and the abovementioned fees in a separate document. 39. ECOREX Ltd., reserves the right to take the necessary measures for the stands to be completed within the fixed schedules, and the pertinent costs will be debited and charged to the exhibitors. 40. ECOREX Ltd., will not take responsibility for the construction of stands and installations undertaken directly by the exhibitors. 41. If the space reserved for the exhibitor is not occupied within 24 hours preceding the inauguration of the exhibition, ECOREX Ltd., reserves the right to dispose of that space as it sees fit. ___________________________________________________________________________________ TECHNICAL NORMS 42. During assembly and decoration of their stands, exhibitors must comply with the following rules: First. The stands must respect the allowed height of 2.5 meters. Second. All the stands with superior heights, with two or more floors, must be provided with a ramp due to visitors in wheel chair. Third. Assembly of stands that include the construction or utilization of a second floor must have explicit authorization from ECOREX Ltd. and might involve added costs. Fourth. The usable area of the second floor as well as the decorative elements that measure over 3 meters in height must stand back from the perimeter of the stand at least 1.5 meters. Fifth. Electrical installations are the responsibility of each exhibitor and must comply with the “General Safety Regulation of Low-Voltage Electric Installations”. It must possess general break switches of the differential type and a safety ground network.. This work must be done by a professional duly accredited by the DGE (Direcção Geral de Energia / General Energy Entity) or by the Electricians Syndicate. Sixth. The exhibition installations must be scrupulously respected, namely fire hydrants, extinguishers, loudspeakers, general indicators, television circuits and fire detectors. Seventh. In the exhibition installations only fire resistant carpet, reference M3, can be used. Eighth. The exhibitors are not permitted to directly apply glue to the floor in order to fix carpet or other materials. The damaging of walls, ceilings and floors by wadding or pastes is similarly forbidden as is the use of sand paint. Ninth. It’s completely forbidden the use of inflammable or toxic materials in the construction or assembly of the stands. Tenth. The on-site building of stands in the whole area of the exhibition is strictly forbidden, as well as the use of cutting machines, welding machines, sanders and spray guns. Stands must be devised and prepared so that their construction can be obtained solely by assembling the elements that constitute them. 43. The available electricity current is of 230/400 volts - 50 cycles. 44. All electrical installations work is subject to the control of the services of ECOREX Ltd., or to the control of those who ECOREX Ltd may indicate for the task. Connections with the general electricity network can only be undertaken by the aforementioned services. ECOREX Ltd., will not be held responsible for the connection of machines which are not indicated in the information provided to the general electricity network and the exhibitor must name the person responsible for the stand electric installation project. Damage caused to the main system or to the specific point by these connections is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. 45. Costs with water consumption, electricity for lighting, power, conservation unit and telephone are indicated in the respective price tables.

46. The request for water supplies and sewage connections, electricity and telecommunications must be made in writing or through the appropriate form up to 30 days before the beginning of the assembly of the stands, and it’s indispensable that the voltage of the power to be installed in the stands also be cited in the respective form. Any subsequent requests may be impossible to accept. 47. ECOREX, Ltd. is responsible for the general cleaning of the exhibition and surrounding areas. The exhibitors are in charge of cleaning their stands, whether it is requesting the services of EOREX, Ltd., or by other mean, in which case the entrance to the premises will require a previous authorized credential. This service can only be carried out (maximum) one hour to the daily opening of the exhibition. 48. It’s expressly forbidden to make fire or fired on the exhibition fairground. 49. Using the walls of the pavilions to suspend or hang any exhibited pieces, decorative or construction items is strictly forbidden, except with explicit authorization from ECOREX, Ltd. This is a task that can only be carried by ECOREX’s services or by its concessionaires. 50. Disassembly of stands and removal of material cannot begin before the officially time set for closing the exhibition, except for special authorization granted by ECOREX, Ltd. for this purpose. 51. Disassembly of stands and removal of the exhibited material must be concluded within the times set by ECOREX’s services. Failure to comply with this deadline, authorises ECOREX, Ltd. to remove the material and do with it at is sees fit, in which case ECOREX, Ltd. cannot be held accountable for possible damage caused. This also implies that all costs resulting from the measures taken to remove these materials will be charged to the exhibitor. 