American Wars

Conflict and Chaos in the Muslim Lands
The sinister struggle for control of Pakistan and the Muslim world between two opposing fascist ideologies of Western / Hindu Zionists and Kharjee Takfiris
by: Zaid Hamid
They said it – lest we forget: “When the wealthy Jews play, the nations and the rulers dance." "The Jews make countries fight each other and when they want, make peace. But whatever happens, they get rich from this.” Founder of Zionism, Theodore Herzl "There is only one power which really counts. The power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it." – Vladimir Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, 1935. remained in a state of covert war ever since. India, a State which is secular on paper only, is led and controlled by idol worshiping Brahmin pagans with extreme hostility towards Pakistan, hence becoming the natural born collaborator of the Zionist State. The following quote by the founding father of the Jewish State completes this geopolitical and strategic equation in totality. “The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological State is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs. This lover of the Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan. Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work there from against Pakistan. It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans.” David Ben Gurion, the first Israeli Prime Minister. His words, as printed in the Jewish Chronicle, August 1967.

The History:
Almost ninety years ago, in the beginning of the 20 century, Muslim world received a most shattering and devastating blow as maps of the Muslim world were radically re-drawn by the invading and victorious Western powers as spoils of war when the Ottoman Empire was defeated and dismembered. It was during this outrageous and sacrilegious pillage of the Muslim lands that the State of Israel was sanctioned to the World Jewry by the triumphant British Empire. It took another great war few years later with horrendous death and destruction to the humanity, both in the East and the West, to finally materialize the dream of the Zionist Jewry – the State of Israel in the holy lands. A political, military and ideological dagger pierced the Muslim heartland. Pakistan was born almost at the same time as Israel. Both countries, representing two diametrically opposite religious ideologies hostile to each other, were born to be enemies and have

The Environment:
As the 21st century unfolds, the contemporary times are witnessing yet another epic struggle within the Muslim heartland. Muslim world is desperately fighting in an existential war this time against two

There is no strategic threat analysis. conquer and dismember the Muslim countries into smaller territories. US. The crisis confronted by the Muslim world today of facing two prongs of attacks from opposing violent ideologies has only one precedent in the entire 1400 years of Muslim history though in terms of phenomenon and scale the threat today has magnified many times over. facing the following invading prongs from the opposing directions: 1. Similarly. the threat is manageable. courage and spiritual prowess to dream and then achieve the seemingly impossible under these desperate conditions. the Muslim world finds itself between the two proverbial jaws of an alligator. philosophers. The Kharjiites in the early days during the times of companions of the Prophet (pbuh) declared war on the Muslim political and civil society. the threat is so severe and unique that it has baffled even the finest Muslim thinkers. experimented and perfected upon pro-Soviet Yugoslavia in the last decade of the 20th century. has crumbled in totality to rise to the challenges. primarily targeting Iraq and Pakistan with devastating effects. anarchy and the sheer pace of the events cripple the capacity of the Muslim world to develop even a reactive response let alone a pro-active one. radical anarchist thoughts within the Muslim world are also not without precedent. In terms of phenomenon and scale. The radical and anarchists ideology of Assassins came later during 10th century and wrecked havoc within the Muslim society for almost 200 years during the times of Crusades and after. The prongs: Today. The entire Muslim heartland – from the Arabian Peninsula to the greater Middle East including Pakistan . already staggering under the sheer scale of violence. another wave of physical colonization of Muslim lands has begun. NATO. obliterating the country into history.would further attempt to divide. Historically. Not just that the heart and soul of the Muslim world is at stake. NeoCons and the Zionists. and the ultimate prize. generals and analysts who are desperately trying to understand and then cope with the staggering emotional turmoil and the ensuing ground violence within the Muslim lands. Exploiting the heretical interpretations of religious ideals. backed by the massive use of information warfare and Psy-ops weapons. The Crusades are a vivid and brutal expression of the militant and violent JudeoChristian anarchists' ideology invading Muslim heartland for religious. The Radically anarchic Takfiri Kharjee religious militants. war. even the geography is once again threatened to be altered radically. Using the full might of the western military and industrial power. downslide can be checked and rock solid responses can be built but this remarkable turnaround would need genuinely great leadership with vision. 2. Pakistan is now in the eye of the storm. Once again it seems sharply clear that the colonial and anarchic invading forces – operating on external and internal axis -. The great Kurdish Sultan of Syria and Egypt Salahuddin Ayubi had to fight and subdue Assassins within the Muslim society before he could attack and BRASSTACKS 05 . Still. chaos as well as political and economic anarchy. Now the American wars are being waged right into the Muslim heartland. The 4th Generation war deployed in the greater Middle East today was first applied.violent ideologies which have invaded from opposing prongs. despite hanging on to the power. these terrorist gangs have been on rampage within the Muslim lands. with genuine threats of re-drawing of greater Middle Eastern Maps as well. The Muslim political leadership. political and military confusion and chaos is so complete within the Muslim world that the mature reason and sound logic has almost given way to irrational radicalism or defeated resignation to the fate as violence. leaving the hapless Muslim population to the wolves. hence no long term response strategy. political and economic reasons. hence giving a free run to the invaders. By declaring war from within on the Muslim lands. The Western the battle ground. it is not new for the Muslim world to come under attack from the powerful Western civilization or radical Zionists ideologies from the Judeo-Christian world. After bringing death and destruction to Afghanistan and Iraq. The ideological. the Kharjees have become the most valuable assets for the Western crusaders to justify their global war and colonization.

