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50 Most Tragic Pictures in Photographic History

Pictures The title of this post is actually 50 Best photos in History, going through them, I have not found one picture that is not sad, hence came up with the title. These fifty pictures are a testimony to the tragedy caused by humankind to the same. Compiling these photos and adding the captions to them was as painful as looking at these pictures, if you are going through, please be aware that you might have seen a few of the pictures in this collection, but there could be many more that you might not have seen. Please read the captions as each image is associated with a tragic, path breaking and historic story.

November 16, 1985 FRANK Fournier, France, CONTACT Press Images. The girl 12 years, Omayra Sanchez, caught between the remnants caused by the eruption of the volcano Nevado del Ruiz, in Armero, Colombia. The girl, after 60 hours of fighting, lost consciousness and died. Source and copyright

September, 1958 STANISLAV TEREBA, Czechoslovakia, VECERNIK Praha. Championship football teams between Prague and Bratislava. Source and copyright

October 12, 1960 YASUCHI Nagao, Japan, Mainichi Shimbun. The rightist student killed the president of Socialist Party Inejiro Asanuma during a speech in Tokyo. Source and copyright

June 4, 1962 Hector Rondon Lovera, Venezuela, daily La Republica. One soldier was killed by a sniper embraces the chaplain of the armed Luis Padillo in the Venezuelan naval base of Puerto Capello. Source and copyright

June 11, 1963 MALCOLM W. Brown, USA, The Associated Press. The Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc autoinmola was set on fire in Saigon in protest against religious persecution government sudvietnamita. Source and copyright

April, 1964 DONALD MCCOLLIN, UK, The Observer, QUICK, life. A woman cries in Turkish Cyprus by the death of her husband, a victim of the Greek civil war. Source and copyright

September, 1965 KYOICHI Sawa, Japan, United Press International. A mother with her children crosses a river in Binh Dinht (South Vietnam) to escape U.S. bombing. Source and copyright

February 24, 1966 KYOICHI Sawa, Japan, United Press International. The U.S. troops dragged the body of a soldier in Viet Cong Tan Bihh, South Vietnam. Source and copyright

May, 1967 CO RENTMEESTER, Netherlands, life. The commander of an M48 tank from 7 th Cavalry in the so-called 'iron triangle' of South Vietnam. Source and copyright

February 1, 1968 Eddie Adams, USA, The Associated Press. The police chief sudvietnamita Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Viet Cong suspect in Saigon. Source and copyright

May, 1969 Hanns-Jörg ANDERS, Germany. A young Catholic during a clash with troops británcias in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Source and copyright

December 29, 1971 Wolfgang Peter Gelles, Germany. Exchange of fire between police and some bank robbers, in Saarbrücken, Germany. Source and copyright

June 8, 1972 (NICK) CONG UT Huynh, VIETNAM, The Associated Press. Phan Thi Kim Phuc, center, runs from the scene where the planes of troops have launched sudvietnamitas Napalm, Trangbang, South Vietnam. Source and copyright

ANONYMOUS, The New York Times. The democratic president of Chile, Salvador Allende, moments before his death during the coup, in the Moneda presidential palace in the capital Santiago de Chile. Source and copyright

July, 1974 OVI Carter, USA, Chicago Tribune. Child victims of drought in Kao, Niger. Source and copyright

July 22, 1975 STANLEY Forman, USA, THE BOSTON HERALD. A woman and a girl are launched by the window to escape the incedio his home in an apartment building in Boston, USA. Source and copyright

January, 1976 François DEMULDER, France, Gamma. Palestinian refugees took refuge in the district of La Quarantine Beirut, Lebanon. Source and copyright

August, 1977 Leslie HAMMOND, South Africa, The Argus. The police evicted the ghetto with canisters of tear Modderdam, Cape Town, South Africa, where its inhabitants are protesting against the demolition of their houses. Source and copyright

March 26, 1978 SADAYUKI MIKAMI, Japan, The Associated Press. Protests against the construction of Narita airport in Tokyo, Japan. Source and copyright

April, 1980 MICHAEL Wells, United Kingdom. A missionary grabs the hand of a child about to die of hunger in Karamoja, Uganda. Source and copyright

February 23, 1981 BARRIOPEDRO Manuel Perez, Spain, Reuters. Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero Molina and several members of the Guardia Civil and military police attacked the parliament of Spain in Madrid in an attempt foiled coup. Source and copyright

September 18, 1982 ROBIN Moya, USA, BLACK STAR for time. Slaughter of Palestinians by the forces perpetada falangistas Cristina in the refugee camp of Sabra and Shatila in Beirut, Lebanon. Source and copyright

October 30, 1983 Mustafa BOZDEMIR, Turkey, Hürriyet GAZETESI. Kezban Özer found the corpses of their sons 5 after being buried alive after a devastating earthquake in Koyunoren, east of Turkey. Source and copyright

