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This instrument, tendered to whomever, and negotiated to the United States Treasury for settlement, is an “Obligation of THE UNITED

STATES,” under Title 18 USC Sec 8, representing, as the definition provides, a “certificate of indebtedness ….drawn upon an authorized officer of the United States,” (in this case the Secretary of the Treasury) ”issued under an Act of Congress” (in this case public law 73-10, HJR-192 of 1933, Title 31 USC 3123 and 31 USC 5103) and by treaty (in this case the UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION ON INTERNATIONAL BILLS OF EXCHANGE AND INTERNATIONAL PROMISSORY NOTES (UNCITRAL) and the Universal Postal Union headquartered in Bern, Switzerland). Please also read provided “Memorandum to Depositing Institution”.

No. International Promissory Note for: Promissory note in the sum of Two Hundred Four Dollars and no/100ths ($204.00) Paid to: Date: September 4, 2007 Redeemable on September 7, 2007 at Office of the Secretary of the Treasury, see above statement ____________________________________ Memo: Issued IAW the above statement and not valid without said statement. Payer EIN # Payer: _________________________________________, As Agent and Forced Surety, all rights reserved