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Reading Lesson Plan Focus Theme Topic Level of Pupils Introduction Objectives Reading World of Knowledge Lets Eat

Year 1 Average This lesson focuses on reading. Teacher introduces Fruit Salad text. By the end of the lesson, the pupils will be able to: 1) Identify 6 vocabulary of fruits. 2) Sequence the steps of making a fruit salad. 3) Answer the true false questions correctly.

Content Standard

2.1 By the end of 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to demonstrate understanding of a variety of linear and non-linear texts in the form of print and non-print materials using a range of strategies to construct meaning.

Learning Standard

2.2.2 Able to read and understand phrases in linear and non-linear texts. 2.2.3 Able to read and understand sentences (3-5 words) in linear and non-linear texts with guidance.


60 minutes Video ( Fruit Salad ), Power point presentation (fruits), Power point Presentation (Fruit Salad), Worksheet 1 (sequencing the sentence), Worksheet 2 (True False questions), Worksheet 3 (Fill in the blanks questions), slices of fruits, bowl and spoon.

Teaching Aids

Teacher shows the video and asks pupils to watch the video. ( refer Set Induction 5 minutes video Fruit Salad)

1) Teacher shows power point presentation featuring pictures of different types of fruits such as: a) banana b) apple Pre-reading 7 minutes c) mango d) orange e) papaya f) pear *(refer Appendix 1 : handout of slides) 2) Teacher asks pupils to read aloud the fruits name. 1) Teacher shows a text of Fruit Salad which is projected on Power Point (refer Appendix 2: handout of slide) 2) Teacher reads the text and follow by pupils. 3) Teacher distributes Worksheet 1 to pupils (refer Appendix 3: sequencing) 4) Pupils do the Worksheet 1 on their own. They have to sequence the sentence based on the text of Fruit Salad. While-reading 5) Teacher asks them to change the worksheet with their friends. 25 minutes 6) Teacher discusses the answer with pupils. 7) Teacher asks pupils to check their friends answer. 8) Teacher distributes Worksheet 2 to pupils. (refer Appendix 4: True False questions) 9) Teacher discusses the correct answer with pupils. 10)Teacher distributes Worksheet 3 to pupils. (refer Appendix 5: Fill in the blanks questions) 11)Teacher discusses the answer with pupils.

1) Teacher divides pupils into 6 groups. 2) Teacher asks pupils to make a bowl of fruit salad. Post-reading 17 minutes 3) Each group will be given slices of several fruits, a spoon and a bowl. 4) Teacher does the demonstration on how to make a fruit salad. 5) Teacher instructs pupils to do a fruit salad step by step. 6) Pupils make a bowl of fruit salad following teacher instructions. Closure 6 minutes 1) Teacher asks pupils whether they like to eat fruits and what fruits it is. 2) Teacher asks pupils type of local fruits that they know.

Prepared by: Zaidatul Iffah bte Jamaludin