The similarities between the siege of Makkah in 1979 and siege of Lal Masjid in 2007 in Islamabad are strikingly obvious with similar BRASSTACKS 06 . hence the word Assassins came into the use in Western languages representing the qualities of a hidden terrorist murderer. it is the ultimate desire of the Kharjees to bring about a massive high intensity conflict between the Muslim world and the Crusading Zionists so that a power and leadership vacuum within the Muslim world would allow Kharjees to break out and grab power just as Assassins did in the past during Crusades. In reality. evil and indeed bloody with violent consequences for the Muslim world. they want Muslim world to fight and finish off the Kharjees first. The commonly known name for the modern day Kharjees in Pakistan is Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and the so called Al-Qaeda. War on Terror (WOT) actually means War of Crusades by Zionists within the Muslim world for its colonization using the radical ideology of Kharjees as a justification for invasion and forcing the Muslim society to accept the Zionist invasion by presenting to them the Kharjee ideology as a bigger threat to the Muslim world. Similarly. Comprehensive analysis and introduction of this ideology and its patronizing gangs have been discussed in detail in BrassTacks September issue. While Zionists invade Muslim lands and occupy them. Ayman Zawihiri and Osama Bin Laden as well as Uzbek militants and Lal Masjid gangs are examples of this anarchic cult in modern times. In mid nineteenth century German historian Von Hammer wrote a rare and invaluable book on the ideology and practices of medieval age assassins titled the History of the Assassins and vividly explain their murderous practices and cult ideology which almost succeeded in overrunning the entire Muslim heartland even coming close to murdering Sultan Salahuddin at the peak of the Crusades. – often fighting with each other as well within the Muslim world for control. On the other hand. Kharjees are exploiting the Zionist invasion to wage their war against the Muslim societies and governments by declaring them partners in crime in these Crusades and thus Kharjees are also trying to grab the strategic control of Muslim world by exploiting the emotional upheaval and anger within the Muslim societies due to lack of any quality leadership within Muslim countries.counterattack invading Crusaders from the Western world. though all Muslim Ummah disapproves of Western invasion of Muslim lands. Both are waging war against the Muslim world and the battle ground is the Muslim urban societies with devastating effects. risks and the environment of the crusades after almost a 1000 years. power. So even if the Kharjee threat is not real in certain lands. But even Salahuddin could not finish off the cloak and dagger cult of the Order of the Assassins who were finally and decisively eliminated ruthlessly by the rampaging Mongol armies which had also overrun the Capital of Khilifat in Baghdad around the 13th century AD. The Murderous thugs of The Order of the Assassin cult were drugged with Hashish and then sent on dangerous suicide missions within the Muslim world for murders. The net result for the Muslim world would remain total and complete destruction if any or both of the ideologies succeed. Another example of Kharjee thought is the group of Utaibi who took over Holy Kaaba in 1979 in an armed rebellion against Saudi monarchy during Hajj which resulted in thousands of deaths in fighting in holiest Masjid of Muslims in Makkah. It is only now after the times of Crusades that the Muslim world is again facing two prongs of opposing violent fascist political ideologies – Crusading Zionists and the Assassin Kharjees. It would be interesting to note for our readers that the English word Assassin has come from theArabic word Hashashin. Both Zionists and Kharjees want the other to finish off the Muslim world and are using the bogey of the other to justify their presence within the Muslim heartland and society. Baitullah Mehsud. fabricating and promoting the phantom bogey through orchestrated media campaigns and psy-ops remains an integral part of the entire Zionist war effort. influence and turf. sabotage and creating terrorism. both of which have waged bloody wars within the Muslim world against Muslim States and Muslim societies while also occasionally terrorizing western societies as well. meaning the ones who use Hashish or drugs. Hakim ullah Mehsud. creating. The game is sinister. Mullah Fadlullah. External invasion fueled by religious fanaticism of the JudeoChristian Zionists and aided by Hindu Zionists and internal sabotage by home grown cult of Kharjees recreate the threats. they are often willing partners to destroy the status quo within the Muslim world by violent means.