52. In order to remove any material from the stands, exhibitors must obtain an authorized exit credential, carefully filled out, discriminating the merchandise and stamped by the Cashier’s Office of ECOREX, Ltd. and from the Official Removers as proof that payment was made pertaining to any all amounts due concerning their participation in the exhibition. Single & - Proof of payment of services and materials provided, may also be requested by the entities who are exclusive concessionaires of ECOREX Ltd. The exhibitors will be informed of such a measure through an informative note. 53. The installations must be handed over in the same condition as they were made available to the exhibitors and all costs required to make them so, are the responsibility of exhibitors. Repair of occasional damage caused by carelessness or requirements of stand assembly, as well as costs derived from such are the sole responsibility of exhibitors. ___________________________________________________________________________________ CUSTOMS OPERATIONS AND OFFICIAL TRANSPORTER 54. Exhibitors must contact the official transporter of the proprietor of the exhibition installations to deal with all matters related to customs, the transport of merchandise and the movement thereof within the exhibition area, being the only entity authorized to carry out these functions within the installations, unless ECOREX Ltd., informs the exhibitors in writing of an alternative transporter. 55. The conditions attached to the rendering of the services mentioned in the above article are part of a specific regulation, where several indications regarding customs formalities will also be referred. 56. The temporary import of the merchandise to be exhibited is subject and regulated by the laws in force. ___________________________________________________________________________________ FREE TRANSIT CARDS, INVITATION CARDS, ENTRY FOR PROFESSIONALS 57. Assembly and Disassembly Cards: The exhibitors must request in writing or through the appropriate form the free transit cards in sufficient number to accommodate the staff who they have designated to assembling and disassembling their stands. Single & - It is obligatory the visible use of these cards whenever the user is within the premises of the exhibition. 58. Exhibitor Free Transit Cards, for staff working in the stands: The exhibitors have the right to request a number of cards proportional to the area occupied for their participation: a) up to 3 modules of 9 sqm - 4 free transit cards b) for each additional module (9 sqm) the exhibitor is entitled to one more free transit card. Any additional transit cards, besides the given for participation rights, must be requested and justified to ECOREX Ltd., with requests being determined on a case by case basis and might involve added costs. Single & - These cards are nominal and non-transmissible and may be apprehended if incorrectly used. They must be in a visible place at all times whenever their user is within the premises of the exhibition. 59. Invitation Cards Exhibitors who wish to invite clients to visit their stand may use the invitation cards distributed for that express purpose and which must be requested in writing or through the appropriate form. The following must be taken into account: a) For exhibitions open to the general public with or without a special timetable for professional trade visitors, exhibitors have the right to ten (10) free invitation cards for each 9 sqm module they occupy; b) For exhibitions reserved only for professionals, each exhibitor is entitled to ten (10) free invitation cards for each 9 sqm module they occupy; c) Should there be a need to exceed the limit of cards, the exhibitor should request in writing or through the appropriate form the necessary number of invitations. These must be paid according to a predetermined sum, which will not be refunded in case the invitations will not be used. 60. Access to Professionals a) In exhibitions and other events open to the general public, the credential for professionals will not be made, during the whole period of realization. Access will only be granted to those carrying exhibitors’ invitation cards or through the purchase of an entry at the ticket office. b) In exhibitions and other events open to the general public, but with a specific timetable for professionals’ trade visitors, professional will only receive credentials during the period reserved for them. Once professionals have received their credentials, access will only be granted either through the presentation of the invitation card for professionals or through the payment of the price attached to a professional ticket. c) For exhibitions and other events reserved for professionals, only professionals with approved credentials have an allowed entry. Access will permitted either through the presentation of the invitation card for professionals or through the payment of the price attached to a professional ticket. ___________________________________________________________________________________ SAFETY PROVISIONS, CIVIL LIABILITY, INSURANCE 61. ECOREX Ltd., ensures the general police and security services during the assembly, full functioning and disassembly periods of the exhibition. Exhibitors should ensure that their materials are guarded throughout the above mentioned periods as well as taking care of their insurance. Exhibitors are forbidden to allow their staff to remain in the stand after the daily closing times of the exhibition, expect in specially cases and requires an express and written authorization by ECOREX Ltd. 62. The security services of the exhibition are not permitted to carry out any instructions or specific services which the exhibitors might request them, and ECOREX Ltd. will not be held responsible for any consequences from the non-observance of this provision. General security of ECOREX Ltd. responsibility will terminate on the day and hour fixed for the end of the disassembly of the stands, after which time each exhibitor will be responsible for the security and preservation of their merchandise, independently from which is stated in article 51 of these regulations. 63. Although the normal necessary precautions for the protection of the exhibited products will be taken by our organization, the guarding of the previous is always considered to be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. 64. Any damages or losses to the exhibitors, their staff or their products, regardless of the nature or the circumstances under which these may occur, namely fire or theft, are exclusively responsibility of the exhibitor or participant.

