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Wayfarer Study and practice
Daily Ritual/Exercises
1 .The four-fold Breath 2 ."No mind" Meditation 3.Lesser Banishing ritual 4. Ogham/Runes

Physical Exercise
Practice a Hatha yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong regimen for at least 6 weeks. Do exercises at least every other day. You may use books, videos, or classes to provide the proper information.

Writings Magickal Name and Motto: Choose for your self a magical name or motto; Magical Journal:
Keep a journal of your practices and record your subjective experiences in it on a regular basis. All magical exercises should be recorded, and any interesting speculations and unusual experiences noted for future consideration and as a record of progress. Dream Diary: Keep a record of your dreams.

The letters of the Ogham/Rune Alphabets, their written form, their traditional meaning and their numeration must be memorized. Practice writing the letters every day.

Besides the Alphabets, memorize the symbols and meanings of the four Classic Elements, the twelve Zodiacal Signs, the seven Classical planets along with the lunar Nodes and the names and meanings.

Magical Awareness Development Sight:
1. Walk at least 15 minutes daily, looking at everything. Make notes at the end of the walk in your journal. 2. Walk at least 15 minutes daily, looking for only one colour each day: blue, red or orange brown or beige, yellow or gold, green, black and white. Save white for last. 3.Continue the colour walks for another week, going deeper into the colour as you walk. At one point stop and focus on the colour intently. Allow yourself to flow in to it. 4.Before meditation daily do palming. Cover your eyes with your hands so that the hollows of your palms rest over your eyes and your fingers are crossed over the bridge of your nose. If you have palmed correctly, your eyes should be in total darkness. Stare into darkness.

1. For one week, walk daily and use the sense of hearing almost exclusively. Focus on sounds without analysing or identifying them. Notice your automatic tendency to identify them as "something". 2.Play a different kind of music each day of the week. Relax, close your eyes, and follow one instrument through the whole piece.

1. Smell everything before you putting it in your mouth. 2.Blindfold yourself, and have a friend present you with a try of different objects to smell. Don't touch or taste.

3.Smell the air often- especially before and after rain, in the morning while the morning dew is in the grass, at night, and during breezes.

1.Clean out your mouth before eating by gently swirling water around in it. 2.For a week place food on your tongue, and note the urge to bite, chew, and swallow. Do this on a full stomach one time and then on an empty one.

1. With you blindfolded, have a friend present a tray of different objects. Touch and feel, using different parts of your fingers and hands to get impressions. 2. For a week, walk outdoors blindfolded, touch things, feel grass, plants, etc. 3.For a half hour each day spend time observing bodily sensations. Observe the different components of each sensation. Focus on one particular sensation eventually and label its various aspects mentally.

1. For one week, be aware of what's behind everything you say. Pay attention at the time you say things. 2.Choose a time when temptation is greatest to talk, and then be silent for one hour each day. 3. For three days do not use first person references to self: Do not use I, me, my or mine. Practice this in conversation and correspondence. 4. For one week, refer to yourself as "it." 5.For one week make no negative Judgments, and as few positive ones as possible.

magical Space, Alter and Tools
At wayfarer level, no special objects or spaces are required.

Ref; The Open Source of the Golden Dawn Assignment Research a Celtic god of your choosing and right a essay on it of at least 150 words. Include the reason you chose this god/goddess.