Defense and Security of Israel and to create weak headless States in Middle East. Defense of Israel is not possible if Pakistan or Iran posses nuclear weapons and Ballistic missiles. Control of fuel assets. If Pakistan does not agree to surrender its nuclear weapons and missile program. repeat – everything BRASSTACKS 07 . Muslim nuclear potential needs to be blunted. Africa and Asia. Eurasia is the globe's largest continent and is geopolitically axial. Eurasia has been the center of world power”…“For America. 4. Political heavyweight. Containing and destruction of political and militant Islam. “The Grand Chessboard”. US forces need to be based within Muslim lands. 3. The New Middle East map planned by US. some 500 years ago. The Great Game: Having understood the ideology of the two invading prongs. About 75% of the world's people live in Eurasia and most of the world's physical wealth as well. rendering the Western Hemisphere and Oceania geopolitically peripheral to the world's central continent. the chief geopolitical prize is Eurasia—and America's global primacy is directly dependent on how long and how effectively its preponderance on the Eurasian continent is sustained”…. Ethnic and sectarian wars ignited to create “new blood borders” on ethnic and religious lines. Muslim lands need to be further dismembered.” “The Grand Chessboard” To achieve the above stated six Grand strategic objectives. horn of Africa. Gibraltar. A mere glance at the map also suggests that control over Eurasia would almost automatically entail Africa's subordination. Encirclement and Containment of China. clarified the importance of Central Asia to US plans for global dominance in his book. Control of global trading routes. then TTP Kharjees to be deployed to create such mayhem and anarchy within Pakistan that Pakistan becomes a failed and dysfunctional state forcing the world community to “step in” to prevent “proliferation” of nuclear weapons into “wrong” hands. Malacca straits. Bosporus. Suez. this brings us to the grand strategic objectives of Neo-Con foreign policy for 21st century in Middle East. The “WOT” is the new great game to gain strategic foothold in the 21st century. militant and political goals of the Kharjees and with similar ends to the two cult rebellions. Eurasia accounts for 60% of the world's GNP and about three-fourths of the world's known energy resources. both in its enterprises and underneath its soil. 1. 2. This is the larger game of the Neo-Cons for which an “enemy” had to be created and Zionist backed Kharjees played that anarchic role within the Muslim world rather brilliantly.“How America manages Eurasia is critical.Africa andAsia has to do with one or more of these objectives and the clash between US foreign policy and the rest of the regional players who have a stake in preventing US from achieving these objectives. Stopping Muslim countries from acquiring nuke weapons is integrated part of this objective. We emphasize that everything.that is happening in ME. These world wars and global agenda have nothing to do with “war on terror”. 5. Encirclement and Containment of Russia. for whom ideological. even changing geography to create a new Middle East. A power that dominates Eurasia would control two of the world's three most advanced and economically productive regions. Zbigniew Brzezinski. In it he states: “Ever since the continents started interacting politically. 6. oil pipelines and strategic water ways like Gulf.

