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415 Moon Clinton Road Coraopolis, PA 15108 412/262-5400 (O) 412/262-3036 (F


Fairmont Municipal Airport Improve Runway Safety Areas 3-54-0008-006-06 Laurita Excavation, Inc. None ______________________________ INSPECTOR: DAY/DATE: WORK HOURS: CONTRACT DAY: Page: J. Minnich Thur. 1/18/07 7:30am-5:00PM 10 Hr. ? of 125 1 of 2


Weather Summary Min. Temp.19 F Max. Temp. 41 F Precip. NA Weather: Partly sunny in AM, Partly sunny in PM Soil Conditions: Frozen ground, wet in newly uncovered areas

Contractor/Subcontractor Labor Force: Laurita : 1 Foreman, 5 Operators Hours Worked: 10Hr. Equipment Hours Worked Hours Down Standby Hours

1 Link Belt 2800 Excavator 1 Cat D6 Dozer 1 Kobelco Excavator 1 Sheeps Foot Roller 1 Case Rubber Tired vibratory Roller 1 Fuel tanker 1 Cat D5 Dozer 1 Cat D8 Dozer


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DATE: 1/18/07

DAILY OVERVIEW / OTHER COMMENTS: (Problems, Questions, Sampling Methods, Items Discussed, Documents Received, Field or Office Decisions, Action Taken, Etc.)The temporary access road construction completed this morning with the last load of #57 stone at the entrance/exit at JD Signs end. Traffic appears to have an easy time driving along the road. The contractor was informed to keep an eye on the JD Signs end of the road where it ties in at, there could be potential for wash out there. WVDEP Public Notification sign was placed on existing JD Signs sign post at the construction entrance along Airport Road. 1 Kobelco excavator cutting material and loading into A3 articulated dump truck, this is for the storm pond at the toe of slope of the temporary access road. Dozer scrapping off frozen and muddy material at fill areas south of the temporary access road. The contractor is removing an 8” to 10” layer of fill material off of some areas they want to continue filling today. Another dozer pushing and grading area to prepare for placement of fill material where the previous temporary access road was located. Trucks bringing off site fill material from Wal-Mart jobsite. These trucks are placing fill material in a pile in front of the dozer blade, the dozer then pushes the lift to approximately half the thickness. Once a large enough area is placed a sheeps foot roller compacts and unifies the fill lift just placed with the previous. An excavator and dozer are still working the area along the toe of the haul road to the stock pile. This area is being prepared and stabilized for the placement of Storm pipe and the storm structures E-5 & -5. The contractor is keeping access area brushed clean along the Airport Road. Thrasher Engineers on site this afternoon at 3:45pm to perform a one spot proctor, and took material back to the lab for modified proctor tests. Large boulders that can’t be broken up with equipment are being moved to the side of the access road fill for use later in the toe key. Skimmer built for basin was crushed by a rock this morning and will be rebuilt. No visit from WVDEP today.

SUMMARY OF TESTS THIS DATE: Test Performed Applicable Std. or Project Spec. Location & Lot Size Test Result Action Taken on All Tests