65. The exhibitor is responsible for any damages caused by their structures, equipments, exhibited products or activities on their own stand, as well as, for the acts of their staff when the same cause damage to visitors, other exhibitors or to the installations. 66. According to the abovementioned and after the exhibition closure, exhibitors and participants must hand over their stands and pavement in the same condition as they were made available, safeguarding its normal use. Should this fail, the organizer will undertake the necessary reparations, whose cost will be invoiced to the occupier of the damaged location or stand. 67. In accordance with the abovementioned articles, the exhibitor must inform the organizer of any existing damages in them reserved space at the moment they occupy it, such that they may not be subsequently held responsible for the aforementioned damages. 68. Exhibitors are responsible for guarding their own stands, as well as, their exhibited products and materials. 69. The exhibitors are responsible for the insurances of the exhibited products and materials. 70. Exhibitors should also make a civil liability insurance to the amount defined by the organizer, which covers the damages and impairments caused on the exhibition installations and/or stands of other exhibitors. 71. ECOREX Ltd., will be responsible for the following: a) Civil reparations derived from material or corporal damage suffered by accredited exhibitors or visitors. ___________________________________________________________________________________ OFFICIAL CATALOGUE 72. ECOREX Ltd., or any entity which the former nominates, is responsible for printing and editing the official catalogue for each exhibition. 73. The exhibitors are entitled to feature in the official catalogue free of charge, as long as, they fill in the registration form or another appropriate document that will be distributed to the exhibitors. ECOREX, Ltd. disavows any responsibility for mistaken or late supply of information that is necessary to the Official Catalogue. 74. The catalogue may contain advertising which will be subject to an appropriate contract which will feature the pertinent conditions. 75. Each exhibitor is entitled to receive a free copy of the official catalogue. ___________________________________________________________________________________ VARIOUS PROVISIONS 76. Should the exhibitor not comply with his obligation to the organizer, the latter reserves the right to retain the materials and products exhibited and only restore them to their owners after the complete compliance of the aforementioned obligations. 77. Advertising within the premises of the exhibition must comply with the norms contained within the "Loyal Practices in Advertising Code" of the International Chamber of Commerce. No kind of advertising (static or dynamic) is allowed outside the specific area of the stand itself, nor in any other area of the premises, except in the areas deemed by the organization and in accordance with the respective stipulated prices. 78. The following, objects of provisions are forbidden and contempt of this policy will lead to sanctions which may involve the closing of the stand: a) non-commercial advertising; b) advertising which establishes a direct comparison with articles and products of another, whether he/she is an exhibitor or not; c) the distribution of flyers and/or promotion material outside the stands in question without the express written authorization of ECOREX Ltd.; d) all advertising which may disturb or bother the exhibitors or the visitors; e) the placement of billboards or salient objects beyond the limits of the stand; f) the distribution of balloons filled with a gas that is lighter than air; g) promotion of products other than those on display and/or in another industrial and/or business activity other than the exhibitor’s. 79. The following may only be undertaken with the express written authorization of ECOREX, Ltd.: a) tests or contests; b) sound installations in the stands which may disturb other exhibitors or visitors which in any case must not exceed 60 Db; c) the installation, even if within the area of the stand, of television receptors and/or video screens. Single & - The exhibitors that wish to show films or broadcast music, must request and pay for the respective rights from the Portuguese Authors' Society, and ECOREX Ltd., will not be held responsible for anything connected with these initiatives. 80. Exhibitors may only promote the exhibited products and/or their industrial and/or commercial activity. 81. ECOREX Ltd., may organize or authorize collective visits to any exhibition or other event, and these will be exclusively responsibility of the organizer.. 82. The exhibition is represented by an Official Photographer, whose services can be requested from ECOREX Ltd. Services. 83. None of the exhibited products or equipment may be reproduced, drawn or photographed without the written authorization of the exhibitors concerned. Excluding the official photographer, the entity authorized by the exhibitor will only be able to operate when duly accredited by ECOREX, Ltd. competent services, with a minimum period of 48 hours before the date set for the inauguration of the exhibition in question. 84. ECOREX Ltd., may order the reproduction, photographing or filming of the exhibited products and stands and also use such reproductions for purposes exclusively related with its activity. 85. Photographs or films of the stands outside the exhibition functioning hours, request an express written authorization of ECOREX Ltd., and are subject to a special fee. 86. The exhibitors that wish to undertake animated programmers during the exhibition or any other similar initiative at their stand, must inform ECOREX Ltd., before the beginning of the assembly of the stand such that ECOREX may determine the conditions under such initiatives may be undertaken. 87. As far as the protection of industrial property is concerned, the provisions of the legislation in force apply, independently of that which is stated in article 10 of these regulations. 88. The exhibitors commit themselves to respecting the norms contained within the General Regulations of ECOREX Ltd., in accordance to the declaration found in the registration form to that effect. 89. In case of disagreement as to the interpretation or implementation of the present regulation and other documents that may complement it, as well as facts concerning the participation of exhibitors in exhibitions or events organized by ECOREX, Ltd., all parties determine the Court of the Seixal Comarca to be competent, hereby explicitly renouncing all others.

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