Jewish cultural and political institutions of and related to Israel. The Neoconservative dream world is a Jewish World. which they actually believe must occur.multiple wars would be launched in the region. give Israel total support because they think there has to be an Israel there. It should be noted that not every Jew is a Zionist just as not every Christian is a Neo-Con. Armageddon. a place — not for Jews. By 1947. A quick search on Google throws up many such Jewish and Christian groups rejecting Jewish and Christian Zionists. They over-see and make decisions regarding trade. Global domination with Israel by its side is the main concern of the US government and all its Neoconservative think thank organizations. It is more or less a central “think tank” of Zionism. or dispensationalists. but for the battle of Armageddon. the Jewish Zionists in US had formed a powerful. or Dominionism. World domination is their goal. The belief of Christian Zionists is that State of Israel must be protected at all costs as that is the place where final war with Anti-Christ. It would be appropriate here if we give some time and space to understanding the Neo-Con Christian ideology as it is least understood phenomenon in BRASSTACKS 08 . Christian Zionists. Pakistani planners and strategists. and comprising much of mainstream American Protestantism — isn't really Christianity at all. social welfare. they believe. corporate executives and politicians with Neoconservative leanings to the right. Hence their fanatical loyalty to Jewish Zionists and their ideals of creating a greater Israel in the Middle East at the cost of Muslim world. The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) is fundamentally made up of mostly scholars. is similar to what is shown below. driven by the same ideals which drove the frenzy of earlier Crusades. The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) for Public Policy Research founded in 1943 during the post WWII era is located in Washington. It is an organization dedicated to strengthening national defense. Crusades of the 21st century are equally fanatical in religious fervor. Tel-Aviv and Delhi. such as theAEI. Crusades of the Middle Ages were religious wars. government tax spending. There are millions of them as well but they are denied space by the mainstream media which is also controlled by the Zionists. But the events on ground and US force positioning in the region points towards what the US denies. Its part of the required steps. In fact true Jews and good Christians hate Zionism and Israeli policies. American Christianity — referring to what is variously called American Evangelism. The AEI considers itself to be the AmericanJewish political presence in the world. DC. $100 million a year. lobbyist organization in Washington that pushed Truman into The modern easy to understand name for Zionists is Neo-Conservatives Christian Evangelicals and they rule United States of America today with their ideological allies in London. AEI is a nonpartisan organization composed of Neoconservative and Compassionate Conservative Zionists. US policies on foreign affairs and all US defense policies related to Israel and the entire Middle East. will take place and Christ would return to earth to lead the good Christians. US government has recently officially denied any such plans to reshape the Middle East. Christian Zionism. that will lead to their Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ. economics.

Hindu Zionists – Hitching a ride with Western Zionists: Hindu Zionists too are no different from their JudeoChristian counterparts in antipathy towards Islamic world but suffer from an intrinsic inferiority complex against Muslims due to the fact that Muslims had ruled India for a thousand years till 1857 and then India fell into the hand of the British for another 90 years. Neocons teach that one of the best ways to maintain political order is to have an external threat. If there is no external threat.and they want a piece of the action in South Asia. The State Department. Hindu zealots are burning with anger to revenge their 1000 years of shame and subjugation at the hands of Muslims but lack the courage and ferocity to do the job themselves especially against Pakistan. Pentagon. makes just this connection: "Islamic fascists pushing the U. An India-born analyst at the Zionist Freeman Center in Houston. their arch enemy. They followed the political. It is the ultimate dream of their foreign policy and diplomacy to get the Western countries to attack and destroy Pakistan. In the 1960s Irving Kristol and other East European Zionist Jews founded the Neocon movement in New York. It unifies the people behind the President. Indians also plan to fight Pakistan to the last American!! About Hindu Zionists and their objectives. the godfather of the Neocons.military might to promote US values around the world especially in the Middle East which translates for the Zionists into the US protecting and supporting Israel at all costs. the United States government was not infiltrated so much with Jewish Zionists or nonJewish Zionists. to eat high on the hog. became the managing editor of Commentary magazine. For that reason. philosophical writings of another German Zionist Jew who taught at the University of Chicago and whose class many of them attended. House of Representatives. that infiltration is massive -. But in 1947. we see a wholesale sell-out by the Hindu Right to US-Israeli foreign/military policy objectives. Today. The Hindu Right recognize the persistence of US imperialism. and White House were still Christian and conservative Americans – very unlike today. Kristol." Later. Hindutva is much like Zionism. 