December, 1984 Pablo Bartholomew, India, Gamma. Child killed by poison gas after the explosion at the Union Carbide chemical plant in Bhopal, India. Source and copyright

December 18, 1987 Anthony Suau, USA, BLACK STAR. One mother, in Kuro, implores on the coat of police after her son has been arrested for accusing the government of fraud in the presidential elections in South Korea. Source and copyright

December, 1988 David TURNLEY, USA, BLACK STAR / Detroit Free Press. Boris Abgarzian is aflije of sorrow for the death of her son, aged 17, victim of an earthquake in Armenia in the former Soviet Union. Source and copyright

June 4, 1989 Charlie Cole, USA, Newsweek. A protester faces a column of tanks from the Chinese government during the protests of Tiananmen Square, Beijing, calling for democratic reform. Source and copyright

January 28, 1990 George MERILLON, France, Gamma. Nogovac. Women crying at the deathbed of Elshani Nashim, 27, who was killed during protests against the decision of the former Yugoslavia to abolish the autonomy of Kosovo. Source and copyright

February, 1991 David TURNLEY, USA, BLACK STAR / Detroit Free Press. Sergeant Ken Kozakiewicz crying in Iraq the death of his partner Andy Alaniz, victim-fire friend on the last day of the Gulf War. Source and copyright

November, 1962 James NACKTWEY, USA, Magnum Photos, USA for Liberation, France. Mother holding the body of her son, victim of hunger, before being buried in Bardera, Somalia. Source and copyright

March, 1993 LARRY TOWEL, Canada, Magnum Photos. Palestinians raise their children toy guns in a defiant gesture, in Gaza City, Palestine. Source and copyright

June, 1994 James Nachtwey, USA, Magnum Photos for Time. A Hutu man maimed by Hutu militias, suspected of sympathizing with the Tutsi rebels in Rwanda. Source and copyright

May, 1995 Lucio PERKINS, USA, The Washington Post. A child rests on the rear glass of a bus packed with Palestinian refugees fleeing fighting between Russian troops and Chechen separatists in Shali, Chechnya. The bus was forced to return to Grozny. Source and copyright

1996 Zizola French, Italian, Agenzia Contrasto. Victims of landmines in Kuito, Angola, a nation where many people were killed and injured during the civil war. Source and copyright

September 23, 1997 Hocine, Algeria, Agence France Presse. A woman cries outside the hospital Zmirli, Algeria, following a slaughter took place in Bentalha. Source and copyright

November 6, 1998 Dayna Smith, USA, The Washington Post. Druante a funeral, relatives and friends comfort to the widow of a soldier of the Kosovo Liberation Army, who was shot while patrolling the previous day. Source and copyright

April, 1999 BJORN Claus Larsen, Denmark, Berlingske Tidende. A Kosovar Albanian wounded walks through the streets of Kukës, in Albania, one of the major points of arrival for ethnic Albanian refugees fleeing violence in Kosovo. Source and copyright

2000 Lara JO Regan, USA, for life. In Texas, USA, the mother of a Mexican immigrant family prepares piñatas to make ends meet. Source and copyright

June, 2001 ERIK REFNER, Denmark, Berlingske Tidende FOR. The body of an Afghan refugee child is ready to be buried. Source and copyright

June 23, 2002 Eric Grigorian, Armenia / USA, Polaris Images. Surrounded by people and soldiers that Cape graves for earthquake victims, a child subject pants from his father died, squatting beside the place where he will be buried. Qazvin, Iran. Source and copyright

March 31, 2003 JEAN-MARC BOUJU, France, The Associated Press. An Iraqi comforted her son in a centre for prisoners of An Najaf, Iraq, during the war. Source and copyright Detect language » English Translate

December 28, 2004 Arko Datta, India, Reuters. A woman mourning the death of a family member victim of the tsunami in Cuddalore, India. Source and copyright

August 1, 2005 Finbarr O'REILLY, Canada, Reuters. A mother and her child in a centre for international help in Tahoua, Niger. Source and copyright

August 15, 2006 Spencer Platt, USA, Getty Images. Young Lebanese drive through the devastated southern suburbs of Beirut. Source and copyright

September 16, 2007 TIM Hetherington, UK, FOR VANITY FAIR. A single U.S. rests in the bunker 'Restrepo', named in honor of a soldier recently killed by insurgents. Source and copyright

September 4, 1957 Douglas MOARTIN, USA, The Associated Press. Dorothy Counts, one of the first black students to enter the new institute interracial Harry Harding High School, in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA).

1956 Helmuth PIRATH, Germany, KEYSTONTE PRESS. A German taken prisoner by the Soviets in World War II meets with his daughter in Germany.

August 28, 1955 Mogens VON Haven, Denmark. One competitor falls from his motorcycle during a tournament in Randers, Denmark.