Volume 11 Issue 3

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School children in Debre Markos, Ethopia now have a kitchen by the school so they can eat at school, thanks to House of Friends supporters. Previously the children walked a great distance down a muddy pothole-filled road to a place for lunch. Also in Debre Markos we maintain a widow program, in collaboration with Cedar Rapids House Church Network, helping meet needs of eight widows and their children.

October 15th, 2011 was the celebration of Hay Days #4 for the Pine Ridge, S.D. Lakota Sioux families held at the Green Tee Pee Gardens in White Clay, NE., which is just off the Pine Ridge Reservation. This is an annual event sponsored by local mission directors, Bruce and Marsha Bon Fleur of The ABOUT Group, for families to enjoy a day of fun and games. There was a large crowd and God provided a beautiful unseasonably warm day. Several games were set up for all age groups. A large blow-up slide that entertained most of the children, a hay stack of loose hay that had $1 coins hidden in it, a horse shoe game that is a favorite with the adults, and several other games as well as pumpkin carving. Lots of candy (35 lbs.) was donated and distributed among the children. Lunch was provided by a local church youth group. There was also a thrift store where donated beds, dressers, heaters, bedding, lamps, toys, and misc. household items were available to be purchased by the Indians at a much discounted price. The items that were not sold were donated to a local foster home which was in great need. Most of the items for the thrift store were donated by Alma, MO neighbors Hay Days Event Volunteers wanting to help the less fortunate. This year was the largest group of volunteers since the beginning of the events. Bruce said it also was the first year that Kailen helping some of the Lakota Sioux wanted to be involved unload HOF’s and were volunteers as well. It was a great day and trailer of donaa very big success. tions. Kailen Ritter, age 17, of Brookfield, Mo, along with her grandparents, Dale and Jeanie Ritter of Alma, helped with the event. It was Kailen’s first mission trip, but she says it certainly won’t be the last. She was very moved by what she saw and experienced.

As it always seems the case in the United States, it is also true in Uganda. What you anticipate in the cost of a building project most generally rises. Even so, God continues to supply the need as the Kitchen/ Dining Hall goes up. We are in the second phase of the building. To the far left you will see the dining portion of the building. To the right is the enclosed kitchen portion of the building. The next (finishing) phase of the building—the roof—will take an additional $3,000.

Are you looking for a gift for someone who has everything, or do you want to give Jesus a special gift this year? Or, perhaps you would like to give to receive a tax deduction before the end of the year so your money will go toward a charity. House of Friends has many special opportunities to give. If you wish to give in honor of someone for Christmas, we will send them an acknowledgment of the gift. Be sure to include their name and address with your check. You may also make your gift by credit card from our website, www.houseoffriends.org. Here is our Christmas List from which you can choose. The approximate costs are listed; however, any amount is welcomed toward the purchase.
       

1 pair of shoes for a child 1 outfit of clothes for a child School Supplies for one child for 1 year Calculator—student in secondary school Table for dining hall Cooking stove Sewing Machine Cooking pan (large)

$15.00 $15.00 $20.00 $15.00 $100.00 $350.00 $150.00 $100.00

       

.Finishing Kitchen/dining hall .Missionary Quarters Construction .Gutter Rainwater collection .Greatest ministry need . Pine Ridge Reservation Outreach .Sponsor a child in Entebbe .Sponsor Katogwe Home

$3,000 needed $3,795 needed $3,000 needed Any amount Any amount $ 45 monthly Any amount $ 75 monthly

(one time gift or monthly) Sponsor a home care giver

Just write a note what gift you are giving —on your check or separate from your check. If you donate by credit card, there is a place where you can record how you wish for your gift to be used. God bless you for bringing joy this Christmas to the hearts of those in need.

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