2001. he founded additional magazines: the Public Interest and the National Interest. which according to the Christian Science Monitor. Certainly the expectation is that trade will follow the military tie-up. they say. One can still remember the eagerness and impatience of the Indian government to offer bases to the US forces after 9/11 to attack and destroy Pakistan! Just like Israelis. They need Western Zionists to do the job for them. It appears that the Hindu Right seeks the franchise for US lackey against what it sees as Islamic fundamentalism and Chinese Communism. Vijay Prashad writes on August 8th. because at the ideological level. Texas. into giving away 55% of the Palestinian people's land to Zionist Jews.N. In that vain perpetual war is a good goal. But the alliance with Israel is not so strange after all. and Israeli subimperialism almost represents a coup d'etat. in a fascinating and thought provoking article titled Hindutva and Zionism: “The fantasy entertained by the Hindu Right government is that an alliance with the world's lions (USA-Israel) will allow India to sup at High Table. became the "neocon bible. His name is Leo Strauss (1899-1973). should aggressively use its BRASSTACKS 09 . Senate. and both cast aspersions at the presence of a Muslim minority. Therefore. for both extol the importance of the Race-State. the US being the world's only superpower. War is also good because it keeps people from their more hedonistic tendencies. The most recent Zionist group to infiltrate the US government is called Neocons (neoconservatives). government should manufacture one.

the way to defeat your enemy is to surprise them. the links seem to be growing. where anything goes down to the killing of thousands of unwarned civilians. moral and ethical codes that governed warfare for centuries have gradually loosened. US now want Pakistan to fight Afghan Taliban and other resistance groups on behalf of the Americans and is using all forms of carrots and sticks to push Pakistan into another war in North Waziristan. 2. deceptive and supremely manipulative. Even after nearly 10 years of Afghan war. If they hate Hindu Rashtra so much they are free to leave for Dar-ul Islam. Israel expels them. And the increasing pressures of these daily wars make dirty strategies inevitable. US supplies pass through Pakistan making US vulnerable to developments in Pakistan.see Bharat [India] as the soft spot to propagate their irrational creed and foment violence. from hitting enemies with strategies that are novel. nervous and based on mistrust and betrayal. The dynamic of the dirty has filtered into society and the culture at large. Often the last recourse of the weak and desperate. It is in the nature of war. outside their experience. making US even more nervous and jittery towards Pakistan. India tries to placate them. Kabul government remains hostile to Islamabad supporting multiple insurgencies. Whether in politics. described as unconventional or dirty war. completely unconventional. These two effects dovetail into what we today call “dirty war”. People go underground: they seem nice and decent but use slippery devious methods behind the scenes. the government and the military is still not sure what is good for Pakistan – American presence in Afghanistan or their withdrawal from it!! 3. however. Pakistan has no vision to protect its interests and assets in Afghanistan nor have defined and declared national security goals.” The Dirty Wars: Post 9/11 American wars to redraw the Middle East are based on what Robert Greene. Relations between US and Pakistan are tense. Dirty war is political. Despite the anarchic chaos and the conflict within Pakistan due to US presence in Afghanistan. At the same time. The greatest advantage comes from the element of surprise. business or society. The restless lions of west and south Asia join the tigers of East Asia to encircle China and the predominantly Muslim states of west and central Asia. This is what Bharat should do. in his book “The 33 strategies of War”. staging terror campaigns inside Pakistan and protecting BRASSTACKS 10 . supporting the Indians to establish bases all along the western borders. failures and confusion fully exploited by the Zionists and Kharjee Fascists. so that the search for the new and unconventional has an innate tendency to become more and more extreme. War in Afghanistan is not going as US had wanted creating a military and political crisis for United States and NATO. to come at them from an unexpected angle. Pakistan is still not sure on its role in Afghanistan and remains clueless without an Afghan policy nor has defined rules of engagement with the US. Greene explained this war further. It is a master piece of Pakistan's foreign and national security policy blunders. following is the brief summary of the ridiculous situation in which Pakistan finds itself today due to these US “dirty wars”. that over time any strategy with any possible application will be tried and tested." At the unofficial level. 1. US is threatening to invade Pakistani tribal areas and regularly attack targets of its choice using Drones and other means. it uses any means available to level the playing field. “A general fighting a war must constantly search for an advantage over the opponent.” So basically now. Among semi-fascists the links are deep.

