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Serving the Needs of Research in Tourism

How to order an application form?
Please send an email or a fax to the AIEST Secretariat: AIEST International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism Dufourstrasse 40a CH-9000 St. Gallen phone: +41-(0)71- 224 25 30 fax: +41-(0)71- 224 25 36 mail:

... A unique Network of Scientific Experts in Tourism

International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism Association Internationale D’ Experts Scientifiques Du Tourisme Internationale Vereinigung Wissenschaftlicher Tourismusexperten
Statut consultatif auprès de l’ UNESCO et du Conseil de l’ Europe

at which all important decisions are taken. AIEST members help to pinpoint the latest developments and trends in tourism and to devise farsighted solutions for new problems as they arise. It has for example an advisory status at the UNESCO. The AIEST has contributed much to an understanding of the modern tourism phenomenon. The Association holds an annual general meeting. whose members include specialists from all relevant disciplines (Business Administration.) who have a particular interest in tourism. Standard minimal requirements are: . the AIEST is the oldest association of scientific experts in tourism that is world wide in scope. located at the University of St. is ready to answer inquiries of members and those interested in becoming members. In their work. both on the personal and professional level: How can you contact the AIEST? A well organised General Secretariat The General Secretariat.What is the AIEST? A unique network devoted to scientific research in tourism Founded in 1951. together with two professional references and a list of publications. What services does the AIEST provide? Many services and benefits are available to members • A comprehensive index of members • The Tourism Review (international journal with double blind review process) with four issues a year free for all members • The annual congress as an opportunity to review developments with colleagues world wide • Experts selection through the AIEST data bank • Reduced fee for the annual conference and a free copy of the annual proceedings How does the AIEST work? An organisation that promotes frequent personal contacts among world wide experts and provides platforms for international scientific exchange The AIEST above all tries to promote personal and informal contacts among its members on a regular basis. The General Secretariat is also your sales contact for the Tourism Review as well for the annual conference proceedings. • Participate in personal exchanges of views with other leading scientists and experts in the field of tourism at the annual conference. What are the requirements for admission to the AIEST? An Admission of recognised tourism experts Membership in the AIEST to scientists with a proved track record in tourism research. • Make your own scientific contributions to our annual publication or the Tourism Review. The AIEST General Secretariat is glad to send application forms to anyone interested in joining. How would you benefit as an AIEST member? A number of proven advantages AIEST members benefit in many ways. Some of the AIEST recent publications: 2003: Sport and Tourism 2004: The future of SMES in Tourism 2005: Innovation in Tourism – Creating Customer Value 2006: Marketing Efficiency in Tourism • Discover new scientific methods in the field of tourism. together with an annual scientific conference which addresses latest topics An 10-member Executive Committee of renowned international researchers meets two times a year to prepare the agenda of activities. The Association maintains contacts with a number of other international organisations. and to the scientific acceptance of research in this field. Geography. Today the AIEST has 350 members in 44 countries on all continents. • Be part of a world wide scientific network. . Sociology etc. The AIEST is an interdisciplinary network of experts.University degree .Publications. at any time. The Executive committee makes its decision on the basis of curriculum vitae submitted by the candidates themselves. The AIEST entrusts its administration to an elected President and Secretary General. Gallen (Switzerland). Economics.