7. US and India have now successfully forged an open and aggressive alliance against “Islamic” threat from Pakistan. 6. Pakistan has still not built any relations with Russia which has great interest in countering US aggressive postures in Eurasian region and is looking for allies in South and WestAsia. The entire judicial system of the country has collapsed to respond to the threat. 11. Meanwhile Indians are busy trying to crush the Kashmiri uprising and resistance in the valley taking advantage of the favorable environment in the region against Islamic militancy and Pakistan. The government in Islamabad remains incapacitated. Afghan Taliban are still not considered as assets for Pakistan nor offering any direct support to crush the Kharjee insurgency against Pakistan. Despite having closest and common national security interests. They have not declared any war against Pakistan though but are extremely unhappy with the way Pakistan has handled the entire crisis. 4. even hostage to the Kharjee terrorists and the Neo-Cons. Indian Zionists continue to work on the plan to get Pakistan beaten up by the Americans. Hindu Zionist. National media remains equally confused and directionless. The hesitation and lack of confidence to get involved is breathtaking in Islamabad. corrupt and dysfunctional almost turning Pakistan into a banana republic if Army and the Supreme Court were not there to salvage some dignity. Pakistan has still not used the power and clout of China to exert itself in the region and in Afghanistan to create a favorable space for both countries. Al-Qaeda and their allied militant gangs have maintained their open war against the State of Pakistan. Despite massive devastation and TTP driven war against the State. 10. US information warfare has penetrated deep into Pakistani media controlling the direction. media remains dreadfully silent to nail and name the perpetrators. This is what both the Zionists and Kharjees had planned to bring about from the very beginning and is being facilitated by the corrupt regime.Bal Thakery . 9. Pakistan has not made any significant breakthrough in the Northern alliance nor taken any independent initiative to play aggressive role as peace maker in Afghanistan. The “free” media has willfully surrendered its “freedom” to the dreaded terrorists. Their supplies remain open from Afghanistan making it impossible to eliminate this threat decisively despite major gains made by the army against these terrorists. They have been on this agenda since 9/11 when they had offered bases to the US to attack Pakistan! It is Indian desire that a situation is created in which an open confrontation is developed between Pakistan and US where US would be doing the dirty job of destroying Pakistan to the utter pleasure and advantage of India. content and the perception management of the Pakistani nation. 5. Iran remains isolated from Pakistan despite some cooperation at security and economic issues. Both countries have not yet discussed Afghanistan and American presence seriously nor have forged any common strategy to secure Afghanistan after the US withdrawal or to force a US withdrawal. Security forces are fighting a reactive war where the advantage remains with the terrorists to hit at urban soft targets of their choice with surprise and impunity. 8.wanted terrorists. The economic and governance collapse is almost total with real possibilities of a street level anarchic chaos BRASSTACKS 11 unless the regime is changed urgently. TTP Kharjees.

it would make US openly hostile towards the Islamic Republic and it would impose sanctions on Islamabad and the country would collapse under the economic meltdown! They believe and propagate that Afghans are not capable to manage their own affairs hence a foreign Western force is required to eliminate “terrorism” from the region. believe that US should continue to stay in Afghanistan and give above reasons as excuse. Even today. Pakistan's has still not decided if the US presence in Afghanistan is part of the problem or is it the part of the solution to Pakistan's national security challenges. Even if the so called Al-Qaeda existed in Afghanistan. Kharjees and the terrorism breed under the US umbrella.The Challenge and the Response: The biggest failure of Pakistani leadership so far is that they have failed to see the threats emerging from the Neo-Con ideology!! The Neo-cons are as sinister and existential threat as the Kharjee terrorists but in Islamabad. Neo-Cons are taken as friends and masters. Indians had been eliminated from Afghanistan and drugs were not flowing into Pakistan. a strong mind exists in Pakistani government and policy makers which strongly feel that US must stay in Afghanistan to bring “stability”! They feel that NATO supplies must pass through Pakistan so that Pakistan may maintain leverage over US in Afghanistan. They are not expected to protect or understand Pakistan's security needs. The Neo-Con perception management and disinformation teams have done a fantastic job at spreading despondency and strategic confusion within Pakistani leadership. historic and philosophical vision. not a single incident of bombings. It cannot get more ironic than this. While Kharjee terrorist threat is considered as the biggest national security risk. for lack of understanding of the Neo-Con threat and their great game against Pakistan. When Afghan Taliban were in Afghanistan between 1996 to 2001. TTP never existed. This great confusion within the political and military leadership is the precise reason why there is still no Afghan policy or vision in Pakistan despite suffering so much for the last 10 years. touching the limits of stupidity and insanity by the political leadership has brought Pakistan to this unprecedented crisis stage. the Neo-Con colonial and hostile agenda against Pakistan and in the region is dismissed as just a conspiracy theory! This sheer lack of political. Indians. There was no insurgency in Baluchistan. Pakistan had not lost a single soldier or civilian to political terrorism during that period. BRASSTACKS 12 . It is believed by them that if Pakistan demands US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Major segments of the Pakistan government are open collaborators with the Neo-Cons. never causing any security hazard to Pakistan. But even a segment of the patriots. terrorism and insurgency was reported in Pakistan. It is the US presence in Afghanistan which is causing all the chaos and anarchy in the region. they were kept in strong check by the Afghan Taliban.

then so be it! ******************** . The two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have broken the back of the Neo-Con war machine. Pakistan has never faced such monumental existential threats of such staggering intensity in such short duration of time. 4. there is no option but to be ruthless. There can be no peace in Pakistan if US remains in Afghanistan. solutions clear.Let us make it clear firmly and decisively. There is no way US can threaten Pakistan militarily. 7. Neo-Cons influence into Pakistani media and policy making to be eliminated and to be replaced with indigenous homegrown national security and media policy to revive the national ideology and patriotism. It is the US presence which has brought Pakistan to this brink. The solution lies in undoing the damages done on the above mentioned points. A regional political and diplomatic power bloc between Pakistan. no serious attempt has been made to bring them back. military gaining ground against internal threats and beginning to hard bargain with the foreign forces but still we see complete lack of coherence in the national policies. Since the civilian courts have totally collapsed to respond to the threat. NATO and Afghan regime to “do more” to check and control the logistics and supplies of the terrorist networks. resources are in hand. 3. The crisis is still totally manageable in shortest possible time. the country would have already disintegrated under the two prong Kharjee and Zionists threat axes. Iran and Russia can be created which should further bolster Pakistan's posture in demanding a US withdrawal. The stakes are of life and death for this nation. The ship remains rudderless and in seriously turbulent waters. The leverage which Pakistan has over US for economic and military aid due to their supply lines passing through Pakistan is nothing compared to the damages. China. 2. 5. The crisis is staggering. Assets are available. Pakistan must now decisively demand a US withdrawal from the region. All countries are anti-US and want exit of the Western forces from Afghanistan. Most of the Northern Alliance factions are former Afghan Mujahideen parties of the Afghan Jihad era and can easily be brought back into our fold. Zero tolerance and no mercy policy towards Kharjee terrorist with special military courts to put to trial and eliminate the captured militants. strategy and perception management. 1. What is cruelly ironic is that this crisis is self created by the leadership in the past 10 years and has emerged due to deliberate blunders of policy. the better. 6. If saving Pakistan means bringing a regime change in Islamabad first. military strength available to enforce political decisions and the global and regional geo-politics rapidly turning in Pakistan's favor. This major US vulnerability should be powerfully used in strategic negotiations to demand a US withdrawal and to eliminate Indian influence from Afghanistan. Pakistan should pro-actively and preemptively hit at TTP and Kharjee bases in Afghanistan and exert pressure on US. The war against Kharjees will have to enter Afghanistan by all covert BRASSTACKS 13 and overt means. 8. US is broke economically and militarily. So far. losses and chaos which is created in the country due to the US presence. Pakistan must aggressively and openly engage with all factions of the Afghan conflict and exert its due role in bringing the warring Afghan factions closer to peace. The challenge remains phenomenal. The problem is sharply defined. The crisis of leadership is phenomenal undoing all the sacrifices and the advantages gained on ground. If Pakistan wants to come out of the crisis. If it was not for the army. Sooner we throw the Americans out. the clauses in the military law to be invoked which allow for a military court martial for the captured “civilian” terrorists and insurgents. politics. diplomacy.